Bio Bidet USPA 6800 Review: Every Feature Tested

Today, we’re reviewing and comparing the Bio Bidet USPA 6800 and 6800U. The two bidets are the same basic unit but come with a different wireless remote. Also, with the 6800U, they added a nightlight and the ability to save your preferred settings.

I’ve installed and used both bidets extensively – full BB6800 installation details here. We’ll be looking at how the bidets performed in each of the usual categories — overall performance, hot water, special spray modes, etc. And we’ll touch on the few differences between the 6800 and 6800U.

The best option is the USPA 6800U since it has a few extra features yet costs the same–and is even up to $100 cheaper if you have an elongated toilet. The elongated USPA 6800U can be found here, and the round version here (affiliate links).

If you would prefer the original USPA 6800 or would prefer to purchase from Bidet King for their superior customer service, you can check their prices here.

Bio Bidet USPA 6800 vs 6800U: Quick Summary Table

The Bio Bidet USPA 6800 came out first but was later improved upon with the 6800U which has a better remote, in-bowl nightlight, and allows for saving one’s preferred settings. While the MSRP of both bidets is the same, for some reason the elongated 6800U (not 6800) is available for half price at certain retailers.

Fits Elongated and RoundYY
Adjustable Water Temp,
Water Pressure, and Nozzle Position
Enhanced Reservoir Heater
(Never Cold)
Adjustable Warm Air Dryer YY
Adjustable Heated SeatYY
Wireless RemoteLCD ScreenDouble-Sided Luxury Remote w/LCD Screen
Air DeodorizerYY
Nozzle SystemDual PlasticDual Plastic
Wand Self-Clean Function
(Automatic + On-Demand)
User Presets
(Save Your Preferred Settings)
Easy One-Push Auto ModeYY
In-Bowl LED NightlightNY
Oscillating (Back-and-Forth)
Spray Mode
Massage and Enema Spray ModesYY
Child Wash ModeYY
Slow-Close Seat/Lid + Quick-Release TabYY
Power-Saving Function(s)YY

Bio Bidet 6800 and 6800U Review

Overall Performance

The 6800/6800U did great on the performance test–a test where we see how much Nutella a bidet can remove in a single 1-minute session.

It cleaned the most when I used the nozzle oscillation mode (which causes the nozzle to move back to front), when the pressure was set to high, and when the nozzle position was adjusted across the full range.

The water pressure can be adjusted to 5 levels, with a flow rate that reaches nearly a liter per minute–making it almost twice as effective as the TOTO bidets which have a max flow rate of under 0.5 liters per minute.

(Note: the TOTO C5 is only more expensive when compared to the elongated 6800U)

By extension, since the TOTO C5 is as effective as the S550e (TOTO’s most expensive option), it can be said that the 6800 and 6800U outperform the most expensive bidet on the market.

Warm Water Performance

There are 4 temperature settings that range from the “off” setting (cold) to 104° F. When testing the bidet, the water temp peaked in the high 90’s Fahrenheit. The 6800/6800U has an enhanced reservoir water heater that never runs cold.

The water was 97.3° F (36.3° C) at the 40-minute mark (when the hot water tank ran out) but remained just above 90° F, measuring 90° F at the 5- and 10-minute mark.

Instead of heating water instantaneously (as luxury bidets do), the USPA 6800 has a small tank that holds water. The water is kept in a warm reservoir that holds about 2-1/2 cups.

The temperature starts to dip at 30-40 seconds, depending on the water pressure used. But since it never runs cold, the 6800/6800U can be said to have an enhanced reservoir water heating system.

I.e., there is some kind of technology that keeps the water from getting cold even after the water tank runs empty.

Bio Bidet USPA 6800 Round vs Elongated

I get asked a lot about the difference between the round and elongated 6800 and 6800U.

There are two differences:

  1. Different dimensions: the round version is about 0.8″ shorter in length and fits toilets that are in that 16.5″ (419mm range), from the toilet seat bolt holes to the front of the rim. The elongated version fits toilets that are 18.5″ or 470mm.
  2. Different price: the elongated version is much less expensive if you get the 6800U. No one knows why, but the 6800U round is about an extra $100, despite the round and elongated versions offering the same features.

Design (Look and Feel) of the USPA 6800 and 6800U

Both are quite slim, with a low seat height of 5.7” or ~14.5 cm. With less bulkiness at the rear of the seat (some bidets reach a near 8” height), the bidet has a more streamlined, lower-profile look.

