The Best Self-Cleaning Bidets of 2023

Today’s article looks at the best self-cleaning and self-sanitizing bidets. With bidets on the market these days, self-cleaning features range from those that simply rinse (physical removal of microbes) to features that sanitize parts of the bidet with special cleaning solvents (chemical removal of microbes). Some go so far as to rinse the toilet.

The best self-cleaning bidets are the LUXE Neo 185, BB Slim One, Brondell LE99, Alpha JX, and TOTO S550e. Each has a self-cleaning nozzle. The Alpha JX has an antimicrobial wand and the S550e has a nozzle that sanitizes itself with an antimicrobial solution.

The most common features you’ll find across the different tiers from entry-level to luxury include: 

  • Retractable nozzle(s) with a shield. When doing the #1 or #2, the nozzle is protected from splashing by a small shield. 
  • Retractable nozzle(s) that’s completely concealed. In this case, the nozzle is kept inside the seat until needed, providing more protection than a small shield. 
  • On-demand, self-sanitizing nozzle(s). The nozzle is rinsed with water when the user turns a dial or hits a button. 
  • Automatic, self-cleaning nozzle(s). The nozzle is rinsed automatically before and after each use—once when extending and again when retracting. 
  • Antimicrobial, automatic self-cleaning nozzle(s). The cleaning wand is made with antimicrobial additives. 
  • Automatic, self-cleaning + on-demand self-sanitizing nozzle(s). In this case, the nozzle self-cleanse before and after each use (per usual) and the user can turn the dial to have the nozzle(s) doused in an antimicrobial solution—usually, silver solution. 
  • Automatic, self-sanitizing nozzle(s). Bidets that douse their wands in a disinfecting solution before and after each use. TOTO uses Ewater+ which forms NaOCl (a natural disinfectant). Some brands use a solution containing silver, a natural antimicrobial agent.

Best Self-Cleaning Bidets: Quick Summary Chart

Self-Cleaning/Sanitation Feature(s)Bidet
On-Demand Self-Cleaning All
Automatic Self-Cleaning Nozzle(s)
(Self-Rinse w/Each Use)
Brondell LE99, Alpha JX, TOTO S550e
Automatic Self-Sanitizing Nozzle(s)TOTO S550e
Antimicrobial WandAlpha JX
Retractable Nozzle w/ShieldLuxe Neo 185
Retractable Nozzle Concealed Inside SeatBB Slim ONE, Brondell LE99, Alpha JX, TOTO S550e
Self-Cleaning Toilet Bowl (PREMIST)TOTO S550e
Compatibility with Water FilterAll but Luxe Neo 185
Other Feature(s)Bidet
Warm WaterAll but Luxe Neo 185
Extended Warm Water
(Hybrid Heater)
Brondell LE99
Limitless Warm Water
(Tankless Heater)
Alpha JX, TOTO S550e
Warm Air DryerAll but Luxe Neo 185 and BB Slim ONE
Wireless RemoteAll but Luxe Neo 185 and BB Slim ONE
Auto Open/Close Seat and LidTOTO S550e
Sittable LidAlpha JX
Nozzle OscillationAll but Luxe Neo 185
Nozzle Pulse/MassageBB Slim ONE, Brondell LE99, TOTO S550e
Best for the MoneyAlpha JX

The Best Non-Electric Self-Cleaning Bidet  

The LUXE Bidet Neo 185 (Elite) Bidet Attachment

LUXE Bidet Neo 185 (Elite) Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment w/ Self-cleaning Dual Nozzle and Easy Water Pressure Adjustment for Sanitary and Feminine Wash (White and White)
The LUXE Bidet Neo 185 (Elite) Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment

First up, is the LUXE Neo 185 bidet attachment (Amazon link). 

Bidet attachments like the Neo 185 are non-electric, so this is about as basic as it gets for a self-cleaning bidet. 

A bidet attachment fits under your current toilet seat without replacing anything.  

I chose the Neo 185 because it’s the first in the Neo lineup to have a second nozzle (for female hygiene) and there’s rarely a difference in price between this model and inferior units like the Neo 120. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Guard gate for nozzle retractability. 
  • Self-cleaning nozzles. 
  • Dual nozzles for female hygiene. 
  • Least expensive. 
  • Easiest to install. 


