Best Bidets for Kohler Toilets in 2023

In today’s article, we’re looking at the best bidets from different brands that fit well with Kohler toilets.  

It may seem that the obvious answer would be to just go with a Kohler bidet. But the brand only has a few bidets to choose from, several of which are hard to find, plus a lot of folks want to know what other brands have to offer such as Bio Bidet, Brondell, TOTO, etc.

Fits Most Kohler Toilets
Alpha GXR Wave Bidet Toilet Seat
  • Guaranteed fit
  • Warm air dryer
  • 40 seconds of warm water
  • Self-cleaning wand

Will fit all current Kohler one- and two-piece toilets, except those with French curves.

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In general, electric bidet seats fit standard Kohler one- and two-piece toilets. Most bidet attachments will fit Kohler two-piece units, but one-piece units may cause installation issues. Kohler toilets with French curves are best suited to Alpha and Blooming bidets.

Difficult bidets, like those with French curves (San Raphael, Rialto, and Santa Rosa) or odd dimensions, have the most limitations, and the worst offenders are barely compatible with handheld sprayers.

Kohler likes to make compact-elongated toilets, making the toilet bowls somewhere between elongated and round. Most elongated bidet seats will fit compact elongated bowls, but don’t be surprised if the bidet juts out in the front by an inch or so. 

Keep in mind, if you have a toilet with a skirted trapway (as many Kohlers do), you will need extra parts: a 3/8″ T-valve and probably some top-mounting bolts.

Terms used in this article: 

  • Different bowl shapes: Elongated bowls are oblong in shape with a length of 18.5”. Compact-elongated toilets have oblong have the same shape but are an inch or so shorter. Round bowls are closer to a circle and usually 16.5” long. 
  • Two vs one-piece toilets: with two-piece toilets, the tank is bolted to the rest of the toilet. One-piece toilets are a single unit and more streamlined in appearance. 
  • Trapways: with exposed trapways, you can see more of the toilets innards, specifically the snake-like pathway that water passes through when you flush. Toilets with concealed trapways hide the S-shaped pipe but otherwise look the same. Finally, toilets with skirted trapways have a veneer or “skirt” that covers the entire toilet from the rim down, which makes cleaning the commode a lot easier. 

Best Bidets for Kohler Toilets: Quick Summary Table 

Kohler Toilet(s)Compatible Bidet(s)
Standard Two-Piece (No Curves),
Elongated and Compact-Elongated
GX/GXR, S1000, Alpha JX, C3-230, C3-155, NB-1063, LUXE Neo 185, Puretide, ONE V2
Standard Two-Piece (No Curves),
GX/GXR, S1000, Alpha JX, NB-1063, LUXE Neo 185 and Puretide
Standard One-Piece (No Curves),
Elongated and Compact-Elongated
GX/GXR, S1000, Alpha JX, C3-230, C3-155, NB-1063, Puretide and ONE V2
San Raphael
Alpha JX, Kohler C3-230, NB-1063
Santa Rosa
Alpha JX, C3-155, C-230, NB-1063, ONE V2
San Souci
(Compact-Elongated and Round)
Kohler C3-230 and Alpha JX, ONE V2 Compact-Elongated
RialtoBlooming NB-1063 and Alpha JX
Persuade S1000, GX/GXR, Alpha JX, ONE V2, NB-1063
San MartinThe C3-230 or C3-155 Bidet
Brazn, Escale, Rêve, RosarioBrondell Luxury Bidet Sprayer
Avoir, Wall-Hung Memoir, Wall-Hung VeilBrondell Luxury Sprayer + Mixing Valve
Extra Parts Needed for Kohler Skirted Toilets3/8″ T-Valve and/or Top Mounting Bolts

The chart is for general recommendations, but I’ll be recommending specific bidets further down in the article. 

The Best Electric Bidets for Kohler Toilets

The following Kohler toilets are compatible with the widest selection of bidets:  

These recommendations apply to the following two-piece toilets: 

Corbelle, Highline, Betello, Persuade, Strela, Archer, Devonshire, Wellworth, Kelston, Barrington, Bancroft, Couture, Pinoir, Serif, Strela, Escale, and the two-piece version of Cimarron, Memoirs, Tresham, and Portrait. 

In short, all two-piece toilets but discontinued square-shaped Escale.

