7 Reasons Why A Bidet Is Important For Hygiene

One of the best ways people can have better hygiene is by switching to using a bidet. It can work wonders for people and improve hygiene in more ways than can be imagined.

Maintaining personal hygiene should always be seen as a top priority, especially since it can help prevent health issues in the long run.

So how can a bidet help improve personal hygiene? Let me explain!

  • Bidets are better than toilet paper.
  • Bidets prevent illnesses, which provide safety for everyone.
  • Bidets are soothing for people with hemorrhoids.
  • Bidets are great for pregnant women.
  • It’s beneficial for both men and women.
  • Bidets keep your hands cleaner.
  • Bidets can help improve skincare.

Bidets Are Better Than Toilet Paper

When using toilet paper to wipe, sometimes there will still be leftover residue on the private parts, not leaving a clean and refreshed feeling. This can end up causing problems in the long-run, such as UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) or spreading bacteria.

Switching out toilet paper for a bidet can help to prevent this and other potential health issues from occurring.

Bidets will spray a stream of water onto the genital and rectal areas, washing away all of the residues left behind after using the bathroom. It feels better than wiping away at the skin that can cause irritation or pain. This will simultaneously allow every nook and cranny to be clean to maintain the utmost cleanliness.

Reasons to Trade Toilet Paper for Bidets

Contrary to what some people may believe, bidets are more sanitary and better than toilet paper. To have a better understanding of why bidets will be more suitable to maintaining personal hygiene, here is a list (Link) of reasons why it would be wise to invest in one:

  • Toilet paper smears fecal matter– After pooping, even though it may seem like the area is clean, there is still going to be a small amount of residue left behind, not leaving you to be thoroughly clean. Bidets will wash away any remaining residue leaving nothing behind.
  • It can cause anal tears– Wiping too hard can cause skin irritation, bleeding, and even anal tears. The skin will start to break and become irritated, causing itching and pain. Using a bidet will leave a soothing and cooling sensation while cleaning off the area.
  • Bidets are more ideal to thoroughly clean the private areas– According to Dr. Evan Goldstein, who is a rectal surgeon in New York City, toilet paper is not as hygienic as it is thought to be.

The only time toilet paper should be used when caring for the genital and rectal areas is after using a bidet, gently patting down the area to dry off. Bidets will serve more efficiently in giving anyone the refreshing and clean feeling that is sought to feel better.

Bidets Prevent Illnesses, Which Provides Safety

Another big reason why bidets are good for hygiene is because it helps prevent illnesses. The microbes and bacteria that are present in the fecal matter can cause health issues that can spread down the line, especially if you don’t clean the toilet frequently.

According to Bio Bidet (Link), “Some microbes can cause infections. Others spread diseases like the plague. While most of these microbes are not a problem inside the gastrointestinal tract, when they escape that environment, they become a potential hazard.”

Not practicing good hygiene when it comes to the genital and rectal areas have even been linked to food poisoning, due to it being traced back to fecal contamination at some point.

Using a bidet will keep everyone in the home safe from getting infected with these nasty and unhealthy diseases.

Bidets Are Soothing For People With Hemorrhoids

Millions of people who have hemorrhoids have to deal with the unpleasant discomfort that can come with it, especially whenever you have to sit down.

So imagine the wonders of what using a bidet can do for them.

According to Health Line (Link), a small study conducted back in 2011 showed that low-to-medium water pressure could relieve pressure and pain and increase blood circulation in the skin around the anus.

Using a bidet can be very soothing for people with hemorrhoids while also serving the purpose of maintaining their hygiene.

Bidets Are Great for Pregnant Women

It’s incredibly imperative for women to keep up with their personal hygiene, especially dealing with numerous body factors that can cause foul odors (i.e. periods, discharges, etc.).

However, when they’re pregnant, it will be a little more complicated for them to take care of themselves using the bathroom.

According to Hello Tushy, bidets can work well for pregnant women since they will struggle with mobility issues. Utilizing a bidet to its full capabilities will be beneficial to all pregnant women, allowing them to stay fresh and maintain their hygiene.

