Can A Bidet Provide Relief Of Hemorrhoids To People? [Bidet Health 101]

Yes, a bidet can provide relief of hemorrhoids.

Since they are not very common in the USA, you might be wondering, what am I even talking about?

Well, relax, because, in this article, I’m going to be discussing everything regarding bidets and hemorrhoids, which will surely clear all your ambiguities. Therefore, keep reading.

So, when it comes to pooping while having hemorrhoids, you must realize how painful of a process it is.

Be it external hemorrhoids or internal; things might get even worse in case you don’t pay heed to what has caused them and what can be the possible solution to prevent the condition from worsening.

Among many other conventional treatments for hemorrhoids, using bidets might not be given as much importance as they deserve.

Little do most of us know that they can prevent the formation of hemorrhoids and save a lot of bucks annually – here’s a list of the best bidets when you suffer from hemorrhoids.

What Is A Bidet?

Those who are new to this term, have you guys been pronouncing it “bi-det”? Let me correct you then. It’s “bi-day.”

So, now that you know how to pronounce it correctly, we can move on to what it actually is.

Bidet is a French invention that has now gained popularity among Americans too because of its benefits and efficacy.

It is a small washbasin particularly designed to clean your genitalia by spraying water on it. Bidets have recently come to the spotlight because they are thought to treat and prevent hemorrhoids.

So, I did thorough research on this claim by mixing and matching the information available on the web and then discussed the facts in this article.

First of all, let’s have an overview of what Hemorrhoids are, how they are formed, what their types are, and how we can prevent their formation.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids (Link) are nothing but veins around our anus and rectum; however, straining during bowel movements can cause them to swell.

There are many other reasons like obesity, low fiber intake, severe constipation, or diarrhea that can lead to the formation of these painful and discomforting bumpy lumps, but the reason mentioned above is most common.

What Are The Types Of Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are of two main types: the internal ones and the external ones.

Let’s just pray and hope that no one gets both types at once because that would be the most undesirable condition. However, you don’t have to worry about it if you are taking precautionary measures like using a bidet.

Here, it is pertinent to mention that the chances of it happening are pretty low, but that doesn’t mean that the possibility is zero. Therefore, if you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms or see blood on your stool, get medical help right away.

Delaying and procrastinating can make things difficult for you to deal with as it might lead to the formation of Thrombosed Hemorrhoids (Link).

Mind you, these hemorrhoids are very painful.

How To Prevent The Formation Of Hemorrhoids?

Some simple and easy steps, if taken beforehand, can save you from suffering from pain and discomfort. Below, I have enlisted some very plain sailing initiatives that you can take.

Installing A Bidet

A bidet can prove itself to help to a great extent when it comes to either preventing hemorrhoids or treating them. It does so by eliminating the use of harsh toilet paper.

What would happen if you rub a rough-surfaced paper on a wound? Obviously, it will suck all the moisture, leading to dryness and rashes that might aggravate the situation. The same is the case with Hemorrhoids.

Then, the warm water stream coming out of the Bidet’s nozzle eases the tensed veins resulting in reduced pressure and increased comfort.

Also, hygienically using water is a better option (Link) as compared to toilet paper because no matter how hard you rub, some obstinate bacteria will not leave your butt while water will rinse it off.

Increasing Fiber Intake Into Your Diet

Eating foods high in fiber might help you a lot in this regard. By high fiber foods, I mean vegetables like carrots and broccoli, whole-grain breakfasts, nuts, and fruits like melon, oranges, pears, and many more.

These foods will make your stool soft (Link) and increase it in quantity, preventing you from straining–one of the major causes of Hemorrhoid formation.

However, if you are prone to gastric issues, make sure to gradually make high-fiber foods a part of your diet.

Exercise Regularly And Stay Hydrated

Physical exertion will help you in getting rid of unwanted fats and make you more active; because the more obese you are, the more your veins will experience pressure on them, thus, increasing the risk of hemorrhoid formation. Hence, it is vital to exercise regularly. (Link)

Staying hydrated is also equally important. Since dehydration can lead to constipation, and constipation will make you sit on the toilet for longer, causing you to strain, make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water per day.

What Are The Major Benefits Of Bidets?

Some important benefits of Bidets are discussed below.

