The Best Bidets with Tankless Water Heaters 2023

A bidet with a tankless water heater

For a list of the best bang-for-your-buck warm water bidets, including electric and non-electric options, see this article.

In today’s article, we discuss the best bidet seats on the market with tankless water heaters. This type of bidet has several advantages. Not only do you get an endless supply of warm water, but seats with tankless heaters aren’t as high in the back so they’re more comfortable and aesthetic.

The best bidet with a tankless water heater is the TOTO K300. As advertised, it provides endless warm water regardless of the length of the washing session. Another great option is the Brondell Swash 1400. Both offer the tankless heater without all the unnecessary features that drive the price up.

Bidets with Tankless Water Heaters: Quick Comparison Table

Tankless HeaterAll but Alpha iX (Hybrid Option)
Warm Air DryerAll but Omigo SL
Nozzle OscillationAll but Brondell S1200
Pulse/Massage ModeTOTO K300 and S550e/S500e

Alpha iX
Multiple Spray Width SettingsBrondell S1400, S1000, and S1200

Omigo SL and Luxury
Self-Cleaning NozzlesAll
Self-Cleaning Bowls (PREMIST)TOTO K300 and S550e/S500e
Self-Sanitizing NozzlesTOTO K300 and S550e/S500e

Brondell: S1400 and S1000

Omigo Luxury
Antimicrobial NozzleAlpha JX
Best (Strongest) PressureAlpha iX and JX
Wireless RemoteAll
Auto Open/Close Seat and LidTOTO S550e
Sittable LidBrondell S1400 and S1200

Alpha JX

Omigo Luxury and SL
User Presets All but Brondell S1000, Alpha JX and iX
Lowest-Profile Design
(Least Bulky, Fewest Labels)
TOTO K300 and S550e/S500e

Alpha iX
Best OverallTOTO K300
Best for the MoneyAlpha JX

The Best Overall Bidet Seat with Tankless Water Heater

The TOTO K300 Electric Seat

The TOTO K300 Luxury Bidet Seat

The first-place winner the TOTO K300 electric seat . It is only available for elongated toilets.

The K300 takes first place because it offers 90% of the features of the S550e (the best bidet money can buy) at about half the price. Of the features that it shares with the S550e is a tankless water heater.

I’m guessing the few extra features on offer by the S550e are hardly worth 2x the price for folks who are primarily interested in tankless heaters. So, I’m listing it as the best option.

When endless warm water is the main feature you’re looking for, it can be hard to find a reasonably priced bidet because the tankless heating technology is usually packaged with other less important features—like a seat that opens and closes on its own, etc.

The K300 isn’t marketed as a luxury bidet, but I definitely consider it one as it far outperforms other “luxury” bidets on the market. 

Key Features Related to Water Heating 

  • Limitless warm water with 4 temperature settings for each wash mode (front and rear). 
  • The water temperature can be adjusted between the “Off” position (cold tap) and 3 settings that range from 95° F to the highest of 104° F. 

Unique Features of TOTO Bidets

Each bidet in the lineup has self-cleaning wands. But, the wands on TOTO bidets (the ones in this article) self-clean with a natural disinfecting solution called Ewater+ that contains electrolytes that form sodium hypochlorite, a natural water sanitizing agent. 

Ewater+ fights microbial growth both directly and by creating a slippery surface that prevents anything (read: poop) from sticking to the wands. 

The PREMIST function sprays the bowl before each use helping keep the toilet clean too. 

Other Key Features and Specs of the TOTO K300

Water Pressure: 

  • The pressure is adjustable across five settings that range from 0.07 to 0.11 gal (or 0.27 – 0.43 L) per minute. So, it’s plenty firm as electric bidets go.
  • There’s no spray width settings or spray modes labeled “strong” or “turbo”. There is, however, a “rear soft” mode, likely for soothing irritated skin. 

Comfort and Convenience 

  • A warm air dryer with 3 temperature settings. 
  • A slim, aesthetic wireless remote, with illuminated buttons. 
  • Two user presets for personal memory settings. 
  • Aerated spray for a gentler, more comfortable cleanse. 
  • An air deodorizer for eliminating (not just masking) smelly and embarrassing odors. A small fan pulls air through a carbon filter to break down odorous molecules.


