The Best Bidets that Fit TOTO Toilets 2023

Today, we’re looking at the best bidets for TOTO toilets. Normally, you could ask the manufacturer but TOTO is pretty hard to get a hold of sometimes.

The obvious answer would seem to be TOTO bidets, but they only make electric seats (I.e., no attachments, handheld sprayers, non-electric seats) that cost in the hundreds.  Hence, some of the better options are available from other brands.

The best bidets that fit elongated and round TOTO toilets include the Alpha JX and GX, Brondell Swash 1000, and bidet attachments like the Tushy and BB Slimedge. For elongated TOTO toilets only, the TOTO C2, C5, K300, and S550e are also good options.

In writing this article, I searched through a lot of bidet fitment data available online from various manufacturers. Let’s get into it.

Bidets for TOTO Toilets: Quick Summary Table

ElectricAlpha JX and GX, Brondell S1000,
TOTO C2, C5, K300, S350e/S550e
Non-ElectricBio Bidet SlimEdge, TUSHY 3.0
Fits Elongated and Round TOTO Toilets Alpha JX, Alpha GX, Brondell S1000, and
Non-Electric Bidets
Fits Elongated TOTO Toilets OnlyTOTO C2, C5, K300, S550e
Fits Round TOTO Toilets OnlyTOTO S350e
Fits All TOTO Drake and Promenade ToiletsAlpha JX, Alpha GX, Brondell S1000, Non-Electric Options
40sec of Warm WaterAlpha GX, TOTO C2, TOTO C5
Endless Warm Water
(Instantaneous Heater)
Alpha JX, Brondell S1000, TOTO K300,
S550e, and S350e
Plastic NozzlesTOTO and Non-Electric Options
Stainless-Steel/Aluminum NozzlesAlpha JX and GX, Brondell S1000
Dual NozzlesBrondell S1000 and Bio Bidet SlimEdge
Single Multi-Action NozzleAlpha and TOTO Bidets, Tushy 3.0
Best Water Pressure (Electric Options)Alpha JX
Wireless RemoteAlpha JX, Brondell S1000, TOTO K300,
C5, S350e, S550e
Side Panel/Side ControlNon-Electric Bidets and TOTO C2
Warm Air Dryer,
Auto Air Deodorizer, Heated Seat
All Electric Options
Auto Open/Close Seat/LidTOTO S550e and S350e
In-Bowl LED NightlightAlpha JX and GX, TOTO S550e and S350e
Oscillating Spray ModeAll Electric Options
Pulsing Massage ModeAll TOTO Options and Alpha GX
Stainless-Steel Nozzle(s)Yes
Self-Cleaning NozzlesAll Electric Options and Tushy 3.0
Nozzle SanitationAlpha JX (Antimicrobial), TOTO (Electrolyzed Water),
Brondell S1000 (Silver Oxide)
User Presets
(Save Preferred Settings)
TOTO C5, K300, S550e/S350e
Auto Function
(Easy One-Push Operation)
Alpha JX
Self-Cleaning Bowl (Pre-Mist)TOTO Bidets
PriceNon-Electric Options < Alpha GX < Alpha JX < TOTO C2
< TOTO C5 and Brondell S1000 < TOTO K300 < TOTO S550e/S350e

Bidets that Fit Elongated and Round TOTO Toilets

The following bidets fit these toilets, whether elongated or round, 1- or 2-piece.

Skirted toilets (needs top mounting hardware): 1-piece AIMES; 1-piece AQUIA IV and IV 1G; 2-piece AQUIA IV and IV 1G (needs Extension kit 9AU321-A); 1-piece CARLYLE II and II 1G, 1-piece GUINEVERE; 2-piece NEXUS and NEXUS 1G.

Non-skirted: 1-piece CAROLINA II; 2-piece CONNELLY (needs Extension kit 9AU321-A); 2-piece DRAKE, DRAKE II/ II 1G, and ECO DRAKE; 1-piece ECO CLAYTON; 2-piece ECO DARTMOUTH; 1-piece ECO ULTRAMAX; 1-piece ECO SOIREE; 2-piece ENTRADA; 1-piece LEGATO; 2-piece PROMENADE, 1- and 2-piece PROMENADE II and PROMENADE II 1G; 1-piece SUPREME II; 1-piece ECO ULTIMATE; 1-piece ULTRAMAX; 1-piece ULTRAMAX II and ULTRAMAX II 1G; 1-piece ULTIMATE; 2-piece VESPIN II and VESPIN II 1G.