Cleaning With Water Is Better Than Paper

Let’s say a bird poops on you; what would you do? Clean it with water, right?

Then why treat your butt differently?

Water is definitely better than using toilet paper as it cleans your body and wipes off the bacteria better than toilet paper.

No Discomfort Compared To Using Toilet Paper

Using toilet paper might add to your discomfort by causing rashes on your sensitive areas as they contain chemicals and artificial fragrances. In contrast, a water splash won’t be abrasive on your skin at all.

Environmentally Safe

Toilet papers are made at the cost of millions of trees, 9 million yearly, to be precise. This menace can be checked if we stop using toilet paper in such a huge quantity.

A More Hygienic Approach

Using water for washing purposes leaves no chance of growing bacteria.

In comparison, the use of toilet paper is not enough for cleaning desirably. It leaves behind bacteria that proliferate.

Also, you don’t need to use your hands for cleaning with water. All of it is done by the Bidet itself while keeping your hands away from touching the washable area.

Best For Females

Most of the females find the menstruation period troublesome. So, in such a condition, the use of water for cleaning can create a healthy effect and a feeling of freshness.

Similarly, new mothers feel quite at ease cleansing with water instead of toilet paper.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Bidet

The aim is to make bidets as familiar in America as they are in the other parts of the world, for which we are resolved to succeed.

Many of us might not know what to consider while buying a bidet, and that can make you end up buying the wrong product, which will be of no benefit.

So, to make things easier for you, I have compiled all the useful information below.

Electronic bidets are quite new for a large number of people. And, there are a lot of things that might make one confused.

For Example, the cost of bidets ranges from $40 to $1,000 or even more. You may not believe it, but the most sophisticated bidets, which are thought to be all in one, cost up to seven thousand dollars.

My aim is to bring the best available bidets into easy access of the people.

Is A Bidet Affordable?

Affordability and budget is the first and foremost issue regarding a Bidet, to begin with.

Your capacity to spend is an important consideration. Using a Bidet cuts down the toilet paper cost tentatively by 75%.

Hence, it will save your toilet expenses approximately by $300 annually. So, decide accordingly.

Note that the best quality bidet lasts long. Moreover, various warranties given by different models make them more reliable. The functions and characteristics of the bidets matter a lot.

Cleaning is yet another important thing to consider. Although cleaning is the basic quality of every Bidet, some bidets offer much more than that like; some bidets have nozzles that can be adjusted as per the need and various extra features and functions.

So, all of these features come at a cost. And it entirely depends on you whether how much you’re willing to spend.

Do Bidets Have Adjustable Water Temperature?

You should prefer the models that have the option of adjusting water temperature according to your requirements. The most modern models have this feature.

Non-Electrical Bidet Or An Electrical Bidet?

The electrical bidets are more expensive than the non-electrical ones. The non-electrical models have lesser functions and features. They just serve the basic purpose.

In comparison, the electrical bidets have more attractive and additional features.

The range of the prices of non-electrical bidets begins from $40 to $100, and the prices of electrical bidets start from $200 and go up to $7000.

Do Bidets Offer Exclusive Features?

The adjust ability of the nozzle that is meant for females is yet another valuable feature to consider.

Women feel quite comfortable with the bidets, which have movable nozzle angles for their ease of use. This type of feature is not needed for males. It is exclusively for females.

Do Bidets Offer Exclusive Seat Features?

The heated seat feature of a bidet is my favorite one. It provides comfort to the users when they sit on it, that aids in relaxing the muscles, particularly during the winter.

However, you can stop operating this option any time if you like.

Do Bidets Have A Built-in Dryer?

After having used the Bidet, you can make use of the heated air-dry option to dry your buttocks.

This is one of the most attractive and useful upgrades in a bidet. The heated air-dry option is the best replacement for toilet paper.

Can You Adjust The Water Temperature On A Bidet? (Electric Bidet Only)

You can adjust the temperature according to your desire only if you have an electrical Bidet since this feature comes with the electrical ones only.

However, some may not consider this option very important, and if you are one of them, you can go for a regular bidet and save up some bucks for yourself too.

Can You Adjust The Water Pressure On A Bidet? (Electrical Bidet Only)

Adjustable water pressure is yet another feature of an electrical Bidet.

