I Tried Them All: Brondell LE89 vs LE99 vs LT89 vs LT99

Today, we’re reviewing and comparing the Brondell LE99 and LT89 electric bidet seats. I wanted to review these seats because they offer way more features than most bidets in the same price range. I’ve installed and tried all 4 bidets and I used the LE99 personally for a long time.

In short: when comparing the 4 bidets to each other, the 99’s have a wireless remote and the LE’s have a warm air dryer. Other smaller differences include dimensions (the 89’s are wider) and user presets. The LT89 bidet is the best for the money.

I recommend the LT89 for a few reasons (Amazon link).

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For one, the dryer of the LE models is underpowered. It’s not going to hurt anything, but it’s hardly worth the extra money. The other reason is that the LE89 and LT89 side panels have pushable buttons, whereas the LE99 and LT99 wireless remotes have highly sensitive touch buttons that are easily activated by accident.

In comparing these bidets with some of the higher-end Brondell options, I actually found the LE89/99 and LT89/99 to clean as effectively as the fancier Brondell bidets, including the luxury SWASH 1400.

Brondell LE89 vs LT89 vs LE99 vs LT99: Comparison Table

Fits Elongated and RoundYYYY
Adjustable Water Temp,
Water Pressure, and Nozzle Position
Endless Heated Water
(Hybrid Heater)
Adjustable Warm Air Dryer YYNN
Adjustable Heated SeatYYYY
Wireless RemoteYNYN
Air DeodorizerNNNN
High-Pressure Turbo ButtonYYYY
Gentle and Sitz Bath Spray ModesYYYY
Stainless-Steel NozzleYYYY
Wand Self-Clean Function
(Automatic + On-Demand)
User Presets
(Save Your Preferred Settings)
Easy One-Push Auto ModeNNNN
In-Bowl LED NightlightYYYY
Oscillating (Back-and-Forth)
Spray Mode
Massage Spray ModeYYYY
Slow-Close Seat/Lid YYYY
Quick-Release Seat/LidYYYY
Power-Saving Function(s)YYYY

Brondell LE99 vs LT99 vs LE89 vs LT89: Review of Performance and Features

Overall Performance

The LE89/99 and LT89/99 produce the same water pressure and offer the same wash modes, so they performed equally well on the performance test.

All four bidets outperformed Brondell’s luxury bidets, namely the SWASH 1400/1200/1000.

Interestingly, CNN had a bidet comparison article, in which they said Brondell was among the worst-performing bidets they tested (source). But it’s important to note that in their test, they did not use the LE and LT models, which offer a higher water flow rate.

The LE and LT models all have an oscillation setting and high-pressure turbo mode, two features that allow bidets to clean much more effectively.

The 4 bidets also outperformed much more expensive TOTO bidets.

Here’s how these bidets performed compared to the TOTO C5 Washlet.

All four bidets offer 5 water pressure settings for each spray mode.

The basic front and rear spray settings produce a max flow rate (~max water pressure) of 0.8 liters per minute.

The extra-strong turbo mode produces a more concentrated stream with an output of 0.6 liters per minute.

Hot Water Performance

Each bidet has 4 temperature settings per wash mode, including Off, Low (91.4°F), Med (96.8°F), and High (102.2°F). Or from 33° C to 39° C.

The LE89/99 and LT89/99 models have hybrid heaters which provide endless heated water. The water reaches max temperature within a minute and begins to cool slightly at 40 seconds but remains heated the entire time.

I tested the bidets for 10 minutes and never saw the temperature drop below the low 89 Fahrenheit.

For comparison, the more expensive SWASH 1000/1200/1400 bidets offer fancy instant heaters for endless warm water at max temperature.

The similarly priced SWASH 300 has a basic tank heater that keeps a small reservoir of water warm. Once the mini tank empties (usually 30-40 seconds), you have to finish the cleansing session with cool water.

So, the LE89/99 and LT89/99 are much closer to the S1400 than the S300 in terms of hot water performance. The LE and LT bidets offer hybrid heaters that combine tank and instant heating technology.

Design Differences


The bidets look pretty sharp but the LE99 and 89 have a wireless remote which results in a lower-profile look.

Another small difference is the color of the Brondell decal at the back/rear of the lid. The LT bidets have a blue label while the LE decals are silver.


Except for width, the 4 bidets share the same dimensions. Of course, the length will depend on if the bidet is round or elongated.

Each has a rear seat height of 5.7 inches (14.5cm) which is quite sleek/non-bulky overall.

The LE and LT 89’s are a bit wider due to the side panel. The LE89/LT89 are 18.5 inches wide while the LE99/LT99 have a width of 15.9 inches.

Finally, the elongated bidets are all 20.7 inches long while the round versions are 19.5 inches from back to front.

The 99 Models Have a Wireless Remote

One of the main differences between the bidets is that the LE99 and LT99 have a wireless remote while the LE89 and LT89 have a control panel fixed to the side of the bidet.