The Alpha JX

First, I’d recommend the Alpha JX luxury bidet (alternative price check here). It has most of the important features offered by TOTO bidets, but at a lower price. And it fits a wider range of toilets than most TOTO bidets.

Another reason that I recommend it before TOTO options, is because it’s the least expensive option that has instant heating, whereas the TOTO C2 and C5 run cool at 30 seconds.

Also, in case you have a toilet that’s not listed above, the JX is a great option if you want to be on the safe side. It has a curved contour at the rear, allowing it to fit even the most difficult toilets.  

Curved rear allows bidet to fit widest range of toilets

Features and Specs of the Alpha JX Bidet

Water Temperature:  

  • The JX is the least expensive bidet on the market to offer unlimited warm water via an instantaneous water heater. You can sit back and relax without worrying about when the water will start to run cool
  • Choose between “Off”, and from settings: Low (93° F), Med (98.6° F), and High (104° F).  

Water Pressure: 

  • The JX has pretty impressive water pressure, with an output that reaches 0.185gal (or 0.7 L) per minute. So, it’s not quite on par with the GX and GXR but better than most bidets.
  • Like the other Alpha bidets, it does have a turbo “rear+” mode.

Comfort and Convenience.

  • Heated seat with adjustable temperature.
  • Minimal slope of the lid, so there is plenty of sitting room.
  • As a luxury bidet, the JX has a warm air dryer with adjustable temperature. 
  • It also has an ultra-sleek handheld wireless remote with an LCD screen. 
  • The two functions are labeled, “One Touch Easy Wash” and “One Touch Wash & Dry” and provide a preset wash and preset wash + dry cycle, respectively. This feature makes for better user-friendliness, in general, and especially for kids and seniors.

Design and Look:  

  • It’s low-profile and comfortable with a rear seat height of only 5.8” (~14.7 cm).
  • Having a tankless water heater, the bidet doesn’t have to house the big bulky reservoir inside the back of the seat. Hence, it has amore streamlined look.

Seat and Lid:  

  • Slow-close seat and lid.
  • Easy-release button for bidet removal and cleaning. 
  • Like the GX and GXR, the JX has a sittable lid with high weight capacity.

Wand and Spray Capability:  

  • The JX has a single, dual-action wand for front and rear cleansing.
  • The wand is made of aluminum instead of stainless steel or plastic.
  • The JX has an oscillating spray mode, however, it lacks a pulsating/massaging function.

Safety and Sanitation:  

  • The nozzle is automatic, self-rinsing and allows for on-demand cleaning.
  • The JX is the only bidet in the lineup to have a nozzle with antimicrobial nanotechnology. So, it goes the extra mile in helping ensure max sanitation.
  • Safety sensor to prevent accidental bidet operation.
  • White LED nightlight for easy nighttime bathroom navigation–no blinding yourself with bathroom lights.

Water and Energy Efficiency:

  • Finally, the JX is among the most efficient bidets on the market. Since there’s no need to keep a water reservoir hot, the water heater only needs to draw power when the bidet is in use.
  • The JX has two different power saving modes: Auto Power Saving and Super Power Saving. The Super Power Saving mode saves the most energy by reducing energy use when the bathroom lights are off.

The Brondell SWASH 1000

Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat, White

The Brondell SWASH 1000 is another good option (affiliate link).

Amazon sometimes carries it, so you can check their availability here (Amazon link).

Like the Alpha JX, the SWASH 1000 has a rounded back making it compatible with a wider range of toilets.

Also, the SWASH 1000 is one of the only Brondell bidets listed as compatible with all (70+) TOTO toilets. The only one that it’s mentioned as not fitting is the Whitney, which is discontinued.