The slim, aesthetic wireless remote adds a touch of luxury.

With the slightly unique shape and blue stripe at the back of the seat, they’re not as low profile as they could be. This probably won’t matter to most.

Basic and Advanced Spray Features

Front Feminine and Rear Cleansing with Nozzle Adjustment

First, there’s the basic rear (posterior) and front feminine spray modes, which work great.

For custom aiming, you can adjust the nozzles to 5 different positions. So, from back to front, the bidet definitely covers the entire perennial region.

The front nozzle has a dispersed hole pattern for extra-soft cleansing, which is ideal for feminine hygiene (source).

Nozzle Oscillation and Bubble Spray Modes

The Bio Bidet 6800/6800U has an oscillation spray pattern. When a nozzle oscillates, it moves back and forth to hit a longer area.

This particular oscillation feature is probably the best I’ve used in that it covers the greatest area.

Some bidets, like the Brondell S1200, lack this feature, which is crazy. After all, you wouldn’t wash your car by holding the hose in one place.

With this feature, there’s less reliance on the user to shift around in order to get full coverage.

Massage and Enema Wash Modes

The 6800/6800U advertises both a massage and IPP enema mode. Bidet massage settings pulse water pressure to provide a soothing effect. The IPP stands for Intensive Impulse Pulsation.

It’s the same setting, in that both alternate soft and strong water pressure. For the IPP enema function, you use high pressure. For a regular massage, use lower to medium pressure.

You can’t tell a big difference from the video, but the IPP enema mode feels significantly stronger.

The extra-strong pulsating pressure is supposed to massage the sphincters to stimulate bowel movements and the higher pressure can be used to allow water to enter the rectum for a makeshift enema.

Basically, constipation can sometimes be caused by muscles that won’t relax. By massaging those muscles, it can allow them to loosen up helping with bowel movements (source).

There’s also a special Child setting. See the Convenience features below.

Wireless Remote

One other major difference between the USPA 6800 and 6800U is the wireless remote design, in that the 6800U remote is designed to be slimmer, sleeker, and able to perform more functions while taking up less room.

Both have an LCD screen which allows wireless remotes to do more with fewer buttons.

The Bio Bidet 6800U remote is double-sided, allowing it to be much smaller while providing the same functions.

Both bidet remotes come with a scratch-proof surface and mounting brackets.

Energy and Water Efficiency

The Bio Bidet USPA 6800 and 6800U do quite well in this department.

With the seat off and water on high (the most common scenario), the bidets only use around 25 kWh per month which comes to ~$3.63 monthly. You can turn on the eco mode for even more savings, though the water will need a few minutes to warm up with each use.

When it comes to water, both bidets provide aerated cleansing. Microbubbles are injected into the water stream, which is meant to provide a firm, soothing experience.

In addition, the bubbles displace some of the water making the bidet more water-efficient.

As for energy efficiency, both bidets have a tank-type heater that requires power around the clock. But in testing the bidets, the 6800 and 6800U use about the same amount of electricity as bidets with luxury tankless water heaters.

Plus, with the help of the Eco mode, energy use can be even further reduced.

Both bidets come with an energy-saver mode. Pressing the “Eco” button for 2 seconds activates the automatic power-saving mode which keeps the seat and water temperatures set to low while keeping them from dropping below room temperature.

Warm Air Dryer

The USPA 6800/6800U comes with a dual-speed warm air-drying system. By pressing the ‘low’ and ‘high’ buttons, you can adjust the air temp across 5 settings for adequate comfort and drying efficacy.

Pressing the dry button again increases the airspeed, which maxed out at 1028 feet per minute.

In testing the dryer at max temperature and airspeed, I found it to perform about average, i.e., not that effective.

While not ideal, it can get the job done. It’s not obvious from the dryer test, but you can get completely dry if you have the patience to sit for 3 minutes (the default dry session length). Especially with a bit of practice.

Having a quality air dryer is important because if you can manage to completely replace toilet paper, the bidet will more than pay for itself over time.

Plus, drying is better than using paper since there’s less chafing and irritation.

Getting the most out of your air dryer will take some practice. For example, sometimes water will get on the back of the seat, making it difficult to dry certain areas of the skin.

Convenience Features

This is another area where the two bidets get different scores. But the difference is small.

User Presets (6800U Only)

Both the USPA 6800 and 6800U have an auto function, but the 6800U also provides user presets.