The two wireless remotes are about the same. The LT99 remote is solid white and is lacking a warm air dryer button. The LE99 water pressure arrows are also for dryer temp.

The 89 side panels have the same layout, dimensions, and color scheme, but LE89 panel has an extra button for the warm air dryer and the water pressure arrows are labeled for dryer temperature.

Wireless remotes are generally more desirable. They’re easier to use since you don’t have to look down and to the side to operate the bidet and folks with limited vision can view them up close.

They are also considered more of a luxury feature. The bidets that have them are lower in profile (no bulky side panel).

However, the Brondell LE99 and LT99 remote controls are super sensitive and activated by touch. I couldn’t pick the controls up without hitting 5 buttons and messing up the settings. The LE89 and LT89 have pushable buttons that are easier to operate.

Side panels have other benefits too: they’re less expensive, can’t be lost or dropped, and you’ll never have to swap batteries.

The LE Models Have a Warm Air Dryer

Aside from the above remote vs side panel distinction, the other main difference is that the LE99 and LE89 both have a warm air dryer.

The dryer is not worth the extra money, so I wouldn’t recommend getting the dryer version unless there’s a sale or you can get them for around the same price as the non-dryer models.

The dryer has adjustable temperature levels with 5 temp settings. The default dry cycle is 2 minutes. I measured the air temp at 132° F (or 55.5° C), which is quite warm, but the air output was weak.

Basic and Advanced Spray Features

The four bidets have a basic front and rear wash mode, nozzle oscillation setting, massage/pulse setting, high-pressure turbo mode, and sitz bath mode.

Basic Front/Rear with Nozzle Adjustment

All four bidets have a standard 2-minute wash time for basic front and rear cleansing.

Choose from several pressure settings that reach up to 0.8 L per minute. The lower pressure setting is plenty soft enough for female hygiene.

Turbo Mode

The LE and LT models are some of the only Brondell bidets to have a turbo mode for a more concentrated stream. The default wash time for turbo setting is also 2 minutes.

High-pressure settings clean more effectively and can also double as an enema function for constipation relief and/or deep cleaning.

With the right technique, you can allow water to enter the rectum which some folks like to do for constipation or periodic cleansing.

Sitz Bath Mode

For the opposite effect, you can use the sitz bath mode.

An actual sitz bath is a type of therapy where you sit in shallow warm water. It’s meant to help soothe irritation, itching, and pain in the anal region, such as with hemorrhoids.

A bidet “sitz bath” performed with an electric bidet is when you sit for several minutes allowing a softer stream of warm water to wash over an irritated area.

With Brondell sitz bath modes, a button is pressed to receive a 5-minute wash cycle at the softest pressure setting for a gentle clean, followed by a dry cycle for bidets that have dryers (in this case, the LE99 and LE89).

Oscillation and Massage Setting

Oscillation settings are the most useful since they cover a greater area, preventing the user from having to shift around to get adequate coverage.

All 4 bidets have a Move function which causes the nozzle to move back and forth in a regular pattern to provide greater coverage and clean more effectively.

It’s an important feature. After all, holding a dish sprayer in one spot would only clean part of the dish. Despite how useful it is, more expensive bidets like the SWASH 1200 lack this feature.

When activated, the massage setting provides a soothing effect by automatically pulsing (or rotating) strong and soft water pressure.

Water and Energy Efficiency

Water and seat heaters are the main bidet components that use energy.

To help cut down on energy consumption, the LE99/89 and LT99/89 each have two power-saving Eco modes to choose from: the Standard Eco Mode and High-Efficiency Eco Mode.

When activated, the Standard setting keeps the water and seat surface temperatures to 89.6 °F between bidet uses. When the user sits down, the bidet reverts to the previously used heater settings.

The High-Efficiency setting works the same but turns the seat and water heaters off between bidet uses.

The 89 Models (LE89 and LT89) Lack User Presets

One often-overlooked difference between these bidets is that the 99 models have user presets. So, the two remote controls have two user memory settings (each), whereas neither of the side panel controls have user preset buttons.

User presets let two users save their preferred settings for things like water pressure and temp.

The LE99 and LT99 go further than most bidets in letting save different settings.

While, for example, TOTO bidets let you save water temp/pressure and nozzle position, the Brondell LT99 and LE99 let you shave:

  • Nozzle position.
  • Water pressure.
  • Water temperature.
  • Seat surface temperature.
  • Dryer temperature (LE99 only).

Most bidets just revert to previously used settings, so this feature is great for folks who share bathrooms since it keeps you from having to restore your settings every time you use the bidet.

Heck, some bidets don’t even remember previous settings and require the user to choose the same selections over and over again even when they don’t share the bidet.

None of the LE or LT bidets have an easy one-push auto mode or child wash setting.


All four bidets have a cool blue nightlight. This feature is meant to let you find your way through the bathroom at night without having to blind yourself by turning on the lights.