Features and Specs of the Brondell SWASH 1000 Bidet

Water Temperature:  

  • Ceramic core heater for endless warm water.
  • 4 temperature settings including off, Low (88.7° F), Medium (94.1° F), and High (99.5° F).

Water Pressure: 

  • 3 water pressure levels to choose from that reach a max pressure of 0.5 L/min.
  • Adjustable spray width lets you choose between a wide/soft or narrow/firm cleansing stream.

Design, Comfort, and Convenience:

  • Non-bulky design with a rear height of 5.7” (~14.5 cm).
  • Adjustable seat surface temperature and plenty of sitting room.
  • Wireless remote with large intuitive buttons.
  • A warm air dryer (a feature not offered with the S1200).
  • An automatic air deodorizer. This feature is common to TOTO bidets. It has an activated charcoal filter that breaks down smelly molecules—instead of just masking them with fragrances.

Seat and Lid:  

  • Quick-release mechanism for easy removal and cleaning.
  • Soft-close seat and hinges to prevent slamming.

Wand and Spray Capability:  

  • Stainless-steel dual nozzle system for basic front and rear cleansing. I.e., one nozzle for rear and the other for frontal.
  • Unlike the SWASH 1200, the S1000 has an oscillating function, which is one of the more important features, since it moves the nozzle back and forth to cover a wider area.
  • 5 nozzle positions to choose from for accurate aiming.

Safety and Sanitation:  

  • Automatic and on-demand self-cleaning nozzle. The nozzle cleans itself automatically before and after each use, and can be made to self-rinse anytime with the push of a button.
  • On-demand self-sanitizing nozzles: similar to TOTO”s EWATER+ (electrolyzed water), select Brondell bidets (including the S1000) use a silver solution to sanitize the nozzle. Like EWATER+, the solution is non-corrosive, yet powerfully antimicrobial.  

Water and Energy Efficiency:

  • Like the Alpha JX, the Brondell S1000 has a super-efficient instantaneous water heater that is up to 60% more efficient than conventional tank heaters.
  • The S1000 uses microbubbles which help reduce water use by displacing some of the water with air.
  • Finally, the S1000 has two energy-saving modes that regulate water and seat temperatures between bidet uses, to help limit power use to when the bidet is needed.

Other Bidets for Elongated TOTO Toilets

Most TOTO bidets are only available for elongated toilets.

These bidets fit the following toilets.

Skirted elongated TOTO toilets: 1-piece AIMES; 1-piece AQUIA IV and IV 1G; 2-piece AQUIA IV and IV 1G (w/Extension kit 9AU321-A); 1-piece CARLYLE II and II 1G; 1-piece GUINEVERE; 2-piece NEXUS and NEXUS 1G.

Non-skirted elongated TOTO toilets: 1-piece CAROLINA II; 2-piece CONNELLY (w/Extension kit 9AU321-A); 2-piece DRAKE, DRAKE II, and DRAKE II 1G, and ECO DRAKE; 2-piece ECO CLAYTON; 2-piece ECO DARTMOUTH; 1-piece ECO ULTRAMAX (Slight curve); 1-piece ECO SOIREE; 2-piece ENTRADA; 1-piece LEGATO; 1-piece and 2-piece PROMENADE II; 1-piece and 2-piece PROMENADE II 1G; 1-piece SUPREME II; 1-piece ECO ULTIMATE; 1-piece ULTRAMAX; 1-piece ULTRAMAX II and II 1G; 1-piece ULTIMATE; 2-piece VESPIN II and II 1G.

The TOTO C2 and C5 Washlets

The first TOTO options in the lineup include the TOTO C5 Washlet and TOTO C2 Washlet (affiliate links). For price comparison, you can check their availability at Amazon here (TOTO C5) and here (TOTO C2) (Amazon links).

The main difference between the two is that the C2 has a side panel instead of a remote. And the price difference, of course, with the C2 Washlet costing a bit less.

Features and Specs of the TOTO C2 and C5

Water Temperature:

  • With these bidets, you get 30-40 seconds of warm water depending on water pressure and how long the tank has had to refill if the bidet has been used recently.  Like most tank heaters, the C2/C5 take about 10 minutes for the reservoir to warm up completely.
  • Adjustable temperature settings include “Off” (cold tap), from Low (95° F) to High (104° F) (about 35-40 °C). When testing the bidet, the water measured 79° F (26.1° C) at the 40-second mark.

