TOTO NEOREST vs Kohler Veil and Eir: Every Feature Compared

Today we’re comparing the TOTO Neorest models with the Kohler Eir and Veil.  

The Kohler Veil and Eir are near identical to the non-ACTILIGHT TOTO Neorest models, in terms of bidet features and toilet specs. Specifically, the Neorest RH and AH. The Eir has a PREMIST equivalent and both the Eir and Veil have wand cleaning technology similar to TOTO’s EWATER+.

The TOTO Neorest and Kohler Veil/Eir differ in a few key areas, including: 

  • The TOTO Neorest comes in several forms: the 700H, 750H, EW, AC, AH, NX1, and the NX2, etc. whereas Kohler only offers a handful of bidet-toilet combos, namely the Eir and Veil.
  • A few of the bidets come in wall-hung form.
  • Different spray modes (different models have their own unique spray settings).  
  • The Kohler Eir and Veil come with a stainless-steel nozzle while TOTO uses plastic.
  • Some bidets have user presets (the ability to save your favorite settings).
  • The less expensive options tend to be a bit less water efficient.
  • Some have an auto toilet bowl cleaning function. 
  • The TOTO Neorest NX2 and 750H contain what’s called ACTILIGHT technology, which we’ll be covering below. 

The short version is: unless money simply isn’t a consideration, I’d recommend the Kohler Veil or Neorest RH.

See this article for a full side-by-side comparison of the best toilet-bidet combos on the market, in all price ranges.

TOTO Neorest vs Kohler Eir and Veil: Quick Summary Chart 

Feature(s)Kohler Eir and VeilTOTO Neorest
Endless Warm Water
(Instantaneous Heater)
Good Water PressureYesYes
Warm Air Dryer, Wireless Remote,
Auto Air Deodorizer, Heated Seat
Auto Open/Close Seat/LidSeat Cover OnlySeat and Lid
Oscillating Spray ModeYesYes
Pulsing Massage ModeYesYes
Combined Oscillation + PulseKohler Eir OnlyNo
Enema Function
(Constipation Relief)
Other Fancy Spray ModesSpiral SprayWide Front, Rear Soft
In-Bowl NightlightYesYes
Stainless-Steel Nozzle(s)Yes
Self-Cleaning NozzlesYesYes
Nozzle SanitationElectrolyzed Water + UV LightElectrolyzed Water
User Presets
(Save Preferred Settings)
Auto Function
(Easy One-Push Operation)
Self-Cleaning Bowl (Pre-Mist)Kohler Eir OnlyYes
Self-Cleaning Toilet (Entirely) NoNeorest 700H SN993 and
Neorest NX2
Non-Stick CoatingNoYes (CEFIONTECT)
WaterSense Certified YesYes
(Full and Partial GPF)
Veil: 0.8 and 1.28 GPF
Eir: 1.0 and 0.8 GPF
Neorest: 1.0 and 0.8 GPF
Comfort Sitting Yes (Kohler Comfort Height)Yes (TOTO Universal Height)
Available in Wall-HungWall-Hung Kohler VeilTOTO Neorest EW and AC

Features and Specs: Kohler Eir/Veil vs TOTO Neorest

The Kohler Veil Bidet Toilet Combo

Kohler K-5401-PA-0 Veil Comfort Height Skirted One-Piece Elongated Dual-Flush Intelligent toilet, White

First up is the Kohler Veil Intelligent.

If you end up going with a Kohler toilet, I recommend this one because it’s about 15% less than the Eir while providing 98% of the features. Also available here.

Pretty much the only thing that’s missing is the self-cleaning bowl–a feature similar to TOTO’s PREMIST–and the option for gold trim.

It has more nozzle sanitation features than TOTO Neorest bidets in that it uses both electrolyzed water and UV light for microbial control while Neorest bidets only use EWATER+.

Features and Specs of the Kohler Veil

Warm Temperature and Pressure: 

  • Instant heater for unlimited warm water.
  • Adjustable water temperature w/5 settings per wash mode. 
  • 5 pressure settings to choose from.


