Bio Bidet Ultimate 770 vs USPA 6800: Every Feature Compared

Today, we’re comparing the Bio Bidet Ultimate 770 (U770) with the 6800/6800U.

For more in-depth info on the 6800 (with images and demos), check out the Bio Bidet 6800 and U770 review articles.

While the U770 has a better water heater, the USPA 6800U is the best value overall. It has more features than the U770 and tends to cost less. The U770 heater isn’t that much better (it’s still tank-type), so the 6800U is still better overall.  

When I say that the 6800 is the better value, I’m talking about the newer version which you can find here (affiliate link). 

Here’s a quick rundown of the differences: 

  • Special enema function with the USPA 6800 and 6800U. 
  • The classic USPA 6800 has no user presets or nightlight. 
  • No air deodorizer with U770. 
  • Fancier wireless remote with 6800U. 
  • Non-aerated spray with U770. 
  • Different child wash modes. 
  • The U770 doesn’t have an auto-clean mode. 
  • Better warranty with the 6800U. 
  • Dual nozzles vs single dual-action nozzle. 
  • Stainless-steel vs plastic cleaning wands (the U770 is stainless-steel).
  • Automatic vs on-demand self-cleaning function. 

Quick note: for more options in the price range of the U770 and USPA 6800, see this article. It has a full side-by-side comparison of several premium class bidets, most better and even less expensive than the ones in this article.

So, let’s get into it. 

Bio Bidet 6800/6800U vs 770: Quick Summary Chart 

Feature(s)BB USPA 6800/6800UBB Ultimate 770
Available in Elongated and RoundYY
Water Heater TypeAdvanced ReservoirAdvanced Reservoir
Extended Warm Water via Fusion Technology
Warm Air Dryer w/Adjustable TempYY
Heated Seat w/Adjustable TempYY
Wireless Remote6800U: Double-Sided w/LCD Screen

6800: Single-Sided w/LCD Screen
Air DeodorizerYN
Wand MaterialPlasticStainless Steel
Nozzle Design for Posterior and Front Feminine HygieneDual NozzlesSingle 3-in-1 Nozzle
Adjustable Nozzle Position for Accurate Aiming5 Positions5 Positions
Wand Self-Clean FunctionYY
Child Wash Mode
User Presets
(Save Your Preferred Settings)
6800U: Nozzle Position and Water Pressure

6800: None
Nozzle Position, Water Pressure, Water Temp, Dryer Temp, Seat Temp
Easy Auto Function
(One-Push Operation)
Bowl-Illuminating Night Light6800U: Y

6800: N
Adjustable Water Temperature and PressureYY
High-Pressure Turbo ModeY (Enema Mode)Y (Standard Turbo Mode)
Water Pressure
(Flow Rate)
0.9 L/min or ~0.24 gal/min0.8 L/min or ~0.21 gal/min
Nozzle Oscillation
(Back-and-Forth Spraying)
Massage ModeY Y
Aerated Wash YN
Slow-Close Seat/LidYY
Quick-Release Seat/LidYY
Power-Saving Eco Mode(s)YY
Aesthetics Less Bulky (5.4″ Rear Height vs 7″)Lower-Profile (Solid White, No Decals, Etc.)
Safety Seat SensorYY
ValueLeast Expensive (~20% Less than U770).

The 6800U is a Greater Value but Avoid the Original 6800.
Better Value than 6800U if Warm Water Function is a Priority.

Much Better than Original 6800.

Main Differences: Bio Bidet USPA 6800/6800U vs Ultimate 770 

The Ultimate 770 Advertises a Better Water Heater 

I tested both bidets and found that they performed the same in this area. Both provided about 30 seconds to a minute of warm water at maximum temperature, depending on the water pressure used.

At the 40-second mark, the temperature dropped to the low 90’s F where it remained indefinitely.

Both have a tank-type heater with Bio Bidet’s Fusion heating technology. A tank holds warm water and when the tank runs empty, Fusion heating kicks in to keep the water from running cold.

For some reason, the U770 makes a bigger deal of this feature.

The 6800U Has the Fanciest Wireless Remote 

You get a sleek, ultra-modern wireless remote with all three bidets. The remote that comes with the 6800 and 6800U both have LCD screens, a feature that allows a wireless remote to do more with less space and fewer buttons. 

But, the remote that comes with the USPA 6800U is double-sided in addition to having an LCD screen. So, it has the most functionality despite having fewer buttons and taking up less space. 

The USPA 6800 and 6800U Spray Aerated Water via Microbubble Technology 

The 6800 and 6800U work air into the water stream by infusing it with microbubbles.  

Aerated streams make for a more comfortable cleanse, even when using the high-pressure mode. 

They also cut down on water usage, since air displaces water coming out of the nozzle.  