In general, the main way two-piece toilets can cause problems is when they have round bowls, as most bidets are available in elongated only. But I’ve done the work to find the best bidets available in both round and elongated. 

Compatible Kohler one-piece toilets include:

  • Adair
  • Kathryn
  • Saile
  • Reach
  • Harken
  • Veil
  • Gabrielle
  • Cimarron (one-piece version)
  • Memoirs
  • Tresham
  • Portrait. 

I.e., pretty much all but those with French curves. 

A lot of the above-mentioned toilets are discontinued, but they’re still around. 

With electric bidets, one-piece toilets are a bit trickier only in that some units are available with compact-elongated bowls, which causes elongated bidet seats to stick out in the front. 

But the functioning is normal. If you have a compact-elongated toilet and a perfect fit is a deal-breaker, then you may want to go with a bidet attachment.  

The Alpha GX and GXR (In Elongated and Round)

Alpha Bidet GXR Wave Bidet Toilet Seat in Elongated White | Strong Spray | Remote Control | Stainless Steel Nozzle | Low Profile | LED Nightlight | Warm Air Dryer | Oscillation and Pulse (Elongated)

Up first, is the Alpha GX and Alpha GXR bidet seats (also available on Amazon).  

They fit elongated, compact elongated, and round toilets. With compact elongated bowls, the bidet will stick out by about an inch, but it shouldn’t affect the function. 

The GX has a side panel (instead of a wireless remote) and is thus a bit cheaper (about 2/3 the price, IME) but they’re otherwise the same bidet.   

Alpha is a fairly new brand so fewer folks are aware of their bidets, which is a shame because they offer some of the most reasonably-priced premium and luxury seats. 


  • Guaranteed fit. According to the Alpha fitment guide, the GX and GXR fit all current Kohler one- and two-piece toilets, except those with French curves. From my research, I can say that there are few exceptions, but the toilets listed above do fit.
  • Limited warm water.  With the GX and GXR, you’ll get about 40 seconds of warm water. 
  • Warm air dryer. All electric Alpha bidets come with warm air dryers. 
  • Adjustable temperature for water, heated seat, and warm air dryer. This goes for the wireless remote and side panel controls.  
  • Self-cleaning wand for increased hygiene.  
  • Adjustable water pressure w/best water pressure of any electric bidet in the article. The GX and GXR win the award for best water pressure with an output of 1 L (0.26 gal) per minute per the “rear+” turbo mode. 
  • Nozzle oscillation and pulse/massage modes for better cleaning, greater coverage, and max comfort. 
  • Choose from a sleek side panel or wireless remote. A handheld remote is available with GXR. It comes with wall mount as well. 
  • White LED nightlight for easy night time bathroom navigation.  
  • Sturdy, sittable lid. The lids on the GX and GXR are strong enough to allow users to sit on the toilet when the lid is closed. 
  • Adjustable, stainless-steel, 2-in-1 self-cleaning nozzle for rear and front feminine cleansing. Instead of dual nozzles, the GX and GXR have a single nozzle with two holes to hit the entire perennial region. Simply adjust the nozzle position with the control panel/wireless remote for accurate aiming. 
  • Slow-close seat and lid with quick-release mechanism. The slow-close function saves wear and tear and the quick-release allows for easy bidet removal/attachment and cleaning.
  • Power-saving eco modes for energy efficiency. 

The Alpha JX Luxury Bidet Seat (Elongated and Round)

ALPHA JX Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat, White, Endless Warm Water, Rear and Front Wash, LED Light, Quiet Operation, Easy Wireless Remote Control, Low Profile Sittable Lid, 3 Year Warranty (Elongated)

For a little extra, you can get the Alpha JX luxury bidet, Alpha’s high-end option (affiliate link). The Alpha JX is the most reasonably-priced bidet in the luxury class, in my opinion. 

Amazon sometimes has the bidet, and you can check their current supply here (affiliate link). But I recommend getting Alpha bidets through Bidet King since they own and operate Alpha and provide a good warranty and great support.

The GX gives the best bang for your buck, but the JX has several impressive features, so I’d recommend it over the GXR since the price difference is minimal. With the GXR, you pay a good bid more than the GX but only get a wireless remote by paying extra.

Like the above two bidets, the JX fits Kohler toilets in round, elongated, and compact-elongated, and may hang over the front of the toilet by an inch or so with the latter. 