  • Nozzles aren’t self-sanitizing. 
  • Nozzles aren’t antimicrobial. 
  • Cold water only. 

Self-Cleaning Features of the Neo 185

Self-Cleaning Wands 

Most non-electric bidets these days have self-cleaning wands, but a few still exist that don’t offer the feature. For example, the GoBidet is a solid chrome (or chrome-plated) bidet attachment that doesn’t have a self-cleaning nozzle. Gross. 

Guarded, Retractable Nozzles 

Also, unlike the inferior chrome attachments, LUXE attachments have retractable nozzles, so the cleaning wands are out of the way when the toilet is in use. 

Primitive attachments have cleaning wands that are situated inside the toilet bowl, unguarded from the toilet’s contents. In such cases, the nozzle operates on a swivel allowing it to be pushed out of the way. But it remains exposed to human waste. 

LUXE Neo 185 nozzles sit behind a “guard gate” that protects the nozzles from waste (read: poop and pee), and they only come out from behind the guard gate when needed. 

The nozzles have an internal spring so that they’re retracted by default. When the bidet is activated, water pressure overcomes the spring pressure causing the nozzles to come out and spray.  

When the dial is turned off, the spring pulls the nozzles back behind the guard gate. 

The Best Electric Self-Cleaning Bidets 

The Bio Bidet Slim ONE Smart Bidet Seat 

Bio Bidet Slim ONE Smart Bidet Seat
Bio Bidet Slim ONE Smart Bidet Toilet Seat

For those seeking a self-cleaning electric bidet at the lowest possible price, I recommend the Bio Bidet Slim ONE bidet (Amazon link). 

Self-cleaning nozzles are standard on electric bidets. In fact, I’ve never seen an electric bidet without the feature. But, bidets do vary in what type of self-cleaning nozzle technology they use. Namely, there are on-demand and automatic self-cleaning nozzles.

With on-demand self-cleaning wands, the user has to activate the cleaning function with the side panel, as opposed to the wand automatically self-rinsing before and after each use. Non-electric bidets and entry-level electric seats use this feature.

The BB Slim ONE is best for those who are okay with on-demand self-cleaning wands but who want more out of their bidet than a nozzle that shoots water. In addition to the self-cleaning feature, it offers perks like warm water, a heated seat, and special spray modes. 

Pros and Cons 


  • High-quality, stainless steel self-cleaning nozzle. 
  • The nozzle is completely concealed inside the seat, providing more protection than a guard gate.  
  • Compatible with external filter. 
  • Features like warm water and a heated seat.
  • Good value for the money. 


  • The self-cleaning feature isn’t automatic.  
  • Nozzles aren’t self-sanitizing or antimicrobial. 
  • No warm air dryer like most electric bidets. 
  • Side panel instead of a wireless remote. 

Self-Cleaning and Sanitation Benefits 

Completely Concealed Nozzles 

Bidet attachments hide nozzles behind a little flap or door that typically operates on a hinge. That way you can move the door out of the way for manual nozzle cleaning. 

Guard gates are great, and they definitely work. But there’s a much bigger chance the nozzles will get splashed on when the toilet is in use. 

Electric bidets conceal the nozzle(s) inside the seat or body of the bidet, so there’s virtually no chance of the nozzle getting soiled with feces or urine if the bidet is used correctly. 

On-Demand, Self-Cleaning Nozzle 

Hit the “Nozzle Cleaning” button while not seated, and the wand will rinse itself 3 times.  

It then extends and stops so that you can manually clean it if you want to. It’s usually recommended that you manually clean the wand once a month. 

Compatibility with External Water Filters 

External filters are meant to protect bidets from hard water damage, but they have the added benefit of removing impurities from the cleansing water. 

Non-electric bidets like the LUXE Neo 185 don’t work well with external filters because, when installed, the water pressure is lowered.

Electric bidets have an electric pump downstream of the filter, so water pressure isn’t as much of an issue. 

Installing one may affect the performance of the bidet, so I’d only resort to a filter in cases where the water supply is hard or thought to be dirty—as in, barely drinkable. 

