Bidets For Pleasure: 6 Useful Tips You Should Know

How to use a bidet for pleasure

A bidet is a popular bathroom installation, particularly in Europe and Japan, to help you get clean after using the bathroom, but it has another benefit: pleasure.

Many people tout its benefits over toilet paper for feeling clean and fresh. People either don’t know about or are ashamed to talk about using it for pleasure. However, a bidet can be a unique way to add more pleasure to your routine.

Many people use bidets for self-pleasure by stimulating the nether regions with water pressure. A bidet can also help with cleaning up before or after engaging in pleasure with another person.

As with any other object that you can use for pleasure, you should keep in mind certain safety and hygiene precautions.

Here are a few tips to help you use the bidet for a purpose that may not be on its label but is still helpful:

6 Tips For Using A Bidet For Self-Pleasure

If you don’t have a partner, or just want to spend some time with yourself, pleasuring yourself is a way to explore what stimulates you and to help yourself feel good. (Link)

While many people prefer to use their hands or sex toys to pleasure themselves, a bidet is a surprisingly good option for helping yourself feel good.

There are a few reasons why a bidet is such an optimal choice for this activity. One is its location.

The bidet is in the bathroom, a great choice if you live someplace where you have little privacy. Usually, the bathroom has a door you can lock, and nobody will ask questions if you spend a little more time in the bathroom than usual. The bidet’s location also makes for easy clean-up once you are done.

Bidets have sprays that provide stimulation to sensitive areas such as the vulva, clitoris, perineum, or anus.

People with both male and female genitalia (Link) can experience pleasure from using a bidet.

However, since the bidet’s primary purpose isn’t pleasure (that’s just an unexpected benefit), you should keep the following tips in mind before getting down to business:

Identify The Type Of Bidet You Are Using

The first step in using the bidet for any purpose is to identify which type of bidet you have access to and how to use it.

You don’t want to sit down ready for business and have the water spurt out in unexpected ways!

There are a few different types of bidets. Some of the most common are bidet attachments that connect to an existing toilet, such as a hose or sprayer.

Modern, luxury toilets have built-in bidets (you can also get toilet seats that double as bidets).

In Europe and Latin America, stand-alone bidet basins are more common.

Figure out how you need to sit on the bidet. If the bidet is attached to the toilet, you can probably sit as you normally would to use the toilet, but you need to straddle a bidet basin.

Look for the nozzle and figure out the positioning of the water. Try a few test flushes or sprays just in case to make sure that you know how to control the water and experiment with the controls for the correct water pressure or temperature if you have any.

Even if you’re not planning on using the bidet for pleasure and just want to clean off, this step is pretty important if it is your first time using a bidet or you encounter a type of bidet you’ve never used before.

Looking for a hands-on video primer on how to use a bidet for pleasure? Youtube to the rescue!

Clean And Flush First

Bidets are primarily a tool to clean up some not-so-clean parts, so for safety be sure to clean them first.

If you’re using a bidet that attaches to the toilet and you just had a bowel movement, flush first. While the probability of accidentally splashing yourself with toilet bowl water is low, you still want to eliminate it completely.

For extra safety, clean and disinfect the toilet, bidet attachment (some fancy bidet attachments have a self-cleaning feature), and a standalone bidet before using it.

Fecal bacteria can cause serious infections (Link) if they get into your genitals, particularly if you have a vulva.

Besides cleaning the bidet, clean yourself before using a bidet for pleasure. Don’t use a bidet for its intended purpose then immediately start pleasuring yourself, or double up by using a bidet for pleasure right after passing a bowel movement.

You don’t want the flow of the water to accidentally move fecal bacteria towards your genitals.

Do your business, clean yourself, clean the bidet, and then you can engage in self-pleasure.

Find The Right Position

The key to using a bidet for pleasure is letting the water stimulate your sensitive parts. As such, you want to direct the flow of the water so that it hits the parts that give you the most pleasure.

If you have a bidet extension (bidet handheld sprayer), then this is as easy as aiming the disinfected rod straight where it should be.

