TOTO C5 vs K300 Washlets: Every Feature Compared

Today, we’re comparing the TOTO C5 and K300. I’ve installed, used, and tested both bidets extensively to get a good idea of how well they work and perform in different areas, from cleansing to warm water flow, the features they offer, etc.

In comparing the TOTO K300 and C5 Washlets, the K300 is the better bidet and better choice overall. Though similar in price, the K300 offers more including endless warm water, is more efficient, and slimmer design. The C5 is more of a mid-tier option, while the K300 is closer to the luxury S500e.

Given the small price difference, it makes little sense to choose the TOTO C5, since tankless heaters save way more money in the long term—in addition to being more comfortable and working better, overall.

If you go with one of these two bidets, make sure to choose the right one. Both bidets come in multiple versions, some of which are only compatible with TOTO toilets.

You can compare prices for the K300 Washlet here and also here.

You can check current prices for the C5 Washlet here and here.

I prefer getting TOTO’s at Bidet King, since TOTO has such lackluster customer support. BK has great support which comes in handy with questions about parts, warranty, installation, etc.

TOTO K300 vs C5: Quick Summary Table

Feature(s)TOTO C5TOTO K300
Performance Test Score8/108/10
Compatible Toilets
(Elongated vs Round)
Elongated OnlyElongated Only
Warm Water Duration~40 Seconds Warm Water
(Tank Heater)
(Instant Heater)
Warm Air Dryer w/Adjustable TempYY
Heated Seat w/Adjustable TempYY
ControlWirless Remote w/Illuminated TouchpadWireless Remote w/Illuminated Touchpad
Air DeodorizerYY
WandSingle 3-in-1 NozzleSingle Plastic 3-in-1 Nozzle
Adjustable Nozzle 5 Positions5 Positions
Wand Self-Clean FunctionAutomatic + On-Demand Self-Cleaning Automatic + On-Demand Self-Cleaning
Wand SanitationElectrolyzed Water (EWATER+) on WandElectrolyzed Water (EWATER+) on Wand
Auto Toilet Bowl CleaningEWATER+ Auto Cleans Bowl Before Each Use
EWATER+ Auto Cleans Bow Before Each Use
User PresetsYY
Bowl-Illuminating Night LightNoneNone
Adjustable Water Temperature and PressureYY
Extra-Soft Spray Modes NY
Oscillation Spray Setting
(Back-and-Forth Spraying)
Massage-Pulse Spray ModeY Y
Slow-Close Seat/LidYY
Quick-Release Seat/LidYY
Power-Saver Settings3 Eco Modes4 Eco Modes
Design/CurveRear Seat Height: 5.8” (~14.7 cm)Rear Seat Height: 5″ (~12.7 cm)

TOTO C5 vs K300 Review Categories

Best Cleaning Performance: Tie

TOTO bidets mostly differ in which features they offer but they tend to clean equally well. In this case, I found the K300 may have done slightly better in that it seemed to cover a wider area. But overall, I’m calling it a tie.

Both the C5 and K300 offer a max water flow (~water pressure) of 0.43 liters per minute.

While the water volume is far less than bidets of other brands, the water output is quite firm since TOTO bidets put out an extra narrow/concentrated stream of water.

The C5 and K300 offer 5 nozzle positions to choose from for accurate aiming.

Adjusting the nozzle position from back to front (or vice versa) provides a lot of coverage for different body types and sitting positions.

Once you find the right nozzle position, you can use the oscillating spray mode, which both bidets offer. This setting allows the nozzle to cover a greater area without the user having to shift around in the seat.

Best Hot Water Performance: TOTO K300

The TOTO K300 wins this category by a long shot. The water temperature measured the same (high 90’s to 100+ Fahrenheit) from start to finish throughout a 10min test.

Both bidets have 4 water temperature settings (including off). The K300 can be adjusted from 86° F to 104° F, which is about 30° to 40° C.

The TOTO C5 water temp is adjustable from 95° F to 104° F, or 35° to 40° C. While the C5 water flow started out warm at 100+ F°, the temperature began to decrease at 30 seconds and was running cool at the 40-second mark.

This has to do with the type of heater. An instantaneous heater like the one the K300 has, heats water immediately and continues to do so as long as the warm water is in use. Such heaters are considered high-end which makes the K300 more of a luxury class option compared to the TOTO C5.

The TOTO C5 has a tank-type heater that holds a small reservoir of water at the back of the bidet. The reservoir is heated around the clock. To save room, the reservoirs can only be so big and tend to only hold enough water to supply 30-40 seconds of heated cleansing.