  • Elongated seat for added comfort and room.
  • The Intelligent Veil has been upgraded to a Comfort Height seat that sits 17” off the ground. This provides chair-height seating, making the bidet easier to sit and stand. 
  • Comfy adjustable heated seat w/variable temperature settings. 


  • Luxury wireless remote with a touchscreen LCD display. 
  • Auto flush: enable this feature to have the toilet automatically flush 120 seconds upon standing, or when leaving the area or lowering the seat.
  • For use if the power goes out (to the home), the Veil has a battery-powered emergency flush feature that supports up to 100 flushes.
  • Auto open/close lid feature uses motion-sensing to lift and lower to the seat cover. This feature allows for convenient and hygienic hands-free bidet operation.
  • In addition to the auto function, the seat and lid have slow-close hinges that prevent slamming when the seat and lid are opened/closed manually.

Other Luxury Features: 

  • Warm air dryer several temperature settings to choose from. 
  • Automatic air deodorizing system eliminates foul and embarrassing odors at the source.

Design and Exterior: 

  • Compact, low-profile one-piece intelligent toilet with ultra-modern design.
  • Compared to the Kohler Eir: Solid white without the gold trim that’s available with the Kohler Eit. But like the Eir, the Veil has minimal decals, labels, etc.  
  • Compared to the TOTO Neorest models: with sharper edges, the Kohler Veil looks most like the Neorest AH.

Cleaning Wand and Spray Capability: 

  • Single, stainless-steel multi-action wand for rear and front feminine cleansing. 
  • The nozzle can be adjusted across 5 positions for accurate aiming. 
  • Rear-most nozzle for basic posterior cleansing
  • The middle nozzle hole for the spiral spray function (see below).
  • For feminine hygiene, the front of the nozzle has several smaller dispersed holes for extra-soft cleansing.
  • The oscillating spray mode causes the nozzle to move back and forth to cover a greater area. In this way, you don’t have to shift around to get good coverage. This feature works with both front and rear cleansing.
  • Spiral spray feature: in addition to the oscillation mode, the Spiral spray feature can be used to hit a wider area during rear cleansing. Pressing the spiral icon causes the water stream to spray in a circular motion to hit a broader area.
  • The massage mode pulses soft/firm water pressure to provide a soothing, massage-like effect.


  • The usual automatic and on-demand nozzle clean function: this feature cleans the nozzle before and after each use automatically and lets you initiate a nozzle clean session when needed.
  • The Kohler Veil like the Eir takes nozzle sanitation to the next level by nozzle rinsing with electrolyzed water (like TOTO’s EWATER+) in addition to sanitizing the nozzle with UV light which kills bacteria and fungi.
  • The Kohler Veil is the only bidet in the lineup to not offer the self-cleaning toilet feature.


  • Soft LED lighting gently illuminates your path for safe bidet use in the dark. I.e., no stumbling or blinding yourself with bathroom lights.
  • The Kohler Veil is ADA Compliant, so it’s accessible for a wide range of users. 
  • Safety seat sensor prevents the bidet from being activated on accident. 

Water Efficiency: 

  • Dual flush feature adjust the water usage based on whether you’re performing a #1 or #2. 
  • You can choose between 1.28 or 0.8 GPF (4.8 or 3.0 liters) for full and partial flushes, respectively. 
  • Pump-assisted flushing provides a stronger flush with less water.
  • WaterSense certified.
  • Aerated cleansing spray for water efficiency.

Energy Efficiency: 

  • The Kohler Veil has an instantaneous water heater that only uses power when needed, using up to 60% less than traditional reservoir heaters.
  • Energy-saver economy mode regulates the heaters when the bidet isn’t in use.