Handheld bidet sprayers are easier to aim

If you have a built-in bidet (standalone bidet) or a toilet seat, that might require a little adjusting on your part.

Take your seat in a way that feels comfortable or try to adjust the nozzle if you can.

Using a separate bidet basin (standalone bidet) is a bit more complicated. Even for normal use, the recommended position is to straddle it. However, that only gets you anal stimulation.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, turn around and straddle the bidet while facing the nozzle (Link) for genital stimulation, if you have a vulva.

Let The Water Flow Front-To-Back

If you have a vulva, then finding the right way to position yourself on the bidet is a lot more important than just figuring out how to pleasure yourself.

For safety and hygiene reasons, the water should always flow front-to-back, never from your anus towards the vulva.

The vulva is very sensitive to bacteria, and contaminating it with fecal matter could cause a whole host of infections. (Link) That’s why you have to move front-to-back even when you wipe with toilet paper.

Even if you’ve scrubbed yourself or haven’t had a bowel movement recently, for safety’s sake, never let the water flow back-to-front.

If you have a handheld bidet nozzle, adjusting the flow direction is easy enough. Some bidet seats have separate nozzles on the front that you can turn on, avoiding the back nozzle.

If you only have one nozzle or faucet at your disposal, turn around and straddle the toilet seat or basin so that you are facing the nozzle.

Control The Water Pressure (If You Can)

While you can use any bidet for self-pleasure, “experts” recommend using advanced ones that allow you to control the water pressure. You want enough water pressure that will give you stimulation, otherwise, you are just washing your private areas very thoroughly.

However, if you have a vulva, be careful not to crank the water pressure up too high when pleasuring yourself. If the stream of water is too strong, some of it might flow up the jelly roll, disrupting your organ’s sensitive pH. (Link)

No water should be going up the vagina which is why gynecologists don’t recommend douching. (Link)

Besides controlling the pressure, make sure that you are using the right temperature. Water that is too cold won’t be pleasurable (unless you are into that) while water that is too hot could hurt you.

Again, be particularly sensitive to temperature if you have a vulva as some studies link washing with too warm water could increase your chances of developing bacterial vaginosis. (Link)

Stick To External Stimulation

Even if you get the most pleasure from inserting something into your jelly roll or backside, you should use the bidet for external stimulation only. Using the bidet to send water into your body or inserting the bidet extensions or tubes into your body is a no-go.

One of the most important reasons is hygiene. Although you will clean the bidet before using it for pleasure and presumably disinfect it regularly, it still comes in contact with fecal bacteria often, so try to minimize contact between the physical bidet and your nether regions.

Another is the shape. Bidet tools are not designed for insertion, well, anywhere, and if you’re not careful, you could cause tears or injuries.

If you want to use a bidet for self-pleasure, stick to external stimulation and use a toy for everything else.

Tips For Using A Bidet Before Or After Sex

Most advice on using a bidet for pleasure focuses on the solitary uses of this tool. However, you can use a bidet to help you when you are preparing to engage in acts of pleasure with another person.

Of course, you probably won’t both be able to use the bidet at the same time (even if you are very flexible, this isn’t particularly hygienic).

However, you can use the bidet to make sex more pleasurable by cleaning before or after sex.

Use A Bidet To Prepare For Anal Play

One of the main questions for people who enjoy engaging in anal play is how to prepare for pleasure.

People have to clean beforehand, often using an enema, to minimize the mess in what is fundamentally a slightly messy activity. (Link)

If you don’t have an enema, users report that the bidet can help with cleaning up beforehand. (Link) It is easier to use than a shower or sink because you can direct the water to where it needs to go.

Plus, the water goes a little bit past the skin barrier, achieving the cleansing effect you want, perfect for engaging in prostate play. (Link)

The flow of water with a bidet is less forceful than with an enema, which is helpful if you are worried about using a douching tool.

