The Best 11 Bidet Attachments-Non-Electric And Electric Bidet Seat Options

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are not clean after going to the restroom.

A great option for those who want to improve their hygiene without breaking the piggy bank with a traditional bidet is to add a bidet attachment.

These attachments use the same technology and many of the same features as a traditional bidet, but are fractions of the price and can be even easier to use.

When it comes to a bidet attachment, homeowners need to consider what fits their personal bathroom needs and the needs of their family members.

To make this decision-making process easier, we have made a list of 11 of the best bidet attachments on the market today!

The Best Bidet Attachments Available Today

There are countless bidet attachments available today that you can choose from, but they are clearly not all created equal.

Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the absolute best bidet attachments you can purchase today along with the reason we love them.

Here are the top 11 bidet attachments available today!

Tushy Spa: Temperature Controlled Cleanliness (Requires Hot Water Connection)

Tushy is a classic in the bidet world today and a somewhat viral company due to their unique advertisements. They are a little pricey, but they are among the best bidet attachments that you can purchase today.

If you want to jump into the bidet world, Tushy Spa makes it simple with their easy to install attachments. These attachments come in a kit with everything you need, including a nine-foot hot water connector.

The Tushy Spa Bidet has several great features, such as:

  • Several attachments which allow you to angle the spray to fit your exact needs, making cleaning easier than ever before
  • Adjustable temperature and pressure settings
  • Self-cleaning sprayers with a protective case when not in use
  • Both rear and front spraying options.

Using a bidet can be a bit of a new experience for many homeowners, but this bidet makes it easy and non-threatening.

Being able to adjust the temperature and pressure of the stream is a huge plus, not to be overlooked!

The Tushy Spa (Affiliate Link) is well worth the price.

The Hibbent 2800: A Well-Reviewed Option

This bidet attachment by Hibbent is a 4.8 star-rated non-electric attachment and reviewed by over 30 customers with a price tag of only $37.

You can grab it while it’s hot by clicking this Affiliate Link.

It is one of the easiest bidet attachments to install on our list and works great for those who want a quick bidet option.

This is also one of the most basic to use, offering few bonus features, but great for beginners.

The nozzle for this bidet attachment also comes with a self-cleaning option and allows you to change the overall water pressure. When you are not using the attachment, the nozzles simply hides behind the featured guard gate.

In the end, the Hibbent 2800 is a no-frills bidet perfect for anyone on a budget.

The Samodra Minimalist: Simplicity In Action

This is a straightforward option that may not be the most impressive but is a great choice for those who want a simple bidet.

A huge benefit to this style of bidet is that it is not very noticeable on your toilet, is thin, and works great for those who are hoping to keep the same overall look to their bathroom.

In fact, this bidet attachment is thinner than almost any other on the market, with a thickness of only 0.19 inches, which is 60% thinner than the traditional 0.47inches.

You may read this thin size as a negative, but the bidet is powerful enough to give you a fresh clean that you can trust.

It comes with seamless twist controls that you can configure to the overall water pressure of your choice. The twist control will adjust the water pressure according to the rotation angle, larger the angle of rotation, the larger the water pressure.

This is a highly trusted brand that has been around for years.

The bidet attachments are very durable, offering a metal braided hose that will last for years to come.

GoBidet 2003C Chrome Bidet Attachment

This is a long-lasting bidet option that is made slightly different than some of the others on our list.

The bidet arm is attached to your toilet and then will swing into place when needed. A simple lever on the attachment is used to start or stop the stream.

You can grab this bidet attachment by clicking this Affiliate Link.

Unlike the others on our list, this option comes with a cold water option only, but you can pay extra for a hot water kit if needed.

These bidet attachments are easy to install. The GoBidet brand is known for offering durable designs that last for years to come.

Toto Washlet C100 Electric Toilet Seat Bidet

We veering off a tad from the above list of non-electric bidet attachments to a beauty that features all the bells and whistles.

