Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition vs 2000: Which is Better?

In this article, we’ll be comparing the Bio Bidet DIB special edition with the Bliss 2000. 

Real quickly, the main differences between the Bio Bidet DIB vs 2000 include: 

  • Water heater (tankless vs hybrid). 
  • Wireless remote (touchscreen vs LCD). 
  • Child wash mode (DIB only). 
  • User presets vs auto function. 
  • Energy and water efficiency (bubble spray, eco modes, heater type). 
  • Bidet design (modern/low-profile vs clunkier look). 

See this chart and the coming article for the details. 

Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition vs 2000: Quick Comparison Table 

Feature(s)BB DIB Special EditionBB 2000
Available in Elongated and RoundYY
Water Heater TypeEndless Warm Water
(Tankless Heater)
Limited Warm Water
(Hybrid Heater)
Warm Air Dryer w/Adjustable TempYY
Heated Seat w/Adjustable TempYY
Handheld RemoteTouchscreen Wireless Remote w/Flatscreen InterfaceSleek Wireless Remote w/LCD Screen
Air DeodorizerYY
Cleaning WandSingle 3-in-1 Stainless Steel
Rear/Front Feminine/Vortex
Single 3-in-1 Stainless Steel
Rear/Front Feminine/Vortex
Adjustable Nozzle Position for Accurate AimingYY
Self-Clean Wand
(Automatic vs On-Demand)
Child Wash Mode
User Presets
(Save Your Preferred Settings)
2 Users Can Save Nozzle Position, Water Pressure, and Water/Seat/Dry Temperature Settings

Easy Auto Function
(One-Push Operation)
Bowl-Illuminating Night LightYY
Adjustable Water Temperature and PressureYY
High-Pressure Turbo Mode/
Enema Function
Water Pressure
(Flow Rate)
0.6 L/min or ~0.16 gal/min0.7 L/min or ~0.185 gal/min
Nozzle Oscillation
(Back-and-Forth Spraying)
Pulsating-Massage ModeYY
Aerated Wash YN
Slow-Close Seat/Lid + Quick-Release TabYY
Power-Saving Eco Mode(s)Two Eco Modes (Automatic Saver and Smart Saver)One Eco Mode
Design Lower-Profile (Solid White, Ultra Modern Look)Lower Seat Height (0.5″ shorter)
Safety Seat SensorYY

Main Differences: DIB vs 2000 

The DIB Has a Better Water Heater for Limitless Warm Cleansing 

The main difference between the two bidets is the heater technology. The DIB provides endless warm water and uses much less energy than the hybrid heater of the BB-2000. The BB-2000 offers prolonged but limited warm water flow. 

This feature alone makes the DIB worth choosing since the two bidets have the same price tag. 

The BB-2000 is almost a luxury bidet, but it lacks this crucial feature, making it more of a mid-tier option. 

For those who are new to the subject, bidet water heaters come in three varieties: reservoir-type, instantaneous type, and hybrid-type. 

A reservoir or tank-type heater holds about 2 cups of heated water to be used on-demand. The tank lasts about 30sec to a minute, and when empty, the cleansing spray runs cool. I.e., it has to refill and reheat between uses. They draw power 24/7 so they’re the least efficient. The BB-1000 has this kind. 

Instantaneous or tankless heaters heat water on-demand. Not relying on a heated reservoir, the user never runs out of warm water. Also, since they’re only used when needed, tankless heaters consume about 60% less energy than tank-type heaters. The DIB Special has this kind. 

A hybrid heater is half tank-type and half tankless, using a small reservoir along with instantaneous heating technology. They provide endless heated water. The water never gets cold/is never uncomfortable but drops in temperature (usually to the low 90’s F) after about 40 seconds. The BB-2000 has this kind of heater. 