However, as with any enema, be careful not to use the bidet to direct water past the sphincter too often. Over-cleansing can cause temporary or permanent damage to the intestine that sexual health doctors warn against. (Link)

Use A Bidet To Clean Up After Sex

Nothing makes finding pleasure with a partner less fun than worrying about cleaning up afterward. Cleaning up is not just important for aesthetics, it is also important for your sexual health to prevent infections, especially if you have a pudenda.

The primary purpose of the bidet is to clean your nether regions, whether you do this after using the bathroom or after sex. Using a bidet to get clean is more effective and more efficient than if you use a shower or tub. You can aim the water directly at the parts that need it the most.

To use a bidet to clean after sex, use it the same way you would after a bowel movement. Aim the water at the nether area and use your hands or a washcloth to clean up. This will clear away any bacteria that might stick to your skin. (Link)

If you have a vulva, then using a bidet is even more important because women are more susceptible to infections.

Common advice is to pee after sex to flush out any bacteria from the pudenda canal, but you’re only completely clean once you wash up.

Don’t use any soap to avoid throwing off the pudendas’ pH, and make sure that the flow of the water is always front-to-back as you wash up.

How Do You Dry Your Privates After Using A Bidet?

Whether you use the bidet for cleaning after a bowel movement, pleasure, or preparing for sex, one dilemma always appears once you’re done: how do you dry? The answer depends on the type of bidet and your setup.

Some bidet toilet seats and attachments have a “air-dry” button that blow warm air over your privates and dry you off quickly.

If you are using a bidet in a public toilet or someone’s house, you may notice a washcloth near the bidet.

Once you’re done with your business on the bidet, all you’ll need to do is to simply dry off using the washcloth. The best thing about this method is that you can reach all areas and ensure you’re completely dry.

If you are using a bidet in your own home, you can use toilet paper to dry off or get your own towel just for drying your privates after using a bidet.

Just be sure to immediately put the towel in the laundry bin or use it just for drying your privates.

You don’t want another unsuspecting member of your household to use it to dry their hands, or to forget it yourself and put the towel somewhere you don’t want it to be!

Frequently Asked Questions

Although bidets are popular around the world, for many people in North America, they are still unfamiliar, so it is normal to have lots of questions before using one.

Here are some of the most common questions we’ve encountered from other people:

Should You Wipe Before Using A Bidet?

The answer depends on if you are using the bidet for pleasure or cleaning purposes.

To get clean, you do not need to wipe before using a bidet because the water is powerful enough to get you clean (and will do a better job than paper). However, a quick wipe with toilet paper can make cleaning up with a bidet faster and easier.

If you are using the bidet for pleasure, you shouldn’t use it right after using the toilet. Wipe with toilet paper first or use the bidet to clean yourself, and then disinfect it and use it for pleasure.

Why Do Bidets Feel Good?

This article answered how to use a bidet for pleasure, but you may still be wondering why you would want to do that.

The answer is that the bidet naturally directs water towards areas of your body that are very sensitive: the nether (private) regions. These body parts have many nerve endings, which is why sexual touch in those regions feels so good.

Some people are surprised by the pleasure they get from bidet water hitting their anal pore, but that’s expected because the anal pore has many nerve endings, including some that connect to the genitalia.

Water pressure from a bidet is just the right type of touch to stimulate those nerve endings.


Bidets are catching on in the United States after being popular in the rest of the world for decades as a way to clean up after using the bathroom. However, bidets have a secret hidden purpose: they can be used for pleasure.

Many people enjoy the sensation of the water from the bidet stimulating their nether regions.

You can use a bidet to pleasure yourself if you enjoy the sensation of water or need a space with privacy such as the bathroom to do your thing.

Before using the bidet, make sure that you thoroughly clean and disinfect it (as well as yourself if you recently performed a bowel movement).

Position yourself so that the water reaches your sensitive parts and that it flows front-to-back if you have a pudenda.

A bidet can help you engage in pleasure even if you are not using it directly to stimulate yourself, by cleaning before or after sex easier and more efficient.

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