Best Design: TOTO K300

Size and Dimensions


Model (SKU)EWATER+TOTO Toilets OnlyColorElongatedRound
C5 (SW3084#01)YNWhiteYN
C5 (SW3084T40#01)YYWhiteYN
K300 (SW3036R#01)YNWhiteYN
K300 (SW3036#01)NNWhiteYN
K300 (SW3036R#12)YNSedona BeigeYN
K300 (SW3036#12)NNSedona BeigeYN
TOTO Toilets Only = Washlet+ Models

High Quality Look and Feel

While both bidets have a low profile, the K300 wins a slight victory in that it is a bit smaller overall.

The rear seat height of the TOTO K300 is about 5 inches, while the C5 Washlet height is closer to 6 inches.

Having an instantaneous heater, the K300 doesn’t have to make room for a water tank at the back of the seat.

Both bidets have wireless remotes instead of side panels, so they tend to blend in with the rest of the toilet, more so than other bulkier bidets on the market.


Unfortunately, both bidets fit elongated toilets only. It’s possible to use an elongated seat on a round toilet bowl. I have in the past and while it didn’t seem to pose any problems, it looked goofy.

To make sure it works long-term, I recommend that you get a bidet that fits your toilet in the long vs round dimension. The TOTO S300e and S350e are among the only TOTO bidets available for round toilets.

If you have a round toilet, I’d check those out or look into another brand like Alpha.

Basic and Advanced Spray Settings: Tie

Both bidets offer the spray settings: standard front and rear, an extra-soft rear mode, an oscillation mode, and a massage/pulse setting.

The basic rear and front feminine modes work great.

The K300’s rear soft mode (center nozzle hole) sprays as usual but at a lower pressure.

With the standard nozzle design, neither bidet offers the Wide Front spray mode. But at the lower water pressure setting, the basic frontal setting is plenty gentle for feminine hygiene.

Both bidets offer an oscillation setting, which causes the cleaning wand to move back and forth at regular intervals for greater coverage. In this way, you don’t have to shift around or rock back and forth to sufficiently cover the target area

Finally, the pulse setting alternates soft and strong water pressure to lightly massage the cleansing region.

I never got much use out of massage spray settings, but some folks swear by them.

No Nightlight

Neither bidet offers an in-bowl nightlight. While not one of the more important features, bidet nightlights are nice to have since they make it easier to navigate the bathroom and use the bidet in the dark, without having to rely on bathroom lights.

They do look cool, but if a nightlight is needed, you can always get one at the dollar store that works just as well and place it close to the toilet.

I’m not sure why TOTO doesn’t include the feature with more of their bidets. But for now, only the S350e and S550e, their two most expensive bidets, offer nightlights.

Wireless Remote Control: Tie

The TOTO C5 and K300 come with near-identical wireless remotes. They’re very sleek and aesthetic and have a higher-quality look and field than most bidet remotes.

There’s no LCD screen but both are double-sided to allow more functions while keeping the remotes a smaller size. Both come with a magnetic wall mount.

The only difference is that the K300 remote has more functions, simply because the bidet has a few extra features.

Most buttons are labeled with icons, so one has to learn what they do. Some symbols are more intuitive than others.

Most Efficient: TOTO K300

Energy-wise, the K300 should be more efficient than the C5. For example, the K300 has an extra Eco mode (the one with two leaves) and a more efficient water heater.

Both bidets have the best kind of power-saving modes, the automatic kind that memorizes when you’re least likely to use the bidet in order to go into low-power mode during low use periods.

Within a few days of being activated, the Auto Energy Saver setting knows the best times to go into low-power mode wherein the water and seat surface temperatures are set to low.

The K300 has an additional setting, the Auto Energy Saver +, which turns the heaters off completely instead of just setting them to low. This is important since heated seats use more energy than any other bidet component.

Both bidets have a Timer Energy Saver function that lets you determine when you want the bidet to save energy. Finally, both have a setting that combines the Auto and Timer settings for maximum energy savings.

Like all tank-type heaters, the heated reservoir of the TOTO C5 has to be kept warm at all times so that when someone needs to use the bidet, a batch of warm water will be waiting.

In theory, this means, the heater has to draw power around the clock, which means higher electricity costs in the long run.

The two bidets are equally water-efficient in that they both use the same amount of water (0.43 L/min on high) and provide an aerated stream.

Best Warm Air Dryer: Tie

On paper, the K300 has a stronger dryer since it puts out a greater air volume. But in testing the two dryers, they both seemed to perform the same.

The K300 dryer blows 10 cubic feet of air per minute, compared to the C5’s dryer which puts out 8.83 ft3 of air per minute. With a stronger fan, you can dry more quickly or dry at a lower/more comfortable temperature.

Both bidets have three temperature settings that range from 95° F to 140 °F, or 35° C to 60 °C.

Best Convenience Features: Tie

The C5 and K300 come with the same convenience features: user presets that let two users save their preferred settings for water pressure, temperature, and nozzle position.

