Best Left-Handed Bidets in 2023

Today’s article looks at the best bidets for left-handers. I’d imagine folks asking this question are mostly inquiring about bidet attachments and electric/non-electric seats with side panels positioned on the left side of the toilet.  

The best left-handed bidets can be found in the Brondell SouthSpa lineup. For feminine cleansing and/or warm water, choose the LH-22. Other options for left-handed users include electric bidets with wireless remotes and handheld sprayers. 

The only major manufacturer that has the decency to consider left-handed users is Brondell, so Brondell units will make up most of the recommendations in this article. That’s not a bad thing because they’re one of the best brands on the market. 

Bidets for Left-Handers: Quick Summary Table

Left-Handed ControlBidet
Left-Sided Control PanelBrondell SouthSpa: LH-10, LH-20, and LH-22
Handheld Option w/Left-Side HolsterPurrfectzone Sprayer
Wireless Remote w/Left-Side CradleBrondell LE99
Other FeaturesBidet
Warm WaterBrondell SouthSpa LH-22 and Brondell LE99
2-in-1 or Dual Nozzle/s for Feminine HygieneBrondell SouthSpa LH-22 and Brondell LE99
Self-CleaningAll but Purrfectzone Sprayer
Least Expensive Purrfectzone and Brondell SouthSpa LH-10
Easiest to InstallPurrfectzone, Brondell SouthSpa LH-10 and LH-20
Advanced Features
(Warm Air Dryer, Nozzle Oscillation, Massage, Heated Seat, Etc.)
Brondell LE99

The Best Left-Handed Bidet Attachments 

The Brondell SouthSpa LH-10 Bidet Attachment 

Brondell Bidet Left Hand Bidet Attachment SouthSpa - control panel on left side - Positionable Nozzle for Fresh Water Spray, LH-10

First up, is the SouthSpa LH-10 (Amazon link). 

The original (the LH-10) has a single nozzle so it only sprays the posterior area. I.e., there’s no feminine hygiene function. 

Pros and Cons of SS LH-10


  • Left-side control panel. 
  • Retractable, self-cleaning nozzle. 
  • Easy installation. 
  • Least expensive. 
  • Compatible with most bathroom setups. 

On the third point, I mean that there’s no having to source warm water from the bathroom sink, so the distance between the sink and toilet and how they’re positioned won’t be an issue. 


  • Cold water only. 
  • No frontal spray option. 

The Brondell SouthSpa LH-20 

Brondell Bidet Left Hand Bidet Attachment SouthSpa Dual Temperature - control panel on left side - Dual Temperature for warm water wash with Positionable Nozzle, LH-20

Next, we have the SouthSpa LH-20 bidet attachment (Amazon link). 

It’s a step up from the previous attachment in that it offers warm water. But, like the LH-10, it lacks the second nozzle so there’s no frontal spray capability. 

Pros and Cons of SS LH-20


  • Left-side control panel. 
  • Retractable, self-cleaning nozzle. 
  • Offers warm water cleansing. 
  • Inexpensive for a dual-temp bidet. 


  • Takes an extra ~20 minutes to install. 
  • Warm water setup is incompatible with some bathrooms. 
  • No frontal spray capability.

For the warm water function to work, you’ll need the toilet and sink to be on the same wall preferably, though 90 degrees can work. 

If not, the warm water hose will be draped across the floor which will form a tripping hazard. The toilet and sink can’t be any further apart than 6 feet (ideally 5 feet or less) so that the warm water hose will reach. 

Finally, if the sink has any cabinetry around it, you’ll have to drill a small hole in the vanity to feed the warm water hose through. If you have a pedestal sink, this won’t be an issue. 

The Brondell Southspa LH-22 

Brondell Bidet Left Hand Bidet Attachment SouthSpa Dual Temperature and Dual Nozzle - control panel on left side - Dual Temperature for warm water wash with Dual Positionable Nozzles, LH-22

If a frontal spray feature is needed, I’d recommend the SouthSpa LH-22 (Amazon link).  

Like the LH-20, it’s dual-temp. If you’d rather have the cold-water version, it’s rarely available with dual nozzles, so I still recommend the LH-22. Keep in mind, the warm water connection needn’t be set up, as you can always leave the hot water inlet plugged.


  • Left-side control panel. 
  • Dual nozzle design provides an extra nozzle for feminine hygiene. 
  • Retractable, self-cleaning nozzles. 
  • Offers warm water cleansing. 


  • The more expensive of the three. 
  • The same installation limitations of the LH-20 still apply. 

Best Electric Bidet for a Left-Handed Person 

The SWASH LE99 Electric Seat

Brondell Swash Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat LE99, Fits Elongated Toilets, White – Lite-Touch Remote, Warm Air Dryer, Strong Wash Mode, Stainless-Steel Nozzle, Saved User Settings & Easy Installation

I wanted to leave you with an electric option with a wireless remote, so I’d go with the Brondell LE99 (Amazon link). It’s available for round and elongated toilets.

The main thing you’ll miss out on as a left-handed bidet user is electric bidets with side panels. This eliminates a lot of entry-level (and thus lower-cost) electric options.  

In finding an electric recommendation for this article, I wanted to provide an option with a handheld remote that has more of an entry-level price. 

The reason why bidet manufacturers don’t offer left-handed electric bidets is that plenty of units are already available with wireless remotes, eliminating the issue altogether. 