  • The Kohler Veil measures 26-1/8” (L) x 17-1/4” (W) x 21-7/16” (H) 
  • 12 inch rough-in.
  • 3.93-foot power cord. 
  • Floor-mounted tankless toilet with direct water supply. 
  • Pump-assisted flushing action with no behind-the-wall cistern to install. 

The Kohler Eir Bidet Toilet Combo 

Kohler 77795-0 Eir Toilet, White

Next we’re taking a look at the Kohler Eir. You can check out the current prices here (also available on Amazon). 

The Eir is comparable in price to the TOTO Neorest 700H but rivals (and even surpasses) the features of the NX2 (the most expensive TOTO bidet-toilet combo.  

That’s saying a lot, considering the NX2 costs about as much as a new car.  

The Eir has an instantaneous heater that provides a stream of warm water that never runs out, all while using less power overall since there isn’t any reservoir to keep warm.  

The Eir is a slim, compact, streamlined tankless toilet with integrated bidet technology that approaches the sophistication of TOTO’s fanciest bidet seat, the S550e Washlet.

The Eir has an elongated bowl which allows plenty of room in the front, and is in the Comfort Height line of Kohler toilets, meaning it’s made to be chair-height and thus easy to stand and sit.  

It’s dual-flush and WaterSense certified, using only 1.0 gallons per full flush and 0.8 for each partial flush.  

It has a stainless-steel nozzle unlike the Neorest models (or any TOTO bidets for that matter) and even offers an auto toilet bowl-cleaning feature similar to the TOTO PREMIST feature. It’s the only Kohler bidet toilet combo to offer a bowl-cleaning feature.

Features and Specs of the Kohler Eir 

Warm Temperature and Pressure: 

  • Endless warm water via instantaneous heater. 
  • Adjustable water temp with 5 settings for each wash mode. 
  • Adjustable water pressure (5 pressure settings). 


  • Elongated, Comfort Height seat for spacious chair-height seating, making the bidet easier to use for adults of all ages. 
  • Cozy heated seat w/adjustable temperature settings. 


  • Luxury LCD wireless remote with a touchscreen surface. 
  • Auto flush: when enabled, the toilet automatically flushes 120 seconds after you stand up, or when you lower the seat, or leave the area. 
  • Battery-operated emergency flush feature that supports up to 100 toilet flushes for use during power outages, etc. 
  • Motion-activated auto open/close lid feature allows for hands-free opening/closing of the seat cover.
  • Slow-close seat hinges lower the seat gently and quietly to save wear and tear on the bidet. 

Other Luxury Features: 

  • Warm air dryer with multiple temperature settings. 
  • Automatic deodorization system removes embarrassing smells at the source. A fan circulates air through a carbon filter that breaks down smelly molecules.  

Design and Exterior: 

  • Compact, streamlined one-piece intelligent toilet 
  • Minimal colors, decals, labels, etc.  
  • Available in plain white or white with gold trim. 

Cleaning Wand and Spray Capability: 

  • Single multi-action stainless-steel wand for regular (posterior) and front feminine cleansing. 
  • Adjustable wand with 5 positions for accurate aiming. 
  • An oscillating spray setting moves the nozzle back and forth to clean more effectively. 
  • Pulse mode rotates soft and strong water pressure for a massage-like cleansing experience. 
  • The Kohler Eir is the only bidet in the lineup with a setting that combines the oscillation and pulse settings, so you can get the benefits of both settings in a single session. 
  • A unique Spiral mode that sprays water in a circular motion. 


  • The nozzle is self-cleaning, and is one of the few Kohler bidets to offer a self-sanitizing feature to disinfect the surface of the cleaning wand. Like TOTO’s EWATER+, the sterilization feature uses electrolyzed water, in addition to exposing the nozzle to UV light, which kills microorganisms. 
  • Self-cleaning bowl feature automatically mists the surface of the toilet bowl creating a slippery surface. That way, waste doesn’t stick as easily and the flushing action can effectively clean the bowl with only 1 gallon per flush. 


