Best Handheld Bidet Sprayers of 2023

The Best Hand Held Bidet

This article covers the best handheld sprayers on the market in 2022. Handheld sprayers, or bidet showers, remain one of the most popular categories of bidets. They might lack the features of modern electric units, but they get the job done and, like all bidets, offer a cleaning that’s light years beyond what you’ll get from toilet paper.

The best overall hand held bidet is the Purrfectzone Luxury Bidet Sprayer. It’s made of quality materials so it’s leak-resistant. It’s of equal quality to handheld bidets that cost twice as much. Other good options include the TRUSTMI warm water sprayer and the MyPortaWash portable hand held bidet.

Unlike fancier bidets, handheld sprayers tend to be pretty similar overall as far as the features they offer.

There are some key differences—from the price to the materials they’re made of, the tendency to leak, design, and the ability to spray warm water.

And we’ll be exploring these differences. But compared to other bidets, these don’t vary much in what they’re able to do. They spray water and that’s about it.

Best Handheld Bidet for the Money: Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer

Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer for Toilet and Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer
The Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer

First up is the Purrfectzone bidet sprayer (Amazon link). Silly name notwithstanding, this is a great sprayer for the money.

With a brushed nickel exterior, it resembles the name brand Brondell Luxury Sprayer (in form and function), but is available at about half the price if not less.

On the upside, this option offers quality construction and materials similar to that of the Brondell Luxury sprayer, but at less than half the price. 

On the downside, it’s bulkier than some of the other options, and less suited to fitting in tight spaces. If you have a round bowl or larger torso, you might want to consider another option.  

The water stream is quite powerful when the lever is held down completely. The strength of the spray is adjusted by the lever, but it doesn’t allow for controlling water pressure via adjusting the spray width. 

Some find that the water pressure is too strong with non-electric bidets, so the adjustable T-valve comes in handy since it lets you reduce the water pressure upstream of the bidet. 

Features and Specs of the Purrfectzone Sprayer 

Quality and Materials: 

  • Made of quality materials like stainless steel and brass. 
  • Leak-resistant.

Spray Capability: 

  • Finger pull lever for water pressure control. 
  • Adjustable T-valve for added water pressure control.  
  • No adjustable spray width.

Ease of Use: 

  • The sprayer can be mounted on the wall or toilet. 
  • The handle is <4.5” and the spout is 2.5” so it’s bulker than other options in the lineup. 


  • Easy 10-15min installation. 
  • 47”-inch hose. 

Overall, it’s is by far the best sprayer for the money. This rating is based on several criteria, with the most important being its leak resistance.

This has to do with both the design and the quality of parts used. Handheld bidets are notoriously cheap and flimsy which is why you can find models for as low as $10-15. Plastic models with a chrome paint job are common.

Best Handheld Bidet with Adjustable Spray Strength: Bio Bidet A1 Sprayer

Bio Bidet A1 Toilet Seat Attachment Handheld Bidet Sprayer, Adjustable Water Stream, Ceramic Core Pressure Valve, Stainless Steel, Small
The Bio Bidet A1 Handheld Bidet Sprayer, Adjustable Water Stream, Ceramic Core Pressure Valve

Next up is the Bio Bidet A1 handheld bidet (Amazon link). It has a one-year warranty.

The main benefit of this bidet is the adjustable water pressure and spray settings. You can go from a gentle, dispersed water flow to one that’s strong and concentrated. 

All bidet sprayers let you control water pressure via how tight you pull the lever or press the button, but this bidet lets you adjust the spray width which plays an equally important role in achieving the right water pressure, overall.

Wider is better for front feminine cleansing and for rear cleansing when you need to soothe irritated skin (as with hemorrhoids, etc.).  

The strong spray option is for extra-thorough rear cleansing and for constipation relief (you can perform a makeshift bidet enema with this feature). 

While the exterior isn’t made of stainless steel, the internal workings of the BB A1 are more durable than most stainless-steel bidets on the market, because of the fancy valve system.  

