Alpha JX vs TOTO C5: Every Feature Compared (with Demos)

Today, we’re comparing the Alpha JX and TOTO C5. I own the Alpha JX but have installed and used C5 for a while to get a good idea of how well it works. I have tested both bidets extensively to assess overall performance, warm water flow, sanitation, features, etc.

The Alpha JX and TOTO C5 share most of the same features but the JX performs better and offers more for the money. The JX offers endless warm water, an LED nightlight, a better nozzle, and a longer warranty. The TOTO C5 has a better air dryer, a fancier remote, pre-mist, and deodorizer.

Also, the Alpha JX fits a wider range of toilets because it’s available for elongated and round bowls.

If I were to choose a TOTO bidet over the JX, it would be the TOTO K300 Washlet (article link). It has the high-tech water heater of the JX while still offering the look and features of the C5.

For the TOTO C5, make sure it’s the right version or it will only fit TOTO toilets. The right version can be found here.

You can check out the prices for the Alpha JX here.

If you prefer Amazon, you can their availability here (Alpha JX) and here (TOTO C5).

I tend to recommend Bidet King when they carry a certain bidet since they offer such good support, which pretty much everyone ends up needing. They’re always ready to answer questions.

Alpha JX vs TOTO C5: Quick Summary Chart

Feature(s)Alpha JXTOTO C5
Fake Poop Test PerformanceExcellentGood
Compatible Toilets
(Elongated vs Round, Etc.)
Elongated and Round, Traditional,
French Curves
Elongated Only, Traditional
Warm WaterEndless Warm Water
(Instantaneous Heater)
40 Seconds of Warm Water
(Basic Tank Heater)
Warm Air Dryer w/Adjustable TempAverageExcellent
Adjustable: Heated Seat, Water Temp, Water PressureYY
Wireless RemoteGoodExcellent
Cleaning Wand (Design and Material)Excellent (Single Aluminum Dual-Action Nozzle)Good (Single Plastic Dual-Action Nozzle)
Wand Self-Clean FunctionAutomatic + On-Demand Self-CleaningAutomatic + On-Demand Self-Cleaning
Wand SanitationAntimicrobial TechnologyElectrolyzed Water (EWATER+) on Wand
Convenience Features2 Easy One-Push Operation Modes2 User Presets: Water Pressure and Temperature, Nozzle Position
Cool FeaturesIn-Bowl White LED Nightlight w/Ambient SensorSelf-Cleaning Bowl (PREMIST), Air Deodorizer
Max Water Pressure/VolumeExcellentGood
Special Spray ModesOscillation Spray
(Back-and-Forth Nozzle Motion)
Oscillation Spray, Pulse/Massage, Extra-Soft Rear
Slow-Close Seat/Lid, Quick-Release TabYY
Sittable LidYN
Power-Saver Settings2 Eco Modes3 Eco Modes (Including Smart Saver)
Warranty Excellent (3-5 Year)Average (1-Year)
PriceLowMid Range

TOTO C5 vs Alpha JX Review and Comparison

Best Overall Performance (Fake Poop Test): Alpha JX

When it comes to cleaning efficacy, the #1 function of a bidet, both bidets perform well, but the JX wins overall.

Both bidets performed well, but the Alpha JX cleanses significantly more and about twice as fast.

The angle of spray and position of the nozzle is about the same, so it’s not like the JX nozzle is closer. The main reason the JX cleans so much so quickly is the water volume.

The Alpha JX sprays almost twice as much water per second. This has the effect of covering a wider area and washing more effectively.

Design Differences

Look and Feel

Left: Alpha JX; Right: TOTO C5 Washlet

Both bidets look great, but the TOTO C5 has a cleaner look overall. The supply hose operates on a swivel which makes it easy to route the hose. The rear height of the C5 is a bit shorter as well.

Both bidets are designed to have that slim, minimalist look, in that they’re both solid white with few visible decals and measure less than 6″ inches at the rear of the seat.

Compare that to some of the bulkier bidets on the market that reach almost 8” high in the rear.

