Where to Find Bidets in Stores (Home Depot, Walmart, Etc.)

Where are bidets in home depot

Today’s article is all about finding and purchasing bidets in stores like Home Depot and Lowes. That’s right, regular old brick-and-mortar retailers.

Sure, you could always ask the clerk, but if you’re like me, you can feel pretty antisocial at times. Plus, with the current situation, we’re supposed to be keeping our distance anyway.

Getting stuff at physical locations has its benefits. I mean, who wants to wait for shipping? Along the way, we’ll be looking at which stores have the best options and prices.

In case you’re new to the subject, here are the different types of bidets mentioned in most articles.

Where Are Bidets in Home Depot?

First up is Home Depot. The sheer size of this particular retailer can be a bit overwhelming. They have helpful signs, but they’re not always easy to spot from a distance. Of all the retailers, they carry the most.

Bidets at Home Depot can be found in the bath section. They tend to be located next to or across from traditional toilets and toilet seats. The bath section is usually located next to the plumbing aisle. To find the bath section, look for a showerhead on the sign.

Again, you may not be able to see the sign from afar, so keep a look for a row of toilet seats and lids.

A lot of folks wonder if physical Home Depot locations even carry bidets, and if so, what the selection is like. We’ll get more into this further down in the article.

Home Depot does carry bidets. Some areas of the US carry more than others (a wider selection), but each store location should carry a bidet or two in some form. Even locations in rural Southern states carry them. The most common bidets in-store seem to be handheld sprayers and attachments.

I stress that even rural places have them because stores tend to stock items to serve the demographic in which they’re located. But, bidets still tend to be carried even in areas where you’d think fewer people would purchase them.

How Much Are Bidets At Home Depot?

Again, Home Depot is probably the best physical location to purchase bidets. As for price, I can’t speak for every type of bidet (see the different categories further down in the article). But, of the models I’ve seen both in-store and online, I can give you an average price.

Bidets at Home Depot cost between $45 and $1,600. Non-electric models (attachments and sprayers) average $45. Electric seats go for around $480. Standalone bidets average $195 and $450 for horizontal and vertical spray, respectively. Finally, bidet-toilet combos cost about $1,500.

Handheld bidets are typically a lot cheaper elsewhere, especially online. Some retailers have them as cheap as $15 and a good model can usually be found for $30.

Where Are Bidets in Lowes?

While Home Depot usually has bidets in-store, Lowe’s is more hit or miss.

In Lowe’s, bidets can be found in the bathroom section. However, bidets are much more common on their website than in-store. If the location you shop at happens to carry bidets, the selection will probably be lacking. However, they can order them for you to be picked up later.  

When researching for this article, on more than one occasion, I was told by Lowe’s employees that they didn’t have a bidet on the property but could order one and have it delivered to the store. This is discussed more in the last section.

Where Are Bidets at Wal-Mart?

Some Wal-Marts carry bidets, but they’re not exactly common at this retailer.

For Walmarts that carry bidets, they can be found in the bathroom aisle located in the home improvement section. However, very few Walmarts carry them in-store. Locations that do, tend to offer them in the form of attachments and handheld sprayers.

Wal-Mart has a similar layout, so the same should be true for Sam’s Club if you happen to shop there.

Of all the bidets, electric seats and standalone models are the most likely to be limited to online purchase.

Where to Find Bidets at Costco?

Costco is a great store that you can find most anything in. But, what about bidets?

Unlike Walmart, Costco tends to carry bidets at physical locations. They can be found in the bathroom hardware aisle in the home improvement section. In fact, if you’re a member, Costco has the best prices on electric bidet seats. Also, the Costco website offers a wide selection of bidets.

What Stores Carry Bidets?

Large Home Improvement Retailers

If you plan to get a bidet in-store then this is your best option. Retailers like Home Depot specialize in home improvement.

Sure, in some chains like Lowe’s, the selection is lackluster. But, in general, stores like these can manage to offer the widest selection of products overall.

Obviously, the list of possible locations doesn’t stop at Home Depot and Lowes. I mention them because I tend to get asked about these retailers the most.

Other options to look into include Menards, Ace Hardware, Floor & Décor, and Harbor Freight.

Large Retail Stores Carry Bidets

Another place where bidets can be found is the large retailers like Walmart, Target, and Costco. But, they are extremely hard to come by in my experience. After all, when a store carries diapers and tires under the same roof, it doesn’t exactly scream specialization.

The inventory in stores like Walmart is a mile wide and an inch deep. That might be fine for commonplace items, but bidets are still fairly new on the scene here in North America.