The user presets let you save your favorite nozzle position and water pressure. While convenient, user presets typically allow you to save more (at least water temp).

Auto Function

The Auto feature allows for two-push bidet operation.

When cleansing, the user simply presses the “Auto” button to get a generic wash and dry cycle. That way the user doesn’t have to know which settings to choose.

The Auto wash feature provides:

  • 20 seconds of oscillation
  • 20 seconds of massage cleansing.
  • 3 minutes of drying.

Child Mode

Then there is the child mode to make the bidet easier for kids to use.

Pressing the button with the kid icon does the following:

  • It automatically puts in place all of the child-friendly settings (fully extended nozzle, comfortable water pressure, etc.)
  • Provides 1 minute of oscillation cleansing–oscillation is especially important for unskilled users.
  • A 3-minute dry session.

Nightlight (6800U Only)

The 6800U has an in-bowl nightlight, a feature that’s fairly standard on even the most basic entry-level bidets these days.

For whatever reason, the original version (USPA 6800) doesn’t offer a nightlight.

Bidet nightlights let you navigate the bathroom in the dark. They softly illuminate the restroom, so that you can navigate to and use the bidet without having to blind yourself by switching on the bathroom lights.

Air Deodorizer

Both bidets come with an air deodorizer, which is a not-so-common feature with bidets in this price range. Actually, some of Bio Bidet’s more expensive units, like the Discovery DLS, lack this feature.

The 6800/6800U deodorizer comes one each time you sit down and uses an activated carbon filter.

A small fan at the rear of the seat, draws air from the toilet bowl, pulling it through the filter to break down molecules that are responsible for bad bathroom smells.

So, unlike air fresheners, deodorizers tackle smelly odors at the source instead of masking them.

Cleansing Nozzle System and Features

The Bio Bidet USPA 6800/6800U has a dual nozzle system to allow for front and rear cleansing (one nozzle for front, the other for rear). The nozzles are plastic, and a lot of bidet users prefer stainless steel.

The rear nozzle also provides the massage and enema functions.

Both nozzles have several dispersed holes for a softer cleansing experience. The front nozzle has 2 extra holes for even softer cleansing.

Both the front and rear nozzle can be adjusted to multiple positions for precise aiming.

The 6800/6800U have nozzles that self-rinse both on-demand and automatically (before and after each use).

Being a dual nozzle system, both nozzles are cleaned with each rinsing session.

Comfort (Heated Seat, Sitting Room, Etc.)

Heated Seat

The 6800/6800U has an adjustable heated seat with 4 temperature levels (off, low, medium, and high). The seat surface temp can be adjusted from room temp to 104° F or 40°C.

In the short term, I found the heated seat to be most comfortable on the high setting. But it got a bit toasty, so I found the medium and low settings to be comfier for longer sits.

Sitting Room

The slim, non-bulky design not only looks good but makes for a comfortable sitting experience since there is less of a downward slope. I.e., there is plenty of room in the front.

As always, the amount of sitting room will depend on whether you have a round or elongated toilet. The image above is the elongated version. With the round version, you’ll lose about an inch.

Soft Cleansing Mode

The cleansing spray is quite comfortable as well, since the motor adds air bubbles to the jet stream. You get a firm yet gentle aerated stream with the basic front and rear modes, child mode, and auto setting.

To activate the aerated spray, both wireless remotes have a button with an air bubble icon.

Other Seat and Lid Features

The bidets have a slow-close seat and lid. This saves wear and tear because it prevents slamming. With a small nudge, the seat and lid lower slowly and in a controlled manner.

There’s no auto open/close function for the seat and lid which is to be expected with entry-level to mid-tier bidets.

Unfortunately, there’s no sittable lid so you won’t be able to use the toilet as a general-purpose bathroom seat,

But sittable lids are pretty rare among Bio Bidet units for some reason.

The seat has a quick-release tab that makes removing and reinstalling the bidet easy. This comes in handy for periodic cleaning of the toilet and bidet.

Bio Bidet 6800 & 6800U Review: Conclusion

That should do it.

The bidet is marketed as the USPA 6800 Luxury Bidet Seat. While not a true luxury seat, it’s one of the best bidets for the money, especially if you go with the elongated 6800U option.

You simply will not find another bidet offering that many features for such a low price.

As for the other versions of the bidet that cost closer to $400, you can certainly do worse for the money. But I would probably recommend looking into other options in that price range, like the Alpha JX.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.

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