You can find the Toto C100 by clicking this Affiliate Link.

This is a Japanese style bidet that does come in a bit more expensive than the others on our list. However, if you want the true luxury of a quality bidet, this is a great choice.

This electric toilet seat bidet has many features:

  • Adjustable warm water settings
  • Pressure adjustment
  • Deodorizers
  • Warm air drying
  • …and more!

While this may not be the top choice for those who want a simple, classic bidet, this option is among the best quality out there in the market.

This bidet seat even offers you the ability to set preferences for those in your home. Overall, if you want to splurge and truly treat your bum, this is a great option.

The GenieBidet Low-Profile Toilet Attachment

This is a low profile, elongated option that will not change the look of your toilet and will not raise the height of the toilet seat.

Some do not enjoy bulkier bidet attachments, and this is a great choice for those who want something low profile.

Even better, you do not need to purchase additional nozzles as it already offers separate nozzle options for front and rear cleaning. (Affiliate Link)

Both of the nozzle features have a knob that adjusts the pressure of the spray. This bidet is actually quite aesthetically pleasing, coming with a brass connector, steel braided hose, and ceramic valve.

You even get a free travel bidet that can be used on the go which comes packaged with this deal!

The Brondell CleanSpa Luxury Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

This is a great option if you want to create a bidet experience that fits your exact needs and can easily be adjusted.

You can find this bidet attachment by clicking this Affiliate Link.

The pressure of this bidet attachment changes with a simple push of a button that you can easily control and direct the spray head where you desire to get the perfect clean.

This Brondell CleanSpa comes with everything you need to install your bidet properly.

Comparative to other bidet attachments, this is an easy to install option that won’t cost you an arm or a leg.

The Bio Bidet Elite 3 Dual Nozzle

The Bio Bidet Elite 3 is a great option if you want to save money on toilet paper and it wont break the bank either, coming in at a price tag of only $59.

You can find this bidet attachment by clicking the following Affiliate Link.

The attachment is easy to install, it’s made in the U.S and has a built-in check valve. As part of its bio-friendly design, it doesn’t use any sort of electricity and needs no GFCI plug-in.

This makes it both easy to install and also environmentally sound. While lack of heating might sound painful, most people actually use cold water bidets anyway and say that it’s rather refreshing!

Each of the pieces in this bidet system are made from durable materials—including brass inlets, braided metal hoses, and silver brass ball valves—to ensure it lasts for years to come. The BioBidet Elite3 model comes with two large dials. The one dial controls the water pressure and the other controls the feminine or posterior wash.

The Butt Buddy Bidet Attachment

Some bidet attachments come with the need for seat bumpers to work properly, but this bidet attachment fits onto the back of the toilet seat, allowing it to sit normally.

You can take home your butt buddy by clicking the following Affiliate Link.

This is a little more basic of a bidet attachment, coming with only a single nozzle. The nozzle is controlled by a twisting dial allowing you to control the pressure of the spray and the self-cleaning nozzle. 

The installation of this style bidet attachment is simple, and you only need a screwdriver to do so.

The Butt Buddy Spa: Advanced Cleaning

This bidet attachment is one of the most advanced on the market today and uses technology that leaves other options in the dust.

You can take home your butt buddy spa by clicking this Affiliate Link.

The bidet is fully automated, offering a variety of spray options. You can use a stronger spray for rear cleaning, but there is a softer spray option for women to use as they please.

This bidet uses a warm water connection, making this variety of sprays even more comfortable for the user.

This is an extremely hygienic and comfortable option for those who want to change up their bathroom routine. If you want to upgrade your bidet to fit your needs more fully, this is a great option.

Installing this bidet attachment is simple and you never have to hire a professional to help. The attachment itself is small and it will not take up much space in the toilet.

You can easily attach and begin using your bidet with little plumbing experience.

The Brondell Handheld Bidet Sprayer: Flexible Use Bidet

This is a great choice for those who want a bidet that gets them clean but can also be used as a multipurpose tool for the home.