Online Retailers Carry Bidets

Some of the best online stores that carry bidets include:

  • Amazon
  • Wayfair
  • Walmart
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s

As you can see, there’s overlap with the physical locations. As you’d imagine, stores that carry bidets both online and in-store (like Lowes, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart) carry wayyy more online.  

Can You Find Bidets in Local Hardware Stores?

In general, bidets have not begun to pop up in local family-owned hardware stores. At least, it’s not widespread.

Some mom-and-pop stores likely carry them, especially the handheld sprayers. But I’ve yet to come across them myself and don’t yet know of anyone who’s purchased a bidet in a hardware store that wasn’t a large chain.

Warning: Brick and Mortar Stores Tend to Have a Poor Selection of Bidets

I’m sure that by reading this article, you’ve got your reasons for wanting to make an in-store purchase. And there are several benefits for doing so. But getting your bidet in physical locations has its drawbacks too.

Limited selection is the main feature that sets online retailers apart from the brick-and-mortar locations.

Bidets come in several types:

  • Electric bidet seat. These are what most people think of when you mention a modern bidet. They offer all of the bells and whistles associated with newer models—warm water, temperature control, dryer, etc. You perform a reversible installation where you swap out the seat/lid on your current toilet for the new one. So, they’re even compatible with rental properties.
  • Non-electric bidet seat. These replace the seat on your current toilet but don’t offer many features. They mostly just spray water.
  • Toilet-bidet combos. The other type of electric bidets. These are high-tech toilets with built-in bidets.
  • Handheld sprayers. You use these to give yourself a manual cleansing by reaching in the bowl to aim the water directly at the soiled area.
  • Bidet attachments. Attachments go on an existing toilet (like the seats) but don’t replace anything. They’re non-electric so they have fewer features. Being in the toilet bowl, they’re more convenient than handheld sprayers.
  • Standalone bidets. These are the European-style washbasins that are located next to/separately from toilets.

Brick-and-mortar retailers tend not to offer many types of bidets. It varies by location, but the in-store selection is mostly limited to sprayers and attachments. Bidet seats and toilet-combos are harder to come by. I have seen standalone bidets in-store but they’re not common.

However, purchasing in-store does have its benefits.

  • Supporting local industry. If you manage to find a bidet to your liking at a physical location, purchasing it at the store will help the local economy. Sure, shopping at Home Depot, the behemoth of a retailer, is hardly the same as patronizing the mom-and-pop hardware store around the corner. But, big stores like Lowe’s and HD do operate inside a local economy which means shopping at those stores adds economic value to the community, provides job security, etc.
  • No waiting on/paying for shipping. Some services like Amazon provide free 2-day shipping which cancels out this benefit. But, not everyone is a Prime member and free shipping isn’t guaranteed for every product on the site.
  • No having to worry if you’ll be home for the delivery. This is a benefit for those who like to be home for a delivery. Most online retailers have insurance and reimburses for stolen items, so it’s usually not necessary. But, by purchasing in-store, at least your mind will be at ease.

Scheduled Pickup: A Hybrid Option

If you really want purchase in-store, one option is to order it online and have it delivered to the retailer of your choice.

This may seem like it defeats the purpose and maybe it does. After all, why have it sent to a store when you could just have it delivered directly to your place.

But as mentioned, people often don’t know if they’ll be home during the delivery. While porch pirating is relatively rare in most places, some areas see a higher prevalence.

Maybe it’s less of a big deal if you have low-cost items left at your doorstep, but more expensive items are probably best received in person (bidet-toilet combos can cost in the thousands).


Hopefully, you found the above helpful.

Most major retailers carry bidets in one form or another but the selection is usually very limited. So, buying from a physical location does have its drawbacks.

In one Home Depot (the best store for finding bidets), they only had one attachment and a few handheld sprayers. And the prices weren’t particularly good–about twice what you should pay in some instances.

It’s not uncommon for some major home improvement retailers to carry bidets online but not in-store. Depending on the demographics of where you live, the selection might be better than usual.

This applies to all products. For example, finding a fringe vegan food in a Wal-Mart would be more likely in San Francisco than in rural Mississippi.

Bidets are becoming more and more mainstream. Who knows, maybe it’s only a matter of time before they’re as common as shower curtains.

As always, make sure the bidet you get is suitable for your toilet. There are tons of different toilets: two-piece vs. one-piece, tankless, skirted, etc. And if you live in an apartment or rented house, you’ll want to ensure you get a good bidet for rental properties.

Thanks for reading.

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