Features and Specs of the Slim ONE 

  • Tank-type heater with Fusion heating technology. The warm water supply should last about a minute, but the integrated fusion heating should keep it from running cold. I.e., once the heated tank is empty, the water should remain at least room temperature. 
  • Water temperature: Four levels ranging from 37° F to 104°F. 
  • Water pressure: Adjustable pressure with strong/turbo and soft/sitz bath modes. The water flow rate ranges from 0.13 to 0.21 gal (or ~0.5 – 0.8 L) per minute. 
  • Cleaning nozzle: single, 3-in-1, stainless-steel, adjustable to 5 positions. 
  • Blue LED night light. Night lights illuminate the toilet bowl and bathroom allowing for easy night time navigation without blinding oneself with bathroom lights. 
  • Convenient side panel. The side panel is pretty sleek/non-bulky and has easy-to-read buttons. 
  • Several spray patterns: You can choose between regular cleansing, oscillation, and pulse-massage spray patterns.  
  • Wash modes: turbo (for constipation), soft sitz bath (for hemorrhoids), and a wash mode for children.   
  • No user presets or one-push auto function. So, there are several spray modes, but no ability to save your own personal preferences or hit a single button for a generic wash. 
  • Seat and lid: Heated seat surface w/adjustable temperature, gentle-close lid, quick-release button for easy bidet cleaning. 
  • Energy-saver modes. Eco modes allow the bidet save on energy consumption by lowering the seat and water temp when the bidet is least likely to be used. 

The child mode changes several of the settings (nozzle position, temperature, etc.) to be suitable for children so that kids need only hit a single button to get an adequate cleansing. 

Oscillating nozzles hit a wider area and reduce the need for fancy body positioning. The pulsing spray function provides a massage-like effect. 

The Brondell LE99 Bidet Seat (Automatic Self-Cleaning) 

Brondell Swash Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat LE99, Fits Elongated Toilets, White – Lite-Touch Remote, Warm Air Dryer, Strong Wash Mode, Stainless-Steel Nozzle, Saved User Settings & Easy Installation
The Brondell Swash LE99 Bidet Seat

Next up, is the Brondell LE99 bidet seat (Amazon link). It’s available for both round and elongated toilets. 

IMO, it’s the best premium bidet you can find for an entry-level price. 

It’s not much more than the Slim ONE considering the extra perks. 

The main benefits of the LE99 over the Slim ONE: 

  • It’s the first bidet mentioned to have automatic, self-cleaning nozzles. 
  • It has several features lacking in the Slim ONE like a warm air dryer and handheld remote. 

I’d definitely recommend this option for those who want the least expensive bidet with an automatic, self-cleaning nozzle. 

Pros and Cons 


  • High-quality, stainless-steel nozzle. 
  • Retractable nozzle that’s completely concealed when not in use. 
  • Automatic, self-cleaning wand. 
  • Compatible with external filter. 
  • Warm air dryer. 
  • Extended warm water via hybrid heater. 
  • Wireless, handheld remote (instead of side panel). 
  • LED nightlight. 


  • Nozzle isn’t self-sanitizing. 
  • Nozzle isn’t antimicrobial. 

Self-Cleaning and Sanitation Benefits of the LE99

Automatic, Self-Cleaning Nozzle 

The cleaning wand on the LE99 rinses itself before and after each use. The nozzle is doused with water each time it enters or exits its housing.  

Concealed, Retractable Nozzle 

Like the Slim ONE, the LE99 nozzles are completely concealed and protected from the toilet’s contents. 

Compatibility with External Water Filters 

Like the Slim ONE, the LE99 can be equipped with an external water filter for added sanitation. Water filters also extend the life of the bidet which saves the user money. 