  • LED lighting softly illuminates the bathroom allowing for safe navigation in the dark. 
  • The Kohler Eir is ADA Compliant making it accessible for a wide range of users. 
  • Safety seat sensor helps keep the bidet from being activated on accident. 

Water Efficiency: 

  • The dual flush feature allows you to use the right amount of water for #1 or #2. 
  • Choose between 0.8 or 1.0 GPF for partial and full flush, respectively. 
  • Pump-assisted flushing action allows for efficient, yet strong flush performance. 
  • WaterSense 

Energy Efficiency: 

  • The Kohler Eir is efficient since the water heater doesn’t draw power around the clock. Rather, it only uses power when the warm cleansing function is in use. 
  • Energy-saver economy mode reduces the toilet seat temp when the bidet isn’t in use. 


  • The Kohler Eir measures 27-9/16” (L) x 16-7/16” (W) x 20-9/16” (H) 
  • 3.93-foot power cord. 
  • Floor-mounted tankless toilet with direct water supply. 
  • Pump-assisted flushing action with no behind-the-wall cistern to install. 

TOTO Neorest 700H and 750H Bidet Toilet Combos 

TOTO MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest Bathroom-Hardware, Cotton White

First up from the TOTO lineup, is the Neorest 700H (also on Amazon). 

There are two versions of this version if you will: the 700H (SN992) and 750H (SN993), with the 750H having what they call ACTILIGHT, which we’ll cover in more detail further down in the article. 

In short, with ACTILIGHT, the toilet keeps itself clean replacing the need for most maintenance. The other notable thing ACTILIGHT does is double the price of the bidet. 

You can find the Neorest 750H here (also available on Amazon). 

Aside from the ACTILIGHT, the two versions of the 700H are essentially the same. 

The two toilets are tankless and fully skirted with an elongated, Universal Height seat. They are in the 1.0 GPF Gravity Flush line of TOTO toilets. They are dual-flush, using 1.0 and 0.8 gallons per flush for full and partial flushes, respectively. 

The bidet itself is on par with the S550e, TOTO’s best bidet seat.

Features and Specs of the TOTO Neorest 700H and 750H

Water Temperature and Pressure: 

  • Instantaneous heater for unlimited water flow. 
  • Adjustable water temperature (5 settings) with temp levels ranging from 86° F to 104° F. 
  • Adjustable water pressure w/multiple settings. 
  • Water flow rate (nozzle output) from 0.07 to 0.11 gal (or 0.27 -0.43 L) per minute. 


  • Universal Height for ease of sitting/standing 
  • Elongated bowl/seat for added room and comfort. 
  • Heated seat with surface temperature adjustable from 82° F to 97° F. 


  • Multifunctional handheld remote. 
  • User presets for saving your favorite settings for wand position, water temperature, and water pressure. 
  • Auto open and close function for hands-free opening and closing of the seat and lid. This feature works via remote control and body sensor. 
  • Auto flush with back-up manual flush.  

Other Luxury Features: 

  • Warm air dryer with 5 temperature settings, adjustable from 95° F to 140° F 
  • Built-in air deodorizing system keeps the restroom smelling clean. 

Cleaning Wand and Spray Capability: 

  • Single multi-action plastic cleaning wand for posterior and female cleansing. 
  • 5 nozzle positions for accurate aiming. 
  • Several wash modes including Rear, Rear Soft, Front, and Wide Front.
  • The Rear Soft setting provides a gentle cleansing experience for sitz bath sessions and for soothing irritated skin (hemorrhoids, etc.).  
  • The Wide Front setting provides a softer feminine wash mode.  
  • Oscillating spray setting to hit a wider area. 
  • Pulsing spray mode provides a massage effect. 


