Potty Chair Matters

Here at Home Improvement Dude we’re proud to announce that, as of August 2023, we have acquired the publication Potty Chair Matters.

Potty Chair Matters

Potty Chair Matters discussed and researched bidets, toilets and related subjects. We have incorporated those discussions here and continue to build on their expertise. Let’s hear from Jason who ran the site.

Jason from Potty Chair Matters

Hi, my name is Jason. I’ve been in Sales and Hospitality for over 20 years working locally and internationally.

I’m currently a professional chauffeur. No, I’m not that cool looking bald headed dude with the English accent from the movie Transporter. He is much better good looking and he’ll probably kick my ass from here to Timbuktu.

A few years ago I spent a season employed as a Bellman at a fancy hotel in the Middle East. Over there I came across a weird looking toilet that started my journey into learning everything I could about bidets.

Having the option available to either use a flush toilet or a bidet peeked my curiosity because I’ve never used a bidet back home. Bidets are so much more environmentally friendly, saves time, plumbing costs, wear and tear on your vehicle and stress waiting in a line at a store that snakes around the corner only to discover that toilet paper is sold out.

I’ll be immersing myself on every aspect on the subject, though smelly, we’ll try to keep it clean and deodorized. This is the place where I share everything that I learned.

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