The hybrid heater that comes with the BB-2000 advertises “continuous” warm water, which could be read as “endless”. With this type of heater, the warm water never runs cold, but doesn’t remain at max temperature the whole time. Hybrid heaters partly rely on a reservoir of warm water. When the tank runs empty, the cleansing spray remains warm but drops in temperature. 

Different Wireless Remote Design 

This is a small difference, but it’s worth mentioning.  

Both bidets have wireless remotes, which is the important thing.

But the DIB remote has a fancier more modern look and comes with a touchscreen. The BB-2000 remote looks more complicated with more controls and has an LCD display. 

The DIB has more capabilities, so its wireless remote is more efficient since it lets you do more with fewer buttons. 

The DIB Has a Child Wash Mode 

Then, there’s the child wash mode. The DIB is kid-friendly since it has a wash function meant specifically for younger users. Most Bio Bidets have this feature, so I’m not sure why the BB-2000 doesn’t. 

With the child mode, kids don’t need to how to operate the bidet at a high level because they only need to hit one button to put all the right child-friendly settings in place. 

By pressing the “Child” button, the bidet activates these kid-friendly settings: 

  • The nozzle extends further (to accommodate for shorter stature) 
  • Lower (weaker) water pressure for comfort.  
  • The super-strong vortex function is prevented from operating. 
  • Low seat temperature to prevent low-temp burns.  

The DIB Cleanses with an Aerated Bubble Wash  

Aerated water streams make for a stronger yet more comfortable cleanse. For example, you can use a higher pressure setting (even the vortex mode) for longer without the cleansing session growing uncomfortable. 

Also, since air is incorporated into the water stream, bidets with this feature are more water-efficient. Bidets don’t use a ton of water, but savings do add up over time. 

The DIB Is More Energy Efficient 

Both bidets have economy settings, but the DIB has an extra energy-saver function. 

Since the DIB has a tankless heater, it uses way less energy by default. The heater only uses power when needed, so the Eco energy-saver modes need only regulate the seat temperature—after the water heater, seats are the next most energy-consuming bidet components. 

The basic mode (Automatic Energy Saver) keeps the seat at 32 C at all times while the advanced mode (Smart Energy Saver) memorizes periods of infrequent bidet use and keeps the seat at 32 C during that time.  

The DIB Has User Presets While the Bliss 2000 Has an Auto Mode 

Having an auto mode is like the difference between being able to order #1 from a menu instead of ordering the main course, sides, and drinks separately.  

With the BB-2000, hit the Auto button and get a 30-second wash followed by 1 minute of drying. 

The next level is user presets which is more like having a waiter/waitress that always remembers your order.  

With the DIB, you get to save a profile with your preferred settings for water pressure and temp, nozzle position, and seat and dryer temperature. The DIB has two user presets. 

Design Differences

Of course, it’s a matter of opinion which bidet looks better, but luxury bidets typically have a streamlined, minimalistic look, with fewer decals and colors.  

Luxury bidets are typically (not always) less bulky as well since there’s no tank-type heater housed at the back of the seat.  

Design-wise, the DIB looks fancier and more modern. Size-wise, there’s not a big difference: both are mid-range in bulkiness with the BB-2000 having a slightly lower rear seat height.

Features and Specs: Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition vs BB-2000 

The Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition Luxury Seat 

BioBidet Special Edition DIB Elongated White Electric Bidet Toilet Seat, On Demand Warm Water, Self Cleaning 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Nozzle, Wireless Remote Control, Posterior and Feminine Wash, Easy DIY Installatio, Power Save Mode is Eco Friendly

First, is the Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition (Amazon link). It comes in round and elongated. 

It’s a no-brainer. For the same price as the BB-2000, you can get a nicer bidet that does a lot more.  

It not only looks fancier but comes with luxury features like a tankless heater. In addition to the fancy stuff, it has several basic features lacking in the BB-2000, like a child wash mode, user presets, and aerated bubble wash. 

Other great features include a warm air dryer, heated seat, rear and front wash, oscillating and massage wash modes, energy-saver settings, and digital safety sensor. 