Instead of a simple spring-loaded on/off valve like most handheld bidets, the BB A1 has a ceramic core valve that better withstands a home’s high-water pressure in the long run since you don’t have a bunch of water pressure bearing down on a spring 24/7.  

BB is one of the most popular US-based bidet manufacturers and they specialize in electric seats. But they do offer one or two lesser-known handheld options. 

If you don’t mind paying a little extra, the A1 is a great option. BB has another model called the Pearl but it’s made of plastic and I’ve heard reports of leaking. 

The A1 is probably their most popular handheld option and it has a solid track record of good feedback. 

Features and Specs of the Bio Bidet A1 Sprayer 

Quality and Materials: 

  • Components like the hose and T-valve are stainless-steel but the sprayer is mostly composed of fire-retardant ABS plastic.  
  • It has a ceramic core valve, a feature that’s typically limited to luxury kitchen faucets. 

Spray Capability: 

  • The smooth responsive dial allows you to easily  adjust the water pressure for max comfort and cleaning efficacy. 
  • Cleanse more effectively with the firm spray option. 
  • Choose the wide spray setting for gentle cleansing, female hygiene, or to hit a wider area.  

Ease of Use: 

  • 6” grab body and overall slim design and short nozzle to fit in tight spaces. 
  • The ultra-slim design makes the bidet easy to maneuver and fit in small spaces. If you have a round (non-elongated) toilet bowl it can be hard to fit a sprayer in between your legs or around back, especially if you have a large torso. So, maneuverability is important because handheld bidets require that you reach down and around in rather awkward positions. 


  • 10-15min. 
  • Near 5-foot (58”) hose. 

The Perrfectzone 2 Mode Sprayer

Purrfectzone Faucet Fixture for Bidet with Single Hole and 2 Modes - Stainless Steel with Metal Lever Handle Bidet Sprayer and Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer Hand Held Bidet Toilet
The Purrfectzone 2 Mode Sprayer

Next up is the Purrfectzone 2 Mode bidet sprayer (Amazon link).  

On the upside, the Purrfectzone 2 Mode is the least expensive bidet in the lineup and offers more versatility than the average handheld bidet in that it lets you adjust the spray pattern. 

Another cool thing is that once you achieve the right pressure, it will stay that way—there’s no need to hold the button down just right.  

On the down side, the spray adjustment doesn’t function as well as with the Bio Bidet A1, because you can’t narrow the spray width for an extra-concentrated stream. 

Other differences between this one and the previous Perrfectzone include the chrome finish (instead of brushed nickel) and that it uses a push-button for water pressure control instead of a lever. 

It too has an adjustable T-valve for added water pressure control. 

Features and Specs of the Purrfectzone 2 Mode Sprayer 

Quality and Materials: 

  • Stainless steel and various brass components and a chrome finish. 

Spray Capability: 

  • The water pressure is controlled via a push-button that stays in place once you’re satisfied with the right water flow. 
  • 2 Spray modes: soft faucet-like flow and multiple stronger more concentrated streams. 
  • Adjustable T-valve for added water pressure adjustment. 

Ease of Use: 

  • The sprayer can be mounted on the wall or toilet. 
  • The handle is <4.5” and the spout is 2.5” so it’s bulker than other options in the lineup. 


  • Easy 10-15min installation. 
  • ~48” hose. 

The Best Handheld Bidet with Temperature Control

The TRUSTMI Hot and Cold Bidet Spray Set

The TRUSTMI Toilet Concealed Hot and Cold Bidet Spray Set

This too is available in both chrome and brass.

This one is a bit pricier but I wanted to list a good option for cases where warm water is a deal-breaker.

Again, electric bidets are probably the best option, but if you want a handheld bidet that shoots warm water, they do exist. And they are more affordable than electric bidets.

Without a doubt, the best is the TRUSTMI warm water handheld bidet. You can check out the current prices here (Amazon link).

I really like this model.