Each comes with a sleek wireless remote which adds a touch of class to the bathroom. I.e., there’s no bulky control panel fixed to the side of the bidet.

Both bidets go well with traditional and modern bathrooms alike.

Ease of Installation

The Alpha JX is available for both round and elongated toilets and fits both traditional and oddly-shaped toilets like the San Raphael, San Souci, Santa Rosa, and other toilets with French curves.

Unfortunately, like most TOTO bidet seats, the C5 is only available for elongated bowls and is best-suited for traditional toilets.

If you have a round toilet but otherwise prefer the C5, you can look into the TOTO S300e and S350e, but they’re about twice the price.

Best Hot Water Performance: Alpha JX

The Alpha JX reached 95-100° F (35-37.7° C) and stayed there for the duration of the test (10 minutes). The TOTO C5 reached 100° F, too, but started to cool off at the 30-second mark.

The main benefit of the JX over the C5 is that it has an instantaneous heater, whereas the C5 has a low-tech tank heater.

To get an instant heater, you typically have to pay big money. A high-end heater is a luxury feature, which is why TOTO tends to only offer such heaters with their most expensive bidets.

The JX is the only Alpha bidet to have the feature, which is understandable since the JX is Alpha’s luxury model.

Instant heaters warm up water on demand, so the cleansing spray never runs cold.

In contrast, tank-type heaters rely on a small tank of water that must be kept warm around the clock. The tanks can’t hold much water, so they run empty in half a minute. Once the tank empties, it must refill and then reheat.

The TOTO C5 apparently has some kind of fancy technology that keeps the water slightly above room temperature even after the warm water runs out. This would make cold water cleansing more comfortable during winter months. I couldn’t test this feature because it doesn’t get cold where I live.

Anyway, endless warm water is great. It takes me and other bidet users that I know a good bit longer than 30 seconds to finish cleansing. And warm water is the main reason people choose electric over non-electric bidets.

It’s always comfortable. You could share the bidet with 10 people who use it back-to-back, and you’ll never run out of fresh temperature-controlled water.

Best Frontal Cleansing: Alpha JX

The Alpha JX offers extra-soft feminine cleansing, due to the special nozzle design.

It has a dispersed hole pattern that keeps the spray stream from becoming too concentrated.

I consider this an advantage since it is thought that high-pressure feminine cleansing might cause water to migrate from back to front (source).

Special Spray Modes


Both bidets have the most important spray feature: the oscillation mode. The nozzle moves back and forth which lets you cover a wider area.

Without this feature, the user would have to move and shift around when cleansing to get good coverage.

For the Alpha JX, press the cleansing button (front or rear) a second time. For the C5, hit the oscillating cleansing button.

The TOTO C5 Has Pulse/Massage and Soft Rear

The massage spray feature works by rotating soft and strong water pressure which is supposed to create a pulsing sensation.

While the Alpha iX, GX, and GXR have this feature, the Alpha JX doesn’t for some reason.

The TOTO C5 also has an extra-soft rear mode. It’s similar to the sitz bath feature that some Brondell bidets have. It can be used by those who prefer a softer cleansing session and by those who want to prevent irritation—for example, relief from GI issues like hemorrhoids.

Best Wireless Remote: TOTO C5

Both bidets come with an aesthetic wireless remote, but the C5 remote is better, in my opinion. It’s double-sided with an illuminated touchpad, and has a higher quality look and feel overall.

The Alpha JX remote is nice too and has a few advantages. It has an LCD window which lets you do more with fewer buttons.

While the JX remote appears to have a simpler and more intuitive layout, some of its functions have to be memorized.

For example. the arrows for water pressure adjustment are labeled “water” which could be temperature, etc. Also, you press Power Saving + Rear/Stop at the same time for manual nozzle cleaning–there’s no way of knowing that without reading the manual.

Both remotes come with a mounting bracket.

Most Efficient (Energy and Water): Alpha JX

Both bidets incorporate air into the outgoing water which helps reduce water use over time.

The TOTO C5 uses less water. So, while it doesn’t clean as quickly as the JX, at least it’s extra water-efficient.