Pregnant women will struggle with trying to wipe themselves when they reach a certain weight, which is all the more reason that a bidet will come in handy to help maintain cleanliness and refreshment.

It’s Beneficial For Both Women And Men

There is a pre-conceived notion that bidets are generally for women only, however, that is not the case. Men can benefit from using a bidet just as much as women can.

Using a bidet for men will be incredibly beneficial, especially since it can prevent more serious issues for them down the line.

According to Fox News (Link), “A bidet can also prevent bacterial prostatitis, an inflammation of the prostate that affects about 8 percent of men, according to a study in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents.”

Men can capitalize on the opportunity to improve their hygiene and health dramatically with using a bidet.

Bidets Keep Your Hands Cleaner

Using a bidet will not just improve better hygiene for private areas, but for hands as well.

When using toilet paper, you get urine and fecal matter on your hands (which is why it is imperative to wash them afterward). With a bidet, however, no one will have to worry about that because the bidet will do all of the cleaning for them.

According to Modern Day Bidet (Link), the convenience of not using your hands with a bidet comes with the added advantage that there will be less chance of passing or coming into contact with a virus.

About 50% of people will wash their hands incorrectly, which can spread viruses through contact. This will become less likely when using a bidet (though it is still recommended you wash your hands after patting yourself dry).

The added benefit of improving hygiene for both the private areas of the body and the hands will help to increase health and livelihood exponentially.

Bidets Improve Skin Care

Using a bidet is not only better for personal hygiene, but it helps to improve skincare as well.

Here is a list of ways that bidets will prove to be beneficial for skincare (Link) in the long-run:

  • It can soothe the rectal area– Wiping can be rough on the skin, so the water pressure will be able to soothe the rectal area more comfortably by adjusting the temperature and the pressure of the bidet.
  • Skin irritation will be reduced– Using the bidet will give you the option to substitute wiping for air drying options. This will provide a gentle stream of warm air that will feel more comfortable and better while reducing skin irritation.
  • It reduces anal itching– When wiping too hard, or when there’s residue left from toilet paper, anal itching can become an issue that’s very uncomfortable and at times painful. Using a bidet will eliminate this problem while giving a cooler feel that will feel better.

Bidets will provide a better advantage of maintaining good skincare that will feel more rejuvenating and refreshed every time it’s put into use.

The Myths of Using a Bidet

There are many misconceptions and beliefs that come along with using a bidet.

They go along with things in context such as, “Bidets are weird. They’re only for men. You need a plumber to install them.” Before jumping the gun and believing everything that’s heard, it’s best to always do the research first.

To clarify the details within these myths, here is a list of some of the myths about bidets (Link) that some people believe to be true:

  • Bidets create a mess– Bidets don’t leave a watery mess behind. Bidets have the option of changing the pressure and position to have better control of cleaning the genital and rectal areas.
  • Bidets are not sanitary– Even though it may seem like bidets are not hygienic, it’s the exact opposite. The bidet is better for clearing out all residue in the genital and rectal areas versus using toilet paper that will smear around fecal matter, leaving unsanitary and nasty bacteria behind.
  • There’s not enough room in the bathroom for a bidet– Most of the time; there will be a separate unit where you can place the bidet right next to the toilet. Now there are other options where you can either replace the toilet seat with a bidet seat; or you can get a hand-held bidet sprayer that will install at the toilet tank fill valve that will be mounted either to the side of the toilet tank or to the wall.
  • Bidets require soap to clean effectively– Soap is definitely a great way to rid the body of odors and maintain cleanliness, but with a bidet, it’s not necessary. Medically, it is recommended that the best way to clean the genital and rectal region is by using warm water. According to Brondell: “Brondell bidet toilet seats gently aerate the water with oxygen which delivers a gentler, more effective wash that is more than adequate to cleanse after using the bathroom.” This can work the same way with other bidets as well.
  • You have to have a plumber install a bidet– There is a notion that it is required to have a bidet installed by a plumber. NOT TRUE. Certain brands of bidets only need to be connected to a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet. There won’t be a worry about numerous pipes being connected and lack of hot water, providing a beneficial and convenient way of using a bidet.

