Alpha GX & GXR Wave Bidet Reviews: Every Feature Tested

Alpha GX and GXR Review

Today’s article reviews the Alpha GX and GXR Wave bidet toilet seats. The GXR is simply the version of the GX with a wireless remote. So, they are otherwise identical when it comes to features and design/dimensions. Hence, most of the tests are done on the GX, but I will include an image of the GXR remote.

The Alpha GX is a great option for those who want to keep costs to a minimum, as it’s the best bidet on the market that can typically be found for ~$200-$220. As for the GXR, you can do better for the money, since the iX costs the same but performs better in almost every category.

So, the GX is a great entry-level bidet–the best on the market, IMO. Consider that TOTO’s entry-level bidet (the KC2) is nearly twice as much and comes with essentially the same features.

If you like what you see, I recommend getting Alpha bidets through Bidet King, since they own and operate Alpha Bidet and will give you the best warranty and support (which you will likely need eventually.

You can check out the current prices at Bidet King for the GX Wave here and the GXR version here. Both bidets are available for round and elongated toilets.

If you prefer Amazon or want to compare prices, they’re available there, also in round and elongated.

You can check out the GX here and GXR here (Amazon links).

Alpha GX/GXR Wave Bidet Review

Overall Performance (Fake Poop Test): 8/10

The GX and GXR Wave bidets perform well on the fake poop tests.

Keep in mind, Nutella was spread over a larger-than-needed area, because I wasn’t sure exactly where the water would hit.

But the target zone was covered sufficiently.

It doesn’t cover quite as large an area as the JX and iX.

From the iX fake poop test

As you can see, the iX hit a wider area. However, the length of coverage (front to back) is the same, which is the important part. You can check out the Alpha iX review here.

Aside from the iX and JX, the GX/GXR performed about as well as any other bidet I’ve tested, including more expensive bidets from other brands like TOTO and Bio Bidet.

The Alpha GX/GXR performed better than Brondell and Omigo bidets by a long shot, despite the lower price.

Hot Water Performance of the GX/GXR Bidets: 5/10

Overall, the bidets get a 5/10 for warm water.

When testing the bidet, the water started to run cool at the 45-second mark.

For a bidet in its class, the GX/GXR performs above average, due to the hybrid heater which provides an additional 15 seconds of warm water flow–i.e., most bidets in this price range have tank-type heaters that provide a total of 30 seconds of warm water.

So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive entry-level option, the GX Wave bidet is still a great choice.

I’d advise against the GXR Wave, however, since the Alpha iX is about the same price (sometimes a bit cheaper) and offers endless warm water among other advanced features.

The max temp in the manual is 104° F (40° C).

I tested the water temp with a thermometer and I saw it reach a maximum of 98° F (36.6° C), peaking at about 30 seconds.

The water runs significantly cooler at the 45-second mark and continues to drop to room temperature.

To clarify, bidet heaters come in a few varieties:

  • Tank-type heaters. Entry-level bidets usually have this kind, including the more expensive TOTO and Bio Bidet models. These rely on a small tank of water that’s kept warm for on-demand use. It varies by model, but such heaters tend to run out of warm water at about 30 seconds. And with that kind, the tank has to refill and reheat before you get warm water again.
  • Basic hybrid heaters. These use a small tank but incorporate instant heating technology. They usually provide about 45 seconds of warm water. The GX and GXR use this kind of heater.
  • Advanced hybrid heaters. Premium (mid-tier) bidets tend to have advanced hybrid heaters. Bio Bidet makes use of this type of heater in their more expensive bidets like the BB-2000 and A8 Serenity. For about a third of the price of the BB-2000, you can get the Alpha iX which has a heater that performs just as well. Advanced hybrid heaters provide endless warm water, though IME, the water usually doesn’t reach max temp.
  • Instantaneous (tankless) heaters. Luxury bidets like the Brondell S1400, TOTO S550e, Bio Bidet Discovery DLS, and Alpha JX use this kind. They don’t rely on a heated reservoir, since they heat water instantly. The water temp is slightly higher, and more consistend compared to advanced hybrid heaters. They’re also more energy efficient compared to tank-type and hybrid heaters, since instantaneous heaters need not keep a water tank warm around the clock.

So, with a basic hybrid heater, you will likely have to cleanse with cool water to some extent and energy usage will be higher (more in the section on water and energy efficiency).

Rear Cleansing and Adjustable Nozzle Position: 8/10

The basic front and rear cleansing modes work very well.

The front-feminine mode uses a single hole instead of the dispersed hole pattern (like the JX nozzle), but the pressure is still soft on the lower setting, which is what you want with feminine cleansing (source).

The GX/GXR offers 5 nozzle positions for precise aiming, which is more than other Alpha bidets that only let you adjust the nozzle across 3 settings.