Efficiency-wise, this shouldn’t be a huge selling point. Bidets use very little water compared to other appliances. Also, a lot of bidet users report flushing the toilet less often, which saves water long-term.  

The USPA 6800 and 6800U Have an Auto Clean Function 

An auto function is a feature that lets the user hit one or two buttons to get a generic wash. Without this feature, you end up having to push several buttons each time you use the bidet–it’s a hard life, I know. 

It’s a convenient feature, in general, and one that comes in handy in a few situations. For example, with a lot of elderly folks, the last thing they feel like doing is memorizing how to use another gadget. So, having a one-push operation function is nice. 

With the 6800/6800U auto function, press “Auto” when the bidet is cleansing, and you’ll get 20 seconds of basic cleansing, 20 seconds of oscillating wash, and 20 seconds of oscillation massage. The oscillating massage mode moves the nozzle back and forth in a rhythmic manner. It’ll finish off with a 3-min drying session.

The Classic USPA 6800 Doesn’t Have User Presets 

User presets are great. Once programmed, you can hit a single button to get a custom wash with your preferred settings.  

So, it’s kind of like taking the auto function to the next level.  

One of the changes they made in upgrading the 6800 to the 6800U, was to add this feature. 

With the 6800U, 2 people can save their settings for both posterior and front feminine cleansing—so, really 4 total. 

The U770 also has 2 user presets, but only one for each user. Or, the same user can save their preferences for front and rear.  

Aside from that, the U770 lets you save more settings: nozzle position, water pressure, and water/seat/dry temperature. 

With the 6800U, you can only save nozzle position and water pressure. 

The 6800U and U770 Have a Nightlight (the Classic 6800 Does Not)

A nightlight is especially helpful for those who make several trips to the bathroom at night.

Nightlights keep the user from having to turn the bathroom lights on at night, an activity that not only seems to blind you temporarily but can make it difficult to fall back to sleep.  

Having a nightlight that illuminates the bowl is pretty much standard on bidets these days, with the exception of TOTO units.  Because it’s more of a standard feature, BB added a nightlight to the 6800U. The U770 is a newer bidet, so it’s had one from the beginning.  

Nightlights are most useful for those who can’t put a generic nightlight close to the toilet. Other than that, it’s not something I weigh too heavily when choosing a bidet.

The 6800 and 6800U Have a Special Enema Mode  

All three bidets offer a high water pressure setting. The U770 has a generic turbo mode, while the 6800 and 6800U offer a high-pressure enema spray function.

So, you know, high-pressure settings are used for two reasons: one is that they clean better and the other is that they’re known to help with constipation. 

Some types of constipation really benefit from introducing a bit of water into the rectum. That’s where having a strong concentrated spray comes in useful. And that you can get with the U770 and 6800/6800U. 

But, the 6800/6800U goes a step further. Their patented Intensive Impulse Pulsation (IPP) setting pulses high-pressure water to massage the area around the opening to naturally stimulate bowel movement and BMs. 

The 6800U Has the Best Warranty  

Bio Bidets aren’t known for breaking down soon after purchase, but it’s nice to have a good warranty when paying over $100 for anything. 

A guest might break the bidet by using it incorrectly or sitting on the lid when it’s closed (as if a porcelain toilet). 

Most Bio Bidets, including the Ultimate 770, come with a 1-year warranty. The 6800U comes with 3 years of coverage. 

Dual Nozzles vs Single 3-in-1 

To get water to the butt and frontal regions, the bidet has to have dual nozzles (one for back and one for front) or a single nozzle with multiple holes (dual-action) that can spray the entire perennial region.  

Some bidet users view dual nozzles as a benefit, and others find dual-action nozzles to be more reliable and better at aiming. 

For me, it never made a big difference. But so you know, the Ultimate 770 has a single 3-in-1 nozzle while the 6800 and 6800U have dual nozzles.

The Ultimate 770 Has a Stainless-Steel Nozzle 

Another nozzle feature of interest is the material it’s made out of. Anything made with stainless steel is going to be more durable than something made of plastic. 

Keep in mind that stainless steel isn’t inherently antimicrobial, so they don’t offer much in the way of added sanitation. Some claim stainless-steel nozzles resist soiling but I haven’t seen any proof of that. 

The 6800 and 6800U Have an Air Deodorizer 

With this feature, you can really let loose without having to worry about leaving embarrassing odors behind. 

Instead of masking odors like air fresheners, air deodorizers remove smelly molecules from the air, taking care of the problem at the source. A small fan at the back of the bidet pulls air from the toilet bowl through a carbon filter that breaks down the offending molecules

An air deodorizer is more of a luxury feature. So, it’s a function I typically don’t expect to see with bidets in this price range.

Anyway, the 6800 and 6800U have this feature, but not the Ultimate 770.