The Alpha JX is more energy efficient by a long shot because it has an instant heater.

In general, water heaters use more energy than any other bidet component.

But, since the JX heater only draws power when the bidet is being used, it uses far less power than the average bidet and thus will save a lot more money in the long run.

The C5 has a tank heater that needs power around the clock. Using the energy-saver settings can help offset the difference, but the water won’t be as warm when you go to use the bidet.

Both bidets have eco modes that when activated, regulate the seat/water temperature.

Best Warm Air Dryer: TOTO C5

The TOTO C5 dryer is both more powerful (the fan) and dries at a higher temperature, so the C5 wins the category.

The C5 has 4 temperature settings (including off) that adjust from room temperature to 140 °F (or 60 °C), which is pretty intense and might cause discomfort.

But it performs well even at lower temperatures since the fan is more powerful than usual.

The Alpha JX dryer has 4 temperature settings that range from room temperature to 122° F (or 50° C).

Regardless of the dryer, it will take some getting used to if you want to fully replace toilet paper.

For example, when first using a bidet, I would get water on the back of the seat when cleansing which kept some regions from drying well. Nowadays, it’s not an issue and it’s been a while since I’ve had to use toilet paper to dab dry.

Best Convenience Features: TOTO C5

Both bidets have features that make cleansing easier by saving you from having to hit the same buttons over and over again.

But the TOTO C5 has user presets, which I’ve found that most bidet users prefer. With user presets, you and another user can save your preferred water temp, water pressure, and wand position.

You will have to hit a button for drying since a dry cycle isn’t built into the feature.

The Alpha JX has two handy features that make the bidet easier to use: the Easy Wash and Wash & Dry buttons.

They’re advertised for making the bidet easier for kids and the elderly since the user doesn’t need to bother with selecting each setting.

The “Easy Wash” button activates a 1min wash session with nozzle oscillation and the “Wash & Dry” triggers a 1min cleansing session followed by a minute of drying.

In-Bowl Nightlight vs Air Deodorizer and PREMIST

The TOTO C5 doesn’t have a nightlight. In fact, TOTO only includes a nightlight with their two most expensive bidets, the S350e and S550e.

Nightlights are useful because they let you navigate the bathroom in the dark without having to turn on bathroom lights. So, you won’t have to worry about blinding yourself or having difficulty going back to sleep.

The Alpha JX light is special in a few ways.

For one, the JX light has a built-in ambient sensor, allowing it to turn on and off depending on light conditions.

So, you don’t have to bother with switching it on/off but can set it and forget it.

For another, the LED light is white while most bidet lights are blue.

More and more these days, folks seem to want to avoid blue light at night, because it’s thought to interfere with your circadian rhythm.

Like most TOTO bidets, the C5 has an automatic air deodorizer that helps keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

Instead of masking odors like a candle or air freshener, it filters and eliminates molecules that cause bad smells.

A small fan in the bidet (at the rear of the seat) draws air from the toilet bowl, sending it through a carbon filter that breaks down compounds responsible for foul odors.

The TOTO C5 Has a Self-Cleaning Bowl

Each time you sit on the bidet, the toilet bowl is sprayed with EWATER+ which creates a slippery surface that keeps dirt and waste from sticking to the bowl.

So, with this feature, you won’t have to clean the toilet bowl as often.

Some of the lower-end TOTO bidets (e.g., the C100 and C200) have this feature too, but they use regular tap water.

Best Sanitation: Tie

Both bidets have self-cleaning nozzles that self-rinse automatically (before/after each use) and on-demand.

With the C5, press the wand clean button. With the JX, press the Power Saving and Rear/Stop buttons at the same time and hold for 5 seconds.

Both bidets have features that make the nozzles antimicrobial which adds another layer of protection and hygiene.

The Alpha JX nozzle is made with antimicrobial nanotechnology, so it’s inherently resistant to microbial growth.

The TOTO C5 nozzle self-rinses with electrolyzed water, what they call EWATER+. It’s a solution of electrolytes that form sodium hypochlorite, which is a non-corrosive chemical used in water treatment.