  • Along with the S550e and S500e, the K300 has the lowest seat height of any bidet in this article, at only 5” (~12.7 cm) high in the rear.  
  • On top of size and shape, TOTO bidets plain white with few (if any) noticeable decals or extra colors. Hence, the K300 will go with the widest range of bathrooms.

Seat and Lid: 

  • Heated seat with an adjustable temperature range including “OFF”, and from 82° F to 97° F. 
  • Quick-release mechanism for easy bidet removal and cleaning. 
  • The lid is not sittable.

Cleaning Wand and Spray Capability: 

  • A single, 3-in-1 nozzle for regular (posterior) and feminine cleansing.  
  • The nozzle can be adjusted to 5 different positions. 
  • The cleaning wand is high-quality but not stainless steel. 
  • Wide and narrow, strong and soft settings. 
  • Oscillating spray pattern for more effective cleansing. Basically, the wand moves back and forth to hit a wider area.  
  • The massage/pulse rotates soft and strong water pressure for a massaging effect. 

Water and Energy Efficiency: 

  • An aerated wash for water efficiency. 
  • Several energy-saving modes to cut down on power use. 

Other Great Bidets with Tankless Water Heaters

The TOTO S550e and S500e Electric Seats 

TOTO SW3056#01 S550E Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with Cleansing Warm, Nightlight, Auto Open and Close Lid, Instantaneous Water Heating, and EWATER+, Elongated Contemporary, Cotton White

The best options without considering price are the TOTO S550e and S500e seats (Amazon link). 

If the K300 has 90% of the S550e features, the S500e has 99%. The two are almost identical, with the S550e having one or two extra perks and costing a bit more. 

In my experience, they’re about $20-$50 apart in price, at most, which isn’t much when it comes to bidets in this price range. 

Key Features of the TOTO S550e and S500e 

The TOTO S550e and S500e vs K300: 

Both have all of the features of the K300 (instantaneous heating, air deodorizer, self-sanitizing nozzles, etc.) and then some. 

Extra features include: 

  • The PREMIST function on the S550e and S500e spray the toilet bowl both before and after using the bidet, whereas the K300 only pre-misted. 
  • Some users claim the water pressure is stronger with these two bidets compared to the K300. The nozzle output is the same (0.11 gal or 0.43 L per minute), but the pressure may be higher with the S550e and S500e due to a narrower spray width (just speculation). 
  • Both have a “Wide front cleansing” option for gently cleansing a wider area when operating the frontal wash feature. The K300 lacks the feature.
  • Both are available with Auto Flush compatibility for hands-free flushing. (The right type of toilet is needed). 
  • For the wireless remote, both come with a magnetic wall-mounted cradle. 

There may be other small differences. For example, I noticed that the water temperature is adjustable from 86° F (instead of 95° F) to 104° F. 

Overall, they’re very similar to the K300. 

The TOTO S550e vs S500e:

The S550e comes with these extra features: 

  • For some reason, the S550e is the only TOTO bidet that comes with a night light to illuminate the bowl. This feature is helpful for navigating the bathroom at night if you hate blinding yourself with bathroom lights. It’s especially useful for those who have to make several trips a night. Night lights are a common feature, so I’m not sure why other TOTO bidets don’t have one. 
  • The seat and lid can be automatically opened and closed via remote control.  It’s hardly a necessary feature, but the handsfree aspect does improve hygiene, and anything automatic is easier on users with limited mobility. 

The Alpha JX Luxury Bidet  

ALPHA JX Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat, White, Endless Warm Water, Rear and Front Wash, LED Light, Quiet Operation, Easy Wireless Remote Control, Low Profile Sittable Lid, 3 Year Warranty (Elongated)

One of my favorite bidets, and a highly underrated option in my view, is the Alpha JX luxury bidetIt’s available for round and elongated toilets.

It’s advertised as a luxury bidet and it’s the only Alpha bidet with an instantaneous, tankless water heater. 

Features Related to Warm Water 

  • A tankless heating system offering endless warm water. 
  • Adjustable water temperature that can be set to 4 levels.
  • Water temp settings include: “Off” (cold tap) and 3 temperature levels ranging from Low (93° F) to High (104° F). 

