The Best Warm Water Handheld Bidets 2023

Handheld Bidet Warm Water

Today’s article looks at the best handheld bidets that clean with hot and cold water. All but one have full temperature control, but I do list a portable option that’s warm water capable (you just put warm water in the reservoir).

Without further ado.

The Overall Best Handheld Bidet with Warm Water

Brondell CLEANSPA CS-30 Dual Spray Handheld Bidet with Mixing Valve

Brondell CS-30 CleanSpa Hand Held Bidet, Chrome
Brondell CS-30 CleanSpa Hand Held Bidet, Chrome

The best handheld bidet with temperature control is the Brondell CS-30 Clean Spa paired with this hot/cold mixing valve upgrade kit by the same company (Amazon links). The CS-30 is my favorite for a few reasons.

  • Offers wide and concentrated spray patterns. Having different spray patterns to choose from is nice. It helps you find the most comfortable pressure, and some are useful for different applications like feminine hygiene. The narrow stream is stronger/more concentrated which cleans better and has a massage-like effect. Some even find concentrated streams to be useful for DIY enemas (relieving constipation). The wide spray is good for those with limited mobility who can’t aim well and for cleaning the entire perennial area. For whatever reason, having an adjustable nozzle (like many showerheads do) isn’t a standard feature on handheld bidets. Having more than one spray pattern is usually limited to electric seats–which is odd because it’s not that hard to engineer.
  • Full temperature control. The sprayer will be installed with a small valve that acts like the faucet in your bathroom sink. Once you set the valve to a comfortable temperature, you can use the same temperature every time without having to adjust it with each use.
  • Quality construction. One reason I like the CS-30 is that it’s made by Brondell, which is probably the most reputable brand that makes handheld bidets (TOTO only makes seats). Handheld bidets are notoriously leaky so getting a quality sprayer is extra important. Being made by Brondell, it’s as high-quality as you’ll for non-luxury sprayers of its kind.
  • Leak-resistant. This model is known to be leak-resistant if the valve is kept off when not in use.
  • Apartment-friendly. As warm water bidets go, this one is more rental-friendly than some of the alternatives. Like any warm water connection on a non-electric bidet, having a vanity around the bathroom sink may require that you drill a small hole in the side of the cabinetry. So, it’s far less invasive compared to adjustable temp handheld bidets that require you to install the unit directly into the home’s plumbing. Also, it can be mounted on the toilet or wall. By using the toilet, you can avoid drilling any holes for the mount.
  • Fast installation. Realistically, about 20 minutes. Some warm water bidets require a wall installation that involves a mounting plate and a bunch of other gear.
  • Sleek design. The spout on this one isn’t long so it’s easier to maneuver between your legs and point in different directions. For some, it can be difficult to use handheld sprayers, especially if you’re larger and/or use a toilet with a round bowl.
  • One-year warranty for parts.


  • Not made of stainless steel. The sprayer components are made of high-quality super durable materials (e.g., ABS polymers) which make the bidet strong and impact-resistant. But it is not made of stainless steel, which is the most durable material a bidet can be made out of.
  • No lifetime warranty. One year is probably long enough. Plus, the construction is super solid so you probably won’t need the warranty. But the next option has a lifetime warranty.

The Budget Option

Purrfectzone Handheld Bidet with Warm Water Mixing Valve

Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer for Toilet and Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer- Easy to Install, Great Hygiene with Less Money Spent (Brushed Nickel)
Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer for Toilet

The best budget pick for a warm water handheld bidet is the Purrfectzone bidet sprayer outfitted with the same mixing valve (Amazon links). They’re different brands, but the sprayer is compatible with readily available warm water upgrades including the Brondell one.

This sprayer is in brushed nickel but the same brand puts out another sprayer in chrome.


  • Good-quality and leak-resistant. As far as quality parts and construction, the Purrfectzone is a great option for the money. The hose is stainless steel with a hard nylon inner tube.
  • Lifetime warranty for the sprayer. You get a lifetime warranty with the sprayer and a 1-year warranty with the valve.
  • Antimicrobial nozzle. The handle is stainless steel and the nozzle is brass. Stainless steel is more durable, but brass has its benefits because it is antimicrobial. This is a great feature to have for reducing the risk of infection, something that’s especially important for females and older adults. Unlike chrome and plastic (two common materials used to make handheld bidets), brass has inherently antimicrobial properties (source: Pubmed). Chrome and plastic have to be treated with antimicrobial additives and coatings.
  • Easy, rental property-friendly installation. Like the CS-30, this model is great for apartments and other rental properties. You’ll have it up and running in 20 minutes or less.
  • Affordable. Together, the sprayer and valve strike a nice balance between price and quality. You could probably find sprayers compatible with the mixer valve for as little as $15, but the quality will suffer. Ten to $15 sprayers always end up leaking sooner than later.
  • Rental property friendly. 