  • For an arm and a leg, the 750H version has ACTILIGHT which allows the toilet to keep itself brilliantly clean without any cleaning chemicals or effort on the part of the user. 
  • Both the 700H and 750H have automatic self-sanitizing nozzles. The cleaning wands are doused in antimicrobial EWATER+ with each use. 
  • The 700H is coated with CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze which helps keep waste from sticking to the ceramic surface. 
  • Like the TOTO S550e luxury seat, the 700H has a pre- and after-mist bowl cleaning function. The toilet bowl is pre-sprayed with EWATER+ to create a slippery surface to keep waste from sticking. The bowl is sprayed again after using the toilet (the after-mist function). This makes the flushing action more effective.  
  • The Neorest 700H and 750H are Proposition 65 compliant for those who live in CA. 


  • Nightlight allows safe bathroom navigation in the dark. 
  • ADA Compliant status making the bidet toilets accessible to a wider range of users. 
  • Seat sensor to keep the bidet from being operated on accident. 

Water Efficiency: 

  • Ultra-high efficiency TORNADO syphon jet flushing system cleans the bowl effectively using less water. 
  • Dual-flush feature lets you choose the right amount of water for the situation.  
  • WaterSense certified dual-flush action uses a mere 1.0 gallon for full flush and 0.8 gallons for a partial flush. 

Energy Efficiency: 

  • Like all Neorest models, the 700H has a high-efficiency water-heating system that draws power only when the bidet is in use.
  • Auto energy-saver mode detects time periods of infrequent toilet use and lowers the seat temperature automatically.  
  • Timer energy saver mode lets you choose a certain time window in which the bidet goes into low-energy mode (3, 6, or 9 hours). 
  • A combination of the two eco modes for maximum energy savings. 


  • 12” Rough-in. 
  • Both versions measure 31-7/16” (L) x 17-5/18” (W) x 20-3/4” (H). 
  • 3.93-foot power cord. 
  • Floor-mounted tankless toilet with direct water supply. 
  • Pressure-assisted concealed (internal) tank. I.e., no behind-the-wall cistern to install. 

Traditional Linear Design: The Neorest AH  

TOTO MS989CUMFG#01 NEOREST AH Dual Flush 1.0 or 0.8 GPF Toilet with Intergeated Bidet Seat and EWATER White-MS989CUMFG, Cotton White

A more traditional-looking bidet-toilet combo is the Neorest AH which you can find here. I recommend Bidet King since it tends to be less expensive and they offer way better customer support.

For Amazon, it can be found here.

If you like the features of the TOTO 700H but prefer the look of the Kohler options, consider the TOTO Neorest AH. There are three main differences between the AH and 700H:

  1. No ACTILIGHT: The AH offers the same features as the 700H, minus the ACTILIGHT option.
  2. Design: the AH has a linear design and more traditional skirted look. It just looks like a TOTO bidet seat sitting atop a skirted tankless toilet.
  3. Price: In My Experience the AH is, on average, 15% less than the 700H.

The AH measures 27-1/8″ (L) x 15-3/16″ (W) x 21-1/16″ (H) 

There are other smaller differences like the 700H has an extra inch of sitting room.

Again, it’s essentially the same in terms of cleansing functions and toilet features.

As for the toilet, the AH shares all of the same 700H features: TORNADO flush system, non-stick CEFIONTECT coating, water efficiency, Universal Height seat, dual-flush 0.8/1.0 GPF, etc.  

The Least Expensive Option: The TOTO Neorest RH 

TOTO MS988CUMFG#01 NEOREST RH Dual Flush 1.0 or 0.8 GPF Toilet with Intergeated Bidet Seat and EWATER White-MS988CUMFG, Cotton White

Next up in the non-ACTILIGHT line, is the Neorest RH

For Amazon, you can find it here.

The Neorest RH manages to be the least expensive bidet in the lineup, despite offering all of the same features as other non-ACTILIGHT options.

It’s like the Neorest AH and 700H but has a curvier design. Like the AH, there’s no ACTILIGHT version.

If you like the traditional look of the AH, but would prefer and more rounded silhouette, the RH is probably the right option for you. It has a rounded lid, fewer lines, etc.