The problem is, consumers often overlook bidets with handheld remotes when searching for entry-level options because it’s assumed that they’re too expensive, as is often the case.  

For example, compared to the Bio Bidet Slim ONE, the Slim TWO retails for another $100 (extra), and not a single extra feature is offered aside from the remote control. 

But that’s not always true. Some bidets with wireless remotes are available at an entry-level price. 

One such example is the LE99. 

Relevant Features for Left Handers 

The LE99 has a sleek wireless remote control with intuitive buttons that can be held in the lap making it ideal for left-handed and right-handed users. 

With the remote, you can operate: 

  • Choose any of four wash modes: rear, front feminine, gentle, and strong. 
  • Water pressure (5 settings for each wash mode). 
  • Choose the temperature of the warm air dryer. 
  • Any of four water temperature settings (per wash mode): “Off” (cold tap), Low, Medium, and High. 
  • Any of four temperature settings for the heated seat: “Off”, Low, Medium, and High. 
  • Nozzle position, letting you choose from 5 nozzle positions allowing for the most accurate aiming and effective cleaning. 
  • You can select special spray patterns like nozzle oscillation and pulse/massage. 
  • You can clean the nozzle on-demand–plus, the nozzle self-cleans automatically with each use.
  • Operate the Eco, power-saving mode. 

Key Specs of the LE99 

Air Dryer: 

Warm air dryer with temperature adjustable to five levels. Toilet paper savings from not having to dab dry will more than makeup for the additional upfront cost of choosing an electric bidet. 

Warm Water: 

A hybrid water heater for extended warm water. 

Settings include: “Off” (cold tap), Low (91.4° F), Medium (96.8° F), and High (102.2° F) 

Water Pressure: 

Depending on the wash mode and pressure level that’s selected, water pressure ranges from 0.15 to 0.21 gal (or 0.6 to 0.8 L) per minute. 

The strong wash mode provides a narrower, more concentrated stream for those who prefer a stronger cleanse. 

Comfort and Convenience: 

The LE99 comes with 2 user presets that allow you to save your preferences for things like water pressure, temperature, dryer temp, and nozzle position. 

The feature is useful for everyone, but especially for younger children and older adults who would be better off only having to hit a single button to get an appropriate wash/dry cycle. 

Seat and Lid: 

Besides being heated, the bidet seat comes with a slam-free, slow-closing seat and lid as well as a quick-release button for easy bidet removal and cleaning. 

Cleaning Wand and Spray Modes: 

Unlike the dual nozzles that come with the SouthSpa LH-22, the LE99 has a single, 2-in-1 nozzle for both front and rear cleansing.

The extra nozzle hole sprays water further forward eliminating the need for a second nozzle altogether.  

The wand is also stainless-steel so it’s more durable than the plastic wands offered by the non-electric options above. 

Unlike the non-electric options, the LE99 has an oscillating spray nozzle, that moves back and forth to clean better and hit a wider area. This keeps the user from having to rock back and forth to get good coverage. 

It also has a pulse function that provides a massage-like spray by rotating hard and soft water pressure. 

The strong wash mode helps relieve constipation while the soft sitz bath function soothes irritated skin (for hemorrhoids, etc.). 

Safety and Sanitation: 

Like with the SouthSpa options, the nozzle on the LE99 is self-cleaning. The main difference is that the LE99 nozzle auto self-cleans with each use instead of the user having to activate the wand cleaning function. 

As mentioned, the wireless remote does allow for on-demand nozzle cleaning.

The LE99 comes with a cool, blue nightlight so you can safely navigate the bathroom at night without having to blind yourself with bathroom lights. 

Water and Energy Efficiency: 

The LE99 has a hybrid heater which is somewhere between tank-type heaters and instantaneous heaters in terms of energy efficiency. Hybrid heaters incorporate instantaneous heating technology but still use a heated reservoir, so they’re middle-of-the-road in terms of efficiency. 

Having a hybrid heater instead of a traditional tank heater makes the LE99 more efficient than other electric bidets in the same price range.  

For improved efficiency, it has an energy-saving Eco mode that, when activated, automatically lowers the seat and water temperature, the two main features of a bidet that use energy. 

The Best Handheld Option 

The Purrfectzone Sprayer

Purrfectzone Luxury Handheld Sprayer Kit- Easy to Install, Great Hygiene with Less Money Spent (Stainless Steel)

By definition, handheld sprayers are suitable for left- and right-handed users. The holster can be mounted on the left side of the toilet making it extra-convenient for the former. 

One of my go-to recommendations for a handheld bidet is the Purrfectzone sprayer (Amazon link). It’s stainless-steel, well-made, and a good option for the money. 

Sprayers aren’t much cheaper than attachments and aren’t nearly as convenient. But they remain a popular option as they’re convenient and easy to use.

They do get the job done, so I wanted to mention the handheld option in case you hadn’t considered it. 

Best Bidets for Left-Handed Users: Conclusion 

So, there you have it. 

The best bidets made for left-handers include those in the Brondell SouthSpa lineup. The best of the bunch is the LH-22 which offers dual nozzles and a warm water hookup. Other options for left-handers include handheld bidets and electric seats with wireless remotes and handheld sprayers. 

If you’re left-handed, you’ll miss out on most bidet attachments (e.g., all Bio Bidet non-electric options) and every electric bidet with a side panel. Maybe that will change as more options come available on the market.

Thankfully, at least one brand considered the 10% of their potential customer base who are left-handed.  

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading. 

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