BioBidet A8 vs Brondell SWASH CS1000: Every Feature Compared

In this article, we’re comparing the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity with the Brondell SWASH 1000 (aka CS1000 or S1000).  

In short, the differences between the BB A8 and SWASH 1000 include: 

  • Heater type (instantaneous vs hybrid).
  • Availability in round (the round A8 is scarcer).
  • Wireless remote design (fancy vs basic).
  • Dual nozzles vs single 2-in-1 nozzle. 
  • Automatic vs on-demand self-cleaning nozzles. 
  • Nozzle sterilization feature.
  • Child wash mode feature. 
  • User presets.
  • Auto one-push operation feature. 
  • Nightlight.
  • Massage spray setting.
  • Spray width settings. 
  • Standard vs smart economy modes. 
  • Differences in design and exterior.

Bio Bidet A8 vs Brondell SWASH 1000: Quick Summary Table 

Feature(s)BB A8 SerenityBrondell SWASH 1000
Available in Elongated and Round?Mostly Elongated Easy to Find in Both
Water Heater TypeAdvanced Hybrid-Type Heater
(Extended Warm Water)
Instantaneous Heater
(Endless Warm Water)
Warm Air Dryer w/Adjustable TempYY
Heated Seat w/Adjustable TempYY
Handheld RemoteLuxury Double-Sided Wireless Remote w/LCD ScreenBasic Wireless Remote w/East-to-Read Buttons
Air DeodorizerYY
Wand MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Nozzle Design for Posterior and Front Feminine HygieneSingle 2-in-1 NozzleDual Nozzles
Adjustable Nozzle Position for Accurate Aiming5 Positions5 Positions
Wand Self-Clean FunctionOn-Demand Self-CleaningAutomatic Self-Cleaning
Nozzle Sterilization NoneOn-Demand Sterilizing Function
(Silver Solution)
Child Wash Mode
User Presets
(Save Your Preferred Settings)
2 Users; Front and Rear; Save Nozzle Position and Water PressureN
Easy Auto Function
(One-Push Operation)
Bowl-Illuminating Night LightYN
Adjustable Water Temperature and PressureYY
Water Pressure
(Flow Rate)
0.7 L/min or ~0.18 gal/min0.5 L/min or ~0.13 gal/min
Nozzle Oscillation
(Back-and-Forth Spraying)
Massage SettingY N
Adjustable Spray WidthNY (3 Settings)
Aerated Wash YY
Slow-Close Seat/LidYY
Quick-Release Seat/LidYY
Power-Saving Eco Mode(s)StandardSmart Energy Saver
Design (Size, Curve, Exterior)Low-Profile Design
(Solid White, Minimal Decals)
Smaller (Lower Seat Height)
Safety Seat SensorYY

Main Differences: Brondell SWASH CS1000 vs Bio Bidet A8 

The Brondell SWASH 1000 Has a Better Water Heater 

This is the main difference.  

The Bio Bidet A8 Serenity advertises continuous (endless) warm water. While it has an advanced hybrid heater that provides endless heated water, the water supply doesn’t remain at max temperature the entire time.

You get extra-warm water for about 40 seconds at which point the temp drops to the low 90’s. So, the water supply remains comfortable the entire time.

The Brondell S1000 has an instantaneous ceramic-core heater. I.e., one that heats water on the spot so that the warm water never runs out.  

Entry-level bidets come with tank-type heaters that rely solely on a small reservoir of warm water that runs out at around 40 seconds and then run cold.

The BB A8 Has a Fancier Remote 

The A8 Serenity has a fancy double-sided remote with an LCD screen. With a display screen, you can do with a lot fewer buttons, so the user can control more variables of the bidet cleansing experience.  

With controls on both sides, you get a slim remote that does more. 

The remote with the Brondell SWASH 1000 still has advantages. The buttons are large and intuitive, making the control easier to use for kids and seniors who may not want to learn how to use something complicated. 

The Brondell S1000 remote still lets you do all the important things, like adjust the temperature, pressure, nozzle position, nozzle sanitation, etc. 

Dual Nozzles (Brondell S1000) vs Single 2-in-1 Nozzle (BB A8) 

Both bidets offer posterior and front feminine hygiene. The Brondell S1000 accomplishes this with dual nozzles (one for front/one for rear) and the Bio Bidet A8 does so with a single 2-in-1 aka “dual-action” nozzle. 

Both get the job done, but some prefer dual nozzles over a single 2-in-1 or vice versa.  

The Bio Bidet A8 Serenity Has a Child Wash Feature 

Bio Bidet is good about including child wash features with their bidets.  

