Bio Bidet Ultimate 770 Review: Every Featured Tested

In today’s article, I’ll be reviewing the Bio Bidet Ultimate 770 (U770). To provide a good review, I installed the bidet, used it for a while, and tested it to see how it performs in different categories.

That way, you’ll know how effective it cleanses, how well the features work (the air dryer and warm water flow), and how the bidet compares to others in the same category.

In short, it’s a great bidet but you can do better for the money. For example, the U770 is almost identical to the Alpha iX (with two or three fewer features, actually), yet the iX is significantly less expensive and comes with better customer support.

Quality is another concern. Maybe I was just unlucky but the first version of the Ultimate 770 arrived with a nozzle that wouldn’t retract. The bidet made a loud noise when the cleansing function was operated as the gears within the nozzle extension/retraction mechanism began to grind.

I had another sent in the mail and didn’t seem to have any major issues. Overall, I just felt something was off with the quality. The iX just felt like a sturdier bidet, despite the two bidets sharing the same base unit.

Here are the Alpha iX and Bio Bidet U770 side by side.

You can check out the Alpha iX here.

And for an extra-low price, see the open box special. Open-box bidets are opened but not used for toileting purposes. You can check current prices here.

If you’d prefer the Ultimate 770, I recommend getting it here (Amazon link).

Bio Bidet U770 Review

Overall Performance: Excellent

The BB U770 performed well above average on the cleansing test, similar to that of other Bio Bidets. BB is known for its exceptional spray strength/water pressure, with most of their models on par with Alpha bidets.

Here are the Ultimate 770 results next to a less expensive entry-level bidet.

The BB U770 is what I’d consider a higher-end entry-level bidet. As you can see from the coverage area, the U770 is a more effective bidet, so the extra cost is worth it.

Great Water Pressure

The water pressure can be adjusted across 5 settings, with a water pressure range of between a half liter and 0.8 liters.

Of course, the turbo mode will give you the strongest water pressure and most thorough cleansing. As you would expect, I found the bidet to be most effective when using the turbo mode.

Of course, the high-pressure setting also doubles as an enema mode for constipation relief. With the right angle, water can be made to enter the rectum for a bit of deep cleaning.

The pressure can be made extra-soft for frontal hygiene, for those who prefer gentle cleansing, and for bidet sitz bath sessions.

One hidden feature (not on the remote) is the sitz bath setting. To initiate a soothing 5min session, press the nozzle cleaning button when the bidet is being used. It’s great for soothing irritated skin (hemorrhoids, etc.).

Hot Water Performance: Excellent

The bidet has 4 temperature settings (off, low, med, and high). From Low to High, the water temperature ranges from 94° F to the highest of 103° F. It reaches max temp within 40 seconds, at which point the water drops to the low 90’s Fahrenheit and stays there indefinitely.

So, this is where the U770 really stands out. It has an “advanced” reservoir heating system, which I initially took to mean that it provides extended warm water–i.e., warm water that runs out eventually.

Reservoir heaters rely on a small tank of warm water. When the tank empties (typically at 30-40 seconds), the bidet runs cold.

Advanced reservoir heaters have additional heating technology (what BB calls their Fusion heating system) integrated into the tank heating system that keeps the water from getting cold–kind of like the hybrid heating system of the Alpha iX. The iX also offers limitless warm water.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the water not only never felt cold, but it stayed warm, never dropping below 90° F (32.2° C).

Design: Good


I really like the minimalistic look of the Ultimate 770, in that it looks just like the Alpha iX–solid white, no visible decals, and an infinity lid. The wireless remote means no bulky side panel.

The rear end is a bit high at 7” (~17.8 cm), so the bidet does have a sizable slope from back to front. But it has a clean look overall and I didn’t find the slope to interfere with the sitting room.

Ease of Installation

The design of the bidet makes it easy to install.

First, it comes with top mounting bolts. So, for those who have a skirted toilet, you won’t have to worry about not being able to access the toilet seat mounting hardware.

Also, it is kind of curved at the rear of the seat making it a good fit for curved toilets. I.e., mild French curves often get in the way of bidet installation. Anyway, that probably won’t be an issue with the 770 if you happen to have such a toilet.

Basic and Advanced Spray Features: Excellent

The basic posterior and feminine frontal wash modes work well. You can choose from 5 nozzle positions for accurate aiming.

For the best coverage, you can press the cleansing button again which causes the nozzle to oscillate back and forth. In this way, you’re spared from having to shift around to get water to the right places.

The Ultimate 770 provides a pulsing water stream by alternating soft and strong pressure.

Finally, the bidet has a soft sitz bath mode and a turbo high-pressure mode. As mentioned, the turbo mode can be used for extra-thorough cleansing and/or constipation relief.

Controls: Good

So, the BB U770 has a remote control which is usually considered a step up from side panels like those of the BB-600 and BB-800, BB-1700, and Slim ONE, etc.

The U770 comes with a modern, stylish remote. It’s not bulky or complicated, and it has large easy-to-read buttons. It has a polished look like the wireless remotes of the USPA 6800U and A8 Serenity.

It falls short of a perfect score since it’s not double-sided and doesn’t have an LCD window.

On the right rear of the bidet seat, you’ll find a small auxiliary panel with a rear cleanse, frontal cleanse, and stop button.

Energy Efficiency: Good

As mentioned, the Bio Bidet U770 has a tank-type heater. Since this type of heater has to keep a reservoir of water warm, it draws energy even when not in use.

But, to make up for this, the bidet has energy-saving eco modes. In fact, it has two: the basic Auto energy-saver setting and the Powerful energy-saver setting.