Feature and Specs of the TOTO Neorest RH

Water Temperature and Pressure:  

  • Instant water heater for limitless warm water. 
  • 5 water temp settings, adjustable from 86° F to 104° F.  
  • 5 water pressure settings, adjustable from 0.08 to 0.11 gal (or 0.32 – 0.43 L) per minute. 


  • Universal Height seat.  
  • Elongated 11-13/16” seat
  • Adjustable heated seat: 82° F to 97° F. 

Other Luxury Features:  

  • Adjustable warm air dryer: 95° F to 140° F.
  • Auto air deodorizer. 


  • Wireless remote control. 
  • User presets to save water temp/pressure and wand position.
  • Auto open/close seat and lid operated via body sensor and wireless remote.
  • Auto flush feature w/back-up manual flushing option.

Cleaning Wand and Spray Capability:  

  • Single multi-action plastic nozzle for rear and frontal cleansing.  
  • Choose between 5 nozzle positions for accurate aiming.  
  • Standard rear and frontal cleansing modes.
  • Special Rear Soft and Wide Front settings for extra-gentle cleansing.
  • Oscillating mode for broader coverage and thorough cleansing. 
  • Massage setting alternates soft and strong pressure for soothing effect.


  • Auto and on-demand self-sanitizing wand (EWATER+). 
  • Non-stick CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze keeps the bowl and toilet surfaces clean. 
  • Pre- and after-mist functions auto clean toilet bowl.  


  • In-bowl nightlight allows easy bathroom navigation and bidet use in the dark.
  • ADA compliance. 
  • Seat sensor prevents accidental bidet operation. 
  • CA Prop 65 compliant.  

Water Efficiency:  

  • Ultra-efficient TORNADO flushing system.  
  • Dual-flush system lets you choose between full and partial flushing, or 1.0 and 0.8 gallons per flush, respectively. 
  • WaterSense certified.

Energy Efficiency:  

  • High-efficiency water heater. 
  • 4 Energy saving modes help the bidet consume less power. These include smart Eco modes that memorize when you most use the bidet and go into low-power mode outside of those times windows.


  • 12” Rough-in.  
  • Measures 27-3/16″ (L) x 15-3/16″ (W) x 21-5/8″ (H)
  • 3.94-foot power cord.  
  • Floor-mounted tankless toilet with direct water supply.  

Wall-Hung Option: Neorest EW and AC

Toto CWT994CEMFG Neorest Wall Hung Toilet, Cotton

TOTO’s most popular intelligent wall-hung toilet is the Neorest EW (Amazon link). The Neorest AC is the ACTILIGHT version, which you can read about here (TOTO website).

The Neorest EW offers all the same features of the non-ACTILIGHT Neorest options but is square in shape, wall-hung, and uses a traditional gravity system for flushing via a behind-the-wall tank that will cost extra to install unless you really know what you’re doing. 

Finally, because it uses a cistern, it’s not as water-efficient as the floor-mounted options. It has a dual-flush 3-D Tornado system that uses 1.28 and 0.9 GPF for full and partial flushes.  

The TOTO Neorest NX1 Bidet Toilet


The next level up in the Neorest line is the TOTO NX1 (also on Amazon). 

The Kohler Eir compares to the NX1 much the same as it compares to the 700H. 

I say this because the NX1 is similar to the 700H when it comes to the bidet functions and as a toilet overall. It’s not anymore water-efficient–both 1.0 and 0.8 GPF dual-flush toilets with TORNADO flushing technology. 

The main difference between the NX1 and 700H is the look. The Neorest NX1 has an ultra-modern design to it that suits modern high-end bathrooms.  

The 700H looks futuristic compared to the average toilet, but the design is a bit dated for toilets of its kind. Integrated bidet-toilet combos are trending towards smooth and minimalistic with fewer curves and corners.  

As you can see, the NX1 looks almost like a droid or something out of Star Wars.

One difference between the NX1 and 700H is the auto toilet seat/lid opening and closing function. With the 700H, the lid opens/closes automatically (via motion sensing) but the seat is operated by remote control.

