7 Ways To Make Your Own Portable Bidet – [Travel Bidet 101]

Bidets provide comfort and convenience while promoting good hygiene. As such, they are becoming popular additions to American homes.

However, what should you do when you are away from home and can’t use your bidet? – You need a portable bidet you can take anywhere.

There are many ways you can get or make a portable bidet with varying levels of required effort and cost. Most of them use items you already have lying around your home, others require converting things into something useful.

Either way, the 7 most common of these ways are:

  • Garden Sprayer
  • Squeeze bottle
  • Spray bottle
  • Smart bottle with a modified bottle cap
  • Water-pick dental flosser
  • Water filtration bottle
  • Buying a pre-made travel bidet

Since you’ll have to make most of these portable bidets from scratch, they can be as functional and creative as you want them to be.

Therefore, in this post, you will learn a few quick steps that can turn ordinary objects, that you can find around your home, into bidets while on a road trip.

What Is A Travel Bidet?

A staple in bathrooms around the world, bidets are taking America by storm.

These are a few reasons that compel a regular home-buyer to get a bidet:

  • Convenience
  • Hygiene benefits
  • Comfort these appliances provide
  • Reducing toilet paper usage

However, most models become permanent fixtures of your home, such as a standalone bidet.

You can’t take them with you while traveling. To achieve the same benefits on the go, you’ll need a portable bidet.

While they usually work together, bidets are not toilets. Toilets collect waste. Bidets wash it away.

A portable bidet is a hand-held bidet you can use anywhere. Depending on their features and size, you can get these portable bidets in either electric, hand-squeezable, or nozzle variations.

Most variations come with a bottle, but others are just add-ons you affix to an existing bottle you may have lying around the house. Because of this, portable bidets lend themselves to do-it-yourself projects.

In the end, you will have an easy-to-use bidet that was crafted by your own hand as well as functional while away from your home.

The following are methods of creating your very own portable bidet:

Modified Garden Sprayer

While a portable bidet must be easy to use and carry, it must produce enough water pressure to function.

As a result, you can use a simple garden sprayer as one. This is because you need that pressure and simplicity to use while walking around your garden, especially if it is adjustable.

Here’s how to make one:

  1. Cut the nozzle (Link) down to something usable.
  2. Because the remaining nozzle might not immediately fit the bottle, you can boil it in water to soften the plastic.
  3. Form it into a “U” shape before cooling it off with cold, running water.

Now, let’s see the next method for creating a travel bidet.

Use A Squeeze Bottle For A Bidet

Squeeze bottles seem ready-made for bidet use. (Link) These bottles have soft squeezable bodies with nozzles built into their caps.

You maintain the water pressure by how hard you squeeze. (Link) They are also cheap to make and use.

You probably have hundreds just lying around your home, including:

  • Empty drink bottles
  • Shampoo bottles
  • Oil soap dispensers
  • Condiment containers

To use them as portable bidets, just fill them with water. You can attach a small hose to extend the nozzle or modify the pressure.

Just make sure that you never going to re-use that bottle ever again.

Use A Spray Bottle As A Bidet

An extension of the squeeze bottles, spray bottles have triggered nozzles built into their caps.

As such, you can use them as portable bidets without any extra effort as well. You just fill them with water and set the nozzle to spray.

They are also disposable, so you should have a few empty ones hiding somewhere in an unopened kitchen cupboard.

Smart Water Bottle With Bottle Cap

Smart bottles are similar to squeezable bottles except they have solid caps. You can still use them as portable bidets by just adding the nozzle yourself.

Follow these steps:

  1. Remove the bottle cap and hold it upside down.
  2. Soften the plastic by heating the flat side of the cap with a lighter.
  3. To prevent burning the plastic, keep moving the lighter around the cap.
  4. Once soft, push a small sharpie marker in the center of the cap from the inside to create a raised nipple.
  5. Once the nipple reaches about a quarter inch tall, cool the cap by dunking it into water.
  6. Use a needle to poke a hole in the side of the nipple.
  7. Fill the bottle with water and secure the cap to it.

Now, let’s see the next DIY bidet method.

Water Pick Dental Flosser

Dental flossers use high-pressure water to floss your teeth. (Link)

They also come with more than one disposable pick nozzle, thus, you can use one for your teeth and another for bidet use.

You can then buy more nozzles as needed and even attach a small hose to reduce the water pressure coming from the nozzle.

Water Filtration Bottle

Water filtration bottles are survival bottles that let you get water from any source such as a nearby rivers or lakes. These bottles then filter out any contaminants, making the water safe to drink.

This operation makes them perfect for portable bidets as well, since they function like normal squeezable bottles. Their portable design means you can even use them while camping out in the wilderness.

Method 7: Buy A Pre-Made Commercial Portable Bidet

If all else fails, you can just buy a pre-made travel bidet.

These bidet kits come with different shapes, styles, and features, but they use the same basic principle.

We recommend having a look at Hibbents range of portable bidets (Affiliate Link).

At their heart is just a water container with a spray mechanism. Some work like small water bottles. Others have electronic sprays to produce your desired water pressure on demand.

How To Clean A Portable Bidet

Most portable bidets are disposable. You only use them once before throwing them away. You can then use another one as you go.

Sometimes, you throw the entire mechanism, or you just replace a small part such as when you use an extension hose.

However, if you would like to re-use the entire bidet, you can just throw the bottle and cap into a dishwasher separately.


Portable bidets are a great way to stay clean while reducing toilet paper use while on the go.

While you can buy them from stores, they also make great DIY projects.

As such, any water bottle or sprayer can function as a bidet with the right modifications.


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