TOTO NEORESTs Compared (NX1 vs 700H vs 750H vs RH vs AH…)

Did you know that there are 8 TOTO NEOREST bidets? We’ll be comparing all of them.

These include: 

  1. The 700H: the most popular NEOREST with an elongated bowl shape/seat. 
  2. The 750H: like the 700H but with ACTILIGHT technology (we’ll cover ACTILIGHT further down in the article).
  3. The EW: wall-hung version of the NEOREST without ACTILIGHT. 
  4. The AC: wall-hung version with ACTILIGHT, but otherwise the same as the EW. 
  5. The AH: the 700H (no ACTILIGHT) but with a design similar to the Washlet+ bidet toilets. 
  6. The RH: a curvier version of the AH.
  7. The NX1: futuristic-looking toilet similar to the 700H in terms of toilet features and cleansing technology. 
  8. The NX2: like the NX1 but with ACTILIGHT. 

For the most part, the NEOREST models are essentially the same when it comes to their integral bidet cleansing technology. They mostly differ in how fancy the toilet is.  

So, if you’re mostly interested in a toilet’s bidet functionality, I’d go with one of the lesser expensive models (the AH, RH, or 700H, etc.). 

TOTO NEOREST Comparison Chart

Unlimited Warm Water
(Tankless Heater)
All Models
Stainless Steel NozzleNone (TOTO Uses Plastic)
Warm Air Dryer, Wireless Remote,
Auto Air Deodorizer, Heated Seat
All Models
Auto Open/Close Seat/Lid
(via Remote and Motion Sensor)
All Models
Oscillating and Massage Spray ModesAll Models
Standard Rear and Front Modes +
Rear Soft and Wide Front for Gentler Cleansing
All Models
High Pressure Turbo ModeNone: Good Pressure By Default,
Hence the Extra-Soft Spray Modes
In-Bowl NightlightAll Models
Self-Cleaning Nozzle FunctionAutomatic (Before/After Each Use
and On-Demand
Nozzles Self-Clean with EWATER+
(Electrolylzed Water) for Nozzle Sanitation
All Models
User Presets
(Save Your Favorite Settings)
All Models Let You Save Water Temp,
Water Pressure, and Nozzle Position
Auto Function
(Easy One-Push Operation)
Automatic Self-Cleaning Bowl (PREMIST Feature)All Models Have a Pre-Mist and After-Mist Function
ACTILIGHT Feature for a Truly Maintenance-Free Toilet NEOREST 750H (Classic Floor-Mounted)
NEOREST NX2 (Futuristic-Looking Option)
NEOREST AC (Wall-Hung)
Patented Non-Stick Coating (CEFIONTECT)All Models
Dual-Flush WaterSenseAll Models
Gallons Per Flush (GPF)
(Full and Partial Flushes)
Floor-Mounted Options: 1.0 and 0.8 GPF
Wall-Hung: 1.28 and 0.9 GPF
Universal Height Elongated SeatAll Models
(Remote and Motion Activated)
All Models



TOTO MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest Bathroom-Hardware, Cotton White

Perhaps the most classic version of the NEOREST is the 700H (also available here). 

It’s not in the NX series, so it’s more of a traditional toilet-bidet combo (I.e, less futuristic-looking). The 700H is the version without the ACTILIGHT technology which makes it one of the more “affordable” options.  

The 700H stands out from other non-NX models in the shape of the exterior (sharper with more lines) and the spacious sitting experience it offers since the seat is an extra inch in length. 

With the 700H, you get a super-efficient WaterSense certified dual-flush toilet coupled with bidet cleansing technology that is on par with the S550e (the best bidet seat on the market).

Features and Specs of the TOTO NEOREST 700H 

Water Temperature and Pressure:  

  • Instantaneous heater for endless warm water. 
  • Adjustable water temp (5 settings), ranging from 86° F to 104° F.  
  • Multiple water pressure settings. 
  • A flow rate (nozzle output) of 0.07 to 0.11 gal (or 0.27 – 0.43 L) per minute.  


  • Universal Height seat.  
  • 12-13/16” elongated seat for added sitting space. 
  • Heated seat with temp settings from 82° F to 97° F.  


