TOTO C5 Review: Every Feature Tested w/Images and Vids

Review of the TOTO C5 Bidet

Today, we’re reviewing the TOTO C5 Washlet. I purchased the bidet, installed it, tested every feature out, and then graded the bidet overall. So, we’ll be looking at how it performed and how it compares to other bidets in the same price range.

If you’re in a rush, it’s a great bidet, overall and is probably the best mid-tier TOTO option. The only notable feature that it’s missing is endless warm water. For that, check out the TOTO K300 in this article, a luxury option that is around the same price.

To make sure that it fits non-TOTO toilets, make sure to get the right version, which can be found here. If you prefer Amazon, you can their availability here.

I recommend Bidet King because they offer the best support, which you will probably end up needing. They answer questions within seconds while TOTO itself can be hard to get ahold of.

Wherever you get it, make sure to avoid the Washlet “(+)” version unless you have a TOTO toilet.

TOTO C5 Washlet Review

Overall Performance (Fake Poop Test): Excellent

The TOTO C5 Washlet performed great on the Nutella test–as well or better than other TOTO bidets that I have tested.

It performed as well as the S550e (their best bidet) and much better than the older models like the C100 and C200.

As you can see from the video, you should use the higher pressure setting to get the best clean. I started on low, but it barely cleaned any of the chocolate until I cranked the pressure up.

Image: split image of side-by-side comparison of the bidet being reviewed with another bidet, preferably one that got a lower score.

This is a side-by-side comparison with an entry-level bidet (about half the price). So, you can see that you are getting a more effective bidet by paying a bit more.

Hot Water Performance of the TOTO C5 Bidet

The TOTO C5 has four temperature settings: Off” (unheated), and three settings that range from 95° F (Low) to 104° F (High). That comes to about 35-40 °C.

The water is nice and warm for about 40 seconds at which point it cools quickly to about room temperature.

Compare that to the TOTO K300, a bidet that can be found for around the same price, which provides an ENDLESS supply of warm water thanks to its high-end water heater. (The K300 has an instantaneous heater, which means that it heats water when the bidet is in use. Thus, it never runs cold).

The TOTO C5 has a basic tank-type heater. That means that it stores water in a small reservoir. The reservoir is kept warm so that hot water can be used on-demand anytime the bidet is needed.

When the tank runs empty, it needs to be refilled and reheated.

To keep the bidet a reasonable size, a tank can only be so big and this one holds enough water to provide about 30-40 seconds of warm cleansing, depending on the pressure setting. 

I didn’t try the bidet in the dead winter cold, but apparently, the heater keeps the water from dropping below room temperature.

Stylish Low-Profile Design

The TOTO C5 was designed to have that sleek, minimalistic look that goes well with modern bathrooms.

I don’t know this for sure, but I think this bidet is meant to eventually replace the C200. The two bidets are quite similar in terms of the features they offer.

I imagine that one of the main reasons for making the C5 Washlet was to give the C200 a much-needed makeover. (The C200 is about 7.4” in the rear, while the C5 is only 5.8” high).

Not only is the design smaller and lower in profile, it has fewer markings and decals compared to the C200.

Basic and Advanced Spray Settings

Rear Cleansing and Nozzle Adjustment

This video demonstrates the rear cleansing while adjusting the nozzle position. As you can see, it covers a good distance.

For accurate aiming, you can adjust the nozzle position across 5 different points.

Soft Sitz Bath Setting

In this vid, I’m switching back and forth from Rear and Rear Soft. Brondell typically offers a sitz bath setting with their bidet seats and the TOTO Rear Soft mode is essentially the same thing.

The only difference is that the Brondell sitz bath settings are typically programmed for 5 minutes.

The Rear Soft mode can be used for a bidet sitz bath session, to soothe irritated skin (hemorrhoids, etc.), and for those who simply prefer softer water pressure.

Frontal Spray Mode

The C5 Washlet doesn’t have a Wide Front mode (only the S300e and S500e series bides have that feature).

But it’s not overly powerful which is good. With the front feminine mode, you really don’t want excess pressure. (source).