  • Guaranteed fit. According to the Alpha fitment guide, the JX fits all current Kohler toilets, except those with French curves. I can say that they will fit the above listed Kohler toilets.
  • Endless warm water supply. The Alpha JX comes with a tankless water heater for instant and endless warm water. 
  • Warm air dryer. Like other Alpha bidets, the JX come with a warm air dryer. 
  • Self-cleaning wand w/antimicrobial nanotechnology. For max sanitation, the nozzle is self-cleaning (like with the GX/GXR) but it’s also treated with additives that resist microbial growth. 
  • Sleek wireless remote with LCD display and wall mount. Control all features of the bidet from a handheld remote.  
  • Adjustable temperature. Control temperature for water, warm air dryer, and heated seat.  
  • Adjustable water pressure w/turbo mode. The JX offers a water output of 0.7 L (0.185 gal) per minute via the “rear+” turbo mode. 
  • Nozzle oscillation for greater coverage and more effective cleaning.  
  • Easy operation modes for convenience and child/senior-friendliness. The JX has two different one-touch auto modes. One mode activates a generic cleaning cycle and the other a cleaning + drying cycle.  
  • A built-in white LED nightlight with an ambient sensor. The feature allows for non-blinding bathroom illumination for nighttime trips and the sensor helps save energy. 
  • Sturdy, sittable lid. The JX comes with a strong, sittable lid allowing users to sit on the toilet. 
  • Single, adjustable, aluminum nozzle for rear and front feminine cleansing. Like other Alpha bidets, the JX has a single nozzle w/multiple holes to hit the entire perennial region.  
  • Slow-close seat and lid with easy-removal mechanism for manual bidet cleaning.
  • Power-saving eco modes for energy efficiency. 

The Brondell SWASH 1000 Luxury Bidet Seat (Elongated and Round)

Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat, White

Next up, is the Brondell SWASH 1000 electric seat (also check prices here).  

The S1000 is another good option since Brondell endorses it as compatible with Kohler toilets. It’s the most expensive one in the article, and I’m not sure the extra price is worth it. But some prefer Brondell bidets, so if that’s you, the S1000 is worth considering.

One thing I like about it is the big intuitive buttons which makes it ideal for kids and older adults. Then again, it doesn’t have a one-touch auto mode like some of the other options, which makes it less ideal for kids and the elderly.

The S1000 is the best option in the following situations: 

  • You prefer Brondell bidets, in general.  
  • You want an endorsement by the bidet manufacturer that a bidet fits your specific Kohler toilet. Even if you have a standard two-piece Kohler toilet, it’s nice to know that a bidet is a guaranteed fit to minimize the chance you’ll have to send it back. 
  • You want a luxury bidet. The S1000 is only one of two luxury class bidets mentioned in the article, the other being the Alpha JX.  

The S1000 is a good luxury bidet, overall. It’s one of the only bidets in the article that boasts a tankless water heater for unlimited warm water flow and is one of only two bidets that has a self-sanitizing nozzle. 

It has an on-demand self-sanitizing function that when activated, triggers the nozzle to self-rinse using a silver-containing solution. Silver oxide has natural antimicrobial properties. This keeps the bidet from becoming contaminated over time, which lowers the risk of infection. 

The S1000 is one of Brondell’s best bidet seats, second only to the S1400. I typically recommend the S1400 over the S1000 because they’re not much different in price.  

They do differ slightly in shape, but the S1000 has a curved rear end, making it less likely to pose installation issues, in general.  

Given the slight difference in shape and the fact that Brondell endorses the S1000 as being a great fit for Kohler toilets, I’d recommend the S1000 over the S1400 (my usual Brondell luxury recommendation).

Features Include: 

  • Guaranteed fit for all but the most obscure Kohler toilets (see the list above for every compatible Kohler toilet). Like the above options, it comes in round and elongated.
  • Endless warm water via tankless ceramic core heater.  
  • Warm air dryer—a function lacking in some of the other Brondell “luxury” bidets like theSWASH 1200.  
  • Adjustable temp for water, dryer, and heated seat. 
  • Wireless handheld remote with large intuitive buttons.  
  • Slow-close seat and lid w/quick-release button for easy cleaning. 
  • Dual stainless-steel nozzles, the second being for feminine hygiene. Both wands are adjustable across five positions. 
  • Oscillating spray function, but no pulse/massage mode.  
  • Spray width settings, which is a pretty rare feature, IME. 
  • Automatic self-cleaning nozzles, w/on-demand self-sanitizing function using a silver solution. Silver is a natural antimicrobial substance. 
  • Deodorizer w/activated charcoal filters to keep the bathroom smelling fresh. The filter breaks down smelly molecules instead of just masking them as do air fresheners. 
  • Adjustable water pressure with a decent max output of 0.13 gal (or ~0.5 L) per minute. Unfortunately, there’s no strong setting, but using the narrowest setting should provide decent pressure. 
  • Eco mode and aerated wash for energy and water effiiciency, respectively. Being a tankless water heater, it’s as efficient as the Alpha JX. 