With the NX1, the seat and lid can be opened and closed via body sensor as well.

Overall, I’d recommend the Kohler Eir over the Neorest NX1

Features and Specs of the Neorest NX1 

Water Temperature and Pressure: 

  • Instantaneous heater for never-ending warm water supply. 
  • Adjustable temperature with 5 water temp settings: from 86° F to 104° F. 
  • Adjustable water pressure w/5 settings and an output of 0.08 gallons (0.32 L) to 0.11 gal (0.43 L) per minute.  


  • Heated seat, adjustable from 82° F to 97° F 
  • Universal Height for easy standing and sitting. 
  • Elongated seat for plenty of room up front. 


  • Luxury multifunctional wireless remote with docking station. 
  • 2 user presets to save preferred wand position and water pressure/temperature.  
  • Auto open/close seat and lid function, operated via remote or motion sensing.  
  • Auto flush via remote and sensor. 
  • Back-up manual flushing for power outages. 

Other Luxury Features: 

  • Warm air dryer w/5 temp settings, from 95° F to 140° F. 
  • Auto air deodorizing system removes embarrassing odors. 

Cleaning Wand and Spray Capability: 

  • Single, multi-action plastic nozzle for regular and frontal cleansing. 
  • Adjustable spray position (5 settings) for accurate aiming.  
  • Rear, Rear Soft, Front, Wide/Soft Front. 
  • Oscillating spray setting hits a wider area and cleans more effectively. 
  • Pulsing spray provides a massage-like effect. 


  • Automatic self-clean function uses EWATER+ to disinfect the nozzle surface, replacing the need for harsh cleaning solvents. 
  • Self-cleaning bowl function sprays electrolyzed water (EWATER+) before and after using the bidet, keeping the toilet bowl cleaner for longer.  
  • The toilet is coated with CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze which helps keep waste from sticking to bowl.  
  • The NX1 complies with CA Proposition 65 warning requirements. 


  • Built-in nightlight softly illuminates your path so you can safely use the bidet in the dark. 
  • Occupied seat sensor helps prevent unwanted bidet operation. 
  • ADA Compliant. 

Water Efficiency: 

  • Ultra-high efficiency TORNADO FLUSH system.
  • WaterSense and 1.0 GPF Gravity Flush.
  • Dual-flush operation (1.0 and 0.8 GPF).  

Energy Efficiency: 

  • High-energy water heater.
  • Auto energy saving mode: see the description above (700H) for more info, but the short version is that the bidet memorizes when you’re less likely to use the toilet and turns the energy-hogging features to a low setting during that time. 
  • There’s also a timer energy saving setting that lets you choose when the bidet goes into power-saving mode. There’s also a setting that combines the two eco modes for the most savings. 


  • 12” Rough-in. 
  • The NX1 measures 31-12″ (L ) x 18-7/16″ (W) x 23-5/8″ (H) 
  • 3.94-foot power cord. 
  • Fully-skirted, floor-mounted tankless toilet with direct water supply. 
  • There’s no behind-the-wall cistern to install since the flushing mechanism operates via pressure. 

TOTO Neorest NX2 


The fanciest version of the TOTO Neorest is the NX2 ACTILIGHT bidet toilet (Amazon link). 

ACTILIGHT is a patented TOTO technology that keeps the toilet in immaculate condition without manual cleaning or any extra effort whatsoever. 

No chemicals are used, only oxygen, water, and light. ACTILIGHT makes the Neorest NX2 one of the only toilets that’s able to keep itself clean without the help of harsh chemicals or any additional maintenance. 

As mentioned above, there is a version of the Neorest 700H with ACTILIGHT but it’s harder to come by. Plus, if you’re going to pay that much, you may as well go for the gusto since the NX2 is far superior to the 750H overall. 

Is the ACTILIGHT feature worth the near 2x in price? If you outsource toilet cleaning, then I suppose it could pay itself back in time.  