Oscillating and Massage Spray Modes

The nozzle oscillation setting is the most important advanced spray option because it allows the bidet to move for you. So, there’s less of a need for adjusting one’s body position.

It’s like when you wash a car, you move the hose back-and-forth or side-to-side.

The nozzle moves back and forth to hit a larger area and rinse more effectively.

With some bidets, the oscillation setting barely causes the nozzle to move at all, but this one works quite well.

The massage function pulses higher and lower water pressure for a soothing effect. To me, the effect isn’t super noticeable, but it’s nice.

Some folks find it useful for stimulating bowel movements since it’s supposed to stimulate the muscles of the sphincters.

Controls (Wireless Remote and Control Panel)

The TOTO C5 comes with a convenient wireless remote with an illuminated touchpad. So, it’s a nice step up from the protruding side panel of the C2.

It doesn’t have an LCD screen but it’s double-sided to save room which allows it to have a slim and aesthetic design.

I like this remote control. It lets you adjust about everything in a way that’s not overly complicated. Which is to say, the buttons are intuitive and easy to use.

The wireless remote is one of the only features that set the C5 apart from the C2. In fact, the price difference between the C2 and C5 is mostly due to the remote control.

Whether it’s worth paying the extra for a wireless remote is up to you.

On the upside, it looks better overall and it’s easier to operate compared to the side panel. You can view the remote up close so there’s no having to look down and to the side to operate the bidet.

It’s better for users with limited vision and mobility, so that’s a plus.

Water and Energy Efficiency

Water Efficiency

Bidets use very little water overall, but the C5 is extra water-efficient. For one, it incorporates air into the outgoing water.

For another, it produces a more concentrated water stream, which allows the cleansing spray to be firm and sufficiently powerful while using less water.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-wise, this TOTO bidet has a basic tank heater, so it must draw energy around the clock to keep warm water on tap.

This, of course, uses more energy than the tankless instantaneous heaters that only require water heating when the bidet is in use. Hence, the lower score of 7/10.

The C5 scores higher than most bidets with tankless heaters because it has several Eco modes.

It has three energy-saver settings, which is more than most bidets. Eco modes regulate the temperature of the water heater and heated seat, the two bidet components that use a lot of energy.

  • First is the Auto Energy-Saver. You use this function when you want the bidet to save energy automatically. It detects and memorizes the times in which you’re less likely to use the bidet and turns water and seat temperatures down during those times.
  • Next is the Timer Energy-Saver. You use this feature when you want the bidet to go into low-power mode during certain time periods—maybe when you’re at work, etc.
  • Timer Energy-Saver + Auto Energy-Saver. This feature combines the above two Eco modes for the most savings.

Powerful Warm Air Dryer

Unlike some of the lower TOTO models like the A2 and A100, the TOTO C5 Washlet does come with a warm air dryer. The drying system comes with 3 temperature settings.

It is easily one of the best dryers that I’ve used, in that it blows powerfully while keeping the air temperature comfortable.

Some bidets blow weakly using hotter air, which is both uncomfortable and ineffective.

I’m not saying that the C5 dryer will easily dry every bit of skin right away. Bidet dryers usually take practice. When I first started using a bidet, I’d always get water on the back of the seat, which made it hard for the bidet dryer to finish the job.

The better the warm air dryer, the more savings you’ll experience long-term. And dryers like this one work well enough to replace toilet paper completely given enough practice.

Convenience Features

User Presets

The C5 Washlet gets a high score because of 9/10 since it comes with two user presets. Like the wireless remote, user presets are another big difference between the C5 and C2.

This feature allows 2 users to save their favorite water temperature, pressure, and nozzle position.

This is especially useful if you share the bathroom with someone else since most bidets just revert to the most recently used settings.

So, you can get a custom session with one push of a button.

It falls short of the perfect score since there’s no one-push auto function or child wash mode.

Air Deodorizer

Like its predecessor, the C200, the TOTO C5 has an automatic air deodorizer.

Behind the little vent is a carbon filter that captures and breaks down molecules that are responsible for those embarrassing bathroom odors.