This option enables you to adjust water pressure for spraying according to your need and liking. Whether you need a strong or soft water pressure, you can adjust it accordingly.

Does A Bidet Have Movable Nozzle Positioning? (Electrical Bidet Only)

Almost all the electric bidets have movable nozzle positioning. But, still, make sure to confirm before making a purchase.

It is because, due to the increasing demand for Bidets, some fraudulent sellers are taking advantage. So beware of them.

Can I Adjust The Spray Width Of A Bidet?

This is a rare feature which some good quality and high-end bidets possess.

Having this feature helps you control the width of water sprinkles that’s being released out of the nozzle.

It is an additional feature. It not an essential requirement.

Does A Bidet Offer A Self-Efficient Nozzle Feature?

By efficient nozzles, I mean self-cleaning nozzles.

It eliminates the need to manually clean the Bidet, and the Bidet keeps cleaning itself using these efficient nozzles.

Hence, such bidets require minimum maintenance.

Can A Bidet Sterilize Itself?

Nozzle Sterilization is the method that keeps our bathrooms hygienically clean.

In case you are a hygiene freak, bidets with such features are just the right option for you.

Are Bidets Power Efficient?

In case you have decided to buy an electrical Bidet, try to go for a model that is power efficient.

The bidets that come with built-in power saving modes help cut down electricity costs and is in this way a great asset in your bathroom.

Do Bidets Have An Air Filter System?

By choosing a Bidet with an air deodorizer feature, you won’t have to panic about foul smells coming out of the bathroom as they work the best in their own way by removing bad smells.

Such Bidets have a filtration system that absorbs the smell from the air.

However, just like all kinds of filters need to be replaced after a certain period of time, bidet filters should also be changed after half a year has passed.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Bidets

Q. Will the water stream coming out of the Bidet’s nozzle splash my poop and create a mess?

No, it won’t.

If you invest your money in a bidet while keeping the points I mentioned above, you’ll surely end up buying the right bidet.

The right bidet has a very accurate target, and it doesn’t create a mess by spraying poop everywhere.

Q. How to dry your body after using a Bidet?

If you’re not in a hurry, you can just wait for a few moments until your body gets fully dried.

Otherwise, while being at home, you can use a small towel that is just used for this purpose. However, in public places, using toilet paper would be a safer option.

Regardless of what you use, be it toilet paper or a towel, make sure you are not harsh.

Gently patting the towel or paper on your butt would do the job perfectly without causing any itchy sensation.

Some modern bidets even have a built-in dryer too.

Q. Except Hemorrhoids, what else can a Bidet help with?

Bidets might also prevent Urinary Tract Infections.

As we all are well aware of the fact that wiping from back to front can maximize the chances of contracting UTIs, some modern bidets feature “feminine wash” so that the flow of water is from the front side to the backside, minimizing the risk of bacteria entering the female genitalia.

Q. Do I need to wipe my butt before using a Bidet?

No, you don’t have to wipe your butt before using a bidet.

Bidet will do the entire cleaning job. However, if your Bidet doesn’t have a built-in dryer, you can use toilet paper to gently pat your butt to dry it. Remember, be gentle.

Q. Is Bidet safe for Feminine use?

Yes. As compared to the feminine wipes that some girls use, Bidet is a safer option.

It is because those wipes might contain chemicals that can irritate your sensitive skin down there.

Q. Can you use Bidets during Periods?

Yes, you may.

Some girls find bidets very useful during periods too, as it helps them get cleaned up more easily than any other option.

Also, if you are prone to menstrual cramps, the warm stream of water coming out of a bidet might help in reducing the intensity of pain by relaxing your muscles.

In Conclusion

Bidets recently got the attention of Americans, and since then, more and more people have started installing them in their bathrooms.

There are various health benefits that bidets have to offer, but in this article, I mainly focused on Hemorrhoids. It is because bidets can help hemorrhoid-prone people a lot.

Besides using bidets, I also searched for some simple tips that can remedy Hemorrhoids and mentioned them here. So that even if you observe the slightest symptoms, you can take the steps required.

Make sure to consult the doctor if your condition worsens because if you do not pay attention in time, you might have to face unfortunate consequences.


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