  • Wireless handheld remote.  
  • Savable settings for your preferred wand position, water pressure and water temperature. 
  • Hands-free auto opening and closing of the seat/lid via remote control and body sensor. 
  • Auto flush with a back-up manual flush function for power outages.   

Other Luxury Features:  

  • Warm air dryer w/5 temp settings, from 95° F to 140° F  
  • Integral air deodorizing system keeps the restroom smelling fresh.  

Cleaning Wand and Spray Capability:  

  • Single plastic nozzle for rear and feminine cleansing.  
  • 5 nozzle positions for custom aiming.  
  • Basic front and rear cleansing modes. 
  • Special Rear Soft mode for a soothing effect. Folks commonly use it for bidet sitz bath settings or for soothing hemorrhoids, etc. 
  • Special Front Soft setting for extra-gentle feminine cleansing. 
  • Oscillating spray setting for greater coverage.  
  • Pulsing massage spray mode.  


  • Automatic self-sanitizing nozzle (via EWATER+). 
  • Non-stick CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze coating keeps waste from sticking to the toilet. 
  • Auto toilet bowl cleaning via pre- and after-mist functions.  


  • Built-in bowl-illuminating light allows safe night time bathroom navigation. 
  • ADA compliance. 
  • Safety seat sensor to prevent accidental operation.  
  • Compliance with CA Proposition 65 guidelines. 

Water Efficiency:  

  • Ultra-high efficiency TORNADO flushing system.  
  • Dual-flush feature for partial and full flushing, using a mere 1.0 and 0.8 gallons per flush, respectively. 
  • WaterSense label. 

Energy Efficiency:  

  • High-efficiency water heater only draws power when operated.
  • Auto Energy Saver mode saves energy during low bidet use periods. 
  • The Timer Energy Saver setting lets you choose when the bidet goes into low-power mode. 
  • Auto + Timer Saver mode combines both settings for max savings. 


  • 12” Rough-in.  
  • Measures 31-7/16” (L) x 17-5/18” (W) x 20-3/4” (H).  
  • 3.93-foot power cord.  
  • Floor-mounted tankless toilet uses direct water supply.  
  • No behind-the-wall cistern to install since it uses a pressure-assisted internal tank.  

The 700H vs Other NEOREST Models:

I often get asked about how the 700H compares to other NEOREST models. So, before moving on to other bidets, let’s go ahead and cover how the most widely-used NEOREST compares to some of the other options.

TOTO NEOREST 700H vs 750H 

The NEOREST 750H has the ACTILIGHT feature, but the 700H and 750H are otherwise identical in all respects, in terms of both bidet cleansing features and toilet design, specs, and dimensions. The ACTILIGHT feature replaces the need for maintenance and cleaning, but isn’t necessary.


The TOTO NEOREST 700H differs from the RH and AH in three main ways: (1) toilet design and dimensions, (2) only the 700H has an ACTILIGHT equivalent (the 750H), and (3) the RH and AH are significantly less expensive. They share the same bidet cleansing technology and water efficiency.


The TOTO NEOREST 700H and NX1 differ mostly in the design and look of the toilet, in that the NX1 has a fancier exterior. They share all of the same bidet cleansing features, and are equal in water efficiency. Also, both the 700H and NX1 have an ACTILIGHT equivalent: the 750H and NX2, respectively.

Basic Skirted Design: The NEOREST AH  

TOTO MS989CUMFG#01 NEOREST AH Dual Flush 1.0 or 0.8 GPF Toilet with Intergeated Bidet Seat and EWATER White-MS989CUMFG, Cotton White

Next is the NEOREST AH which you can find here. I recommend Bidet King since it tends to be less expensive.

For those who prefer Amazon, it can be found here.

If you like the 700H but would prefer a more traditional shape, consider the NEOREST AH. Another benefit of the AH is it, on average, 15% less than the 700H, in my experience.

The AH has a linear design like 700H, but it’s lower in profile with a more continuous skirted look. 

It just looks like a skirted tankless toilet with a TOTO bidet seat on top. 

You will lose about an inch of sitting room compared to the 700H since the opening of the seat only measures 11-13/16” from front to back.  

Unlike the 700H, there’s no exact equivalent of the AH that comes with the ACTILIGHT feature. 

Other than that, it’s essentially the same in terms of both the bidet cleansing functions and toilet features. The bidet has the same type of water heater, dryer, and deodorizer, spray modes, EWATER+, PREMIST, etc.  