Different Child Mode  

Like most Bio Bidets, the U770 and 6800/6800U have a wash mode designed to be child-friendly. 

Modern bidets pose few risks to kids—no more than most electric appliances—but they can be difficult to operate for less skillful users. It’s best that a child knows which settings to choose, which can be a challenge depending on the age. 

Then there’s body positioning. It’s easier when a bidet does the moving for the user, otherwise rocking and shifting are needed to get water to the right place.  

With all three bidets (6800, 6800U, U770), pressing the child mode lowers the water pressure and extends the nozzle as far as it will go to adjust for shorter height. 

The U770 lowers the seat and water temp. Lowering the seat temperature helps prevent low-temperature burns. 

Each bidet goes into a 1-minute cleansing session. With the U770, it’ll be 30 seconds of oscillation followed by 30 seconds of pulse. This is useful because oscillating nozzles do the moving for you, so the user has to rely less on skill, which is great for kids. 

The 6800 and 6800U, not the U770, follow cleansing with a 3-minute dry session. 

Bio Bidet 6800/6800U vs U770: Features and Specs

The BB Ultimate 770 

BioBidet U770 Ultimate 770 Bidet Seat, Elongated, White

First up is the Bio Bidet Ultimate 770 (installation guide). In my experience, it tends to costs a bit more than the 6800U. You can check out the current price here (Amazon link). It’s available in round and elongated.

The U770 is considered a premium bidet because it has a few advanced features. For example, it has an enhanced reservoir heating system. It’s essentially a hybrid-type water heater, a feature that’s pretty much par for the course with mid-tier bidets. 

The heater has Fusion technology that keeps water from getting cold once the warm water reservoir runs out. So, you’ll get about 40 seconds of warm water followed by endless lukewarm water.

The nozzle is stainless steel instead of plastic.

I’d imagine most users care little about this, but the U770 has a more aesthetic, lower-profile look compared to the 6800 and 6800U. It’s pretty much solid white like a normal toilet seat and has few if any, visible decals.

As for downsides, it’s harder to find for round toilets and is missing a few of the features offered by the 6800U, like an air deodorizer, auto-clean function, and special enema function. 

Features and Specs 

Water Temperature: 

  • Endless heated water flow with enhanced reservoir water heating system and Fusion heating technology. 
  • Water temp adjustable across four settings, from 94° F to the highest of 103° F.  

Water Pressure: 

  • Water pressure adjustable across 5 settings, from 0.13 to 0.21 gal (or ~ 0.5 -0.8 L) per minute. 
  • A high-pressure turbo mode for an extra-strong wash. 

Comfort, Convenience, and Aesthetics: 

  • Warm air dryer with adjustable temperature. 
  • Heated seat with four temperature levels. 
  • Convenient, handheld remote with easy-to-use controls. 
  • Two users can save personal settings—preferences for things like water pressure, dryer and seat temperature, etc. 
  • It’s a little on the bulky side at 7” high in the rear, but the bidet is otherwise low-profile with a plain white exterior and no noticeable decals, stickers, etc.

Seat and Lid: 

  • Gentle/soft-closing seat and lid to save wear and tear. 
  • Quick-release button for easy cleaning.  

Cleaning Wand and Spray Capability: 

  • Single, stainless-steel 3-in-1 nozzle for front and rear cleansing. The 6800/6800U are the opposite in this way, having two nozzles (one for front and the other for rear), both made of plastic. 
  • Nozzle adjustable to 5 positions for accurate aiming. 
  • Oscillating spray mode that causes the wand to move back and forth. This allows the jet stream to hit a wider area and clean more effectively. 
  • Pulsating massage mode that rotates soft and strong pressure.  

Safety and Sanitation: 

  • On-demand self-cleaning nozzle. The wand crinses itself three times when activated with the remote control. 
  • Safety sensor to keep the bidet from operating on accident. 
  • Child mode to ensure safety for users of all ages. When the child button is pressed, settings like water temp and pressure are set to low, the nozzle is extended out, and a 1-min cleaning session is activated. 
  • Nightlight for safe bathroom navigation in the dark. My bidet has a nightlight and I’ve gotten accustomed to it. It illuminates the bathroom without blinding me. A lot of folks already use a nightlight in their bathroom, so this feature may or may not be needed. 

Water and Energy Efficiency: 

  • Like the other bidets in this article, the U770 water heater uses a reservoir. This kind of heater draws power 24/7 to keep water warm. Hence, It’s much less efficient than the tankless heaters you’ll find on luxury bidets.  
  • However, the bidet does have an energy-saver mode that turns the water (and seat) temp down during non-use periods.  
  • Also, the U770 does not offer an aerated wash for water efficiency. Bidets don’t use much water, but savings from an aerated spray add up over time.