Other Features and Specs of the Brondell LE99 

  • Warm air dryer: Adjustable temperature w/5 levels for max comfort. Helps reduce or eliminate toilet paper usage. 
  • Hybrid-type heater: Hybrid heaters provide extended warm water, so you can take your time and cleanse the entire front and back region without the water running cold. 
  • Water temperature: four settings including, “Off” (cold tap), Low (91.4° F), Medium (96.8° F), and High (102.2° F). 
  • Wash modes and spray patterns: Front, rear, strong, and soft wash modes. Oscillating and pulsating/massaging spray patterns for more effective and comfortable cleansing. 
  • Water pressure: 5 pressure settings for each wash mode, ranging from 0.15 to 0.21 gal (or 0.6 to 0.8 L) per minute. 
  • Cleaning nozzle: Single, 2-in-1 stainless steel nozzle for front and rear cleansing. The wand is adjustable to 5 positions for accurate aiming. 
  • Blue LED night light: Cool blue nightlight for late night trips to the bathroom. 
  • Convenient wireless remote: Instead of a side panel, the LE99 has a leek, stylish remote control.  
  • User presets: Two bidet users can save their preferred settings for things like water temperature, water pressure, seat and dryer temperature, etc. So, the users can get just the right settings in a single push of a button. 
  • Seat and lid: heated seat with 4 temperature settings, a slam-free/slow-close seat and lid, and quick-release button for easy bidet removal/cleaning. 
  • Energy-saver modes: Efficiency-wise, the LE99 water heater beats the tank-type heater of the BB Slim ONE (above), but isn’t as efficient as the instantaneous heaters offered with luxury bidets (see the Alpha JX and TOTO S550e). 

The Alpha JX Bidet Seat (Automatic Self-Cleaning + Antimicrobial Nozzle) 

ALPHA JX Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat, White, Endless Warm Water, Rear and Front Wash, LED Light, Quiet Operation, Easy Wireless Remote Control, Low Profile Sittable Lid, 3 Year Warranty (Elongated)

The next level up in bidet sanitation can be had with a nozzle that’s either antimicrobial or self-sanitizing. I’ll be listing at least one of each. 

The best self-cleaning bidet with an antimicrobial nozzle is the Alpha JX bidet seat (affiliate link).  It’s available for round and elongated toilets. 

Alpha is a fairly new brand on the scene, so fewer people know about their bidets. This is unfortunate, given their bidets offer the best bang for the buck in terms of quality and the number of features offered. 

The JX is marketed as a luxury bidet and IMO it’s one of the few that live up to the claim. It has pretty much all of the features I expect from a luxury bidet but for half the price.  

Why the Alpha JX is a step up from the Brondell LE99: 

  • Like the LE99, the JX nozzle is automatic, self-cleaning. But, the JX nozzle is aluminum and contains antimicrobial nanotechnology. 
  • The Alpha JX has several high-end features lacking in the LE99 like an instantaneous water heater (the best kind of heater) for truly endless warm water.  

Pros and Cons 


  • High-quality, aluminum nozzle. 
  • Automatic, self-cleaning wand. 
  • Retractable nozzle that’s completely concealed when not in use. 
  • Compatible with external filter. 
  • Endless warm water via tankless water heater. 
  • Warm air dryer. 
  • Wireless, handheld remote with LCD screen. 
  • LED nightlight. 


  • As you’d imagine, it’s a bit more money than the LE99. In my experience, it’s usually another $80 to $100.  
  • There are two one-push auto modes, but no user presets. 

As you can see, none of the “cons” have anything to do with the bidet’s self-cleaning functions. 

Self-Cleaning and Sanitation Benefits of the Alpha JX

Automatic, Self-Cleaning Nozzle 

The Alpha JX cleaning wand self-rinses before and after each use, so there’s no need to remember to activate the nozzle-cleaning feature each time.  

You can still perform an on-demand nozzle cleaning session when you want–such as when you notice the wand is soiled. 

Antimicrobial Materials 

I like the idea of an antimicrobial nozzle. At least one study of bidet nozzles in public restrooms found numerous cleaning wands to be contaminated with harmful bacteria.  

With the surface of the nozzle being treated with antimicrobial additives, bacteria and other organisms will have a harder time proliferating.  

Concealed, Retractable Nozzle 

Like all electric bidets, the Alpha JX nozzle is completely concealed and protected from the toilet’s contents. 

Compatibility with External Water Filters 

Like all electric bidets, the Alpha JX can be set up with an external water filter for added hygiene.  