Overall, if you’re looking for the fanciest toilet money can buy, you have just found it.  

The Main Differences: Kohler Eir vs TOTO Neorest Models 

The TOTO Neorest Comes in Several Forms (700H, NX1, NX2) 

The Neorest, on the other hand, comes in half a dozen or so forms each with different design and/or functional characteristics.  

Other than the versions listed so far, there are the Neorest RH and AH, which are similar to the 700H but with a shorter seat length.  

There are also two wall-hung toilets, the Neorest EW and AC. 

The versions listed above are the main versions of the Neorest. I.e., the most popular and best-selling versions. 

ACTILIGHT Technology Is Available with Select Neorest Models  

As mentioned above, the Neorest 750H and NX2 have this feature. 

The patented TOTO technology uses light, water, and oxygen to keep the toilet in pristine condition without any effort on the part of the user. 

Because it uses water, light, and oxygen only, no cleaning chemicals are needed which would otherwise degrade the toilet over time. 

So, the feature extends the life of the toilet and minimizes the need for manual cleaning and maintenance. 

The feature is combined with a special zirconium coating that’s hydrophilic (water-loving) which helps keep waste from sticking to the toilet, allowing water from the flushing action to wash away any dirt and human waste. 

The Kohler Veil and Eir Have Advanced Massage and Spiral Spray Settings 

Both the Kohler Veil and EIr have a spiral spray setting that shoots water in a circular motion. This helps cover a greater area and can be used to massage the perennial region.  

The Eir is one of the only bidets I’ve seen to have a setting that combines oscillation and massage. 

All bidets in this article have a basic oscillation mode. When something oscillates, it moves back and forth in a regular pattern. So, it’s like the difference between washing a dirty plate by holding the dish sprayer in one place vs waving the sprayer side-to-side.  

The pulsing spray option (another feature shared by all bidets in the article), rotates strong and soft pressure for a massage effect. 

The Kohler Eir lets you combine these two functions so you can get the benefits of both settings in half the time. 

The Neorest Models Have Soft/Gentle Spray Settings 

The Wide Front spray mode is meant for extra-gentle feminine hygiene. This is a nice feature since the frontal region tends not to get soiled and thus benefits from gentle cleansing over a wider area. 

The Rear Soft mode can be used for makeshift bidet sitz bath sessions and for soothing the skin of the posterior region when dealing with GI issues like hemorrhoids. 

The Kohler Eir and Veil Have a Stainless-Steel Nozzle 

This matters to a lot of consumers, in my experience. TOTO bidets universally come with plastic nozzles, while the Veil and Eir (and other Kohler bidets) come with a stainless steel nozzle.  

I’m not aware of any issues with TOTO nozzles being prone to breaking, but anything that’s made of stainless steel will be more durable in the long run. 

Supposedly, stainless steel better resists soiling. But even if true, that is made irrelevant with TOTO’s EWATER+ nozzle-clean function. 

The TOTO Neorest Has Personalized Settings 

With Neorest models, you can save your preferences for select settings like nozzle position, water pressure, and water temperature. 

This is nice because the user doesn’t have to choose the same settings over and over.

The Neorest Has an After-Mist Function 

The Kohler Eir and Neorest models spray the bowl before each use, which is the most important function. The mist coats the bowl making it harder for debris to cling to the toilet. That way, the flushing action can clean the bowl completely every time. 

But the TOTO Neorest bidet toilets spray the bowl an extra time after using the toilet which provides a slight advantage in keeping the bowl clean. 

The Neorest Has Patented CEFIONTECT Non-Stick Coating 

CEFIONTECT is TOTO’s patented glaze. It prevents waste (read: poop) from sticking to porous, ceramic surfaces like that of the toilet bowl.  

It has an ion barrier to keep everything cleaner for longer. This saves the user effort and replaces the need for cleaning chemicals which could otherwise reduce the lifespan of the bidet. 

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