Press the Eco Mode button until the light turns yellow, and the bidet keeps the water and seat temperatures at 89° F.

Press the button until it turns green, and the Powerful energy-saving setting kicks in which keeps the seat and water temperatures off.

Warm Air Dryer: Average

The default dry time is 3 minutes and the dryer has 5 temperature levels ranging from room temperature to 122°F. I measured the temp at 121.3°F or 49.6°C.

The warm air dryer function works about average–in other words, not really that effective.

The instructions recommend that you dab dry first for max efficacy—which may defeat the purpose for those who want to completely replace toilet paper.

I usually recommend replacing toilet paper for those who want the bidet to pay for itself. This can be done even with an average dryer, it just takes more practice.

Like most bidet dryers, the max temp is plenty warm enough, but the airpower is lacking.

Overall, the dryer is about right for a bidet in this price range. A more powerful dryer can be found with the TOTO C2, a bidet in the same price range, but the C2 has limited warm water. So, that’s the tradeoff. Here is a review of the C2 and C5.

Convenience Features: Great

For convenience features, the Bio Bidet Ultimate 770 gets a great score because it has advanced user presets and the best child-friendly wash mode I’ve seen.

The only thing it’s really lacking is a one-push auto mode.

I prefer user presets to an auto mode, as do most bidet users.

While a one-push auto mode lets you get a generic wash/dry cycle with one push of a button—which definitely is convenient—user presets allow you (and another user) to get a custom wash by pressing one button.

In most cases, you can only save your favorite nozzle position, water pressure, and water temp.

But the U770 lets you save nozzle position, water pressure, and temperature, in addition to the temperatures of the heated seat and warm air dryer.

The U770 is one of several Bio Bidets that offer a child-specific wash mode.

These come in handy because kids needn’t know which buttons to press, let alone which child-friendly settings to choose.

Pressing “Child”:

  • An extra-extended nozzle position (for shorter stature)
  • Lower water pressure and temperature.
  • Comfortable seat temperature.
  • Activates 1 minute of cleansing (including oscillation which is important since it means the user doesn’t have to know how to shift around to get adequate coverage).

Nightlight: Great

Unlike some Bio Bidets like BB-1000 and the original USPA 6800, the Ultimate 770 comes with a nightlight.

The light is meant to softly light up the bathroom so that you can make your way to and operate the bidet without having to on the bathroom lights.

Of course, you can deactivate it with the touch of a button.

Cleansing Nozzle System and Features: Great

The nozzle is stainless steel which is a plus.

To be able to cleanse the rear and frontal regions, dual nozzle systems were more common in the earlier days—i.e., one nozzle was for the front and the other for the posterior region. Some bidets still have this setup, including the Bio Bidet USPA 6800 and 6800U.

The Ultimate 770 has a 2-in-1 nozzle, which is a single nozzle with two holes—one for the front and the other for the rear. This type of nozzle system is better since it gets the job done with fewer parts.

The nozzle score falls short of perfect since there’s no dispersed hole pattern for frontal cleansing.

Sanitation: Great

The Ultimate 770 stainless-steel nozzle cleans itself automatically both before and after each use.

You can clean the nozzle on-demand as well. Just press Nozzle Cleaning when the bidet isn’t occupied and the nozzle will rinse itself 3 times. The nozzle can be made to remain extended for manual cleaning as well.

Comfort (Heated Seat, Sitting Room, Etc.): Excellent

Heated Seat

The heated seat feels really relaxing and if you haven’t used one, you will feel spoiled.

It has 4 levels: off, low, medium, and high.

I tested the seat surface temperatures:

  • High (red): 100.3° F / 37.9° C
  • Medium (yellow): 95.5° F / 35.3° C
  • Low (green): 91.2° F / 32.9° C

Sitting Room

Despite the slope, I did not feel that I was missing out on any sitting room.

The bowl opening measures 11” (27.9cm) and 10.5” (26.7cm) for the elongated and round versions, respectively.

Other Seat and Lid Features

The seat and lid features are limited to the slow-close and quick-release button.

The slow-close function works well and will help prevent slamming which will help promote the longevity of the bidet.

The quick-release tab makes it easy to detach and reattach the bidet for routine cleaning or for moving, etc.

Bio Bidets rarely have sittable lids, and the U770 is no exception.

Bio Bidet Ultimate 770 vs TOTO

When inquiring about a bidet, most want to know how it compares to TOTO, the brand that sets the standard for quality bidets.

TOTO bidets are higher in quality compared to the Bio Bidet Ultimate 770, but the TOTO models that are available in the U770 price range offer far fewer features. For example, the A2 lacks a warm air dryer. The best TOTO alternatives to the U770 are the KC2 and C2.

If you can pay more, I’d recommend the TOTO K300.

The KC2 and C2 will offer the most important features of the U770. Neither has a stainless-steel nozzle (TOTO has plastic nozzles) and both come with a side panel instead of a wireless remote.

As mentioned in the intro, the best alternative overall to the U770 is the Alpha iX.

Conclusion: Bio Bidet Ultimate 770 Review

There you have it.

If you are looking for a good entry-level bidet, you can do far worse than the Bio Bidet Ultimate 770. It offers endless heated water, a stainless-steel nozzle, and a wireless remote. However, while you could do worse, you could definitely do better for the money.

In my opinion, the Alpha iX is the best alternative, since it is essentially a higher-quality version of the same bidet, offers the same features, and better customer service, yet tends to cost significantly less (up to $100 less IME). You can check iX prices here and here.

If you want a different bidet but would prefer the same brand, I recommend the less expensive USPA 6800U. For more info, check out the USPA 6800U review (article link).

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