Water Pressure:

  • Adjustable water pressure with 5 settings.
  • Good water pressure. The max flow rate is only 0.43 liters per minute but the stream is narrow and concentrated, so it cleans well.


  • Much lower profile and better looking than their predecessors, the C100 and C200.
  • Low-profile design with minimal bulkiness and rear seat height of 5.8 inches (~14.7 cm).
  • Overall high-quality look and feel.

Comfort and Convenience:

TOTO C2 and C5

  • Adjustable warm air dryer that reaches 140° F (60 °C). The dryer is both warmer and stronger than most I’ve tried.
  • Comfy heated seat, adjustable from 82° F to 97° F.
  • Plenty of sitting room with a seat opening of 11.5 inches.
  • Aerated wash for firm but strong cleansing.
  • Built-in automatic air deodorizer removes foul and embarrassing odors.


  • Slim side control panel fixed to the side of the bidet.
  • No user presets.


  • Slim, convenient wireless remote with illuminated touchpad.
  • 2 users can save their preferred wand position, water temp, and water pressure settings.

Seat and Lid:

  • SoftClose feature prevents slamming of the seat and lid.
  • Docking station and quick-release tab for easy bidet removal and cleaning.

Cleaning Wand and Spray Modes:

  • Single 3-in-1 nozzle provides front and rear cleansing.
  • Additional rear soft mode for bidet sitz bath sessions or soothing irritated skin.
  • Oscillation setting causes nozzle to move back and forth.
  • Massage setting pulsates water pressure between strong and soft.

Safety and Sanitation:

  • Nozzle-clean function works on-demand and automatically before and after each bidet use.
  • Unlike their predecessors, the C100 and C200, the nozzles self-clean using electrolyzed water (EWATER+) which helps sanitize the nozzle surface and keep waste and dirt from sticking.
  • PREMIST function sprays the toilet bowl when the user sits down. This keeps dirt and poop from sticking. In this way, you won’t have to do as much manual toilet bowl cleaning.

Water and Energy Efficiency:

  • Three energy-saving modes that regulate the water and seat temperatures when the bidet is not in use. The Auto Energy-Saver actually memorizes when you’re least likely to use the bidet and turns the water/seat temperatures down during those windows.
  • Aerated stream uses less water over time.

The TOTO K300 Washlet

TOTO SW3036R#01 WASHLET K300 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat, Cotton White

The next best TOTO bidet after the C2/C5 is the TOTO K300 Washlet (may also be available on Amazon).

It’s similar in price to the C5 but has a luxury water heater like the S550e, so it never runs cold.

It was mentioned along with the Alpha JX as one of the best bidets of the year per CNN’s annual roundup article.

Features and Specs of the TOTO K300 Washlet

Water Temperature:

  • Instant heater for limitless warm water.
  • 4 temperature settings, from room temp to 104° F.

Water Pressure:

  • 5 water pressure settings
  • Good pressure with max flow rate of 0.43 liters per minute.


  • Tankless heater provides a slimmer design with only a 5-inch rear seat height.
  • Plain white with minimal decals.


  • Heated seat adjustable from room temperature to 97° F.
  • Plenty of sitting room with a seat opening of 11.5 inches.
  • Aerated spray for gentle yet firm cleansing.


  • Strong warm air dryer that reaches 140° F (60 °C).
  • Sleek wireless remote with illuminated buttons.
  • 2 user presets for storing your preferred settings.
  • Automatic air deodorizer.

Seat and Lid:

  • Quick-release button and docking station for easy bidet removal and cleaning.
  • SoftClose lid/seat to save wear and tear.

Cleaning Wand and Spray Modes:

  • Single plastic 3-in-1 nozzle for rear and front feminine cleansing.
  • Extra-soft spray mode for soothing irritated skin.
  • Oscillation for better coverage.
  • Massage cleansing mode pulses water for massage-like effect.

