A Complete Guide To Choosing A Bidet-Make The Smart Choice!

The right bidet for you feels comfortable to use AND helps you feel clean after you’ve finished using it.

Look around closely for one with all the features you want, as there are plenty out there that are sure to have everything you need plus fit your budget.

So, don’t dive in and pick the first one you see. Get knowledge on what makes a bidet great by reading this article, then see our picks for some choices you’re sure to love.

How Can I Be Sure I’m Picking The Correct Bidet?

Feeling like you’re wasting too much toilet paper and having an impact on the planet? Tired of yelling at your family to change the toilet rolls? Bidets can help.

You will probably be the first on your block to get one, as North Americans tend to stick with the ole’ roll. And if you’ve never used one, you probably feel nervous about getting a model that works for you.

It’s easy to see how you’d feel unsure of yourself! But, we can help.

Your first task is to ask these questions:

  • Am I looking to make this a permanent thing in my home (spending upwards of $300)?
  • Am I looking to just try a bidet out?

Bidets can save you money- Did you know that on average Americans spend $119 on toilet paper a year? (Link)

Now take into consideration that bidets cut down your toilet paper usage by 75% or more.(Link)

This is good for the trees and your wallet.

But we get it – some of you don’t want to pump $300 into a bidet. There are options for you that will get your butt clean.

If you DO want to go big, and your budget is $300 and up, you will probably do best by skipping to our “Electric” section. If not, keep going to our budget section to see some options you’re sure to love.

Before we do any shopping, let’s first get you filled in on the basics of bidets.

Bidets: The Basics

Bidets have many advantages. For starters, they promote a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

They help you reduce your toilet paper usage which saves trees.

They are sold in a variety of price ranges to suit people in all budget brackets. You can choose a very fancy bidet, or stick with a basic one.

Cheaper models attach right to your toilet and offer basic cleaning functions. With more money invested into your bidet, you can enjoy different water pressures, temperatures, and other great features.

The main difference to understand is electric v. mechanical.

Mechanical bidets make use of the temperature of your house’s plumbing as well as water pressure. Electric versions utilize motors to clean your bum. They also have plenty of features.

Your goal is to look carefully over the features offered so you get exactly what you want, for what you can afford.

I’m Looking For A Cheaper Bidet. What To Expect?

You’re likely going to end up with a mechanical bidet if you’re going under $300.

The biggest thing to know about is the cold water. Cold water on the bum or other private areas can be an uncomfortable feeling for some folks. However, some cheaper bidets have a heated-water feature.

We recommend you have a look at this range of non-electric bidets (Affiliate Link)

The bidets usually work by tapping into your home’s hot-water supply. So, if your shower or sink takes a while to warm, your bidet will be the same way.

So, get your warm water flowing in the sink first and foremost before you use it, or use the self-cleaning feature that most bidets have to get the water warm.

What’s This About A Self-Cleaning Nozzle?

The ability to spray the nozzle of the bidet with water before and after its uses may be necessary. You need to think about who’s going to be using the bidet?

For those of you with youngsters, boys, specifically- they are probably going to be aiming their stream at the nozzle. After all, young boys are taught to aim when being potty trained.

And while men are pretty neat, they do occasionally splash. So, the ability to run water through the nozzle before using it could be a necessity.

Meanwhile, a mechanical bidet is more than likely going to have a nozzle that retracts automatically so that pee doesn’t get caught inside… or other “waste,” for that matter.

This, in turn, makes self-cleaning a process you don’t have to worry about. You can just pull the nozzle and spray it with your favorite cleaner now and again.

Which Bidet Do I Choose? (Full-Seat Or Attachment Style)

Many mechanical bidets will likely be presented in the form of attachments. This means they will go under the toilet seat.

This isn’t a big deal, but you are going to want to invest in toilet-seat bumpers (Affiliate Link) so you don’t get a decline from the back of the toilet seat going to the front.

Other bidets can replace your whole toilet seat. You can also find some with a slow-closing seat so that you don’t crash it down (great for late-night bathroom trips).

We recommend the Kohler Puretide Elongated Bidet Seat (Affiliate Link)

As you can expect, these features do drive up the price.