Best Cleaning Wand (Nozzle System and Features): Alpha JX

The Alpha JX has the better nozzle system, without question.

As mentioned, the nozzle is antimicrobial which makes it inherently resistant to microbial growth.

But for another, the nozzle is made of durable aluminum while the TOTO C5 wand is plastic. I know that a lot of bidet users prefer aluminum or steel to plastic since anything metal is certain to be more durable.

For some reason, TOTO only offers plastic nozzles.

Finally, I like the hole pattern at the front of the JX nozzle. It has several smaller dispersed holes that provide a gentler stream of water for feminine hygiene.

Best Water Pressure (Spray Strength): Alpha JX

I think the reason why the JX cleansed better in the fake poop test is the extra water volume.

The water pressure of the two bidets feels similar, but the JX sprays about twice the amount of water, which allows it to clean nearly twice as fast or twice as much in a given session.

The highest pressure setting of the JX reaches 0.7 L per minute, while the C5 output is less than half a liter per minute (approx. 0.43).

Comfort (Heated Seat, Sitting Room, Etc.)

Heated Seat

Both bidets have heated seats with four temperature levels to choose from (off, low, medium, and high).  

With the JX, the seat temperatures include low (89.6° F), medium (95° F), and high (100.4°). If engaged, the Eco mode will keep the seat at 86° F between bidet uses.

The TOTO C5 can be adjusted from 82° to 97 °F. With the auto energy saver setting in place, the seat will be at 79 °F until you sit down.

Sitting Room

The two bidets offer about the same sitting room. With the TOTO C5, you’ll get an extra half-inch of room in the front.

At only 5.8” inches high in the rear, there isn’t much of a slope with either bidet, so you shouldn’t feel like you’re positioned too far forward.

Other Seat and Lid Features

The JX wins this category since it has a sittable lid, a feature that I’m finding to be more popular these days.

When switching from a ceramic or wooden toilet seat to one of plastic, folks often miss being able to use their toilet as a general-purpose bathroom chair (for clipping toenails, resting, texting/talking, etc).

Most bidet lids do not allow for sitting, but the JX is an exception.

Both bidets have a slow-close seat and lid and a quick-release tab so that you can easily remove and reattach the bidet for periodic cleaning.

The slow-close hinges are nice since they keep the seat and lid from slamming which helps extend the life of the bidet.

The C5 doesn’t have an auto-open/close feature like S550e and S350e.

Best Warranty and Customer Support: Alpha JX

Last but certainly not least is the warranty and support.

If you purchase at Bidet King, you’ll get good customer support with both bidets.

A good warranty is important. Upfront, a bidet will cost more than a value pack of toilet paper, but in the long term, they tend to save money.

But for a bidet to pay for itself with toilet paper savings, it has to last long enough for you to realize those savings. And a warranty will help ensure that you won’t have to pay for another bidet should something go wrong.

While Alpha and TOTO are known for producing high-quality units, it’s nice to have a good warranty. A guest might use it and break it, anything is possible.

Unlike the iX, GX, and GXR, the Alpha JX comes with a 3-year warranty and is available with a 5-year warranty for an extra fee.

Like all TOTO bidet seats, the C5 comes with a 1-year warranty.

The JX offers great customer support. Since they’re owned and operated by Bidet King, you know that you can get your questions answered any time by chat or phone. I have rarely initiated a chat session without someone there answering my questions within seconds.  

TOTO C5 Washlet vs Alpha JX: Conclusion

There you have it.

The Alpha JX performs better and surpasses the TOTO C5 when it comes to the most important features like warm water, warranty, and support. But, the TOTO C5 has a uniquely high-quality look and feel and offers a few cool features like pre-mist. For most, the JX is the better option.

If you like some of the unique features only offered with TOTO bidets (PREMIST, etc.), the C5 is still a great choice and one that offers more than most bidets in the same price range.

If you want the best of both worlds, I recommend that you check out the TOTO K300 in this article.

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