Non-Electric Bidets for Kohler Toilets 

If you’re looking for a bidet that sprays water and can do without all the bells and whistles, you may want to look into getting a non-electric seat or attachment. 

The Kohler Puretide Bidet Seat (Elongated and Round) 

Kohler K-5724-0 Puretide Elongated Manual Bidet Toilet Seat, White With Quiet-Close Lid And Seat, Adjustable Spray Pressure And Position, Self-Cleaning Wand, No Batteries Or Electrical Outlet Needed

Finally, a Kohler recommendation. A great non-electric seat that fits most Kohler toilets is the Kohler Puretide which comes in both round and elongated (Amazon link). 

The main benefit to this model is that it comes in round-front which can’t be said of the next recommendation. 

Consider this bidet if you have the round-front version of any of these Kohler toilets: 

The Highline, Wellworth, Couture*, and two-piece versions of the Cimarron and Memoirs. 

*The Couture, a discontinued toilet, might be the only round-front Kohler toilet that doesn’t get recommended (by the brand) as going well with the Puretide. But having looked at the picture and dimensions, I see no reason why it wouldn’t fit. 

It does not fit the round-front version of the San Souci or Rialto because the curves get in the way of the control arm. 

See recommendations for the San Souci and Rialto below. 

The Alpha ONE V2 (In Elongated Only)

Bio Bidet Slim Zero-Non Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilet, Dual Nozzle, Nightlight, Unified Brass, Inlet and T-Valve-Easy to use Chrome Plated Side Lever DIY Installation, White

Another great non-electric bidet that’s compatible with Kohler toilets is the Alpha ONE V2 (also available on Amazon). 

This one I recommend for elongated bowls because it’s less expensive than the Puretide and doesn’t come with the bulky control arm, in case you ever decide to use it on another toilet. 

Plus, being Alpha, it’s one of the sleeker, more streamlined bidet seats out there, coming as close as possible to a bidet that doesn’t look like a bidet. 

Bidet Attachment for Kohler Toilets: The LUXE Neo 185

LUXE Bidet Neo 185 (Elite) Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment w/ Self-cleaning Dual Nozzle and Easy Water Pressure Adjustment for Sanitary and Feminine Wash (White and White)

Bidet attachments, in general, should fit most two-piece Kohler toilets, but I recommend the LUXE Neo 185 (Amazon link). 

For those who are new to the subject, bidet attachments are non-electric, but unlike the above seats, they’re fixed to your toilet (at the back of the rim) without replacing the original seat. Since they don’t replace the seat, you don’t have to worry about the round vs elongated distinction. 

The Neo 185 is a great option if you’re looking for a cheap and easy-to-install bidet that provides the most essential functions. 

Consider it if that sounds like you and you have any of the following Kohler toilets: 

Corbelle, Highline, Betello, Persuade, Strela, Archer, Devonshire, Wellworth, Kelston, Barrington, Bancroft, Couture, Pinoir, Serif, Strela, Escale, and the two-piece version of Cimarron, Memoirs, Tresham, and Portrait. 

Attachments may fit other Kohler toilets, but I’d be hesitant to recommend one for any models other than the ones just mentioned because people often report installation problems when attempting to install bidet attachments onto one-piece toilets, in general. More on that next. 

Bidets for Kohler One-Piece Toilets 

Kohler one-piece toilets are compatible with most elongated seats, though installation on compact-elongated bowls may result in a small overhang. Round bidet seats won’t fit and bidet attachments are often incompatible. Kohler one-piece toilets with French curves require further considerations. 

One-piece toilets are a little trickier, in general, but more so with bidet attachments because the control arm on attachments (the part with the dial) usually extends downward. A bidet seat either comes with a wireless remote control or a side panel that is parallel with the rest of the seat.