Which Bidet Nozzle Do I Choose? (Single Or Dual Nozzle)

Some mechanical bidets offer you the chance to enjoy two nozzles.

These dual nozzles are especially great for women as they offer a forward, angled method of cleaning oneself which is great for your front, plus a nozzle situated in the back for your butt.

These options do tend to cost more. Also, be forewarned that not all of the two-nozzle models make use of warm-water connections. If that’s important, make sure you buy accordingly!

We recommend the Alpha ONE V2 Elongated Bidet Seat with dual nozzles. (Affiliate Link)

In summary, these are the features that mechanical bidets are equipped with. On a more technical level, consider what you’ll need for installation.

Some bidets are crafted entirely of plastic, even the valves needed get attached to your water pipe. Others utilize ceramic components or brass valves.

For most folks, plastic works great, but bidets featuring metal parts may be better for you as fewer leaks have been reported compared to plastic-part bidets.

I’m Looking To Spend Some Money On A Bidet. What To Expect?

You’re probably going to end up with an electric bidet. This is what most folks think about when they imagine a bidet.

These have all the fun features you’ve heard about-water pressure you can set to your personal preference, warmed seats, noises to drown out embarrassing flatulence… yep, they do it.

And much like buying a car, it can be overwhelming when thinking about all these newfangled features.

We recommend having a look at some of these state of the art, top of the range bidet seats and washlets from $200 all the way to $2000 (Affiliate Link)

Absolute Basic Must-Haves Of Electric Bidets

No need to get confused. Any electric bidet worth its salt should have:

  • Multiple nozzles that clean the feminine area and the bum
  • Electronic controls via a side panel or remote
  • A lid that closes slowly
  • Water pressure you can adjust
  • Heated water you can adjust
  • Heated seat you can adjust

More Electric Bidet Features

So, we’ve covered what you SHOULD get when purchasing an electric bidet- what manufacturers should include. Now, we will get into some important but less critical features.

Can A Bidets Looks Be Deceiving?

Every brand of bidet is going to have the quirks that set it apart from the others- we see this mostly in the seat design of the devices.

The ones that look the best and fit with your bathroom’s aesthetic are likely going to be the most pricey. Plus they integrate all the features you want- such as the seat, lid, and bidet itself.

For instance, the Brondell Swash 1400, has all the components and an easy-to-use remote control for the cleanest booty ever. (Affiliate Link)

Does An Electric Bidet Have A Massaging/Pulsing Wash Feature?

This does just what it sounds like- it sends jets of water instead of just a solid H20 stream. This is great for cleaning, but if you have trouble going number 2, it could stimulate your bottom to produce a bowel movement.(Link)

If you don’t eat enough fiber, or you just want some variety in cleanliness, look for this feature.

Do Bidets Have A Deodorize Feature?

Yikes, did your #2 get a bit out of hand? No worries, when you’ve got a bidet with a deodorizing feature.

It will take air from your toilet bowl and send it through the activated carbon filter, and this gets rid of foul odors.

Does An Electric Bidet Have An Air Dry Feature?

This is exactly what it sounds like: it sprays your bottom with warm air to dry it off, not unlike the hand dryers we find in public restrooms.

They will put out a gentle stream of warm air and like those hand dryers, may or may not get your behind completely dry.

However, most of us are probably OK with taking a few moments to think about life and letting the bidet do its work in the privacy of our own home- it’s not like public bathrooms where we quickly wipe our hands on our jeans and leave in a hurry.

This is a great feature that also helps you cut down on toilet paper usage. You might even use a small square of toilet paper first before turning on the air to get yourself dried faster.

Can I Store A Bidet Profile?

You know how on Netflix everybody’s got their profile? Grandma’s got the reruns of old TV shows from back in the day, your kids probably have PJ Masks, you get the idea. Anyway, pricier bidets have them, too.

A user profile will store various info about that particular user such as preferred water temp, the position of the nozzles, and pressure. This helps you get the setting that works best for you.

Most of the bidets in question have only about 2 profiles available, so you could set one up for yourself and your spouse or at least spouses and kids.