On the toilet side of things, the AH shares all of the same 700H features like the CEFIONTECT non-stick coating, TORNADO flush system, CEFIONTECT glaze, Universal Height seat, and water efficiency, etc.  

It’s dual-flush, has the WaterSense label, and is in the 1.0 GPF Gravity Flush line of TOTO toilets. 

Features and Specs of the TOTO NEOREST AH 

Water Temperature and Pressure:  

  • Instantaneous heater for unlimited warm water. 
  • 5 water temp settings, ranging from 86° F to 104° F.  
  • 5 water pressure settings. 
  • A flow rate (nozzle output) of 0.08 to 0.11 gal (or 0.32 – 0.43 L) per minute. 


  • Universal Height seat.  
  • 11-13/16” elongated seat for added comfort  
  • Heated seat with adjustable temp (82° F to 97° F). 

Other Luxury Features:  

  • Warm air dryer w/5 temperature settings (95° F to 140° F). 
  • Air deodorizing system. 


  • Wireless remote control. 
  • Personal settings for saving your preferred wand position, water temperature, and water pressure. 
  • The seat and lid can be opened via remote and body sensor. 
  • Auto flush feature + back-up manual flushing.  

Cleaning Wand and Spray Capability:  

  • Single plastic nozzle for front and posterior cleansing.  
  • 5 nozzle positions for aiming accuracy.  
  • Basic rear and front spray modes. 
  • Special Rear Soft mode for gentle posterior cleansing 
  • Special Wide Front setting for soft feminine hygiene. 
  • Oscillating spray setting for extra-thorough rear cleansing. 
  • Massage spray mode with water pressure that pulsates between soft and strong. 


  • Cleaning wand auto self-sanitizes with EWATER+. 
  • CEFIONTECT non-stick ceramic glaze helps keep the bowl clean. 
  • Auto toilet bowl cleaning function with pre- and post-mist.  


  • Built-in bowl-illuminating light allows safe night time bathroom navigation. 
  • ADA compliance. 
  • Safety seat sensor to prevent accidental operation. 
  • CA Prop 65 compliant.  

Water Efficiency:  

  • Ultra-high efficiency TORNADO flushing system.  
  • Dual-flush feature for partial and full flushing, using a mere 1.0 and 0.8 gallons per flush, respectively. 
  • WaterSense label. 

Energy Efficiency:  

  • High-efficiency water heater. 
  • Auto Energy Saver setting: memorizes periods of infrequent toilet use and turns the heaters down during low use periods. For example, it keeps the seat surface temp at 79° F. 
  • Auto Energy Saver+ setting: like the above but turns the heated seat completely off. 
  • Timer Energy Saver: lets you choose the times you want the bidet to go into low-power mode. 
  • A setting that combines all three for max savings. 


  • 12” Rough-in.  
  • Measures 27-1/8″ (L) x 15-3/16″ (W) x 21-1/16″ (H) 
  • 3.94-foot power cord.  
  • Floor-mounted tankless toilet with direct water supply.  

Curvier Option: NEOREST RH 

TOTO MS988CUMFG#01 NEOREST RH Dual Flush 1.0 or 0.8 GPF Toilet with Intergeated Bidet Seat and EWATER White-MS988CUMFG, Cotton White

Next up in the non-ACTILIGHT line, is the NEOREST RH

It’s available on Amazon as well and you can find it here.

If you like the AH and 700H but prefer the smooth look and rounded silhouette, you’ll want to look into the RH.

Prices vary, but it tends to be the least expensive NEOREST of all. By extension, it’s the least expensive of the non-ACTILIGHT Neorest models, despite offering all of the same features of the 700H and AH. So, the lower price is perhaps the main benefit of the AH.

Features and Specs of the NEOREST RH 

Function-wise, it’s the same as the AH above in all respects. So, see the above list for the specifics.  

It’s only different in form, in that it has a rounded design, more curves, fewer lines, etc. 

It looks more like a droid from Star Wars.   

Size-wise, it’s quite similar to the AH, measuring 27-3/16″ (L) x 15-3/16″ (W) x 21-5/8″ (H).  

It offers the same sitting room, since the opening of the seat is the same, measuring 11-13/16” from back to front. 