Controls (Wireless Remote and Control Panel): 6/10 (GX) and 8/10 (GXR)

This is the only category where the GX and GXR score differently. Of course, the GXR Wave bidet gets a higher score since it has a wireless remote.

Since the bidets are otherwise identical, the remote and side panel have all of the same functions. The remote is basically just a detached version of the GX Wave bidet side panel, which is why it’s oblong with horizontal labels/buttons.

Alpha GX Wave

The GX Wave bidet gets a lower score of 6/10 because the controls are permanently fixed to the side of the bidet. But, as far as side panels go, the GX controls are about as good as it gets.


  • Sleek, non-bulky side panel. It’s plain white, so it’s not plastered with stickers and chrome.
  • No risk of losing the controls.
  • No risk of dropping/breaking the control panel.
  • No having to swap out batteries.

Alpha GXR Wave

The GXR Wave remote is nice, but it’s fairly basic. For example, it’s not double-sided and it doesn’t have an LCD screen like the JX remote.


  • Solid white aesthetic remote with plenty of functions.
  • Less likely to pose installation problems, since there’s no side panel. So, if your toilet is in a tight space or has French curves, not having a side panel will lower the risk of installation issues.
  • Easier to use for larger folks since it won’t dig into the side of the bidet user.
  • Easier to use overall, since you don’t have to look down and to the side to locate the correct buttons.
  • Easier for those with limited mobility.

Water and Energy Efficiency: 6/10

2 Eco Energy-Saving Modes

The eco mode is pretty basic. There are 2 low power settings that let you save energy while the bidet is idle.

Mode 1 (the green LED light) saves the current water and seat temperature setting for 30 minutes after the user gets up, at which point the seat will be turned to 86° F and the water heater turned off. The seat is turned off if the bidet is idle for 24 hours or more.

Mode 2 (the red LED light) turns both the water and seat temperature off until someone sits on the bidet.

With either energy-saving mode, the water and seat temp revert to the saved settings anytime someone sits down, and it takes about 5 minutes on average for the temperatures to be reached.

There is no smart energy saver mode that memorizes when you’re most likely to use the bidet. And unlike the JX, there’s no light sensor that tells the bidet when to heat up.

The Basic Hybrid Water Heater Offers Some Energy Savings

Tankless water heaters are the most efficient since they only draw power (for water heating purposes) when in use.

The GX and GXR have a hybrid heater which incorporates some instantaneous heating technology, making the bidets more energy-efficient than most bidets in this price range.

But luxury bidets like the Alpha JX, Brondell S1400, and even the TOTO K300, will save you the most in the long run, despite costing more upfront.

The Alpha GX and GXR Bidets Offer Aerated Cleansing

Like other Alpha bidets, the GX and GXR provide aerated cleansing by incorporating small air bubbles into the outgoing stream.

This makes the stream firmer and softer at the same time, in addition to saving on water since air displaces some of the water.

The effect is small but adds up over time.

Warm Air Dryer: 9/10

The warm air dryer that comes with the GX/GXR is quite effective. But if you plan to completely replace TP with air drying, it will take practice to get it right.

Just like cleansing, there is a small learning curve when it comes to getting air to the right places.

So, you may have to use a square (for dabbing dry) or two of toilet paper in addition to the air blower in the beginning.

Completely replacing TP (eventually) is ideal, since toilet paper use over a lifetime can cost thousands.

By replacing TP, the bidet will more than pay for itself over the near term.

Convenience Features: 3/10

The GX/GXR scores a 3/10 in this area. It’s a lower score, but not too bid a deal, since this is one of the least important categories.

It does have a child mode, but it’s not the full-fledged child cleansing function you’ll get with the Alpha iX and most Bio Bidets.

A good child mode should adjust all of the settings to be child-friendly, allowing younger users to get an appropriate cleaning/drying session with one push of a button-i.e., without having to know which settings to select.

Rather, this child mode simply allows the bidet to be operated without the seat sensor being engaged to accommodate lighter users.

Like most bidets in this price range, the GX/GXR also lacks user presets–you can’t save your favorite preferences for things like water pressure, temperature, nozzle position, etc.

If you’re the sole user, this doesn’t matter, because the bidet does save the last-used settings.

Finally, it doesn’t have a one-push operation like the JX. One-push operation modes let the user hit a single button to get a generic cleansing/drying session.

Nightlight: 7/10

The nightlight works well, but it’s not as powerful as that of the JX.

If the image looks a bit odd, it’s because I set the bidet seat down on top of a regular round toilet seat, so that I could demonstrate the nightlight without having to install the bidet.

Notice how much brighter the JX light is.

It won’t go very far in illuminating the bathroom, but it will illuminate the toilet, which is the main thing.