Other Key Features of the Alpha JX 

  • A warm air dryer with adjustable temperature. 
  • A single, positionable aluminum nozzle treated with antimicrobial nanotechnology for maximum sanitation. 
  • Sleek wireless remote with an LCD display and wall mount. 
  • Nozzle function: oscillation for greater coverage and strong rear+ wash mode for extra water pressure. 
  • There are no user presets but there are two auto functions: “One Touch Easy Wash” and “One Touch Wash & Dry” 
  • A white LED nightlight with an ambient light sensor. 
  • A slim design with a rear height of only 5.8”. 
  • An aesthetic design: solid color and with only a single, noticeable decal at the rear of the seat. 
  • Seat and lid features: sturdy/sittable lid, heated seat with adjustable temperature, soft-close seat/lid, and quick-release mechanism for convenient removal/cleaning. 
  • Power-saving Eco mode. 

So, the JX is another bidet that has a sittable lid. It’s a pretty unique feature, though it seems to be more common these days. Unless a seat is made of porcelain or wood, it’s usually not a good idea to sit on it (I.e., clipping toenails or resting), but the lid on the JX is meant for sitting. 

With the “rear+” mode, the JX offers water pressure maxing out at 0.185gal (or 0.7 L) per minute.  

For those who want a luxury bidet at an entry- to mid-level price, the JX is the best option for the money. 

Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat

The Brondell Swash 1400 Bidet Seat

Another good option is the Brondell Swash 1400 (or S1400) luxury bidet seat (Amazon link).

It’s the top-of-the-line Brondell option—their luxury seat and answer to the TOTO S550e. It’s a great option for the price, and I’d put it right up there with the K300.  

It offers luxury features and is actually marketed as the brand’s luxury option. 

Key Features Related to Water Temperature 

  • A ceramic core water heater for instant and endless warm water flow.  
  • Four temperature settings per wash mode (front and rear) including, “Off” (cold tap), Low (90° F), Medium (95° F), and High (100° F). 

Other Key Features of the SWASH 1400 

  • Warm air dryer that’s adjustable to 3 temperature levels.  
  • Automatic self-cleaning nozzles with an on-demand self-disinfecting function that uses Silvernado, a patented silver solution. 
  • Cleaning wands: the S1400 has dual stainless-steel nozzles. The nozzles are positionable and have an oscillating spray function and adjustable width settings. 
  • Wireless handheld remote with a mounting bracket and magnetic dock. It even has an Eco power-saving mode to preserve battery life. 
  • Air deodorizer with carbon filter. 
  • Two user presets (to save your preferred personalized settings) and an auto function for easy one-push operation. 
  • An illuminating nightlight. 
  • Relatively sleek contour at only 5.7” inches high in the rear. 
  • An aerated wash and energy-saving mode for max water and energy efficiency. 
  • Seat and lid: heated seat surface with four temp settings, quick-release button for cleaning, gentle-close hinges, and sittable lid with high weight capacity. 

Like the TOTO bidets, the S1400 allows the user to disinfect the cleaning wands, in this case by use of an on-demand nozzle sanitizing function. Instead of sodium hypochlorite, it uses silver, another natural antimicrobial agent. 

The S1400 is another bidet with a sittable lid.

There are three levels of water pressure adjustment that have a maximum of 0.13 gal (or ~0.5 L) per minute. There’s no spray mode labeled “strong”, “turbo” or “soft”, but the bidet does allow you to adjust the spray width. 

The ability to adjust spray width is pretty rare in my experience and the S1400 offers three settings to widen and narrow the wash for a softer or stronger spray, respectively. 

The Brondell SWASH 1000 Bidet Seat

Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat, White

As for Brondell bidets, the most advanced option after the S1400 is the SWASH 1000 luxury seat (Amazon link). It’s also available for round and elongated toilets.

It shares 90%+ of its features with the SWASH 1400 above including the heater, air dryer, and self-sterilizing nozzles 

With a feature or two fewer, it can usually be found for about $100 less than the S1400, in my experience.

Key Features 

Water heating:

  • The S1000 offers an instant and limitless warm water supply via its ceramic core heater. It’s advertised to reduce energy consumption by up to 60% compared to regular tank-type heaters. 
  • For each wash mode, the temperature can be adjusted across four settings including, “Off”, Low (88.7° F), Medium (94.1° F), and High (99.5° F). 