Wall-Hung Option: NEOREST EW 

Toto CWT994CEMFG Neorest Wall Hung Toilet, Cotton

TOTO’s most popular wall-hung intelligent toilet is the NEOREST EW (Amazon link). 

The main differences between the EW and the previously mentioned toilets are that it’s wall hung, square in shape, and that it uses a tank (pressure from gravity) instead of a pressure-assisted flushing system. 

Also, unlike the RH and AH, the EW does have an ACTILIGHT equivalent, the NEOREST AC, which you can read about further down. 

Features and Specs of the NEOREST EW 

See, any of the lists above (NEOREST 700H or AH, etc.) for 99% of the features, since the bidets are largely the same in terms of features/function. 

I.e., it has all of the same bidet functions, special spray modes, heated and adjustable everything, auto flush and automatic seat/lid opening/closing functions, etc. 

Here, we’ll focus on the handful of key differences. 

Higher Price Tag:

Being a wall-hung toilet, the EW comes with more parts. And with more parts, comes a higher $$$.

Flushing and Water Efficiency (Overall Disadvantage): 

Aside from the obvious design differences, the NEOREST EW has a few unique features, not the least of which is the 3-D Tornado Flushing system. 

The 3-D version of the Tornado flushing system uses not 2 but 3 powerful nozzles to create the centrifugal rinsing action. 

However, despite the fancier flushing technology, the EW is less water-efficient than the bidets covered so far. 

The dual-flush function lets you choose between 1.28 and 0.9 gallons per flush for full and partial flushes, respectively. 

Don’t get me wrong, 1.28 GPF is still efficient—enough so to earn the WaterSense label—and is 35% more efficient than the industry standard of 1.6 GPF.  

But, it’s not on par with the previous NEOREST models, all of which are included in TOTO’s 1.0 GPF line of toilets. 

The advanced 3-D Tornado flushing system is used, in part, to help compensate for the non-pressure-assisted flushing action of wall-hung toilets like the EW. I.e., toilets that rely on the pressure of gravity created by having a cistern. This brings us to the next point. 


Wall-hung toilets go well with modern (read: fancy) bathrooms because they give that clean minimalistic look. 

As for dimensions, the EW measures 26-9/16” length x 16-5/8” wide. The toilet itself is 18-1/8” high from top to bottom, but about 20-13/16” high off of the floor (once installed).

The seat itself is Universal Height which is closer to 17”. 

Aside from looking great, wall-hung toilets do offer a few practical advantages, which brings us to the next point. 

Ease of Cleaning (Advantage): 

Wall-hung toilets are easy to clean since you can wipe both around and under the toilet.  

The NEOREST EW offers an additional advantage in this area in that the rim has a zero-hole design which means fewer crevices to clean out.  

Installation (Disadvantage): 

Wall-hung toilets appear tankless—and are usually referred to as such—but most rely on a tank that’s installed behind a wall.  

(The exception would be wall-mounted flushometer toilets like the kind you’ll find in public restrooms). 

So, the installation with this kind is more elaborate, since a tank needs to be installed in the wall.  

If you love DIY home projects or plan to outsource the installation job anyway, then maybe it’s not a big deal. 

The Fanciest Non-ACTILIGHT Option: TOTO NEOREST NX1 


The luxurious TOTO toilet without ACTILIGHT is the NEOREST NX1 (If you prefer Amazon it’s also available there). 

The NX1 looks a lot different from the previous NEOREST models covered so far, but functions much the same. For example, it has all of the bidet cleansing features and the same water efficiency as the other models.

It’s dual-flush (1.0 and 0.8 GPF) and comes with the WaterSense label, hence, it’s no more water-efficient than other floor-mounted non-NX models. 

The main benefit of the NX1 over the previously mentioned options is that it has an ultra-modern design that makes it well-suited to luxury bathrooms. 

Features and Specs of the NEOREST NX1  

Water Temperature and Pressure:  

  • Tankless heater for never-ending warm water.  
  • 5 water temperature settings (86° F to 104° F).  
  • 5 settings for water pressure. 
  • Nozzle output of 0.08 gal (0.32 L) to 0.11 gal (0.43 L) per minute.   