Safety and Sanitation:

  • Automatic and on-demand self-cleaning nozzle(s).
  • Nozzles self-sanitize with antimicrobial EWATER+ for added layer or protection.
  • PREMIST function: toilet bowl is misted before each use to create a slippery surface helping the bowl remain clean for longer.

Water and Energy Efficiency:

  • Energy-efficient water heater only uses power when the bidet is in use.
  • Multiple Eco modes help regulate energy consumption between bidet uses.
  • Aerated wash for water efficiency.

The TOTO S550e Washlet

TOTO SW3056#01 S550E Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with Cleansing Warm, Nightlight, Auto Open and Close Lid, Instantaneous Water Heating, and EWATER+, Elongated Contemporary, Cotton White

For the best money can buy, check out the TOTO S550e (Amazon link). 

If you have an elongated TOTO toilet and want nothing but the best, consider the S550e, TOTO’s highest-end luxury bidet.

The S550e is widely thought of as the highest-quality bidet on the market. It has all of the features common to luxury bidets plus a few features exclusive to TOTO.

It has all of the usual TOTO luxury features like a tankless water heater, wireless remote, EWATER+, pre-mist, and after-mist.

But it’s one of the only TOTO bidets to have a nightlight and automatic open/close feature for the seat and lid. 

The S550e is one of the original luxury bidets and it set the standard for other high-tech toilets.

Features and Specs of the TOTO S550e

Water Temperature: 

  • Endless warm water via tankless instantaneous water heater.  
  • Adjustable water temperature. Choose between the “Off” position (cold tap) and 3 levels that range from 86° F to the highest of 104° F. 

Water Pressure: 

  • Adjustable pressure w/5 settings maxing out at 0.08 to 0.11 gal (or 0.32 – 0.43 L) per minute. 
  • The S550e is known for providing a strong spray.

Comfort and Convenience: 

  • Warm air dryer with adjustable temperature.
  • Convenient, stylish handheld remote. 
  • Adjustable heated seat:  choose between off and from 82 to 97 °F (~28 to 36 °C).
  • Built-in air deodorizer that uses a charcoal filter to remove embarrassing bathroom smells.
  • Two user presets for saving your personal preferences (water pressure, water temperature, and wand position).
  • Auto flush compatibility with certain toilets. Basically, you have to have one of several TOTO toilets that are Auto Flush-enabled. And you’ll need to get the Washlet+ version of the bidet.


  • The S550e is one of the slimmest and lowest-profile bidets on the market with a rear height of only 5” (~12.7 cm).
  • There’s a Classic and Contemporary version of the bidet, and the Contemporary version (the one linked above) has an extra modern low-profile look.

Seat and Lid: 

  • In addition to the usual SoftClose feature, the S550e is one of only a few bidets on the market to have a hands-free automatic open and close seat/lid for added convenience and an extra layer of hygiene.
  • Quick-release button for easy bidet removal and cleaning. 

Cleaning Wand and Spray Capability: 

  • Single plastic nozzle for rear and front feminine cleansing.  
  • The cleaning wand can be adjusted across 5 positions for accurate aiming.  
  • The S550e is one of the only TOTO bidets to have a special Wide Front cleansing mode for extra-soft feminine hygiene.
  • There’s also a Rear Soft spray mode for cleansing irritated skin (hemorrhoids, etc.). 
  • Oscillating spray pattern to more effectively clean a wider area.
  • Pulsing spray mode that rotates soft and strong water pressure for a massage-like effect.

Safety and Sanitation: 

  • The nozzle is automatic, self-cleaning as and has an on-demand self-clean function. Like most TOTO toilets, the S550e goes a step further because the nozzle self-rinses in what TOTO calls EWATER+, an electrolyte solution that forms sodium hypochlorite or NaOCl.
  • Sodium hypochlorite is a natural antimicrobial substance so it helps sanitize the cleaning wand in case the nozzle gets soiled. The NaOCl also creats a slippery surface to prevent waste (read: poop) froms ticking to the wand.
  • To save you manual cleaning, the pre-mist function keeps the toilet bowl clean by spraying the bowl with water. The slippery surface (from the pre-mist) keeps waste from sticking to the bowl, helping the flushing action to clean effectively
  • The S550e is one of two TOTO bidets that has an after-mist feature that sprays the bowl once more before flushing.
  • The S550e is one of two TOTO toilets with built-in LED nightlight to help you safely find your way in the dark so that you won’t have to blind yourself by turing on bathroom lights.