  • Single spray pattern. You can control the strength of the water stream–for higher pressure, press the lever further down. But some sprayers have multiple jet wash patterns via different hole configurations (like a showerhead). This one doesn’t
  • Less durable than the solid stainless steel sprayers. Brass is durable, just not as much as stainless steel. But bidets don’t see lots of wear and tear. Plus, I think the trade-off in quality is more than made up for with the lifetime warranty.

The Permanent Option

The TRUSTMI Handheld Bidet with Hot and Cold Water

TRUSTMI Toilet Concealed Hot and Cold Bidet Spray Set, Brass Hand Held Sprayer Shattaf, Chrome
TRUSTMI Toilet Concealed Hot and Cold Bidet Spray Set

For non-renters who want a more permanent option, the TRUSTMI bidet is the best warm water sprayer designed to be installed into the home’s plumbing. You can check out the current prices here (Amazon link).

Like always, there are benefits and drawbacks for using this model.


  • Leak-resistant. There’s relatively few leak reports with the TRUSTMI.
  • Affordable. At first, it seems to be somewhat expensive for a handheld bidet, but it’s one of the least expensive overall once you factor in the mixing valve which doesn’t need to be bought separately.
  • The most aesthetic. The TRUSTMI is advertised as a “concealed” hot/cold handheld bidet because it’s wall-mounted which conceals all of the water connections behind the wall. So, not having all the innards and water supply hoses showing, it has more of a sleek, minimalist look.
  • Quality materials. Some flashy bidets are just plastic with a fancy chrome paint job. The TRUSTMI is made of brass and stainless steel and has a chrome finish.
  • Works with more bathrooms. More drastic alterations to the property will be needed with this bidet because the mounting plate goes into the wall. But, with this one, it doesn’t matter if the sink and toilet don’t share the same wall. Most bidets in this article rely on access to the hot water shutoff valve beneath the sink for warm water. With the usual setup, the hose runs from the sprayer to the sink, so if the sink is on opposite walls, the hose will be draped across the floor when in use. This one is installed directly into the plumbing. So, it’s a nightmare for renters, but might be the best option for those who have their own place or have permission to make permanent changes to the bathroom.


  • Complicated installation. It’s more hassle getting started, but convenient over the long term. It doesn’t take a professional plumber to install the TRUSTMI bidet, but a little know-how in using basic tools will go a long way. You can outsource the installation to a plumber, but it’ll drive up the cost.
  • Non-apartment-friendly. Some bidets are better for apartments than others and this bidet is probably the least rental-friendly model that exists. It’s about as apartment-friendly as the old-school European-style standalone bidets. For the TRUSTMI, the installation will require a not-so-small permanent, alteration to your bathroom.
  • Other issues. This one is harder to bring with you if you move. Most handheld sprayers can be added and removed in a few minutes making them easy to pack when moving to a new place. You can take it off, but it’ll be a hassle and any new residents probably won’t be too crazy about the hole in the wall.

The Minimal-Installation Option

The SmarterFresh Faucet Handheld Bidet with Hot and Cold Water

SmarterFresh Faucet Bidet Sprayer for Toilet - Warm Water Handheld Sprayer with Sink Hose Attachment for Bathroom (Stainless Steel)
SmarterFresh Faucet Bidet Sprayer for Toilet w/Sink Hose Attachment

A lesser-known option is the SmarterFresh faucet handheld bidet (Amazon link).


  • The least expensive. This one doesn’t rely on a separate mixer valve but uses the one already in your bathroom: the bathroom sink.
  • Easiest “installation”. It’s not exactly an installation. With the SmarterFresh, you simply hook the hose up to the spigot on the bathroom faucet and control the water temp like you would when washing your hands.
  • Good for apartments and long-term rental properties.
  • Can be used for traveling and short-term stays. The SmarterFresh isn’t marketed as being portable or travel-friendly but it is. The mechanism that allows the hose to be attached to the faucet isn’t 100% universal but fits the majority of North American faucets with a removable aerator.
  • Adapters are available in different sizes (free of charge). SmarterFresh has adapters of different sizes. When purchasing, you’ll need to specify which size you need.


  • Only some faucets work. To attach the hose, the spigot will need a removable aerator. More and more aerators are mandated by plumbing codes.
  • Inconvenient long-term. The good news is that the hose can remain attached to the faucet for convenience sake. As in, you don’t have to detach and re-attach with each use. But it can be annoying and inconvenient in that there will always be a hose connected to your bathroom faucet. So, it may feel like the hose is always in your way when shaving and brushing your teeth.
  • Less aesthetic. Also, having a hose attached to your sink looks awkward and less aesthetic which might bother some folks.
  • Single spray pattern. No concentrated vs. wide spray mode to choose from.
  • Lower quality. The SmarterFresh isn’t low-quality but it’s no Brondell. Hence, you can expect to have to replace it more often and for more leaks to occur.

