Are Cold Water Bidets Uncomfortable For People? – [Bidet Myths Revealed]

Many people assume that cold water bidets are uncomfortable. Is this assumption accurate?

Some consumers might feel conflicted between choosing a cold water or a warm water bidet. It may seem like the most obvious choice is, to choose a warm water bidet, but the cold water bidet does come with its benefits.

A cold water bidet is surprisingly comfortable and even invigorating to many users. But of greater importance is the pressure level at which the water sprays onto the skin. A bidet with low pressure will be much more comfortable than a bidet with high pressure.

Let’s flush down those cold water bidet fears and bust some myths about the cold water bidet.

Not only will this article answer all your questions about the comfort level of the cold water bidet, but you’ll also get a look at some of the best cold water bidets on the market!

Is A Cold Water Bidet Uncomfortable?

It may seem as if the cold water bidet is the least comfortable option, but the truth is that you won’t feel discomfort when the water is sprayed onto your skin.

While the sound of splashing cold water on your skin during a cold morning can be quite disheartening, the truth is the water is not too cold. The water is not frigid, as there is no mechanism to chill the water to an uncomfortable level.

While the water may feel slightly cool, just about anyone could get used to the feeling of the water temperature over time.

What Are The Benefits Of The Cold Water Bidet?

You may be wondering what’s so great about a cold water bidet anyway? Why not just use good old fashioned toilet paper or spend more for a dual temperature bidet?

This section will answer those questions for you. Here are just a few benefits of using a cold water bidet.

  • The cold water is a great way to get that morning wake-up call. Think about it; we often splash cold water on our face in the morning so that we can wake up. Using a cold water bidet is yet another way for you to get that quick boost of energy. Not everyone will like it, but for those who need a nudge to wake up in the morning, the cold water bidet is the way to go.
  • The cold water is refreshing on a hot day. One of the most significant selling points about the cold water bidet is that you’ll feel refreshed in hot temperatures. The temperature of the cold water will give you that fresh, cool feeling, which is ideal on a hot summer day. If you live in a hot climate, the cold water bidet would be a great addition to your bathroom.

Bidet Misconceptions Many Believe

Whether it is a standalone bidet or a toilet attachment, the bidet is sure to come with several misconceptions, leaving a few consumers on the fence about actually buying one.

People have many assumptions, ranging from assuming that certain bidets would be uncomfortable, to generalizing which water temperature is best.

The important thing is to go into this with an open mind and avoid generalizations.

Here are some common misconceptions.

Do Warm Water Bidets Work Better?

When it comes to the hot versus cold debate, the reality is that there is virtually no difference in terms of cleanliness of the skin.

According to Bidet King (Link), there is no massive difference between cold and hot water bidets.

The real factors that determine comfort level include:

  • Whether the seat is heated or not.
  • The bidet’s water pressure level.

The Water From A Bidet Shoots At You Hard (Is This True Or False?)

Another common misconception is that the water from the bidet will come splashing at your skin at high pressure.

However, the fact is that the pressure is adjustable in just about every case. So, if you live with someone who wants a high-pressure spray, you don’t have to worry. If you want low pressure, you can easily adjust it to fit your needs.

Make sure you purchase a bidet that comes with all of these settings.

Remember that the discomfort does not necessarily come from the water’s temperature, but instead, it comes from the functionality of the bidet and its settings, such as the level of the water pressure.

This will need to be factored in when you do your shopping.

What Are The Best Cold Water Bidets To Consider?

Now that you have the fear of discomfort out of your head, it’s time to examine which cold water bidet would work best for you.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when shopping for a bidet because not only are there a ton of options on the market, but these options come with so many settings.

There are many bidets on the market, ranging from standalone bidets to small toilet attachments installed in a few simple steps without the need to hire a plumber.

Here is one cold-water bidet on the market for you to consider.

If you still cringe at the thought of cold water, there is no need to fret. There are some bidets that offer both cold and hot water options.

So, before you consider purchasing a bidet that is exclusively used with cold water, you may want to consider purchasing one that has the best of both worlds.

For both cold and hot water, we recommend the Hibbent 2000 (Affiliate Link)

Bidets with temperature control settings are extremely popular, and the majority of them won’t break the bank.

Why Should Everyone Use A Bidet?

Using a bidet is still a novel practice in the U.S., but many in other countries could not do without them.

See below for some of the reasons why everyone should use a bidet.

  • They save you money. The misconception that bidets are expensive is unfounded. The money that you spend on toilet paper yearly can climb from the hundreds to over $1000 per year. Switching to the bidet would save you just about all of the money you would have spent on toilet paper.
  • A bidet is Eco-friendly. It’s no secret that toilet paper does not benefit the environment, and the constant use of toilet paper has created great harm to the environment. According to Hello Tushy, the United States uses 20% of the world’s toilet paper supply, which is quite drastic when it only makes up 4% of the world’s population. So if you’re looking to make a small change in order to make a big difference, consider using a bidet!
  • They clean you better than toilet paper. Unlike toilet paper, which simply wipes the skin, the bidet actually cleans the skin, leaving you feeling as if you just stepped out of the shower.

Everyone should consider the great benefits that come with using a bidet. Not only will you be saving a ton of money, but you’ll also be contributing to the longevity of our environment, which is still a significant concern today.

What’s The Verdict?

Of everything that you learned in this article, the takeaway is that cold water bidets are not uncomfortable for people, and that water temperature should not be the only factor you consider when purchasing your bidet.

The truth is that a cold water bidet is just as good as a warm water bidet, and while it takes some getting used to, the idea of discomfort will fade away.

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