You can find the Brondell range of Handheld Sprayers by clicking this Affiliate Link.

The bidet sprayer comes with two pressure modes, both a jet mode and a soft spray. This works well for getting yourself clean but can also be gentle on everyone in the family, including babies.

In addition to being great for self-cleaning purposes, it is also great for families who need additional use from the bidet. For example, some customers use these for cleaning cloth diapers, washing the dog or cleaning the toilet bowl.

Overall, this is a good choice for those who want a multi-purpose bidet that offers a quality clean.

Why Choose A Bidet Attachment?

One of the first things you have to choose when it comes to your bidet is if you simply want an attachment or if you want to replace your entire toilet seat with a new bidet seat.

Many opt for a bidet attachment because they are easier to install and take up no additional space.

Buying an entire bidet seat or even an entirely new toilet is much more costly than opting for a simple bidet attachment.

These bidet attachments are also easier to use on beginners, as they can be angled to fit your needs and are often adjustable on pressure and temperature.

Traditional bidet style toilets will require you to sit a certain way to get the spray where you need it, but these attachments are simple.

Overall, using bidet attachments is a simpler choice for most homeowners.

Of course, there are several other benefits to using a bidet attachment and other forms of bidet in your restroom.

In fact, those who have been using bidets have saved hundreds of dollars, decreased health issues, and created more eco friendly homes.

To further recognize these key benefits of using a bidet and how it can help your home, keep reading.

Bidets Produce Less Waste

A major reason why many homeowners opt to add a bidet to their home is because they are more environmentally friendly and lead to less overall waste in your home.

During the 2020 global pandemic, toilet paper became somewhat of a high commodity item, but using a bidet cuts this need by a large percent.

Your family will create substantially less waste each year while also feeling cleaner.

Bidets Are More Hygienic

Compared to toilet paper, bidets are actually much more hygienic and give you a much thorough clean than paper will alone.

It only makes sense to use water to clean after bathroom activities, as it guarantees that you get a thorough clean. Adjustable pressure sprayers can allow you to get a soothing clean that scrubbing with paper simply will not do.

Bidets Can Help With Health Problems

Going hand in hand with our previous benefit, bidets can actually help significantly with sometimes embarrassing health problems such as constipation and hemorrhoids.

Of course, you do not want to wipe over sensitive areas time and again with toilet paper, but a bidet gives you a fresh clean that will not harm an already sensitive location.

Offering a bidet that has a female wash feature can be very helpful after childbirth, when areas are very sensitive and need a soft but thorough clean.

Bidets Are Cost Effective

While bidets will clearly cost more than a pack of toilet paper to purchase, they are truly a one-time purchase.

You will often find yourself spending upwards of $10 for a pack of toilet paper, with larger families buying even more. After only a couple of months of toilet paper use, you will have spent the same money on a bidet that will last you for years to come!

Bidet Attachments Make It Easier For Kids To Potty Train

When it comes to potty training, every parent has had to deal with ruined underwear from children who are not wiping properly.

With a bidet attachment, teaching proper bathroom hygiene is easier than ever. Not only is it more convenient for parents, but it can increase the overall health of your child by keeping their sensitive areas crisp and clean!

Bidets Make Clogged Toilets A Thing Of The Past

Replacing your septic tank can be extremely expensive and the most common reason for this is a buildup of toilet paper inside the tank that is not breaking down properly—not to mention the plumbing bills and flooded floors that can come with clogged toilets when too much toilet paper is used.

However, a bidet can help eliminate this problem as the need for toilet paper is slashed and buildup is not an option.

Bidets Attachments Make You Feel Luxurious

When you add a bidet to your bathroom you are automatically upping your level of luxury and it is very impressive to guests.

Not to mention, having bidets in your bathroom can increase your home’s value if you should ever want to resell the home.