See the list of compatible Kohler one-piece toilets below. I’d recommend these bidets (links to above sections of this article): 

  • Brondell S1000 electric seat. *
  • The V2 non-electric seat. 
  • The Alpha GX/GXR bidets or the JX bidet. 

Kohler makes fancy toilets so there are several one-piece toilets (almost 20).

Kohler one-piece toilets include: 

  • The one-piece version of the Cimarron. It has an elongated bowl and can be found both with exposed and concealed trapways. 
  • The Reach w/compact-elongated bowl and skirted trapway. 
  • The Gabrielle w/elongated bowl and exposed trapway. 
  • The one-piece version of the Memoirs w/compact-elongated bowl and skirted trapway. 
  • The Adair w/elongated bowl and exposed trapway. 
  • The one-piece version of the Portrait with its compact-elongated bowl and concealed trapway. 
  • The Kathryn w/compact-elongated bowl and concealed trapway. 
  • The one-piece version of the Tresham has a compact-elongated bowl and skirted trapway. 
  • The Saile w/elongated bowl and skirted trapway. 
  • The Harken w/compact-elongated bowl and skirted trapway. 
  • The non-intelligent version of the Veil w/compact-elongated bowl and skirted trapway. 
  • One-piece toilets with French curves: Santa Rosa, San Raphael, San Souci, San Martin, Rosario, and Rialto. These we’ll be covering separately.  
  • A few oddball toilets which have strange dimensions, shapes, or features. These include the Brazn, Reve, and Trocadero. 

With the exception of the oddball group and those with French curves, any of the above toilets should be good to go with most electric bidets. 

One-piece toilets, in general, can be tricky in a few ways: 

  1. One-piece toilets are more likely to come with skirted trapways. If you read the list above, you probably noticed. Hence, if you have a one-piece unit, there’s a bigger chance you’ll have to get extra parts.  
  2. The area that connects the tank to the rest of the toilet (at the back of the rim), tends to be wider. This is even true when the tank meets the toilet at a 90-degree angle. This rules out many bidet attachments. 
  3. They can be problematic for bidet seats, as one-piece units have more curves, known as French curves, that can interfere with the mounting plate.  
  4. Another way they can be tricky for bidet seats, is that they’re more likely to have compact-elongated bowls. In fact, none of the Kohler two-piece toilets are available in compact-elongated form. Again, this is an issue for form more than function, but it may be a problem for those more concerned with aesthetics.  

Two-piece toilets have their own problems. As mentioned, round toilet bowls are limited to two-piece toilets—likely, because two-piece units are considered less luxurious. Fancy, modern bathrooms are typically larger and thus tend to use elongated toilets since space isn’t an issue. 

Compact-elongated bowls can make for a less precise fit, but they still look great once installed, and the slight mismatch doesn’t affect the function. 

Bidets for the Kohler Persuade  

Most elongated bidet seats will fit the Kohler Persuade. It doesn’t have French curves, and the toilet isn’t overly wide in the rear, so bidet attachments should fit just fine, too. Regardless of the type of bidet, the Persuade only comes in skirted form, so extra parts will be needed. 

Namely, a 3/8″ T-valve and some top-mounting bolts.

For the Kohler Persuade, I’d recommend the LUXE Neo 185 or the elongated version of the Alpha JX, GX/GXR, ONE V2, or the Brondell SWASH 1000. So, the recommendations are no different than for other standard Kohler two-piece toilets.  

The same goes for the Kohler Strela, a discontinued toilet that looks just like the Persuade. 

I wanted to touch on the Persuade specifically because I get asked about it quite often in terms of which bidet would be best. 

I’m not exactly sure why I get asked about this one. From the looks of it, the toilet doesn’t seem difficult. It’s a two-piece toilet with an elongated bowl and skirted trapway.  

It looks like a slim one-piece toilet (the dual-flush kind) but it’s not especially wide in the back. It’s about 11” wide which is pushing it but still should accommodate a 12” attachment like those in the LUXE Neo line.  

Not having French curves, I see no reason it should pose any problems, nor have I heard of any complaints. 

I think one reason folks ask about the Persuade, is that it doesn’t fit any of the Kohler bidets according to Kohler’s fit chart. I think this must be a mistake because the product page says that the Persuade goes well with six different Kohler bidet seats.  