The main differences between the Brondell SWASH 1000 and 1400: 

  • No auto mode for one-push bidet operation. 
  • No user presets for storing your preferred settings for things like wash/dry session duration, temperature, pressure, etc. 
  • No illuminating blue nightlight. 

So, the two bidets are almost identical.

The Brondell SWASH 1200 Bidet Seat

Brondell Swash S1200-EW Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat in Elongated White with Dual Stainless-Steel Nozzles | Endless Warm Water | Programmable User Settings | Self-Cleaning Nozzles | Nightlight

The final Brondell option with a tankless water heater is the SWASH 1200 “luxury” bidet (Amazon link). 

I use quotations because the S1200 is marketed as a luxury bidet despite lacking some pretty fundamental features–features that are common even to entry-level bidets (e.g., a warm air dryer). 

Counterintuitively, it is less fancy/expensive than the S1000. I’m not sure what went wrong with the numbering system. 

Don’t get me wrong, the S1200 is a good bidet overall, but you can do better for the money, in my opinion. It’s usually a couple hundred less than the S1400. So, still not that cheap.

Key Features 

The heating technology is the same as the S1400 (ceramic core instantaneous heater) and it puts out water in the same temperature range: Low (90° F), Medium (95° F), and High (100° F). 

The SWASH 1200 vs 1400 and 1000: 

  • The S1200 is the only bidet in the SWASH lineup (in this article) without a warm air dryer. You don’t need a warm air dryer, but they’re nice and one should be included at this price. 
  • There’s no oscillating spray pattern. This is a pretty big deal. As with a non-electric bidet, you have to rock back and forth manually to get good coverage. However, it does offer spray width settings, which should help make up for this particular deficit. 
  • The S1200 does have automatic, self-cleaning nozzles but there’s no on-demand nozzle sterilizing technology. 
  • No air deodorizer. 
  • Unlike the S1000, it does have a nightlight, an auto function, and user presets.

Overall, it’s a good bidet, but again I think you can do better for the price. 

Omigo Luxury Bidet

The Omigo Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat Ergonomic Quiet-close Heated Seat with Massaging Oscillation, Ion Nozzle Cleaning, Air Dryer, and Wireless Remote (Elongated)

Like the Alpha bidets, Omigo is another brand that’s new on the scene with several great bidets that few people seem to know about.  

One such bidet is the Omigo Luxury seat (Amazon link). It’s available for elongated and round toilets.

It offers endless warm water plus a few extra perks not included with the lower-tier premium Omigo SL bidet (see the next bidet).

Features of the Omigo Luxury 

Warm Water: 

  • Internal ceramic tankless water heater for on-demand and limitless warm water.  
  • Adjustable temperature with 4 settings for each wash mode (front and rear).  
  • The settings include, “Off” (cold tap), Low (90° F), Med (95° F), and High (100° F). 

Other Key Features: 

  • Built-in warm air dryer with 3 temperature levels. 
  • Wireless remote with mounting bracket, magnetic dock, and battery-saving mode. 
  • Two user presets and an auto function for easy operation. 
  • Slim, continuous contour with a rear height of only 5.8”. 
  • LED night light. 
  • Aerated wash with micro-bubbles for max comfort and water efficiency. 
  • Sturdy sittable lid. 
  • Slam-free/slow-closing seat and lid with quick-release button for easy bidet removal and cleaning. 
  • Heated seat with variable temperature settings, including “Off”, Low (89° F), Med (93° F), and High (97° F). 
  • There’s no wash mode labeled “strong” or “soft”, but there are 3 width settings that adjust spray width as well as water pressure. 
  • Oscillating spray function. 
  • Dual, stainless-steel nozzles adjustable to 7 nozzle positions for maximum coverage and aiming accuracy. 
  • Automatic self-rinsing nozzles with an on-demand self-sanitizing function that uses silver as a natural antibacterial agent. 
  • Air deodorizer to keep the bathroom smelling fresh. 

There are 3 water pressure settings with a max flow rate of 0.13 gal (or ~ 0.5 L) per minute. Using the highest pressure and narrowest width setting together should provide decent pressure for folks who like an extra-strong wash. 