Instead of covering up bad smells like an air freshener, the filter removes bad smells at the source.

No Nightlight

Unfortunately, there is no nightlight with the TOTO C5. I’m not sure why, but TOTO only includes nightlights with their most expensive bidets.

Not even the S500e or S300e bidets (both $1000 +) have this feature—only the S550e and S350e.

It’s odd because an in-bowl nightlight is a standard feature in the industry, even on entry-level bidets.

Bidet Sanitation

Nozzle Sanitation (EWATER+)

Of course, the TOTO C5 has the usual automatic and on-demand nozzle cleaning feature.

But it takes nozzle sanitation to the next level by rinsing with electrolyzed water (EWATER+).

Self-Cleaning Bowl (PREMIST Feature)

All bidets have self-cleaning nozzles, but self-sanitizing nozzles are quite rare and usually limited to luxury bidets.

Both the EWATER+ and PREMIST are fairly exclusive. The C2 has these features but not the C200, C100, A2, A100, or KC2.

The pre-mist function works well in doing what it’s supposed to do, which is lightly spray the bowl each time you sit down.

The EWATER+ creates a slick surface that prevents dirt and waste (poop) from sticking to the toilet bowl over time, causing stains.

But it takes a while for stains to develop so it’s a difficult feature to test in the short term, as far as how well it keeps the bowl clean.

But I have heard nothing but good things about the feature, so it seems to get the job done.

Cleansing Nozzle Design and Features

On the plus side, it’s a single 3-in-1 nozzle. So, it performs front and rear cleansing without the need for an extra nozzle (like Brondell and Omigo bidets).

On the downside, the nozzle is made of plastic and I know a lot of bidet users prefer stainless steel. I don’t consider it a big deal because TOTO nozzles aren’t known for breaking or deteriorating.

Spray Strength and Water Pressure

The TOTO C5 has surprisingly good water pressure. I say ‘surprising’ because the manual states that the maximum nozzle output is just less than half a liter per minute.

While the bidet doesn’t spray much water, the jet stream is very concentrated at the highest setting.

The bidet has 5 water pressure settings that range from 0.07 to 0.11 gallons per minute, or 0.27 to 0.43 L per minute.

There isn’t a high-pressure turbo mode, but the pressure is great—plenty strong enough for basic cleansing purposes.

Comfort (Heated Seat, Sitting Room, Etc.)

The heated seat is very relaxing. You can adjust the seat surface temp from 82 to 97 °F (about 28 to 36 °C). The Auto Energy Saver mode keeps the seat at about 79 °F (about 26 °C).

To me, it felt warmer than usual, but 97 °F is about average.

The bidet is only 5.8” tall in the rear, so it’s not overly bulky in the back.

As mentioned above, the older TOTO bidets, like the C100 and C200 were much bulkier and provided less sitting room, since the user was forced to the front of the seat.

The C5 has a seat opening of almost 12 inches, which is above average even for elongated toilet seats.

So, I found that I wasn’t lacking room in the front.

Other Seat and Lid Features

Unlike the S550e, there’s no auto open/close function. I.e., there’s no motion sensor or remote function that operates the opening and closing of the lid and seat.

But the slow-close hinges, what TOTO calls SoftClose, is a nice feature. With a slight nudge, the seat and lid close on their own in a slow and controlled manner. It took about 25 seconds to fully close.

This avoids slamming and prevents wear and tear in the long run.

There is no sittable lid, which also brings the score down compared to other bidets on the market. This isn’t unique to TOTO bidets, since the brand has yet to offer that feature on any of their models.

TOTO C5 Review: Conclusion

There you have it.

The TOTO C5 performs above average in most categories and offers several luxury features at a price less than most luxury bidets. It’s far better than its predecessor, the C200.

While not a luxury-class bidet, the TOTO C5 Washlet offers several features typically limited to luxury bidets, like the air deodorizer, PREMIST feature, and self-sanitizing nozzle that uses electrolyzed water.

For infinite warm water, I’d recommend the K300 since it is often around the same price.

If you like what you see but could do without user presets and wireless remote, you can save a bit of money by going with the TOTO C2.

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