Bidets for French Curve Toilets 

Manufacturers like TOTO and Kohler make a lot of these toilets since they focus on high-end fixtures for modern bathrooms. 

Examples of Kohler French curve toilets include the following models: 

Santa Rosa, San Raphael, San Souci, San Martin, Rosario, and Rialto. 

With this design, the tank slopes down onto the basin of the toilet creating a depressed or indented contour along the tank, making it nigh impossible to mount most bidets, electric and non-electric.  

The curve along inside of the tank interferes with the mounting plate on most bidet seats and the curves on the sides get in the way of bidet attachments. 

Some French curves are more exaggerated than others, but even the mildest curves can pose major installation problems that rule out 90% of bidets on the market.  

The Alpha JX Bidet (Elongated and Round)

ALPHA JX Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat, White, Endless Warm Water, Rear and Front Wash, LED Light, Quiet Operation, Easy Wireless Remote Control, Low Profile Sittable Lid, 3 Year Warranty (Elongated)

For a breakdown of the features, see the description above for more detail. You can check out the current prices here (affiliate link).

The JX is compatible with most French curve toilets. It’s endorsed by Alpha as fitting the Santa Rosa, San Raphael, and San Souci, as well as being more installation-friendly with French curve toilets, in general. 

It’s a likely fit for the Rialto, Rosario, and San Martin but there are no guarantees because each toilet underwent changes before being discontinued and some versions lack the space needed for the mounting plates. 

The Kohler C3-230 Electric Bidet Seat (Elongated Only)

Kohler Electric Bidet Toilet Seat, Touchscreen Remote Control, Heated seat, Automatic Deodorization and Nightlight, K-4108-0, White, one-size

The first electric Kohler recommendation is the C3-230 bidet seat (also available here).

Kohler has several bidets in the C3 lineup. While they’re near identical in appearance, the C3 bidets do have differing dimensions, making some more or less compatible with certain toilets. 

Interestingly, it comes with both a side panel AND a wireless remote, which I rarely see. And despite having a side panel, it still manages to be slim enough to fit most French curve toilets. 


  • Recommended by Kohler for French curves and specifically as pairing well with the San Raphael. 
  • Endless warm water via tankless in-line water heater. 
  • Warm air blower w/adjustable air speed and temperature. 
  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure. 
  • Side panel and wireless remote control. The remote control is touchscreen.
  • Two programmable user presets so that you can save your preferences for water temperature, pressure, etc. 
  • Single, stainless-steel wand for front and rear cleansing. 
  • Oscillating and pulsating functions. 
  • Self-cleaning and self-sanitizing wand. Automatic, self-cleaning wand with automatic self-sanitizing function that uses UV-light. 
  • Heated seat w/adjustable temperature. 
  • Quiet-close seat for slam-free experience. 
  • Quick-release seat hinges for easy unlatching of the bidet (allows for easy removal and cleaning).  
  • Built-in LED nightlight for illuminating the bowl at night. 
  • Auto air deodorizer. The bidet comes with an auto deodorizing function w/carbon filter. 
  • Energy-saving mode for higher efficiency.

The Kohler C3-155 Electric Bidet Seat (Elongated Only)

KOHLER K-8298-0 C3 155 Elongated Warm Water Bidet Toilet Seat, White with Quiet-Close Lid and Seat, Automatic Deodorization, Self-Cleaning Wand, Adjustable Water Pressure, Nightlight, Heated Seat

One popular bidet that can accommodate some French curve toilets is the Kohler C3-155 bidet seat (amazon link).

This one is recommended by Kohler for the Santa Rosa. 

The C3-230 is their luxury class seat, while the C3-155 is meant as a premium (mid-tier) option. It’s bordering on luxury status, in my opinion, with the nozzle self-sanitizing function and air deodorizer.  

The main benefit of the C3-230 over this one is the endless warm water and wireless remote. Plus, the 230 fits a wider range of French curve toilets. Given that it’s available at about half the price of the C3-230, I’d say it’s a pretty good deal. 