Even if it were more expensive, it would easily pay for itself with the high-efficiency water heater, since tankless heaters use the least amount of electricity.  

It has a vortex mode like the BB-2000 (one of the 2000’s more popular features), and the water pressure is about the same.  

The fancy wireless remote does as much as the high-tech remote that comes with the 2000, but with a cleaner design with fewer buttons. 

Features and Specs 

Water Temperature: 

  • Limitless warm water via on-demand tankless heater. Instantaneous heating technology provides consistent temp to prevent hot and cold surprises.  
  • Adjustable water temp w/4 levels to choose from, ranging from Off (cold or room temp) to the highest of 100° F. 

Water Pressure: 

  • Water pressure adjustable to 5 settings, maxing out at a flow rate of 0.16 gal (or ~ 0.6 L) per minute. 
  • The bidet has a high-pressure mode for an extra-strong wash.  
  • With the aerated stream, stronger pressure is more comfortable than with the BB-2000. 

Comfort, Convenience, and Aesthetics: 

  • The DIB wireless remote is ergonomically round on one side with a flat interface on the other. The flat side features a touch-screen display. 
  • The warm air dryer has 5 temperature levels.  
  • Heated seat with adjustable temperature. 
  • Automatic air deodorizer for eliminating foul and embarrassing odors. A fan at the back of the seat circulates air from the toilet bowl, pulling it through a carbon filter.
  • Dual user presets: 2 users can store their preferred settings, including water pressure, nozzle position, and temperature for the water, dryer, and heated seat. 
  • The bidet is mid-range in bulkiness with a rear seat height of 6.5” (or ~16.5 cm), but offers plenty of room up front for a comfortable sit. 
  • The bidet has few decals, colors, or labels (none noticeable that I’ve seen).  
  • The aerated water makes for a firm yet comfortable cleanse. 

Seat and Lid: 

  • The seat and lid have gentle/soft-closing hinges that saves wear and tear. 
  • The bidet has a quick-release button for easy removal and cleaning.  

Cleaning Wand and Spray Capability: 

  • Instead of dual nozzles, the DIB has a single 3-in-1 nozzle for rear and front feminine cleansing.  
  • The nozzle is stainless-steel so it’s extra-durable. 
  • The cleaning wand is adjustable across several positions for aiming accuracy. 
  • The strong turbo mode creates a vortex water stream for constipation relief. The strong and narrow stream massages the rear to help stimulate bowel contractions and with the right technique, can enter the rectum for a DIY enema. 
  • Nozzle-oscillating function for wider coverage. When something oscillates, it rotates back and forth. So, it’s like the difference between washing your car by holding the hose in one place, vs moving the hose from side to side. 

Safety and Sanitation: 

  • Automatic self-cleaning nozzle. While not advertised as automatic, the DIB nozzle-rinse function operates automatically before and after each use in addition to functioning on-demand when the nozzle-rinse button is pressed.  
  • Built-in soothing nightlight for safe navigation at night.  
  • Occupied seat sensor to prevent unwanted bidet operation.  
  • Child wash mode that optimizes nozzle position and water pressure for kids. It also regulates seat temperature (to prevent low-temp burns) and prevents the hard pressure enema mode from functioning. 

Water and Energy Efficiency: 

  • All bidets save trees and water (35 gallons is used to make a single roll of toilet paper). But the DIB is advertised as especially eco-friendly, even compared to other bidets on the market. 
  • It has a tankless water heater which uses 60% less energy compared to other bidet heaters. 
  • It has the extra Eco mode, with an advanced Smart Saver function for extra efficiency. 
  • The aerated nozzle results in water savings long-term. Bidets don’t use much water, but aerated streams do save a good bit in the long run. 

The Bio Bidet BB-2000 Advanced Seat 

Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated White Smart Toilet Seat, Premier Class, Unlimited Warm Water, Vortex Wash, Bidet Seat w /Remote Control

Next up, is the Bio Bidet BB-2000 (also available on Amazon). It comes in round and elongated. 