  • Heated seat w/temperature adjustable from 82° F to 97° F  
  • Universal Height for easy standing and sitting.  
  • Elongated seat: the seat opening measures of 11-13/16” from back to front.


  • Luxury wireless remote with docking station.  
  • 2 users can save their preferred wand position and water temperature/pressure.  
  • Auto open/close seat and lid function, both motion-activated and via remote control. 
  • Auto flush (via body sensor and remote), with back-up manual flushing for power outages.  

Other Luxury Features:  

  • Warm air dryer with 5 temperature settings (95° F to 140° F).  
  • Auto air deodorizer.  

Cleaning Wand and Spray Capability:  

  • Single, plastic nozzle for rear and feminine cleansing.  
  • 5 nozzle position settings for accurate aiming.   
  • Basic Rear and Frontal cleansing modes. 
  • Rear Soft and Wide Front for gentler cleansing sessions. 
  • Oscillating spray mode for more effective cleansing.  
  • Pulse mode for massage-like effect.  


  • EWATER+ disinfects the nozzle surface for added sanitation and peace of mind.  
  • Toilet bowl self-clean function sprays bowl before and after each bidet use.  
  • CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze keeps waste from sticking to bowl.   
  • Compliance with CA Proposition 65 warning requirements.  


  • Built-in nightlight for easy bidet use in the dark.  
  • Safety seat sensor helps prevent unwanted bidet operation.  
  • ADA compliant.  

Water Efficiency:  

  • Ultra-high efficiency TORNADO flushing system. 
  • WaterSense label. 
  • Dual-flush operation (1.0 and 0.8 GPF).   

Energy Efficiency:  

  • High-efficiency water heater. 
  • Programmable eco mode as outlined previously in the article. An automatic mode that memorizes when you’re least likely to use the bidet, and turns down energy-using components to their lower setting. Then there’s the Timer Energy saver and a setting that combines both modes into one for extra energy savings. 


  • 12” Rough-in.  
  • The NX1 measures 31-12″ (L ) x 18-7/16″ (W) x 23-5/8″ (H)  
  • 3.94-foot power cord.  
  • Floor-mounted tankless toilet with direct water supply.  
  • Pressure-assisted flushing replaces the need for behind-the-wall cistern. 




Next up is the TOTO ACTILIGHT NEOREST 750H (link). 

It has essentially all of the same features of the 700H but with TOTO’s patented ACTILIGHT function. This one added feature alone nearly doubles the price of the already expensive 700H.  

So, the 750H is actually more expensive than the ultra-luxurious NX1 (the NX model without ACTILIGHT) despite being a lower-tier toilet overall. 

ACTILIGHT is TOTO’s technology that keeps the toilet impeccably clean without any effort on the part of the user, and in a way that avoids harsh chemicals that would otherwise shorten the life of the toilet.  

That’s right, no chemicals. Just light, water, and oxygen. 

Overall, I don’t recommend the 750H 

For one, I’d guess that you’d probably save money by just routinely paying to have the toilet cleaned. 

And if money isn’t an issue and you want the best of the best at any cost, you can pay a relatively small amount extra and get the more stylish and luxurious NX2.  

The 2nd Wall-Hung Option: TOTO NEOREST AC 

Next is the most luxurious wall-hung toilet money can buy, the NEOREST AC (affiliate link). 

If you liked what you saw with the NEOREST EW but want the ACTILIGHT, the NEOREST AC offers just that.  

It too has the 3-D Tornado flushing technology offering the same 1.28 and 0.9 GPF for full and partial flushes.  

Because it uses a behind-the-wall cistern (toilet tank), the water efficiency is limited to 1.28 GPF, which is still within the threshold for WaterSense labeling, but not as ideal as the 1.0/0.8 GPF offered by most NEOREST models. 

Being wall-hung, the AC adds extra style to the bathroom with the extra benefit of making the toilet’s exterior easy to clean.  

Speaking of clean, the ACTILIGHT feature keeps the toilet in immaculate condition, both in terms of looks and sanitation with the help of non-corrosive cleaning agents: light, oxygen, and electrolyzed water. 

Of course, it has all of the same bidet functions, including the special spray modes, adjustable and heated everything, auto lid/opening closing functions and auto flush, etc. 

The main drawback of this option is that it’s much harder to find than other NEOREST models, so you’ll likely have to get it directly from TOTO, which means paying 2x the price.