Water and Energy Efficiency: 

  • Being one of the luxury bidets, the S550e has a tankless water heater for max energy efficiency.
  • The bidet also has several Eco modes, with the more advanced modes saving the most energy.

Other Bidets for Round TOTO Toilets

The TOTO S350e Washlet

TOTO SW583#01 S350E Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with Cleansing Warm, Nightlight, Auto Open and Close Lid, Instantaneous Water Heating, and EWATER+, Round, Cotton White

Finally, if you have a round TOTO toilet and would like a bidet on par with the S550e, consider the TOTO S300e Washlet (Amazon link).

It’s a version of the S550e that’s only available for round toilets.

It fits these toilets.

The 2-piece DRAKE, DRAKE II, DRAKE II 1G, and ECO DRAKE; 1-piece ECO ULTRAMAX; 2-piece PROMENADE; 1-piece ULTRAMAX; and 1-piece ULTIMATE.

The S350e has all of the same features as the S550e. I.e., it’s the only other TOTO bidet with an automatic open/close seat and lid and in-bowl nightlight.

Both bidets have a slightly less expensive version, the S300e and S500e, that cost about the same but without offering the nightlight or auto seat/lid feature.

Since the price difference between the S350e/S550e and S300e/S500e is minimal, I recommend the former since the latter offers few if any additional features compared to other much less expensive bidets in this article.

Best Non-Electric Bidet Attachments 

First, the pros and cons of bidet attachments, in general. 

The Pros: 

  • Lower upfront cost than electric bidets. Electric seats can be pretty affordable, but a good attachment is usually about 1/3-1/2 the cost of their electric cousins.  
  • Lower long-term costs. No electricity means no added electrical costs. 
  • Fast and convenient installation. Not only are bidet attachments faster and easier to install, but you don’t have to worry about storing the original seat and hardware for re-installation later, which is great if you’re a renter. Folks in rental properties often worry about losing the original parts or misplacing them.  
  • Fits elongated and round bowls equally. With bidet attachments, you don’t have to worry about the elongated vs round bowl distinction when choosing a bidet for your toilet. In fact, this sets attachments apart from non-electric seats. 

The Cons: 

  • Cold water. This is the main drawback of non-electric bidets, in general. Some attachments and non-electric seats offer warm water, but they often require altering the property to some extent (for installation purposes) which is inconvenient and poses a problem for renters. Also, the water takes a while to warm up meaning some users find they’re done cleaning before the warm wash kicks in.  
  • Fewer features. Bidet attachments spray water and that’s about it. Most have retracting, self-cleaning wands these days—they manage to operate on water pressure alone which is pretty cool.  

The Hello Tushy Classic 3.0 Bidet Attachment 

TUSHY Classic Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment – Modern Sleek Design – Fresh Clean Water Sprayer – Non-Electric Self Cleaning Adjustable Nozzle (White/Bamboo Knob)

Hello Tushy has a great bidet attachment called the Tushy Classic 3.0 (Amazon link) that’s ideal for those with TOTO toilets.

Again, TOTO puts out dozens of toilets. While most are bidet-friendly, TOTO has some pretty fancy toilets with unconventional dimensions that can pose different installation issues when trying to install a bidet. No matter the issue, Tushy seems to have a work-around.  


  • Fits the widest range of TOTO toilets (one and two-piece). The Tushy Classic fits the widest range of toilets because they make several add-ons available for tackling different installation issues.  
  • It even fits wall-hung TOTO toilets. Tushy even has a flushometer kit for tankless and wall-hung toilets that allows for access to the water supply under the sink. 
  • Adjustable spray nozzle. The Tushy control arm lets you adjust the nozzle for better aiming and allows for hitting the back and frontal regions (for bowel movements and feminine hygiene).  
  • Sleek minimalist look. Bidet attachments often have bulky control arms that are plastered with flashy and colorful stickers. The Tushy Classic is available primarily in white with grey or bamboo knob (though other colors are available). Of course, it’s a matter of opinion, but I think this bidet has a real polished minimalist look that goes well with the widest range of bathrooms. 
  • Retractable, self-cleaning nozzle. 