  • Great fit for Santa Rosa. Recommended by Kohler itself as pairing well with the Santa Rosa. 
  • Less expensive than the C3-230.
  • Extended warm water via hybrid heater. 
  • Warm air dryer w/adjustable air speed and temperature settings. 
  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure. 
  • Sleek side panel control. 
  • Single, stainless-steel wand for rear and front cleansing. 
  • Oscillating for a better clean and greater coverage.
  • Pulsating function for a relaxing massage-like effect.
  • Self-cleaning and self-sanitizing wand. Automatic, self-cleaning wand w/UV light self-sanitizing function. 
  • Heated seat w/5 adjustable temperature settings. 
  • Quiet-close seat w/quick-release hinges for easy removal and cleaning.  
  • Built-in LED nightlight to illuminate the toilet bowl. 
  • Auto air deodorizer w/carbon filter. 
  • Economy mode for energy savings. 

The Blooming NB-1063 Bidet Seat (Elongated and Round)

Blooming NB-R1063-RW Bidet Seat with Remote Round

One of the best bidets for the Kohler Rialto (a toilet that only comes in round-front) is the Blooming NB-1063-RW (Amazon link).

If you have the San Raphael (elongated only) or the compact-elongated San Souci or Santa Rosa, check out the elongated Blooming NB-1063-EW (Amazon link).


  • The only bidet widely known to fit the Kohler Rialto. Again, this is significant given that Kohler doesn’t recommend any bidets for the toilet, not even the one they recommend for the San Raphael.  
  • Wireless remote-control w/screen display. The NB-1163 is available for less, but it’s not compatible with French curve toilets due to the side control panel which get in the way. 
  • Limitless warm water via tankless heater. One of the better features you can have, and one that’s less commonly available at this price.  
  • Warm air dryer w/5 temperature settings. 
  • Adjustable temperature. The water and seat temperature can be adjusted to 3 settings. 
  • Adjustable water pressure. You can adjust the pressure to 3 settings. 
  • Sturdy aluminum wand for rear and front cleansing. 
  • Oscillating (movement) and massage-pulse functions. The “Move” function causes the nozzle to oscillate back and forth to hit a wider area. The pulse mode provides a massage. 
  • Self-cleaning nozzle. The bidet has automatic and on-demand self-cleaning nozzle functions. 
  • Soft-close seat w/quick-release catch-plate for easy removal and cleaning.  
  • LED nightlight for night time bathroom illumination. 

Bidet for San Raphael 

The best bidet for the San Raphael is the Alpha JX electric seat, which is endorsed by Alpha as fitting the San Raphael, specifically. The toilet only comes in elongated, so the JX fits without causing overhang. Another great option is the C3-230 electric seat.  

The JX and C3-230 are both high-end luxury seats, but the JX is about half the price.  

The San Raphael comes in two versions, the higher-efficiency 1.0 GPF (gallons per flush) with an exposed trapway and the 1.28 GPF with a skirted trapway. 

The only Kohler bidet that the company endorses as compatible with the San Raphael is the C3-230 elongated seat. It may look just like the C3-155 (the one that fits the Santa Rosa) but it’s slimmer and thus fits between the deep French curves making it a better option. 

Unfortunately, the C3-230 is quite expensive, which is why I recommend the JX first. But it’s one of the better luxury bidets out there, so if money isn’t an issue, then it’s worth considering. 

For a side-by-side comparison, see this chart. * 

Bidet for Santa Rosa 

For the best performance and a near-optimal fit, the Alpha JX is the best bidet for the Santa Rosa, though it’ll hang over the front of the toilet by an inch. For a perfect fit, the best option is the Kohler C3-155. The C3-155 has fewer features and is a bit more expensive, but is made for the Santa Rosa. 

The Santa Rosa is another one I get asked about often. Compared to the San Raphael, the French curves on the Santa Rosa are much less dramatic. 

From the images you’ll find, it’s not even clear it has French curves. In some ways, it more resembles toilets like the Adair and Kathryn. It’s one-piece and extra-wide at the rear (where the toilet meets the tank) but otherwise appears to have normal dimensions.  

But if you look closely, you can see the curved and slightly concave tank making it a tough case for a lot of bidets. 

Bidet for the San Souci 

The overall best bidets for the compact-elongated San Souci are the Alpha JX electric and ONE V2 non-electric seats. For a perfect fit (no overhang), the best option is the Kohler C3-230 electric seat. For the round-front San Souci, choose the round JX. 

The Alpha ONE V2 is the only non-electric option known to fit the seat. Unlike the Kohler Puretide, it doesn’t have a bulky control arm on the side to interfere with installation. 

The San Souci is an interesting toilet. It looks like a smaller (less bulky) version of the San Raphael, with fairly prominent French curves. 