With this feature, younger users needn’t know how to operate the bidet or which child-friendly settings to select. They simply press the button with the child icon to get a generic wash/dry cycle length (2min of cleansing + 3min of drying) with an extended nozzle (for shorter stature) and lower water pressure. 

Brondell SWASH 1000 Has Better Nozzle Sanitation 

There are a couple of differences.  

Pretty much every modern bidet has nozzles that self-rinse, but some premium and luxury units have self-sanitizing nozzles. The S1000 is one such example.

When you feel the nozzle needs extra sterilization (you notice it’s soiled or after company visits/uses the toilet, etc.), press the ‘Sterilization’ button to have the nozzle doused in a silver-containing solution for 30 seconds. Silver has antimicrobial properties. 

The feature is meant to help reduce the risk of infection. Even though bidet use isn’t known to cause infection, the extra layer of protection is good for easing the mind if nothing else.  

Another difference is that the Brondell has an automatic self-cleaning nozzle, I.e., one that self-rinses before and after each use.  

The A8 has an on-demand nozzle self-clean feature. On-demand self-cleaning nozzles are just as effective as the automatic ones, but you have to remember to use the function. 

The BB A8 Serenity Has 2 User Presets 

Like when a waiter remembers your order, it’s nice when a bidet remembers your favorite settings.  

User presets let you save your preferred settings and some are better (I.e., let you save more settings) than others. 

The Bio Bidet A8 Serenity lets you save your preferred water pressure and nozzle position, which isn’t great. Good user presets let you save temperatures for the water/seat/dryer and preferred cycle length for cleansing and drying. 

But it’s better than nothing. The Brondell SWASH 1000 has zero presets.

The BB A8 Has an Auto One-Push Operation Feature 

It’s nice to be able to order a #1 off the menu instead of having to specify everything separately. An auto function is kind of the same. 

By pressing one extra button (‘Auto’ during a normal cleaning cycle), you get a minute of washing followed by 3 minutes of drying. The cleansing session is divided up into 20 seconds of standard spraying, 20 seconds of oscillating spray, and 20 seconds of massage. 

The Brondell SWASH 1000 Has Spray Width Settings 

It has three: narrow, standard, and wide.  

I’m not sure why this isn’t a more common feature, but the S1000 is among a handful of bidets that lets you use different spray widths.  

For a stronger, more concentrated spray, use the narrow width. For a softer cleanse that hits a wider area, use the wide spray pattern. 

The A8 Has a Massage Setting 

Both bidets have an oscillating spray mode, which is the important thing. When a nozzle oscillates, it moves back and forth so the user doesn’t have to rock and shift around to get water to all the right places.  

But some bidets have a massage mode, which is nice. Typically, a massage spray setting works by pulsing water pressure (rotating soft and strong pressure) but the A8 has a rhythmic massage mode that causes the nozzle to oscillate in a regular pattern for a soothing effect. 

The Bio Bidet A8 Has a Nightlight 

The BB A8 Serenity has a bowl-illuminating nightlight. With this feature, you can make your way to the toilet and operate the bidet in the dark, so there’s no need to blind yourself with bathroom lights. 

Some generic nightlights can do the trick, but they’re often too dim if they can’t be placed close enough to the toilet.   

The SWASH 1000 is Far More Energy Efficient 

The tankless water heater uses energy when needed, while the hybrid heater of the A8 partly relies on a heated reservoir—to be kept warm, heated reservoirs draw power around the clock.  

Hybrid heaters are still more efficient than basic tank-type heaters, but just not on par with the instantaneous heaters that come with luxury bidets. 

The Eco (power-saving) modes function a little differently. For one, the S1000 Eco mode is automatic, going into low-power mode after 10 minutes of disuse. With the A8, you have to turn it on and off manually.

Really, the main difference here is that, with the SWASH 1000, you won’t need the Eco mode at all since the bidet uses very little energy at power at full. So much so, that Brondell recommends not using it since the amount of energy saved is hardly worth the hassle of having to wake the bidet up 10 minutes before use.

Design and Exterior 

Overall, both bidets look great so this isn’t a huge factor. 

Of course, which bidet looks the best is a matter of opinion. But by most standards, the A8 has a cleaner look since it has fewer visible decals.  

Size-wise, the Brondell S1000 is less bulky than the A8 since the seat is about an inch lower in the rear (5.7” vs 6.8”, respectively). Lower seats with less of a curve are considered more comfortable and better looking. 