Being more informed about bidets and how they operate will give a better insight into why it should be considered to have one in the home.

Other Ways That Bidets are Beneficial

Bidets are extremely important to maintain your hygiene to improve your health and cleanliness, but they are beneficial in other aspects, too. Taking another look into the benefits of using a bidet from other aspects will provide a better understanding of why they are good to have in the home.

You Save More Money

With bidets, it’s not necessary to use as much toilet paper, if any at all. Over time, you will use less toilet paper, which will allow you to save more money because you won’t have to end up buying as much.

According to Build Direct (Link), “Americans go through an estimated more than 36 million rolls of toilet paper every year. That amount equals about 15 million trees.” Imagine how much the statistics would change if people installed a bidet in their bathroom.

The money that’ll be saved and the improvement of the environment is all the more reason to consider trying a bidet.

You Save More Water

Many assume that adding a bidet in the bathroom will just use more water and increase the water bill. However, this is not true. Bidets will only give a stream of water that will sprinkle every time it is used. Juxtapose to this, using a toilet will flush between 5-7 gallons per flush.

With a bidet, it’ll use less water while saving more money.

Bidets Are Great for the Environment

As stated before, the amount of toilet paper that is created from demolishing trees is heavily affecting the environment. 15 million trees alone per year is too much within itself.

According to Justin Thomas (Link), an editor of metaefficient.com, considers bidets to be what he calls a “key green technology,” due to bidets getting rid of the use of toilet paper.

Thomas went over the statistics of how the 36 million toilet paper that is being used annually to destroy the 15 million trees used to manufacture them in factories. He also elaborated even further on the statistics of using toilet paper and toilets when he said, “This also involves 473,587,500,000 gallons of water to produce the paper and 253,000 tons of chlorine for bleaching.”

Cutting down on toilet paper and installing bidets will allow millions of dollars to be saved down the line, as well as creating a better path for the environment to flourish and heal.

Bidets Are Better for the Septic System

One of the most irritating problems that anyone can experience is trying to unclog a toilet. With bidets, that problem will become non-existent. This is especially good for septic tanks and will help prevent clogs, leaks, and erosion.

Investing in a bidet will not only be better for personal hygiene but for expenses and the environment. These reasons are more than enough to consider getting a bidet and making a healthier change.

The Best Brands of Bidets to Have

After carefully doing the research and looking into the advantages of having a bidet, now it’s time to consider the best brands to buy. Having general knowledge about the best brands and how they work will help narrow down to which option will be the best to put in the bathroom.

Try The Luxe Bidet Neo 120

The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 (Affiliate Link) comes with a sophisticated and sleek look that is designed with high-quality parts. It comes with a hygienic nozzle guarded by a gate which retracts the nozzle after every use to add protection while giving a sanitary experience.

Get Clean the Right Way With the Veken Non-Electric Bidet!

The Veken Non-Electric Bidet (Affiliate Link) comes with many convenient features to ensure a better cleaning each time it is used. It comes with a dual nozzle design which consists of two parts:

  • The Bidet Wash– This gives a proper and thorough cleaning in the rectal area after pooping.
  • Feminine Mode– A feature that is ideal for women who are on their cycles and for pregnant women who struggle with mobility.

The Veken Bidet comes with a nozzle cleaning mode that will allow the bidet to perform an efficient cleaning that’ll wash the nozzle for extra maintenance. This bidet is highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a bidet with the best features that can maintain sanitary needs.

Bio Bidet Slimedge has a Sleek Design

The Bio Bidet Slimedge (Affiliate Link) comes with a sleek and thinner design with a refined look that will add a great addition to the bathroom.

The design of the bidet comes with numerous options that will allow the user to control the spray patterns and pressure that will give a proper cleaning.

This bidet is one of the simpler designs for anyone who is looking for something that will not only be easy to use but will serve to complement the bathroom as well.

Improve Your Health and Hygiene the Bidet Way!

With the numerous perks of using a bidet, there’s no doubt that it will be beneficial for every man, woman, child, people with disabilities, and pregnant women.

Bidets will help ensure a complete cleaning for better hygiene.


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