  • Leak-resistant. Very few reports of leaking exist for this model. Given the few reports, I’d chalk up the ones that exist to poor installation.
  • Rust-proof. Being stainless-steel, the Perrfectzone sprayer is rust-resistant.
  • Warm water. This is huge. Some models offer warm water but by use of a cumbersome adapter that has to be connected and disconnected all the time. This is one of the only permanent (or set it and forget it) warm water handheld bidets on the market.
  • Quality materials. A lot of chrome bidets are plastic with a fancy paint job. This model features brass and stainless steel with a chrome finish.


  • Complicated installation. You don’t need to be a professional plumber to install these, but you’ll need a little know-how when it comes to using basic tools. Unless you have experience working on home appliances/doing basic plumbing tasks, it’s probably best to outsource the installation.
  • Higher Price. This is about the most expensive handheld bidet on the market. That’s not saying much, because this category of bidet is the most affordable overall. Also, if you choose to outsource the installation, that’ll be extra.
  • Non-renter-friendly. Some bidets aren’t good for rental properties and this is one of them. This one will require a small, yet permanent, alteration to your current property. That’s not to say it’s always off-limits, but you’ll need to get permission from the property owner. For more on this topic, make sure to check out the article on which bidets are the most apartment-friendly.

A Note on Warm Water and Why This Sprayer Is So Special

Warm running water seems like a simple request, but it is a feature often taken for granted.

Bidets, regardless of the type (electric vs. non-electric), are fed water from the cold water lines in your home. Before reaching the water heater, water is routed to cold water appliances in your home (e.g. the toilet).

Most bidets are fed the water that would normally go straight to the toilet’s tank.

Electric bidets are only able to shoot warm water because they use electricity to heat water in a reservoir (though some fancier models can heat water continuously without using a reservoir).

Non-electric bidets (handheld sprayers, non-electric seats, and bidet attachments) lack the power needed to heat water. Bidet attachments and non-electric seats can make use of the hot water shutoff valve beneath the sink but handheld sprayers can’t (they only have one hose).

To get around this, some manufacturers make warm water connectors that allow the user to hook the supply hose up to the faucet in the bathroom sink.

Alternatively, some decide to hook the hose into the neck of the showerhead—but this requires that the toilet is close enough or the hose is long enough.

Using the sink’s faucet is a hassle because it requires you to have a bidet hose attached to your sink faucet or constantly connect and disconnect the bidet. I.e. you’ll have to “install” it with each use. The only way around this is if you have two sinks allowing for a dedicated bidet faucet.

This is often impractical because bathrooms with two faucets are usually shared. I.e. both sinks are usually needed.

Also, water usually takes a minute to run warm. Most find they’re about done cleansing the soiled area before the warm water starts to kick in. This kind of defeats the purpose.

The TRUSTMI hot and cold water sprayer is special in that it comes with components that allow the owner to wire the bidet into the home’s warm water supply lines.

Among the components are a wall-mount and water valve combo, cover plate, supply lines, etc.

Another Warm Water Option: The Best Portable Handheld Bidet Sprayer

The MyPortaWash Model-T

The MyPortaWash Model-T Portable Rechargeable Bidet Sprayer

Next is the MyPortaWash Model-T portable rechargeable bidet (Amazon link).

While most reading this article aren’t in the market for a travel bidet, there’s a sprayer on the market that’s great for almost any location.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a bidet that’s portable, this model has a few unique and useful applications both at home and when traveling. Plus it’s just too cool not to mention.

While both travel bidets and sprayers are handheld, the term “handheld bidet” usually refers to the sprayer. Travel bidets are sprayers in their own right but don’t resemble non-portable sprayers. 

Both are used to perform a manual cleansing, so you have more control when it comes to aiming and you can move the nozzle in any direction you like.

This product is both a traditional sprayer and travel bidet.

It’s the ultimate warm water hack when it comes to handheld sprayers.

How this one works, is that it uses a separate water reservoir—it comes with a collapsible water container, but any container of sufficient size will do.

An electric motor pulls the water from the container, sending it through a supply hose through the nozzle.