I suppose if there’s one benefit to choosing the 2000, it would be that it’s easier to find. The company seems to make fewer DIB Special Edition bidets, so the BB-2000 is more commonly in stock (at least, in my experience).

I know I’ve been talking up the DIB, but it’s not because the BB-2000 is a bad bidet. It comes with a wireless remote, warm air dryer, heated seat, a stainless-steel wand, front, rear, and enema cleansing modes plus oscillation and massage/pulse functions.

I only recommend the DIB over the BB-2000 because they cost the same and the former offers more.  Usually, when comparing two bidets, there are pros and cons with each and sometimes one emerges the clear winner (not always). 

In this case, the DIB actually has all of the good features of the BB-2000 and then some. So, at the same price, the choice is obvious. 

Interestingly, the BB-1000 has at least one advantage over the DIB: water pressure. All three bidets offer good pressure, but the BB-1000 has an extra-strong enema mode and a max output of 0.32 gal (or ~ 1.2 L) per minute. 

Features and Specs 

Water Temperature: 

  • Extended warm water flow via hybrid-type heater. While not as good as the DIB heater, it outperforms the tank-type heater of the BB-1000.
  • Adjustable water temp w/4 settings that puts out water ranging from 37.4° F to the highest of 104° F. 

Water Pressure: 

  • Water pressure is adjustable across 5 settings, maxing out at a flow rate of 0.185 gal (or ~0.7 L) per minute. 
  • High-pressure turbo mode for effective washing and constipation relief.  
  • The strong pressure mode puts out a concentrated vortex water stream.  

Comfort, Convenience, and Aesthetics: 

  • Convenient wireless remote with LCD screen.  
  • Warm air dryer with adjustable temperature. 
  • Heated seat with 4 temperature settings. 
  • The bidet also has an air deodorizer, a feature typically limited to luxury bidets. Instead of masking bad odors like air fresheners (fragrances), deodorizers eliminate bad smells at the source.  
  • The BB-2000 has an Auto function. One push of a button triggers a 30sec wash and 1min dry session sequentially. This feature is convenient for all users, but especially so for older adults and children. 
  • The BB-2000 design is less modern, but it’s about half an inch lower in the back (6” or ~15.2 cm), so it’s actually less bulky.  

Seat and Lid: 

  • Gentle-closing seat/lid for increased bidet longevity. 
  • Quick-release button on the side for easy bidet removal and cleaning.  

Cleaning Wand and Spray Capability: 

  • The BB-2000 also has a single nozzle for regular (posterior) and front feminine cleansing.  
  • The nozzle is made of stainless steel and is adjustable to 5 positions for accurate aiming. 
  • Strong enema wash mode. When activated, the bidet puts out a stronger narrower vortex stream. It doubles as a general high-pressure setting, but is meant to help constipation by penetrating the sphincters for a deep cleansing. Also, stronger pressure helps stimulate bowel movement to help get things going. 
  • Oscillating spray mode to hit a larger area and provide a better cleaning overall. 
  • A massage mode that rotates strong and soft pressure for a soothing massage. 

Safety and Sanitation: 

  • The BB-2000 also has automatic self-cleaning nozzle.  So, the nozzle self-rinses before and after each use. Of course, there’s an on-demand self-clean function, too, that will initiate a 20 second rinsing session when activated. 
  • Safety sensor to prevent unwanted or accidental bidet operation. 
  • Nightlight for safe bathroom navigation. 

Water and Energy Efficiency: 

  • Energy saver mode that automatically maintains a water and seat temperature of 89.6 F (32 C). Unfortunately, there’s no Smart Saver function that goes into low-power mode based on when the bidet is used.  
  • With a hybrid heater, the BB-2000 is more energy-efficient than most entry-level bidets, but is far less efficient compared to the DIB heater. 

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