It may not work for everyone depending on your vision, but I found that it lit up the bathroom plenty for safe navigation. I used the bidet in the dark more than once and had no problem.

Cleansing Nozzle System and Features

Instead of the dual nozzle setup of the Brondell SWASH 1400, the LE89/99 and LT89/99 bidets all come with a single 2-in-1 nozzle (one nozzle w/two holes).

I.e., the bidets can get the whole job done (clean the entire perennial area) with a single nozzle, which I think is a benefit since there are fewer moving parts.

The single nozzle is adjustable to 5 different positions instead of 7 like the S1400. But 5 nozzle positions is the industry standard and plenty enough for accurate custom aiming.

Like most Brondell bidets, the LE89/99 and LT89/99 all have stainless-steel nozzles, which beats plastic nozzles of TOTO bidets.

Anything made from stainless steel is bound to be more durable than something made of plastic.

There are no special hole patterns for soft feminine cleansing, but other than that, it’s a nice setup.


All 4 bidets have on-demand and automatic nozzle self-cleaning functions. So, the cleaning wands self-rinse automatically before and after each use.

Touching the Nozzle Cleaning on the remote or side panel initiates a nozzle self-rinsing session. You can use this function when seated or with the seat sensor deactivated.

Not being luxury class, the 4 bidets lack the nozzle sanitation feature of the SWASH 1400 and 1000. The S1400 and S1000 have an on-demand nozzle sanitation feature that causes the cleaning wands to self-rinse using an antimicrobial silver oxide solution.

The stainless-steel nozzles of the LE89/99 and LT89/99 aren’t inherently antimicrobial, but they are made to have a smooth surface to keep waste and dirt from sticking.

Comfort (Heated Seat, Sitting Room, Etc.)

Heated Seat

The 4 bidets offer an ergonomic heated seat which I found quite nice.

The heated seats have 4 settings, Off, Low (93.2°F), Med (100.4°F), and High (107.6°F). Or from 34° C to 42° C.

The max temp was a bit higher than usual, so I found myself using the medium setting.

Sitting Room

The bidets have a lower backend, only measuring 5.7 inches high at the rear of the seat. With a lower backend and minimal slope from back to front, I did not feel that I was forced to the front of the seat, sacrificing sitting room.

If you have a round toilet, you’ll lose a little bit of sitting room. With the round version, the front of the seat is extra slim which allows the bowl opening to remain close to that of the elongated version.

The elongated versions each have a seat opening that measures 11.9” (~30cm).

The seat openings for the round versions measure 10.6” (~27cm). You’re looking at the round version above.

Other Seat and Lid Features

Slow-Close Seat and Lid and Quick-Release Tab

Each of the bidets have slow-close hinges for the seat and lid. This helps prevent slamming which should help lengthen the life of the bidet.

For periodic cleaning and maintenance, you can easily remove the bidet from the toilet, and reattach it, by using the quick-release tab.

No Sittable Lid

Finally, unlike the SWASH 1400/1200/1000 the LE89/99 and LT89/99 do not have sittable lids. Some folks like to be able to use their toilet as a general-purpose bathroom chair.

Some of the fancier SWASH bidets come with a lid with an extra-high weight capacity. Most lids on plastic toilets (bidet or not) come with warnings not to sit on the lid.

The SWASH 1400 has a high weight limit of 270lbs, the LE89/99 and LT89/99 bidet lids have a weight limit of 160 lbs. It’s generally advised you not sit even if you weigh <160lbs.

Conclusion: Brondell LE99 vs LT99 vs LE89 vs LT99

There you have it.

The main difference between the Brondell LE99, LT99, LE89, and LT89 is the warm air dryer and wireless remote. Another smaller difference is the user presets.

The Brondell LE99 has a warm air dryer, wireless remote, and user presets. The Brondell LE89 has a warm air dryer but no remote or presets.

The Brondell LT99 has a wireless remote and presets but no warm air dryer. The Brondell LT89 doesn’t have a warm air dryer, wireless remote, or user presets.

Overall, I recommend the side panel bidets (the LE89 or LT89). I’d go with the LT89 since it will probably be cheaper at any given time since it doesn’t have an air dryer. Having the dryer won’t hurt, but I wouldn’t pay extra for it.

In comparing these bidets with some of the higher-end options, the LE89/99 and LT89/99 offer better water pressure and more effective cleansing than the luxury SWASH 1400.

The LE89/99 and LT89/99 have lower-tech water heaters than the SWASH 1400/1200/1000, but better water heaters than the SWASH 300.

They also lack the Silvernado self-sanitizing nozzle feature of the S1400 and S1000. They do, however, offer the nozzle oscillation function, the feature that’s lacking in the more expensive S1200. The LE89 and 99 both have warm air dryers, another feature lacking in the S1200.

Finally, the LE99 and LT99 have user presets, which the S1000 is lacking.

That should do it for now. Thanks for reading.

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