The Omigo SL Bidet Seat 

Omigo SL Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat Ergonomic Soft-close Heated Seat with Aerated Warm Water, Customizable Wash Settings, Self Cleaning, and Wireless Remote (Elongated)

Yet another option is the Omigo SL bidet (Amazon link). If you’re mostly concerned with having a tankless heater but could give two hoots about some of the other bells offered by the Omigo Luxury, then you may want to consider the SL. 

In my opinion, a good compromise between the Omigo SL and Luxury is the Alpha JX, which IME costs just a bit more than the SL while more closely resembling the Omigo Luxry in terms of the features it offers (warm air dryer, sanitized nozzles, etc.). 

But the Omigo SL is still a good option, especially if you like the design.

Key Features of the Omigo SL

Warm Water: 

The Omigo SL and Luxury have an identical ceramic tankless water heater and both have the same four temperature settings (Off,  90° F, 95° F, and 100° F. 

The Two Main Differences Between the Omigo SL and Luxury:   

  • No warm air dryer—this is the main difference.  
  • The nozzles (dual stainless-steel) are automatic self-cleaning, but lack an on-demand nozzle sterilization function.

The Hybrid Option

The Alpha iX Hybrid Bidet Seat w/Remote

The Alpha iX Hybrid Bidet Seat

If you’re looking for a longer warm water flow than offered by tank-type heaters but don’t want to pay extra, you might consider getting a bidet with a hybrid heater. They’re not as good but are about half the price.

The best continuous hybrid water bidet for the money is the Alpha iX Hybrid (compare price on Amazon).

Hybrid water heating systems use a combination of reservoir-type and continuous-type water heating technology to provide a longer warm water rinse. Having a smaller reservoir, they’re not as high in the back and thus are lower-profile in their design.

Though bidets with hybrid heaters claim “endless” warm water, that’s never the case. Not even close. But with hybrid heaters, the warm water does run about twice as long as with regular tank-type heaters.

Most entry-level bidet seats have tank-type water heaters that provide around a minute of warm to lukewarm water. In most cases, the water starts cooling at 30 seconds and begins to run cold at the one-minute mark.

The Alpha iX hybrid is priced like an entry-level bidet but provides several benefits common to luxury models.

Features of the Alpha iX Hybrid include:

  • A hybrid heating system that provides a longer stream of warm water.
  • Lower energy costs compared to tank-type water heaters.
  • Adjustable warm air dryer.
  • Two rear wash modes and a front feminine wash capability.
  • Adjustable spray temperature, pressure, and nozzle positioning.
  • Nozzle oscillation and pulse modes.
  • A fairly low-profile design. Since hybrid heaters use a tank to some degree, you’d expect a greater height at the rear of the seat and a more pronounced slope. This seat was made to be low-profile and minimalist.
  • A comfortable sitting experience. While the lid slopes down a bit, upon lifting it, you will see that the seat is flat. This means the user won’t slide to the front of the seat when sitting on the bidet.
  • A blue LED nightlight
  • A self-cleaning nozzle made of stainless steel.
  • A wash cycle for children.
  • A heated seat with an adjustable temperature.
  • A slow-close lid and seat.
  • An occupied seat sensor.
  • Power-saving eco mode.


  • As mentioned, the warm water isn’t unlimited.
  • Lower quality compared to TOTO and Brondell. Alpha bidets get great feedback overall. But like with most companies, product malfunctions are more common than with top-of-the-line brands like TOTO and Brondell.


So, those are the best bidets with tankless water heaters.

Bidets with instantaneous heating technology are top of the line.

So, if you’re going to go all in and get a top-shelf bidet, make sure you choose a trusted brand. For the investment to pay off in toilet paper savings, avoiding the lower quality brands is a must.

You can’t go wrong with any of the above models. It really comes down to how much you want to pay for any extra features you’re looking for.

For those open to a hybrid option, the Alpha iX Hybrid is a good choice. While not limitless, it offers more warm water than most tank-type heaters and provides other luxury features while being priced as an entry-level bidet.

As always, make sure the bidet is right for your toilet as far as the round vs. elongated distinction.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.

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