Bidets have been in use in Asia and Europe for a very long time, but when you aren’t used to them, it makes you feel like a queen or king!

What To Look For In A Bidet Attachment?

While we stand by each of our previous recommendations, there are a few key things that you will want to look for when choosing your bidet attachment to guarantee you are getting the best product possible.

Of course, your own personal budget and needs will come into play when choosing your bidet attachment, which you will need to keep in mind.

However, here’s the main features you should be looking at in your new bidet.

Can You Adjust It?

Some bidet attachments allow you to adjust the water pressure and the overall temperature. If you are particularly sensitive, you want to be able to adjust these features to fit your personal preference and needs.

This becomes even more critical if you do have some health issues or have recently had a child.

Do Bidet Attachments Offer Dual Temperature Or Does It Use Ambient Temperature?

Another major factor that you will want to consider is if the bidet attachment uses the ambient temperature of the water or if it uses warm water for spraying.

While bidet attachment may not offer all the features of a bidet seat or standalone bidet, they can attach to your hot water for a warmer spray.

Many people don’t mind the cooler water and find it refreshing. Still, if you want heated water for your bum, consider whether your bidet attachment will provide that (and how you will need to install it).

How Long Does It Take To Warm Up?

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to a temperature-controlled bidet is how long your hot water takes to get warm in your sink.

If you have a warm water supply that takes several seconds or even a minute to get warm, it will also take this long to get your bidet water warm.

If it takes long for your warm water to kick in, then a temperature controlled bidet isn’t worth the purchase as you’ll just be using the cold water anyway!

The Overall Length Of The Warm Water Hose

This is another major factor that comes with warm water bidets, as they require you to attach the hose to your hot water supply.

Most smaller bathrooms have no issue with this, as they can attach the bidet hose to the hot water supply at the sink. However, if you have a larger bathroom or do not have an easy access to hot water, this may not work for your needs.

Are Multiple Spray Options Available?

If you have a family, it is important that your bidet fits the needs of everyone in your home, which means multiple sprayers are a must.

You want a bidet that can be used for both a quality posterior clean and also offers a softer feminine wash.

Some bidets will offer a control panel that has multiple spray options, while others will offer two spray nozzles, giving you more options on how you clean yourself post using the bathroom.

Where Is The Control Panel?

This may seem like a silly question, but having an easily accessible control panel can make a world of difference especially to those who are just venturing into the bidet world.

If you have someone in your home that is left handed, using classic bidet control panels can feel a bit awkward.

You will want to take into consideration where the control panel is located and if you can use it easily when needed.

Does It Offer A Quality Clean?

Each of the bidet attachments on our list are top quality and offer a good clean, but you do want to keep this in mind.

You can look over reviews of each attachment for additional information on how real users feel about the clean they are given.

However, you want to ensure that the bidet offers enough pressure and has a quality sprayer, guaranteeing you get the clean you need.

How Does The Nozzle Stay Clean?

This is something that many do not take into consideration, but you want to ensure that your bidet nozzle remains clean when not being used.

This can be done by purchasing a bidet where a nozzle retracts when not in use or a bidet sprayer that offers self-cleaning options (or both).

Regardless of which style you choose, you want to ensure that the bidet you choose has methods in place to keep the sprayer clean.

Get A Better Clean With A Bidet Attachment

If you are ready to up your bathroom game, adding a bidet attachment to your home is a great option and is more budget friendly than a standalone bidet would ever be.

Our list of amazing attachment options listed above are all great choices when it comes to bidets, giving you a quality clean that you can trust.

Of course, you may want to do some deeper research into what fits your personal needs and will work well for your bathroom.

When choosing your bidet attachment, keep our list of things to look for in mind and take into consideration the size of your bathroom and the distance to a hot water source.

You also want to ensure that the bidet you are choosing fits the needs of everyone in your home.

By adding a bidet attachment to your home, you are guaranteed to get a fresher, and more eco friendly, clean!


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