This will be a useful feature if you’ll be sharing the bidet since you can hit a single button to get your preferred settings, instead of having to choose the same features every time someone else (your roommate or SO) uses the bidet.

Neither bidet has a generic easy one-push auto mode or a child wash setting.

Air Deodorizer: Tie

Like most TOTO bidets, both the C5 and K300 come with an air deodorizer. A fan at the back of the unit circulates air from the toilet bowl through a carbon filter, blowing out fresh air through the small vent at the rear of the seat.

The small filters are made of activated carbon, which breaks down molecules in the air that are responsible for embarrassing odors.

Both deodorizers are equally effective, with the same fan power of 3.18 ft3 per minute on regular mode and 5.65 ft3/min on power mode.

The two settings are normal and power. The normal mode turns on upon sitting and blows 3.17 ft3/min of air volume. 10 seconds after standing, the power mode kicks on and stays on for 1 minute. The power mode puts out 5.65 ft3/min, allowing it to clear bad smells faster.

Sanitation: Tie

The two bidets score the same here as well.

Self-Sanitizing Nozzle (EWATER+)

For one, both have self-cleaning nozzles that work automatically (before and after each use) and on-demand.

Both* use EWATER+ to rinse the nozzle, which not only cleans the nozzle surface but also sanitizes the nozzle, to provide an added layer of hygiene and sanitation. (*two versions of the K300 lack this feature).

EWATER+ is a mix of electrolytes that form sodium hypochlorite, a natural, non-corrosive chemical used in water treatment for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

The C5’s predecessor, the C200, does not have this feature.

PREMIST (Self-Cleaning Toilet Bowl)

For another, both bidets have the pre-mist feature, and neither has the after-mist function that comes with the S500e/S550e and S300e/S350e.

The PREMIST feature works like this: when you sit down, the bidet spritzes the inside of the toilet bowl with EWATER+ which creates a slippery surface that makes it difficult for waste (read: poop) and dirt to adhere.

The upshot is that it makes the toilet’s flushing action more effective so you’re less likely to notice staining or have stool stuck to the toilet bowl. Hence, you’ll have to do less manual cleaning in the long run.

Nozzle System and Features: Tie

Both bidets come with a single plastic 2-in-1 nozzle. TOTO doesn’t use dual nozzles for front and rear cleansing.

Instead, their bidets have one nozzle with 3 holes, one hole for rear and the other for frontal cleansing.

Some TOTO bidet nozzles are a bit fancier. The S500e/S550e and S300e/S350e have several smaller dispersed holes for the Wide Front setting.

The TOTO C5 and K300 don’t have that setup, but the frontal cleansing mode is plenty soft enough for safe and effective frontal cleansing.

Comfort (Heated Seat, Sitting Room):

Heated Seat

Both have three temperature settings that range from 82° F (28° C) to 97° F (36° C). Both work well reach just beyond the temperature advertised in the manual. They use a lot of energy, so you will definitely want to use the eco mode, and avoid leaving the feature on between toilet uses.

Sitting Room

The K300 is lower in the back of the bidet, so the bidet is slimmer overall with less of a slope. Larger slopes can sometimes eat into your sitting room since the user can feel forced to the front of the seat.  

In this case, I didn’t notice a big difference between the two bidets, comfort-wise. Both have ample sitting room and provide a seat opening of almost 12 inches.

Other Seat and Lid Features:


TOTO only offers the auto open/close lid and seat feature with the TOTO S550e and S350e.

Both the C5 and K300 have the SoftClose seat and lid feature to prevent slamming and lengthen the life of the bidet.

Of course, both have an easy quick-release button at the rear of the seat for convenient bidet removal and reattachment (for periodic cleaning, etc.).

No Sittable Lid

For those who like to use the toilet for a general-purpose bathroom chair, TOTO does not offer this feature.

Also, TOTO lids are not advertised for sitting. So, even if your body weight falls under the stated weight limit of the lid, lid sitting is still not recommended.

TOTO K300 vs C5: Conclusion

There you have it.

When comparing bidets, it’s not always the case that the more expensive option is the better one. But in this case, the two bidets are so close in price that it just doesn’t make sense to get C5 since it has the lower-tech heater. The C5 only offers 40 seconds of warm water compared to the endless warm water flow of the K300.

Not to mention, the K300 is more energy-efficient and should save money in the long run.

To boot, the K300 is slimmer and has an extra Eco mode

If you end up going with one of the two, make sure to choose the right version. Both bidets come in 2+ versions, some lacking the EWATER+ feature or only being compatible with TOTO toilets.

You can check current prices for the K300 Washlet here and also here.

The C5 Washlet can be found here and here.

Again, TOTO has lackluster customer service, so I prefer getting TOTO’s at Bidet King, since they offer such good support and always seem to be around to answer questions.

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