With a slimmer design, it looks like it would fit a wider range of bidets compared to the San Raphael, but on the product page, Kohler recommends the same C3-230 as the only “fits well with” option. 

Again, like the San Raphael, it also fits the Alpha JX.

Bidet for Rialto 

The best bidet for the Kohler Rialto is the round version of the Alpha JX and Blooming NB-1063, both of which are known to fit the Rialto 80% of the time. A guaranteed fit isn’t possible, as the Rialto underwent several changes over the years, and some versions interfere with installation. 

The Rialto is a tricky toilet. At first glance, it doesn’t look much different from the San Raphael, but the dimensions are different, enough so to rule out 99.9% of any bidets on the market.  

Being the only two bidets that fit, it’s fortunate both are such high-quality options. They’re good in that they both offer all of the features you’d expect from a bidet in the mid-tier price range. 

IMO, the JX is a better choice, since the Blooming NB-1063 costs a bit more and offers fewer features. Again, they’re both great options, so you can’t go wrong either way. 

Availability in round is important since the Rialto only exists with a round-front bowl shape. 

Keep in mind, Kohler doesn’t recommend any bidets for the toilet, not even the one they recommend for the San Raphael, a commode that’s near-identical in appearance. Also, Brondell, Alpha, and Bio Bidet all put the Kohler Rialto on their bad toilets list. 

So, the availability of these two options is nothing to take for granted. After all, the Rialto is a discontinued toilet, so I wouldn’t count on any bidet being made to fit it.

Bidet for Rosario and San Martin 

Finally, we have the Kohler Rosario and San Martin, the two remaining French curve Kohler toilets as of writing this article. Both are discontinued one-piece Kohler toilets with curves.  

The Rosario is only available in round-front with an exposed trapway. The San Martin is skirted, and I’m unsure of the bowl shape. 

I’m not aware of any bidet that’s a guaranteed fit for the Rosario. I would recommend going with one of the above options and giving it a try. You can always return it if it’s not a good fit.  

What I can say is that Kohler doesn’t recommend any of their bidets with the Rosario. That’s not to say that none do.

Brondell states that their bidets do not fit the Rialto and Bio Bidet doesn’t mention the toilet on their fitment page. 

For the San Martin, I’d recommend the C3-230 or C3-155. Kohler says the San Martin fits bidets in the C3 line.  

If the C3-155 doesn’t fit, you can give the 230 a try next, since it is a bit slimmer. The Alpha JX is probably worth a try, but there’s no guarantee.  

Brondell mentions their bidets as incompatible with the San Martin and Bio Bidet doesn’t mention the toilet. 

Bidets for Other Oddball Kohler Toilets (Tankless, Square, Wall-Hung, Etc.)

If you thought the above toilets were difficult, you ain’t seen nothing. 

Some (not all) of these are tankless, and the shutoff valve is often missing next to tankless. When that’s the case, you’ll need an extension hose to source water from the sink.

This may require drilling into the furniture if there’s any cabinetry around the sink.

Others are oddly shaped or too wide in the back.

So, all but the last (4th) category need extension hoses. Anything skirted will need extra parts (a 3/8” T-valve and potentially top mounting bolts). 

  1. The Trocadero (discontinued). The Trocadero is a one-piece, skirted toilet with an unknown bowl shape (it’s not listed on the product page). It has a low-profile tank but no French curves. There are no Kohler recommended bidets and it’s listed as bad for Brondell units.  
  2. Kohler tankless and wall-hung toilets. Most tankless toilets (floor- and wall-mounted) made by Kohler have built-in bidets, but there’s one called the Avoir (floor-mounted) that doesn’t. There’s a wall-hung version of the Memoirs, too. Both are incompatible with an attachment. The Avoir has a weird hinge and the wall-hung Memoirs is too wide in the back. Hence, I’d go with a handheld bidet with an extension hose to source water from the sink. 
  3. The Fountainhead. This toilet is just plain bizarre. It looks like it was made for a fancy outhouse if such a thing could ever exist. It would look odd with seat, plus there’s no way to access the water source.  
  4. Extra-wide and/or square toilets: The Rêve and Escale are square, so they won’t go with seats which are round or oval. They’re also rather wide, so they won’t accommodate bidet attachments. The Brazn is wide ruling out attachments, and the odd shape makes it clash with bidet seats. For these, you’ll need a handheld bidet, but you won’t need an extension hose.

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