The Most Advanced Option: The TOTO NEOREST NX2 


Last and certainly not least, is the fanciest toilet in the known universe: the TOTO NEOREST NX2 (affiliate link). It has the signature futuristic look along with all of the same functions of the NX1.  

It costs twice as much as the NX1–so about that of a new car. For the extra price, you get the ACTILIGHT feature which serves to keep the user from ever having to manually clean the toilet again. 

In case you landed on this part of the article first, we’ll cover the ACTILIGHT feature again…

Along with the special non-stick coating, ACTILIGHT uses light, oxygen, and electrolyzed water to keep the toilet bowl and wand free of both visible debris and microbial growth.  

The EWATER+ and non-stick coating help prevent waste from sticking to surfaces, preventing stains and aiding in the physical removal of microbes. 

The sodium hypochlorite formed by EWATER+ along with UV light, serve to naturally disinfect the surfaces (chemical control of microbes). 

Note that all NEOREST models come with EWATER+ on the wand and bowl. ACTILIGHT is a super-advanced version of the standard EWATER+ feature.

Is it worth it? Well, bidet-wise, you’re getting all of the same functions of the TOTO S550e bidet (TOTO’s best bidet seat) which costs about $1,200, which comes to about 7% of the cost of the NX2.  

So really, with the other 93%, you’re paying for the really cool toilet.  

If you want the absolute best and money isn’t an object, the NX2 might be for you. In all other situations, you can definitely get a lot better value from choosing one of the less expensive options.  

On the Upside, Every NEOREST Model Has These Features 

Tankless Water Heater 

Each NEOREST model has an inline tankless heater that heats water on the spot. So, you never have to worry about the water supply running cool, even if you share the bidet with a houseful and it’s used back-to-back.

Contrast that with TOTO’s entry-level and mid-tier bidet seats which use a heated reservoir that runs empty at the minute mark and draws power around the clock.

Warm Air Dryer 

A quality warm air dryer is one of the most important features of a bidet since it means you won’t need toilet paper to dab dry. Given that TP costs about $2/week per person, exclusive bidet use can save a household several thousands of dollars over the long term.  

Anyway, air dryers pretty much come standard with TOTO bidets, in general. So, as you’d imagine, all NEOREST Models come with an integral air dryer.

Open/Close Seat and Lid Via Remote Control 

All NEOREST models let you control the seat and lid via wireless remote.,

Auto Lid Opening via Motion Sensor 

In addition to the wireless remote seat/lid control, all NEOREST models allow you to open and close the lid by simply approaching or leaving the toilet, respectively. 

The lid opens when you stand near the bidet and it closes usually ~90sec after you leave the area. 

Some NEOREST Models like the NX1 have an auto-opening seat as well, for a completely hands-free experience. *

Oscillating Spray Mode 

I can’t overstate how important the nozzle oscillation feature is. When something oscillates, it moves back and forth or waves side-to-side.  

It’s basically the difference between pointing a dish sprayer at one point on a plate vs moving the sprayer around to hit the entire dish.  

Without the oscillating nozzle, the user has to move around and shift back and forth to hit all the right places, which many users (myself included) forget to do. Plus, some users lack the strength and coordination to move around that much. 

This is especially true for older adults since one study of bidet use in nursing homes found that a single bidet session usually failed to finish the job (source). * 

Massage Spray Function

This feature is less important but nice to have. The bidet pulses water pressure by rotating the cleansing spray between soft and strong. 

It’s supposed to create a massage-like effect and many users have found it useful for relieving constipation since it massages the area around the sphincters.

In-Bowl Nightlight 

A nightlight is a nice feature to have, but it’s more important for folks who make frequent trips to the bathroom at night since it replaces the need for blinding bathroom lights. 

Aside from looking cool, in-bowl nightlights illuminate the bathroom just well enough so that you can safely make your way to the toilet and use the bidet while still remaining in that semi-sleep state.  

This is a unique feature among TOTO bidets. For whatever reason, the nightlight is limited to their fanciest of fancy seats, including the TOTO S350 and S550e.  

So, you’ll be glad to know that TOTO includes the feature on all NEOREST models. 

Save Your Personal Settings w/User Presets 

Instead of having to press the same buttons every time, two users can save their preferred water temperature, water pressure, and nozzle position. 