The Brondell SWASH CS1000 is Easier to Find in Round 

Overall, toilets with round bowls are harder to shop for when it comes to choosing a bidet. Electric seats house a lot of technology, so it’s a bit more challenging to design a seat slim enough to be used on a round bowl while still giving the user plenty of room upfront.  

BB does make the A8 for round toilets, but in my experience, the round form is harder to come by in major retailers. So, unless you want to buy direct from BB and likely pay MSRP, this fact alone may be enough to make the decision for you. 

Features and Specs: Brondell SWASH CS1000 vs Bio Bidet A8 

Brondell SWASH 1000 Luxury Bidet Seat 

Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat, White

First, is the SWASH 1000 bidet seat (also available on Amazon). It’s available for round and elongated toilets.

Like the A8, the Brondell SWASH 1000 is an advanced (mid-tier) bidet that’s sometimes referred to as a luxury seat. But the S1000 is much closer to true luxury class since it has several features typically only found with top-tier bidets.

It’s the highest-end Brondell option after the S1400. It’s better than the S1200 but lacks a few features of the S1400. (Not sure what’s going on with the numbering system).  

It has all of the features of the S1400 minus the nightlight, user presets, and auto mode. It’s better than the S1200, as it has a warm air dryer, automatic deodorizer, and a nozzle oscillation function. 

Its main benefit over the Bio Bidet A8 is the tankless heater. Endless warm water comes in handy, especially when the bidet is used back-to-back and/or for single-session front and rear cleansing. It’s also nice for prolonged sitz bath sessions (for hemorrhoids, etc.).  

Another great benefit over the A8 is the Silvernado nozzle sanitation feature. The on-demand nozzle sanitizing function uses silver oxide nanoparticles which have powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. For an added layer of protection from infection, use the feature as instructed and when you notice the nozzle is soiled. 

The wireless remote isn’t as fancy as the A8 remote, but it comes with a magnetic dock and mounting bracket, and its own power-saver mode to lengthen battery life.

Features and Specs of the Brondell S1000

Water Temperature: 

  • Tankless ceramic core heater for instant and endless warm water.  
  • Adjustable water temperature w/4 settings: “Off” (cold tap), Low (88.7° F), Medium (94.1° F), and High (99.5° F). 

Water Pressure: 

  • Adjustable water pressure with 3 strength levels and a max flow rate of 0.13 gal (or ~0.5 L) per minute. 
  • There’s no “turbo” mode but there is a narrow spray setting that provides stronger pressure.  

Comfort and Convenience: 

  • Easy-to-use wireless remote with intuitive controls.
  • A warm air dryer with adjustable temperature. 
  • Comfortable heated seat with 4 temperature settings. 
  • Aerated wash with microbubbles. It’s not advertised on the product page, but the SWASH 1000 does produce an aerated stream. Aerated water provides a softer, gentler stream that soothes sensitive skin.  
  • An air deodorizer. A small fan circulates air through an activated charcoal filter that breaks down molecules responsible for embarrassing odors. So, instead of masking bad odors like an air freshener, the deodorizer eliminates them altogether. 


  • The bidet has one noticeable decal, but is pretty low-profile overall.  
  • With a rear height of only 5.7” (~14.5 cm), the seat is relatively non-bulky without much of a curve.  

Seat and Lid: 

  • Slam-free slow-closing seat and lid to prevent wear and tear. 
  • Quick-release button for easy bidet removal (for periodic bidet and toilet cleaning). 

Cleaning Wand and Spray Capability: 

  • Dual stainless-steel nozzles for regular (posterior) and front feminine cleansing. 
  • Adjustable nozzle position (5 settings) for accurate aiming. 
  • Adjustable spray width. Choose between three settings: narrow, standard, and wide. 
  • Oscillating spray setting. Bidet nozzles that move back and forth rapidly, provide better coverage in a shorter duration. It takes a stationary nozzle 2 minutes to accomplish what an oscillating nozzle can do in 30 seconds. 

Safety and Sanitation: 

  • Automatic self-cleaning nozzles: both cleaning wands automatically self-rinse before and after each use.  
  • On-demand nozzle sanitizing function that sterilizes the wand with silver oxide.
  • Safety seat sensor to prevent accidental bidet operation. 

Energy and Water Efficiency: 

  • The tankless heating system helps the S1000 pay for itself in the long run, as it drastically cuts down on power use. Compared to traditional tank-type storage systems, the S1000 heater reduces power consumption upwards of 60%. 
  • Automatic energy-saver mode that reduces the seat temperature 10 minutes after the bidet is last used. The feature is optional, but it’s there if you want it.  
  • The aerated wash incorporates air into the spray, reducing water consumption. 