Just ensure that the path to the toilet is unobstructed so that you don’t trip over anything in the dark.

As long as you can make your way to the toilet, you’ll be able to use the bidet in the dark without having to blind yourself with bright bathroom lights.

The light is white instead of blue like the iX.

That may be a good thing since some folks like to avoid blue light at night (it’s a biohacker thing)

The GX and GXR do not have an ambient sensor, but that’s normal. The JX is one of the only bidets to have a nightlight that turns itself on or off depending on natural and artificial light conditions.

Cleansing Nozzle (Features and Sanitation): 8/10

The GX/GXR scores an 8/10 in the nozzle category for a few reasons…

The main benefit is the stainless-steel construction. A lot of bidets, even the most expensive TOTO luxury seats, come with plastic nozzles.

Of course, anything made with steel is going to be more durable than something made with plastic.

The nozzle isn’t made with antimicrobial material like the JX cleaning wand, but it has a slick surface which makes it unlikely debris will stick to it.

And it’s self-cleaning as well, with automatic and on-demand self-rinsing functions.

The nozzle self-cleans automatically before and after each use.

The on-demand self-rinsing function can be used any time you feel the wand needs cleaning–periodically, before/after guests use the toilet, or whenever you notice it needs cleaning.

As for functionality, it’s a 3-in-1 nozzle, meaning it has multiple holes. This allows one nozzle to be used for the front, basic rear, and rear+ (high-pressure) mode.

Multi-hole nozzles provide complete coverage without the need for two nozzles. I.e., Brondell bidets often have dual nozzles, one for rear and the other for front cleansing. The dual nozzle design is clunkier, IME, and requires more cleaning.

Special Spray Features: 8/10

The oscillation mode works well.

From the video, it may not appear to cover a large area. But from the fake poop test (above), you can see that the front-to-back coverage matched that of the iX (a bidet with a more pronounced front-to-back oscillating motion).

Unlike the JX, the GX and GXR Wave bidets both have a massage mode that pulsates the cleansing stream by rotating soft and strong pressure.

The oscillating feature is the most useful since it covers a larger area. In this way, getting full coverage relies less on the user having to shift around to get water where it needs to go.

There’s also an enema mode, which we’ll cover next.

Spray Pressure: 8/10

The GX/GXR water pressure is very much above average. But, it’s not as strong as the pressure you get with the iX and JX.

On paper, the GX and GXR have a stronger water pressure than other bidets in the Alpha lineup. If you check the manual, you’ll see that the nozzle output is 1L or 0.26gal per minute.

The nozzle output, or flow rate, is the best indicator of water pressure you’ll find in bidet manuals, but it’s not the whole story. For example, water coming out of your sink has a large flow rate, but it’s not usually strong and concentrated.

While the Alpha JX and iX have a lower flow rate (around 0.8 L/min), the jet stream feels stronger to me compared to the GX/GXR.

So factors other than flow rate affect the pressure, such as the concentration of the jetstream and the angle of spray (how close the nozzle is to your rear, etc.).

The GX and GXR are still among the stronger electric bidets on the market, so you won’t be disappointed.

Heated Seat: 10/10

The heated seat is cozy. It has 5 temperature levels and reaches a temperature of 104° F which is slightly warmer than other Alpha bidets.

Seat and Lid (Sittable Lid, Sitting Room, Slow-Close): 9/10

Slow-Close Seat

Short video: front or side view of seat and lid closing.

Relatively Slim, Low-Profile Design

As you can see, the GX/GXR is the slimmest of Alpha bidets, in that it has the lowest rear seat height and the least exaggerated contour. I.e., the GX and GXR don’t slope from back to front as much as other bidets.

So, the GX and GXR are low-profile overall, especially the GXR Wave since it doesn’t have a side panel.

Sittable Lid

A lot of people like to sit on the toilet when it’s closed, for resting, texting, clipping toenails, etc. Lid sitting is usually advised against since most bidets have lids with lower weight limits.

Like the Alpha JX and Brondell bidets, the GX and GXR have a lid with a higher weight limit allowing the user to use the toilet as a general purpose seat.

Alpha GX/GXR Wave Review: Conclusion

There you have it.

The Alpha GX and GXR score a 7.3 out of 10 and 7.4 out of 10, respectively. This makes the GX a steal, IMO, since I’ve tested bidets 2-3x the price that have scored lower. As for the GXR, however, you could do better. The Alpha iX is the same price and works better, scoring higher in most categories.

I’d recommend either bidet over other entry-level bidets on the market since both have advanced features like a warm air dryer and hybrid heater–two bells and whistles that are usually only found in more expensive mid-tier bidets.

Make sure to check out the Alpha JX review and Alpha iX review, as well.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.

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