The BB USPA 6800U 

BioBidet USPA 6800U Adjustable Bidet Toilet Seat with Wireless Remote, Dual Nozzle, User Presets and Dryer, White, Elongated

Next up is the BB USPA 6800U. It offers more bang for the buck, especially if you can catch it on sale. You can check the current prices here (also available here). It’s available for elongated and round toilets.

But, the 6800U beats the U770 in a few ways.  

The original 6800 was a Bio Bidet favorite, and the company decided to give it an upgrade to the 6800U by adding a few features. The price stayed the same because it was meant to replace the original altogether.

In making the 6800U, they added: 

  • A sleek two-sided remote. Being double-sided, the remote can do more with less room. Hence, the sleek design. Like the original, the remote has an LCD screen allowing it to do more with fewer buttons compared to other wireless remote designs.
  • Night light. The original didn’t have one. The built-in light illuminates the toilet bowl and bathroom making it easier to get around in the dark.  
  • User presets. Two users can save their preferences for nozzle position and water pressure.  

Features and Specs 

Water Temperature: 

  • Enhanced reservoir heater for endless heated water.
  • Adjustable water temperature, with 4 settings. The highest setting reaches 104° F. 

Water Pressure: 

  • Adjustable water pressure (5 settings), with the max reaching 0.24 gal (or ~ 0.9 L) per minute. 
  • Strong, high-pressure mode called the IPP (Intensive Impulse Pulsation) meant for DIY enemas, or to be used for an extra-strong cleansing session. 

Comfort, Convenience, and Aesthetics: 

  • Warm air dryer with adjustable temp (5 levels).  
  • Heated seat with 4 temperature levels. 
  • Double-sided handheld remote with LCD display screen and scratch-proof surface. The remote comes with a mounting bracket for storage between uses.   
  • Built-in air deodorizer that eliminates up to 99% of embarrassing odors. This feature is much more common in luxury bidets, and the U770 does not have this perk.  
  • Two user presets that let you store preferred settings for nozzle position and water pressure. Once programmed, you can get a custom wash with the push of a button.  
  • Auto wash feature. Instead of stored settings, this feature allows for easy one-push bidet operation using generic settings. By pressing “Auto”, you get 20 seconds of cleansing spray, 20 seconds of oscillating (regular), and 20 seconds of oscillating-massage spray, and a 3-min drying session.
  • Relatively sleek at 5.7” (~14.5 cm) rear height. Lower seat heights make for a more comfortable sit and less-bulky appearance. 
  • Aerated wash with microbubbles provides a softer, more comfortable cleanse.  

Seat and Lid: 

  • Hydraulic, gentle-close seat and lid to prevent wear over time. 
  • Quick-release button for easy bidet removal and cleaning. 

Cleaning Wand and Spray Capability: 

  • Dual plastic nozzles for regular (posterior) and feminine (front) cleansing.  
  • Nozzle adjustable across 5 positions for accurate aiming. 
  • Basic oscillating spray pattern. This function is meant to widen the cleansing area. 
  • Massage oscillation mode that rhythmically moves the nozzle back and forth for a massage-like effect. 
  • The nozzle can pulse soft and strong pressure.  
  • An enema wash mode that doubles as a basic high-pressure turbo mode. It pulses strong pressure to naturally stimulate contraction of the colon and produce bowel movements.  

Safety and Sanitation: 

  • The cleaning wands on the USPA 6800U are automatic self-cleaning, meaning they self-rinse on their own before and after each use. The U770 nozzle-clean function operates on-demand only. 
  • Again, the 6800U has a built-in nightlight to help with using the toilet in the dark so the user doesn’t have to turn on the bathroom lights. 
  • Safety sensor to prevent unwanted bidet operation. 
  • Child mode to make using the bidet easier for kids. By hitting the child button, the nozzle will be extended to the setting furthest out (to accommodate shorter stature) and child-friendly settings will be implemented (lower pressure and temperature). Then a 1-min cleansing session will be activated followed by a 3-min drying session. 

Water and Energy Efficiency: 

  • Like the U770, the 6800U has a lower-efficiency water heater but has an energy-saving Eco mode that cuts down on power between bidet uses. 
  • Because the spray is infused with microbubbles, the 6800U is more water efficient than the U770.  

The Bio Bidet 6800 Original 

BioBidet USPA 6800 Adjustable Bidet Toilet Seat with Wireless Remote, Dual Nozzle, Side Panel Function and Dryer, White, Elongated

The original 6800 can be found here (Amazon link). The 6800 was a popular BB bidet for a long time, and the company finally upgraded it to make it more of a premium option. 

The Bio Bidet website doesn’t even sell the original anymore, but you can still find it on Amazon.

Again, it lacks a nightlight, two-sided remote, and user presets, but is otherwise the same. Since it’s not cheaper than the 6800U, it makes no sense to get the original.

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