Bio Bidet A8 Serenity Advanced Bidet Seat 

Bio Bidet A8 Luxury Class Bidet Toilet, Dual Sided Wireless Remote, Adjustable Heated Seat, Warm Water, Air Dryer, Stainless Steel Nozzle, Elongated

Next, is the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity (also available on Amazon). Amazon tends not to carry the A8, so I recommend Bidet King which is a trusted vendor.

The A8 is often advertised as a luxury bidet, but’s more of a mid-tier premium option. It combines some of the better features of the Bio Bidet USPA 6800U and Ultimate 770 (two other BB mid-tier bidets). 

If the Brondell SWASH 1000 has more luxury features, the Bio Bidet A8 has more convenience features, like user presets and an auto mode.  

The nightlight is a great feature. Bidet nightlights are bright enough so you can see what you’re doing yet dim enough to keep you in that semi-sleeping state. 

Having said all that, you could do far worse, but IMO, the A8 is a bit overpriced for what it offers. At this price tag, a bidet should at least offer a tankless water heater. 

The A8 claims to provide temperature consistency of limitless duration for a continuous supply of warm water, but the heated tank only holds 740 mL. With a flow rate of roughly 0.7L/min, the tank runs empty at the minute mark.  

Since hybrid heaters have instantaneous heating technology, the warm water lasts longer than a minute, but it’s not endless.  

From the feedback I’ve gotten, water cools down after the minute mark and eventually reaches room temperature and stays there. So, the main benefit is that it keeps water from getting cold.   

The child wash function is nice, but I’ve seen better. For one, it only adjusts the water pressure and nozzle position. Ideally, it would keep the water and seat temperature low and incorporate the nozzle oscillation function—oscillation, since younger children are less skillful at getting water to the right places. 

Features and Specs of the A8 Serenity 

Water Temperature: 

  • Hybrid heater with a 740mL tank for prolonged warm water. 
  • Adjustable water temp w/4 temperature settings, ranging from room temperature to 102° F 

Water Pressure: 

  • Adjustable water pressure with 5 levels to choose from and a max flow rate of 0.18 gal (or ~0.7 L) per minute. 
  • There’s no “strong” or “turbo” wash setting or anything that narrows the spray for more concentrated cleansing. 

Comfort and Convenience: 

  • Super-sleek wireless remote with LCD screen and controls on both sides.  
  • A warm air dryer with adjustable temperature. 
  • An adjustable heated seat with 4 temperature settings.  
  • Dual-user presets. Two users can save their preferred water pressure and nozzle position. 
  • Convenient auto function. Press “Auto” during a cleansing session and get 20 seconds of cleansing spray, 20 seconds of oscillation, 20 seconds of massage, and 3 minutes of drying. 
  • Aerated wash for comfort for a strong yet gentle cleansing spray. 
  • A powerful air deodorizer with a catalytic filter. Remove smelly bathroom odors at the source. 


  • The bidet is rather bulky at 6.8” (~17.3 cm) in the rear, but it’s not overly sloped. The A8 has a unibody design that gives it an ultra-contemporary look, helping it blend in with the toilet as much as possible.  
  • It’s also plain white with minimal decals, colors, labels, etc. 

Seat and Lid: 

  • Gentle, slow-closing seat and lid to prevent wear long term.  
  • Quick-release side button for easy bidet separation and cleaning. 

Cleaning Wand and Spray Capability: 

  • A single 2-in-1 stainless-steel nozzle for front and rear cleansing. 
  • For max aiming accuracy, the wand can be adjusted to 5 positions spanning from rear to front. 
  • Oscillating spray setting for a wider cleansing area. 
  • Massage function that causes the nozzle to oscillate in a regular rhythm to provide a soothing effect. 

Safety and Sanitation: 

  • The cleaning nozzle has an on-demand self-cleaning function. Press the ‘Rear’ button for 2 seconds to have the nozzle self-rinse for 30 seconds. 
  • A special child wash mode. With one push of a button, the child gets a 2-min wash + 3-min dry cycle with child-friendly settings in place.  
  • Soothing blue nightlight for safe bathroom navigation in the dark.  
  • Intelligent body sensor to prevent unwanted/accidental bidet operation when the seat isn’t occupied. 

Water and Energy Efficiency: 

  • Hybrid heaters are midrange in efficiency, so the energy-saver mode will need to be used for max savings. Pressing the ‘Eco’ button for 2 seconds causes the seat and water temperature to be set to room temperature until the bidet is operated again.
  • Aerated wash for water efficiency. 

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