Other Features and Specs of the Alpha JX 

  • Warm air dryer: Adjustable temperature for max comfort and TP savings. 
  • Instantaneous water heater: The Alpha JX is the first in the lineup to have a tankless water heater, a feature typically only found with luxury bidets. Instantaneous heaters warm water on the spot to provide instant and limitless heated water that never runs out. 
  • Adjustable water temperature: Settings include “Off” (cold tap) and temperatures that range from Low (93° F) to High (104° F). 
  • Wash modes and spray patterns: Front, rear, plus an extra-strong mode labeled “rear+”. Like other electric bidets in the article, the JX has an oscillating spray mode for better and wider cleansing. 
  • Water pressure: The Alpha JX is among the stronger bidets on the market. With the extra-strong rear+ mode and adjustable water pressure levels, the output reaches a max spray volume of 0.185gal (or 0.7 L) per minute. 
  • Cleaning nozzle: Single, 2-in-1 stainless steel nozzle for front and rear cleansing. The wand is also positionable, allowing you to aim the bidet with the remote control.  
  • Night light. The Alpha JX has a built-in white LED nightlight w/ambient light sensor, causing it to shut off automatically when the sun comes up. 
  • Convenient wireless remote with a wall mount and LCD display. Of the bidets in this article, this is probably my favorite wireless remote both for how it looks and operates.  
  • Auto functions: The “One Touch Easy Wash” and “One Touch Wash & Dry” functions allow the user to get a generic wash or wash + dry cycle by hitting a single button. This function is convenient for all users but especially useful for kids and older adults. 
  • Seat and lid: Heated seat with adjustable temp, slow-close seat/lid, and quick-release mechanism. The lid is sittable, meaning you can pop a squat on the toilet with the lid down without worrying about damaging the lid as you would with most plastic toilet seats. 
  • Energy-efficiency: Bidets with instantaneous heaters, like the one on the Alpha JX, are the most efficient in the industry, because the heaters only draw power when needed. The JX also has power-saving economy modes to help further reduce energy use by regulating the use of certain energy-consuming bidet functions when the bidet is least likely to be used. 

The TOTO S550e Luxury Bidet (Automatic Self-Sanitizing) 

TOTO SW3056#01 S550E Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with Cleansing Warm, Nightlight, Auto Open and Close Lid, Instantaneous Water Heating, and EWATER+, Elongated Contemporary, Cotton White

Finally, there is the TOTO S550e luxury bidet, which is considered the best money can buy (compare price on Amazon). It’s only available for elongated toilets. 

No list would be complete without it. It offers more features than any other bidet on the market, despite looking the most like a regular toilet seat.  

At only 5” (~12.7 cm), it has the least bulky/most streamlined shape of any bidet I’ve seen. 

Along with the solid white exterior and lack of any visible decals, it’s as close to a “bidet that doesn’t look like a bidet” that you’ll find. 

Why is the TOTO S550e a step up from the Alpha JX?  

  • Like the JX, the S550e has an automatic, self-cleaning nozzle. Instead of being made of antimicrobial materials, the wand self-sanitizes with an electrolyte solution called “Ewater+” that forms sodium hypochlorite, a natural disinfectant used to treat water. 
  • The Ewater+ not only disinfects the nozzle, it also creates an extra-slippery surface preventing waste (poop) from sticking to the wand in the first place, helping minimize bacterial contamination. 
  • The TOTO S550e has a lot of the same luxury features (e.g., endless warm water) but also offers tons of other features like an air deodorizer, an automatic open/close seat and lid, and function that automatically cleans the toilet bowl. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Automatic, self-cleaning wand. 
  • The cleaning wand self-rinses in a sanitizing solution before and after each use. 
  • Retractable nozzle that’s completely concealed when not in use. 
  • Compatible with external filter. 
  • Warm air dryer. 
  • Wireless, handheld remote. 
  • Endless warm water via tankless water heater. 
  • Automatic Pre- and Post-Mist function to keep the toilet clean. 
  • Automatic open and close toilet seat/lid.  
  • Air deodorizer. 


  • The TOTO S550e is the most expensive bidet on the market.  
  • The most important self-cleaning features can be had with less expensive bidets. 