The Best Portable Option

The MyPortaWash Advanced Portable Handheld Bidet with Warm Water Capability

Bidet Handheld Water Sprayer Portable Rechargeable Battery Powered from MyPortaWash- Advanced Model
MyPortaWash Advanced Portable Rechargeable Handheld Bidet

One overlooked option for a warm water-capable handheld bidet is the one made by MyPortaWash (Amazon link). I say warm water “capable” because this model doesn’t offer adjustable temperature. Instead, you’ll be adding warm water to the reservoir.

This travel-friendly handheld sprayer comes with an electric motor that draws water from a container sending it through the nozzle. It comes with a collapsible reservoir that can hold a lot of water while still fitting into luggage when the time comes to travel.


  • Super convenient with zero installation.
  • Compatibility with all toilets. Have a skirted, tankless, wall-hung toilet? Not being installed in any way, this handheld bidet can be used with the rarest of commode designs.
  • Super affordable. Along with the SmarterFresh, this is one of the cheaper models listed.
  • It doubles as a travel bidet. I know you didn’t ask for this feature, but it’s still pretty cool. It’s not the most portable of travel bidets in that you won’t be using it in public restrooms. But, it’s great for hotel and Airbnb stays.
  • Better than most travel bidets. It’s not as portable as some, but it has several unique features. For one, it provides a longer water stream compared to most portable bidets. Most have small reservoirs that provide a stream of water for about a minute. This one comes with a bucket so you won’t run out of water mid-wash. Secondly, it’s rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about swapping out batteries.
  • It has a built-in water filter. Water filters are usually limited to electric bidets. Sprayers and attachments can be equipped with filters, but the filter and extra parts usually don’t come in the box. The MyPortaWash has a built-in filter so you can know that the water you’re using is clean.


  • Single spray mode.
  • A little wide for my liking. Some people prefer a wider stream, so it’s a matter of preference. Ideally, a sprayer either offers different spray widths or a single spray width that’s somewhere in the middle between narrow and wide. With the MyPortaWash, you just get a wide stream.
  • Lower quality. The construction is lower-quality (compared to other bidets in this article) and the materials far from stainless steel.

The Luxury Option

The Brondell CleanSpa Luxury Handheld Bidet with Hot and Cold Water Mixing Valve

Brondell CSL-40 CleanSpa Luxury Hand Held Bidet Shattaf Sprayer, Silver
The Brondell CSL-40 CleanSpa Luxury Hand Held Bidet

The highest quality warm water bidet is the Brondell CleanSpa CSL-40 along with the hot/cold mixing valve upgrade kit (Amazon links).

  • Quality materials. Pretty much stainless steel through and through. You can expect to keep this bidet for a long time.
  • The most leak-resistant sprayer. Being the highest-quality option, it’s the most resistant to leaks. Leak reports are few and far between, and when they happen it’s usually due to installation errors (forgetting to put a seal or O-ring in, etc.).
  • Rental property-friendly.
  • Can be mounted on the toilet or wall. The sprayer comes with a holster that can be mounted on the wall or toilet.
  • Easy installation. Like the CSL-30 and the Purrfectzone, this model requires no skill to install and can be up and running in 20 minutes or less.
  • One-year warranty for parts.


  • Single-spray pattern. I’m guessing an adjustable spray head is harder to pull off if you’re trying to make a bidet that’s 100% stainless steel.
  • No lifetime warranty.
  • Higher price. It’s still a handheld sprayer, so overall you’ll be spending less than you would with a modern electric bidet. But being a name brand, this one will run you more than other sprayers. If quality is a priority, the extra cost is definitely worth it.

Best Handheld Bidet with Warm Water: Conclusion

So, those are the best handheld bidets with temperature control.

Sprayers are the least sophisticated but offer several advantages over even the most high-end luxury electric bidet seats. To get a limitless supply of warm water on an electric bidet, you have to go all-in on a luxury seat with an instantaneous water heater, a type of heater that tends to show up in bidets priced at $500+.

For the majority, the most practical warm water handheld bidets make use of a mixing valve.

The Brondell valve is the best. Other hot/cold valves exist but they’re lower quality and about the same price. Also, the bidets that use a mixing valve were chosen in part because they’re durable. And getting a high-quality leak-resistant sprayer makes less sense if you’re not going to pair it with a mixing valve of equal quality.

If you decide to upgrade at some point, you’ll be able to use the hot/cold valve with future bidets. It even works with attachments and non-electric seats.

If you have an odd toilet design (especially tankless), you may want to go with the faucet or portable options.

Overall, installing and using warm water non-electric bidets is not as straightforward as with electric seats. Several things can go wrong. The sink may be on opposite sides of the wall, the hose may not reach, you may have a vanity in the way of the sink, etc.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.

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