Are There Warranties Available For Bidets?

Any pricey model worth its salt is going to have a warranty on it, whether it’s five years or just one year.

Heck, even the more affordable bidets have a warranty, so choose a bidet that has one and ignore the ones that don’t.

After all, this is your family’s cleanliness we’re talking about here- you deserve the best for your hard-earned money.

Do Electric Bidets Offer An Oscillating Feature?

Movable nozzles are a commonplace feature among electric bidets. The oscillation feature will move it to and fro to enlarge the cleaning area.

This way your bum can stay in one place instead of having to wiggle around on the seat to get it clean… or having to manually move the nozzle where you need it.

This is thankfully a common feature on many electric bidets, but we still advise you to check your bidet of choice for it.

Are Bidets Ecologically Friendly?

You may notice an “Eco-Mode” on your electric bidet.

It’s a big bonus if your water is heat up in a tank that attaches to the machine. Eco-mode will control the power used by the seat heaters and the water heaters that usually always stay on (after all what good are they if you sit down on a cold seat or have to spray with a cold jet).

Since electric models feature heated seats, most will have this option.

Does An Electric Bidet Have Stainless Steel Nozzles/Sterilization of Nozzles?

The joys of being able to sterilize the nozzle and not have to clean it yourself are easy to see: the nozzle stays clean and it’s less work on your end. Silver nano-tech, UV light, or infrared rays are just a few ways nozzles stay sanitary.

These nozzles look great because stainless steel never goes out of style and bacteria have a harder time growing on it. Some models bring together stainless steel construction and sterilization for a bidet experience that is ultra-sanitary.

Are You Shopping For A Bidet But On A Budget?

Now we’d like to take a moment and go in-depth with three great bidets we’ve found whilst creating this guide.

Toto C5 Washlet

Yeah- this is the one to aim for if you’ve got the budget. You can look forward to many great features, here are just some for this bidet.

Heated Seat: It’s a standard feature for most bidets, but it helps make your cleansing experience that much more comfortable.

Warm Water: No need to deal with a bulky reservoir here. This model heats water as you need it, so there will be no coldness on your butt when using this model.

Automatic Open/Close Lid: What a great way to avoid germs. Thanks to the motion sensor feature, you can approach it and it will open on its own. Then press the remote button to close the lid again.

Remote Control: Yes, you can use the remote to control this bidet. And, you can store two profiles on the device! Plus, a wall mount is included for the bidet’s remote so it won’t get lost.

Front and Rear Cleansing: Men and women alike can enjoy a clean and sanitary experience using this bidet thanks to the dual streams.

Toto C100

Our mid-range pick is still very luxurious. Here are some of the great features.

Customized Cleansing: Front, Soft Rear, and Rear are available. The front is for the women, the rear is for the bum that offers you a full spray, meanwhile, the Soft Rear uses gentle pressure to clean you ever so gently (great for kids and people new to bidets).

Nozzle: The nozzle can be cleaned easily, all you have to do is press the on/off button to clean it. The wand comes out in five-minute intervals for manual cleaning (and goes back in on its own).

Pre-Mist: As soon as you sit your butt onto the seat of the C100, a mist will spray on the toilet bowl insides. This makes it easier for solid waste to slide off and avoid sticking to the bowl. Plus, it’s warm and you don’t need to plumb that in yourself, as the toilet seat does the heating for you.

Luxe Bidet Neo 120

This is a basic and affordable bidet that leaves you clean as can be. Here are the features of this great bidet.

Easy to Install: It takes just a few minutes to attach to your toilet seat. It fits any toilet, too.

Nozzle: Yes, the Luxe Neo has a self-cleaning nozzle with a retractable nozzle and nozzle guard gate.

Low-profile silhouette: Many modern bidet-makers hoping to reach a wide audience have mixed the traditional oval-shape control area,  giving consumers an attractive and unobtrusive way to stay clean.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are bidets out there for everyone. These are just three of the thousands of models available to consumers like yourself.

As with anything, you’ll want to carefully research and compare the models you like to get just what you want.

Take your time and choose wisely – you’ll be sure to love your bidet.


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