Self-Cleaning and Sanitation Benefits of the TOTO S550e

A Nozzle That’s Resistant to Soiling 

The slippery surface created by Ewater+ is used for the physical control of microbial growth. Harmful microbes are harbored inside dirt, poop, and other debris. Keeping surfaces clean and free of debris eliminates most of the bacteria. 

Automatic, Self-Sanitizing Nozzle 

After keeping a surface clean, the next step is to sanitize, in order to kill any remaining microbes. 

Like the LE99 and JX automatic, the TOTO S550e has an automatic, self-cleaning nozzle.  

But instead of self-rinsing in tap water, it uses Ewater+, a solution that forms sodium hypochlorite. NaOCl is used in swimming pools to disinfect water so it has a long track record of keeping water safe and clean. 

PREMIST Function Keeps the Toilet Bowl Clean 

A built-in sensor detects when you sit down and pre-mists the with Ewater+, the same solution used to clean the nozzle. The solution coats the inside of the bowl, creating a slippery surface to prevent waste from sticking to it. 

It then goes a step further by misting the bowl when you go to leave.

Concealed, Retractable Nozzle 

The TOTO S550e nozzle stays hidden in its housing (inside the bidet seat) and only comes out when needed, helping prevent soiling of the cleaning wand. 

Compatibility with External Water Filters 

Like with the JX, LE99, and Slim ONE, the TOTO S550e can be set up to use a water filter for added cleanliness.  

Air Deodorizer 

Keeping the bathroom air clean is important too, especially if you want to avoid stinky embarrassing odors.  

The TOTO S550e comes with an air deodorizer that uses a small fan to pull air through a carbon filter. By passing through the filter, smelly compounds are broken down eliminating the bad smell at the source—instead of just masking it as air fresheners do. 

Other Features and Specs of the TOTO S550e 

  • Warm air dryer: Like most TOTO bidets, the S550e has a warm air dryer. 
  • Instantaneous water heater: It also has a tankless water heater for instant and limitless warm water. 
  • Adjustable water temperature: For water temperature, you can select “Off” (cold tap) and 1 of 3 settings that range from 86° F to 104° F. 
  • Oscillation and pulse/massage spray modes: this bidet comes with both oscillating and pulsating spray options. The oscillating mode sprays back and forth to cleanse a wider area and the pulsating spray pattern provides a massage-like effect. 
  • Special feminine mode: Aside from regular frontal spraying, you can choose a Wide Front cleansing option for extra-soft front cleansing session that cleans the entire frontal area. 
  • Soft rear mode: the Soft Rear function can be used as a bidet sitz bath mode for soothing irritated skin (hemorrhoids). 
  • Water pressure: There’s no spray option labeled “turbo” or “strong” but the S550e is known for offering the strongest pressure of any TOTO bidet. The pressure can be adjusted to 5 levels offering a flow rate of 0.08 to 0.11 gal (or 0.32 – 0.43 L) per minute. 
  • Cleaning nozzle: it comes with a single nozzle for posterior and feminine hygiene, that’s adjustable to 5 positions. The nozzle is well-built, but it’s not stainless steel.  
  • Night light: the S550e is the only bidet in the TOTO lineup to come with a built-in nightlight that illuminates the bowl. 
  • Convenient wireless remote with magnetic wall mount. The wireless remotes that come with TOTO bidets are slim and aesthetic with intuitive controls. 
  • Heated seat with quick-release mechanism: heated seat with a temperature that can be adjusted between 82° F and 97 °F. You can easily slide the bidet off of the toilet for manual cleaning. 
  • Auto open/close seat and lid: the toilet seat and lid can be opened and closed from the wireless remote.  
  • Auto-flush: the S550e is available with Auto Flush technology for those who have compatible toilets. 
  • User presets: the bidet comes with 2 user presets for storing personal settings for things like water temperature and pressure.  
  • Energy-efficiency: Having an instantaneous water heater, the S550e is among the most energy-efficient bidets on the market. It also has several power-saving Eco modes that allow you to choose when the bidet goes into low-power mode, or have the bidet memorize when the toilet is least likely to be used and go into low-power mode during periods of infrequent use. 

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