Patented Non-Stick Coating 

CEFIONTECT glaze is TOTO’s on-stick coating that creates a super smooth surface over otherwise highly porous ceramic, preventing waste particles from sticking.

The ion barrier keeps everything clean for longer, helping reduce the need for maintenance and harsh cleaning chemicals.

Auto Self-Cleaning Bowl (Pre- and After-Mist) 

The pre-mist function causes the bidet to spray the bowl with EWATER+ before each use, to create a slippery surface. 

The slick surface makes it difficult for waste (read: poop) to adhere to the toilet bowl which allows the flushing action to clean more effectively despite only using 0.8-1 gallon per flush.  

This feature is included in most TOTO bidet seats (all but the C100, C200, A100, etc.) and ALL NEOREST models. 

The after-mist function causes the bidet to spritz the bowl once more after a bowel movement to help make the flushing action even more effective. The after-mist feature is less common among TOTO bidet seats, but is included in all NEOREST bidet-toilet combos. 

Automatic Self-Sanitizing Nozzles 

Pretty much all modern bidets have self-cleaning nozzles—cleaning wands that self-rinse automatically (before/after each use) or on-demand. 

TOTO takes bidet sanitation a step further by having the nozzles self-rinse in electrolyzed water, via patented EWATER+. 

The cleaning wand is sprayed with EWATER+, which is a mixture of electrolytes that form sodium hypochlorite, a natural antimicrobial substance. 

This disinfects the nozzle and creates a slick surface to keep waste from sticking. This results in greater sanitation, less manual cleaning, and a longer bidet life since it replaces the need for harsh cleaning solvents. 

Universal Height Seat 

All NEOREST models are in TOTO’s line of Universal Height seats. 

This design feature ensures the toilet is comfortable for the widest range of ages and physical abilities by making the bidet easier to stand up from and sit on. 

Built-In Automatic Air Deodorizer 

If you’re tired of offensive and downright embarrassing smells, deodorizers come in handy. They remove odorous molecules from the air instead of just masking them. 

This is a cool feature. TOTO includes deodorizers in most of their bidets and the NEOREST models are no exception. 

A fan pulls stinky air from the toilet bowl and circulates the air through a carbon filter that breaks down compounds that are responsible for bad odors. 

Dual-Flush Action w/TORNADO Flush 

Each NEOREST toilet has a dual-flush feature, allowing you to choose between a full or partial flush depending on your needs (I.e., #2 vs #1). 

Each model comes equipped with TOTO’s TORNADO FLUSH feature which uses a powerful dual nozzle propulsion system to create a centrifuge or cyclonic rinsing action that prevents buildup and keeps the bowl cleaner.  

So, it looks like the centrifugal water motion that you’re used to seeing with most toilets, but it’s created by a pressurized propulsion system instead of a flush tank. 

WaterSense Certification 

NEOREST toilets let you choose between a 1-gallon full flush and a 0.8-gallon partial flush. This places NEOREST models well within the EPA’s requirements for the WaterSense label, which only require that a toilet use 1.28 gallons per flush. 

Auto Flush 

You can flush by remote control and body sensor.  

This function has the toilet flush about 10sec after you stand up. So, unlike the toilets used in public restrooms, it won’t flush on you when you’re sitting down or every time you make a slight move. 

On the Downside, Every NEOREST Model Has These Features 

No One-Push Auto Mode 

NEOREST bidet toilets come with user presets, which let you save your favorite settings. However, they don’t come with any kind of one-push auto function.

One-push auto modes let you get a generic wash or wash/dry cycle with one push of a button, making the bidet easier to operate for everyone (especially children and the elderly), which comes in handy for users that don’t have their personal settings saved.

No Stainless-Steel Nozzle 

This isn’t a huge deal to me, but in my experience with bidet users, I’ve found that a lot of folks prefer stainless-steel nozzles.  

All TOTO bidets come with plastic cleaning wands. While stainless steel is certainly more durable than plastic, bidet nozzles don’t see a lot of wear and tear. And if they do, something is wrong. 

Cleaning wands come out of their cocoon just long enough to cleanse (~1min) and return to the housing until needed again. So, again, there’s not much opportunity for nozzles to get damaged. 

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