Can I Modify A Bidet Handheld Sprayer To Accommodate Hot And Cold Water?

The hot/cold water option is one of the most sought-after features in a bidet.

You can change between hot and cold in every sink and shower faucet, so why wouldn’t you be able to do so with a bidet sprayer?

In short, the answer is yes. You can have a bidet sprayer with hot and cold water, just as long as you know how to add a mixing valve to your bidet. This is an installation that can typically be done as a DIY project. All the necessary parts can easily be ordered online.

In the sections below you’ll learn how to add hot water to your bidet. It’s important to pay special attention to these guidelines because hot water carries more pressure than cold water.

A misstep may result in a costly leak.

How Do I Get Hot Water In A Bidet Hand Sprayer? 

There are 2 types of bidets: electric and non-electric. The steps for getting hot water to each of these types of bidets vary.

For Non-Electric Bidets

You will need to tie into the hot water line that runs to the bathroom sink faucet. A hot/cold mixing valve, such as the one found here, will do the trick for you.

  • A hot/cold mixing valve, like this one (Affiliate Link), is connected to the hot water line under the sink.
  • The installation steps are outlined in the sections below.

Electric Bidets

Some electric bidets have warming options built-in into the unit. These can come in the form of a temperature controlled seat or temperature controlled water.

However, with most of these products, you will need to install a hot/cold mixing valve. Fortunately, the mixing valves are not that expensive and can be installed without having to make a call to the plumber.

Can You Install A Hot/Cold Water Mixing Valve On An Existing Bidet Sprayer?

Yes, you can add a hot/cold water mixing valve on any handheld bidet sprayer. The only caveat is that it’ll be easier to just purchase a sprayer kit with the hot/cold mixing valve already included.

  • Step 1: Purchase the hot/cold water mixing valve and the plumbing components necessary to connect your bidet hose to the hot water faucet line.
  • Step 2: Adjust the temperature at the mixing valve. 

The Steps To Add Hot Water To A Bidet Hand Sprayer

Adding hot water to a bidet is simple, as you’ll see below. You may even wish that you had so sooner!

What Tools Will You Need? Can You Do It Yourself?

The good news is that this is a simple DIY project. You don’t need to have any plumber’s tools on hand, although you may need to replace some washers and connectors if you are installing them on an old system.

But the vast majority of the work can be done by hand. There are some parts of the process where you may want to use a wrench to loosen and tighten.

You certainly do not want to overtighten any of the connections, however.

Step 1: If You Already Have A Bidet

Make sure that the hot/cold mixing valve is compatible with your current setup. Hot/cold mixing valves are simple to find. You can order them online and save yourself from even having to take a trip to the store.

You can save time hunting for parts by purchasing a kit, like the one found here (Affiliate Link).The kit should have everything you need for installation, including all the necessary valves and hoses.

Step 2: Look At The Water Supply Hose For Your Toilet Tank

You need a flexible hose (Link) to deliver water from your water supply to the toilet tank. If you have a rigid water supply hose, then it will need to be replaced.

Hose lengths and connectors vary, so be sure to pick up properly-sized parts. This hose by PurrfectZone is a perfect replacement for a bidet handheld sprayer. (Affiliate Link)

Step 3: Turn Off Your Water Supply

Turn off the water supply to your toilet before starting the installation process.

Step 4: Connect The Mixing Valve To Your Toilet

You will need to disconnect the flexible hose supplying water to your toilet tank. You should have a flat rubber washer at the connection between the top of the mixing valve and the toilet. The flexible water supply line will be connected to the other side of the mixing valve.

Step 5: Connect A Hot Water T-Valve & Hose To Your Sink

A hot/cold water bidet kit will come with plumbing equipment to connect to your sink’s water supply line.

Hot water T-Valve sizes vary depending on the kit. Make sure that the T-valve is attached to the hot water connection. The kit will also come with an additional hose to connect the T-valve to the hot/cold water mixer.

Step 6: Attach The Handheld Sprayer To The Mixing Valve

The final step in the process is to connect the sprayer to the mixing valve at the toilet. You will be able to alternate between hot and cold water at the mixing valve.

If you are adding the hot/cold option to an existing bidet, then now is a good time to upgrade your handheld sprayer.

Some of the more popular models are made of stainless steel and are much more resistant to leaks.

Final Thoughts

To add hot water to your bidet, you’ll need to add a hot/cold mixing valve to your toilet.

This allows you to tie into the hot water connection at your sink. It’s important to make sure that you have all the necessary parts before proceeding with the installation.

Of course, if you buy a kit, like those linked above, you will have all the parts needed to complete the job by yourself.

The one exception may be a flexible water hose. Every hot/cold water bidet needs a flexible water hose. A rigid hose will explode due to the increased hot water pressure.

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