  • Leak-resistant. Little to no leakage reports. I heard from one user who said it leaked initially when it hadn’t been assembled correctly. But that was a quick fix.  
  • No installation. Like all travel bidets, this one isn’t installed at all.
  • Great for rental properties. Don’t get me wrong, most modern bidets can be installed on rental properties. But some consumers are wary of making any alterations to a property, however small or reversible the changes may be. So, this one is great for folks who want to avoid tampering with the current bathroom setup.
  • Affordable. The price is about average for handheld bidet sprayers.
  • Warm water compatible. This one draws water from a reservoir, so the user needs only fill the reservoir with warm water from a faucet.
  • Quality materials. Only high-quality plastics are used.
  • Travel-friendly.* You may not be looking for a travel bidet, but just know that if you go with this product, you’ll be able to use it when you’re away from home.


  • Lower water pressure. The pressure is sufficient for most users. I’ve yet to encounter any negative feedback in this respect. But, non-electric bidets use the home’s water pressure to power the jet stream. Electric bidets, especially the battery-powered kind, have lower water pressure. This isn’t necessarily a problem—we’re not power washing a sidewalk after all.
  • Some hassle involved. If you want to use warm water, you’ll need to fill the reservoir with each use.

*As a travel bidet, it’s really not the most versatile. Most who look to purchase a travel bidet, are looking for a unit that can be used on the go. For example, this one is not suitable for use in public restrooms. However, it is great for use in temporary lodging like Airbnb, hotels, etc.

A Note on Quality and Price

You’ll find a lot of posts out there like “the 100 best sprayers”. These posts are usually just a collection of the best-selling products from Amazon. Again, in the case of sprayers, there’s very little difference between most models, and only a few stand out.

Also, the most affordable category doesn’t really make sense. As a category, handheld bidets are very affordable. A good model will usually run you about $30.

While you can get them as cheap as $15, I haven’t found any I’d want to recommend in that price range because they’re made with cheap parts and are prone to leaking.

So, in this article, I listed the best high-quality sprayers that differ significantly—like whether they spray warm water or not.

Keep in mind that this kind is often called a handheld bidet shower, which is not to be confused with bidets that are marketed for use in the shower (those exist too).

I’m not sure where the name bidet shower came from, but it’s used to refer to standard handheld bidet sprayers.

A Note on Product Labeling

Handheld sprayers, in general, are seen as multipurpose. A sprayer is a sprayer. For this reason, you’ll see handheld bidets advertised for any number of reasons.

These include:

  • Feminine hygiene. Some buy them just for this reason.
  • Postpartum care. It’s the travel/portable bidets that are usually advertised for this purpose, but I’ve seen standard handheld sprayers advertised for this reason as well.
  • Vegetable sprayer. I’m not joking; I’ve seen some sprayers advertised as both bidets and kitchen sink sprayers.
  • Diaper sprayers. If you have kids (babies or toddlers), you’ll be glad to know that your bidet will double as a diaper sprayer.

The range of uses the handheld bidet is advertised for has to do with the fact that they’re multi-purpose and most models are pretty similar to the kind often found in kitchen sinks.

Anyway, I wanted to mention this to clear up any confusion. In researching any of the products mentioned below, don’t be surprised if they’re advertised for other purposes.

Best Handheld Bidet Showers: Conclusion

That should do it for now.

Handheld sprayers are the most affordable bidets on the market. Even the most primitive bidet, the standalone washbasin (the European kind), will run you up into the hundreds.

Sprayers are a big step up from the original bidet in several ways–and sooo much better than toilet paper–and come at a fraction of the price.

These will run you anywhere from $15 to $70 with most decent quality units falling somewhere in the $30-40 range. As you’d expect, the super-cheap models are just that: CHEAP and thus notoriously leaky.

If you go for a super cheap bidet sprayer, you probably won’t be saving money over the long term, because you’ll need to replace it on a regular basis.

While you definitely want to avoid the cheaper models, there are usually diminishing returns on anything over $50—UNLESS you want one that’s designed to be connected to the warm water supply.

But, if it’s just a cold water sprayer, something in the mid-price range will do.

Thanks for reading.

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