TOTO Toilets That Require Purchasing Addons for the Tushy Classic

TOTO Toilet
Top Mounting
Additional 3/8″
Extra Supply
TOTO Aimes
Dual Flush
TOTO Wall-Hung/
Tankless Toilets

The Tushy Classic should be good to go with all other TOTO toilets without the help of extra gear. But if your TOTO toilet is in that table, fear not. The add-ons are pretty inexpensive, so it shouldn’t add too much to the total cost.

Plus, bidet attachments are way cheaper in the long run because they don’t use electricity. 

With one-piece toilets, the tank and toilet are one unit, so they often need extra mounting gear for installation because the underside of the seat can’t be accessed to install the mounting gear that comes with the bidet. Also, the Drake two-piece toilets seem to need top mounting bolts for some reason. 

One-piece toilets often need an adapter that fits the shutoff valve on the wall because the mega adapter the bidet comes with is too bulky to fit on the toilet tank. 

Finally, TOTO makes a tankless wall-hung toilet that’ll require an extra-long hose. Bathrooms with tankless toilets tend not to have shutoff valves next to the toilet, requiring water to be sourced from the sink shutoff valves. Tushy thought of this too and offers an extra-long hose and mini brass adapter to go with it.

The Bio Bidet SlimEdge Attachment 

Bio Bidet SlimEdge Simple Bidet Toilet Attachment in White with Dual Nozzle, Fresh Water Spray, Non Electric, Easy to Install, Brass Inlet and Internal Valve

For an even cheaper option, Bio Bidet makes a solid bidet attachment called the BB SlimEdge (Amazon link) that fits most TOTO two-piece toilets. It’ll probably fit most of TOTO’s one-piece toilets, but BB doesn’t make any guarantees, so you’d be taking a chance.  

Definitely incompatible toilets: 

  • TOTO Whitney two-piece toilets. 
  • TOTO Aquia line of toilets. 

Toilets that are likely incompatible: 

  • Aimes 
  • Carolina 
  • Guinevere 
  • Legato 
  • Soiree, Supreme, Supreme II 
  • Ultramax and Ultramax II 

The list may seem long, but remember TOTO has tons of toilets.  

Features of the Bio Bidet SlimEdge:  

  • Cheaper of the two attachments. Both are less expensive than electric bidets, but this is the cheaper of the two.  
  • Fits a wide range of TOTO two-piece toilets. The SlimEdge fits a good range of TOTO toilets, but nothing compared to the Tushy. It may be incompatible with a lot of one-piece toilets that are extra-wide in the back. Because the tank and toilet are connected with one-piece toilets, the back of the rim (where the seat connects to the basin) often tapers out to meet the tank making the mounting area too wide for the bidet. The control arm with bidets can be on the bulky side and they often extend downward, which causes them to get in the way during installation.  
  • Dual spray nozzles for back and front cleansing. Instead of an adjustable nozzle, the SlimEdge has dual nozzles to hit the front and back areas. 
  • Retractable nozzles.  

Bidet for TOTO Toilets: Conclusion

That should do it.

Most bidet manufacturers make a model or two that fit TOTO toilets, but some bidets are compatible with a wider range of TOTO toilets than others. Overall, the best bidets compatible with TOTO toilets include TOTO’s own bidets, Alpha bidets, the Brondell S1000, BB SlimEdge, and Tushy Classic.

They put out some pretty fancy toilets, but most are fairly conventional and should work with a good range of bidets. If your toilet has odd dimensions (i.e., is ultra-modern looking), or any oddities (e.g., has extra-wide bolts that hold the seat down), it’s extra important that you ensure the bidet you get is a good fit.

If you don’t go with one recommended in this article, do research elsewhere or reach out to the manufacturer to make sure it’s a good match.

Thanks for reading.

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